PlayStation 3.50 System Software Update Out Tomorrow

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PlayStation 3.50 System Software Update Out Tomorrow

Our next major system software update for PS4, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), is out tomorrow!

While we outlined some of the features last month before our beta program started, we wanted to give a more detailed look at the update and share some new info. We’re making it easier to play together with friends, adding the ability to appear offline, and more.

New Social Features

Appear Offline

PS4 System Software 3.50 - Appear Offline

On your Profile tab, we’ve added a new option called ‘Online Status.’ From here, you can choose to ‘Appear Offline.’ This could be useful if you want to play games or watch movies without your friends knowing you’re online. You can designate if you would like to appear offline when you log-in or at any time from your Profile, or by holding down the PS Button on DualShock 4 to bring up the Quick Menu.

Friend Online Notification

PS4 System Software 3.50 - Friend Online Notification

Now you can choose to get notified when your friends come online. To receive notifications, select a player on your friends list, press Options, and select ‘Notify When Online.’

User Scheduled Event

PS4 System Software 3.50 - User Scheduled Event

PS4 System Software 3.50 - User Scheduled EventPS4 System Software 3.50 - User Scheduled Event

On the Events tab, we’re adding the ability to schedule gameplay sessions with your friends. Just select ‘Create Event,’ and you’ll be able to make an invitation for an upcoming gameplay session. Choose the day, time, game, and send it off to your friends. When your event starts, users who registered will automatically be added to a party so you can start playing right away.

You can also share an event to a group, or a community that you’re a member of. Once shared, the event will be sent as a message, or posted to a community wall, and members can register from there

Play Together

PS4 System Software 3.50 - Play TogetherPS4 System Software 3.50 - Play Together

This feature allows all members of a Party to see what each person is playing so that you can easily join a friend’s game, or start a new game together.

Other New System Features

Remote Play (PC/Mac)

PS4 System Software 3.50 - Remote Play PC

With this update, we’re expanding PS4’s Remote Play capabilities to work with Windows PC and Mac.
Remote Play on PC / Mac is compatible with the following system software:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 or later
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.11

You’ll be able to select from the following resolution and frame rate options, depending on your Internet bandwidth.

  • Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p (Default: 540p)
  • Frame rate : Standard (30fps), High (60fps) (Default: Standard)

You can use one DualShock 4 as the controller for Remote Play, which needs to be connected to your PC / Mac via a USB cable.

After the system software update launches, you’ll be able to download the Remote Play Installer here.

Along with PS4’s 3.50 system software update, PlayStation App version 3.50 is out tomorrow as well. The main new features of this update are as follows:

  • User Scheduled Event
    • Users can schedule gameplay sessions with friends
  • Dailymotion has been added to Live from PlayStation
  • Other players’ shared activities appear in your activities

That’s a look at some of the big additions in this update. Of course, there are lots of other refinements and improvements to the system software overall.

Let us know what you think in the comments. As always, we’re listening and appreciate the feedback!

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  • iOS phones should have remote play with out needing to jail break my device.

  • Question: if I play a game when showing offline, will it still be broadcasting that I’ve played it to all my friends? That’s the one thing I dislike about the PS Network. What if I don’t want all my friends to see how much I happen to play a particular game? There should be an easier way to disable the sharing of this information aside from going into your privacy settings and selecting “no one”.

  • Amazing update! Can’t wait to be able to use the events with friends. Keep up the amazing work!

  • I like the remote play feature on Mac/PC but I would totally be ok if there was an update with JUST the option to change our username. If an entire update had that one feature, it would be the best update Playstation ever released.

  • About remote play,

    How does it work?
    Is it with bluetooth, wifi, etc?
    Can you play from, let’s say, work?
    Does your ps4 need to be running for remote play to work or is it a virtual ps4 on your computer that updates progress later on the console?

    Thanks if you answer, can’t wait to try it out

    • My guess is that it works exactly like Remote Play for PS Vita and Xperia devices.

      Currently, on other devices, it works over Wi-Fi with 3 options: use a ad-hoc network (your PS4 creates a temporary network for your device to connect to), use a local Wi-Fi network (both devices must be on the same Wi-Fi network), or over the internet. The more direct the connection you have, the better the experience will be (less lag).

      Remote Play is possible over the internet (e.g. from work), but the experience can be significantly more laggy than playing on a local network, and depends a lot on the upload/download speeds from both networks (the one on which the PS4 is connected, and the one from which you are remote-playing).

      The PS4 needs to be on. The game runs on your PS4 as usual. The video output is streamed to the device your playing on (Vita, phone or PC/Mac), and the device sends back your controller inputs to the PS4. So as you can guess, the better your network, the better your experience will be as it’ll allow higher resolution video streaming, and faster input data transmission.

  • No_Legged_Lt_Dan

    Really good update! Been waiting a while for this update. Is there any word on a HBO now app coming to PS4? Since game of thrones new season is right around the corner.

  • Great update. Been looking forward to remote play on my laptop for ages. Enjoy it on my Vita but will definitely be better on a laptop. With only one TV in the house it is a godsend.

  • The new system update 3.50 sound like it has some good and useful additional features. Also, for me, its a reminder of how much gaming has changed for the better. For example being able to update your console so that it has an up to date systems running, which is evolving and helpful in adding or removing certain parts of how our consoles perform. The social aspects of the modern gaming system are also a good progression. There’ll always be things that can be improved, but always remember how far gaming has come. Peauuuuuuuce!!!!

  • Useful features. I love it. Good game, Sony :)

  • I’ll just add one more voice to the ‘Folders Please’ cry. My library is getting quite large and there are plenty of betas and demos which i can never remove and just really clutter everything up. Need to be able to organize everything.

    related, the ability to reorder / keep things out of my home screen would be great.

  • What time will the update drop?

  • Not to be a jerk or anything, but those of you who are bleeding about the console not supporting keyboard and mouse, you’re the dumbest of them all. The console does in fact support it, i use it all the time, in fact its the only way i play WarThunder.
    What you people are infact complaining about is the fact the GAME DEVELOPERS didn’t incorporate it into their games, so stop whining to the wrong people about it. On the PS3 using Keyboard and Mouse was the only way to play Unreal Tournament 3, and i use my Logitech K330 and M215 (which came together) to type messages in PSN chat all the time.

    So please, stop moaning about it to Sony, go and complain to the people that can actually do something about it, you know, the COD devs, and DICE etc… be productive and stop being blind.

  • Can’t wait for this update, and yes, both GameTyme020 and TyrionR0ckz are test users.

  • In the party screen it says “Player Limit 8”, does this mean that we could change down and hopefully up the player count on a party?

  • Great update Sony, this almost covers everything I wanted. The only features I can think of I’d like to see in the future:

    1) UI Clean-up. It’s difficult to find Games vs. Apps, they should be separate ribbons somehow.
    2) Custom Wallpapers
    3) Change PSN name (even if paid)

  • I would have preferred the option to set friend notifications to everyone on as default that. Select the friends you don’t want notified from

  • So when its up in what time ? :O

  • Sounds great, can’t wait.

  • My job has a lot of downtime, sitting around waiting until i have things to do… Remote play on PC is one of the best things ever. I’ll be able to play at work. Now, when i have a new game i’m eager to play, i won’t have to wait until i’m off work in the afternoon, i can play during the day. So great. Thanks for this feature!

  • I still want external hard drives but the remote play is pretty nice.

  • patatopatatopigg

    Awesome about the pc but what u should do is make able that we can put two screen conneect to the ps4 so more than one person could play full screen just saying

  • While you are not able to remap the controller to the keyboard, are you able to use the keyboard for typing e.g. For Remote Play with FFXIV ARR?

  • can u guys work on getting ufc fight pass

  • Nice try, Windows 10… Nice try…

  • Awesome! Can’t wait to play on my PC since I got fibre optic broadband

  • I the new System Software update but PS4 needs more tuning to fix alot of problems, bugs that are affecting its performance like when u enter sleep mode and come back to use your PS4 it cause the PS4 to miss up by when u are playing game it will freeze the system up and hold boot is needed. This happens few times now and hope it gets fix. 2rd Why is Windows 7 not on the list for PS4?

  • There is seriously no DOS remote play support!?!
    Otherwise, the best update since PS4 launch!!!

  • No 1080P support for remote play?

  • I have a question. Can you still download the new software update without putting your name in for ahead of time when it was first announced?

  • Forgot to add option to change gamer tag :(

  • So how does this work, exactly? Is some of the game data downloaded to the computer, is it streamed over wifi from the PS4 to the computer, for is everything streamed over the internet form Sony? if it’s the latter, I’m thinking the latency will be terrible.

    • You’ll be able to stream your game straight from PS4 to your PC/Mac. There will obviously be software to download to your computer but as long as you have a good wifi connection throughout your home you set to go. No streaming over the net.

    • I said no streaming over the net but others above have said you will be able to stream over the net if you are away from home. If that’s the case you’ll need a rather fast network upload speed from home (where your PS4 is) as well as a fast download speed from your location away from home in order to stream the high def video. Hope Sony will clarify this.

  • This is brilliant! I’m especially looking forward to the Remote Play feature allowing you to stream your games to a PC or Mac. My wifey tends to hog the TV in the evenings and I don’t get to play till late night, by then I’m knackered and don’t feel like playing any games at all. This gives me the opportunity to to link with friends at a reasonable hour!

    Well done Sony! Can’t wait for this update

  • ;) It’d be so cool to see some Linux love for Remote Play, but I get that it’s doubtful that’ll ever be a thing. Still cool to see this go out.

  • What ever happened to the Oovoo video chat that was promised over a year ago……PS4 needs something like SKYPE …..It would make the play station camera useful ..Can please up date us on video chat……thank you.

  • Wait it is required to connect DS4 via usb cable for pc remote play ?

    What about paring DS4 with blutooth, which is built-in to my laptop.

    Will it not work without cable?

    • I would assume it would be like the third party remote play program where as long as the controller is connected to the system and recognised as a controller it would work fine. I use wired though just to keep mine charged and in case of input lag.

  • Will it be able to solve the bugs on the privious version I have not been able to log in to PSN for days now

  • Great update but when will you allow psn I.D. Changes?

  • What aBout Gamertag change, I will pay for that

  • Would Sony be so kind to let us able to use our PS4 controller on any android tablets?

  • Awesome news, PC Remote play sounds great. Though remote play onto vita always had tons of connectivity issues for me and wasn’t really worthwhile. Hoping this isn’t the case for PC remote play.

  • any ideas on times this will be available, UK and USA? – for both system update and the link to download the remote play software for PC

  • Deleting or hiding demos and betas?

  • Now is there a way to remote play onto your iPad or surface pro?

  • Remote Play on MAC! WOW….. is huge for me PS! Thanks so much!!!!

  • Remote play on the vita is horrible and from what i heard on pstv it was the same. I am completely excited for that I have a great brand new 23.8 in led full hd Dell that i will definitely be using for that. I got a hdmi in port on it that i could use for my ps3 and remote play for my ps4 great :)

    • Remote play comes down to the type of game your playing. For RPGs or games where I need to do a lot of grinding it’s amazing. As for shooters it’s definitely off.

  • Regarding game trophies…

    Let us able to delete a game permanently, besides hiding it, from our trophy list without reducing the amount of trophies we have earned in total. I mean, not all games bring good memories, and gamers’ trophy list will eventually become so long that nobody will bother looking at them anymore.

    You know what I mean, Sony?

  • Am I the only one worried about the “internet connection” thing in Remote Play? Neither my PC nor my PS4 are wired to my router, and since I live in a ****** country my internet connection is slow as a snail and unstable as Sonic Boom’s framerate, in fact it went down right now as I’m writing this comment, good luck the page loaded before this happened, my question is, if both machines are connected to the same network why can’t they communicate via the network itself? You know, like local network’s file transfer, it’s faster and better for all of us, even those whom do have a decent internet connection.

    P.S: Waited 12 minutes until internet came back. See what I mean?

  • Some nice additions, but can we get the ability to organize our home screens and game libraries please?

  • I just want custom backgrounds with theme buttons and folders. I’m simple.

  • Where’s my wallpaper support?
    Or the ability to transfer files between the PS Vita?

    ….Or really, any Vita support at all (in terms of updates)?

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