PlayStation 3.50 System Software Update Out Tomorrow

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PlayStation 3.50 System Software Update Out Tomorrow

Our next major system software update for PS4, version 3.50 (codenamed MUSASHI), is out tomorrow!

While we outlined some of the features last month before our beta program started, we wanted to give a more detailed look at the update and share some new info. We’re making it easier to play together with friends, adding the ability to appear offline, and more.

New Social Features

Appear Offline

PS4 System Software 3.50 - Appear Offline

On your Profile tab, we’ve added a new option called ‘Online Status.’ From here, you can choose to ‘Appear Offline.’ This could be useful if you want to play games or watch movies without your friends knowing you’re online. You can designate if you would like to appear offline when you log-in or at any time from your Profile, or by holding down the PS Button on DualShock 4 to bring up the Quick Menu.

Friend Online Notification

PS4 System Software 3.50 - Friend Online Notification

Now you can choose to get notified when your friends come online. To receive notifications, select a player on your friends list, press Options, and select ‘Notify When Online.’

User Scheduled Event

PS4 System Software 3.50 - User Scheduled Event

PS4 System Software 3.50 - User Scheduled EventPS4 System Software 3.50 - User Scheduled Event

On the Events tab, we’re adding the ability to schedule gameplay sessions with your friends. Just select ‘Create Event,’ and you’ll be able to make an invitation for an upcoming gameplay session. Choose the day, time, game, and send it off to your friends. When your event starts, users who registered will automatically be added to a party so you can start playing right away.

You can also share an event to a group, or a community that you’re a member of. Once shared, the event will be sent as a message, or posted to a community wall, and members can register from there

Play Together

PS4 System Software 3.50 - Play TogetherPS4 System Software 3.50 - Play Together

This feature allows all members of a Party to see what each person is playing so that you can easily join a friend’s game, or start a new game together.

Other New System Features

Remote Play (PC/Mac)

PS4 System Software 3.50 - Remote Play PC

With this update, we’re expanding PS4’s Remote Play capabilities to work with Windows PC and Mac.
Remote Play on PC / Mac is compatible with the following system software:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10 or later
  • OS X 10.10
  • OS X 10.11

You’ll be able to select from the following resolution and frame rate options, depending on your Internet bandwidth.

  • Resolution options: 360p, 540p, 720p (Default: 540p)
  • Frame rate : Standard (30fps), High (60fps) (Default: Standard)

You can use one DualShock 4 as the controller for Remote Play, which needs to be connected to your PC / Mac via a USB cable.

After the system software update launches, you’ll be able to download the Remote Play Installer here.

Along with PS4’s 3.50 system software update, PlayStation App version 3.50 is out tomorrow as well. The main new features of this update are as follows:

  • User Scheduled Event
    • Users can schedule gameplay sessions with friends
  • Dailymotion has been added to Live from PlayStation
  • Other players’ shared activities appear in your activities

That’s a look at some of the big additions in this update. Of course, there are lots of other refinements and improvements to the system software overall.

Let us know what you think in the comments. As always, we’re listening and appreciate the feedback!

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  • Tinkering around with this update during beta was fun, but I never saw the code name. I am seriously feeling nostalgic about the Brave Fencer Musashi games now.

  • More Remote Play access for the win!!

  • I would like an option to hide the “Players you may know” section. It annoys me. I dont like the suggestions, pictures and placement of it. Ew!

    • Lmao, I’m with you. I’m tired of seeing all these creeps in Players you may know. It’s annoying as hell.

  • PLEASE let me change my PSN, I’ve had the same name since the launch of PSN. I was a dopey middleschooler now I’m graduating college. I would love to just make a new one buy I have so many purchases and trophies on here. Thanks!

  • Great!!! I really need remote play on pc, in vita was cool, but the controller wasn’t the same. On pc with the dualshock will be amazing, thank you sony, this time this is for the players for real.

  • Can i play my mac while im away from my ps4 like at school or do i have to be near it?

    • It should work over the Internet anywhere you have a strong enough connection in addition to your home network. Remote Play on the Vita and Xperia works that way anyway, so I’m assuming this will be the same.

  • Nice update! Been waiting for a long time to be able to appear offline, and its finally here!

  • PC remote play is a great option. I like to conserve charge on my vita for vita games.

    Anyways when will we have external hdd support? I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.

    • Now THIS is a feature worth complaining about. I have upgraded my HDD to 1.5 TB already and while it was not incredibly difficult (the toughest part was delicately cracking open the casing of an external Seagate HDD) so I could swap the drives, but it was truly a pain in the butt re-downloading all my PS4’s games over the next couple of weeks, and all the captures that I had backed up from the PS4 could not be copied back into the Capture Gallery on the new drive, so I lost hours and hours of content I was hoping to use in Share Factory. If I could just plug in an external drive, I could be saved all that time and trouble.

      Oh, not that I plan to buy one, but if this PS4K thing does end up being true, it would be really nice if Sony added some more USB ports on the back so we can hook up more stuff without cluttering up the console’s beautiful design with wires that need to be plugged in all the time (e.g. an external HDD should they ever get supported).

    • Not gonna ever happen, Kharmeister! I hate to say it but it’s true.

    • @Kharmeister

      “but it was truly a pain in the butt re-downloading all my PS4’s games over the next couple of weeks”

      This is why I want this so badly. You’re still lucky that it took you just a couple of weeks. Mine would’ve taken a couple of months maybe. Plus it’s a huge pain to just delete and re-download games.

    • You guys CAN back up your drive to an external HDD and restore it to a new internal drive. I’ve done it before. Saved a huge amount of time and bandwidth downloading everything again. You just can’t play games from the drive (yet).

  • It would be cool to see the time spent in games. Steam does this well, it shows the total time spent in an app and it’s really satisfying. would love to see it on PS4.

  • And yet… I still can’t add my own damn background picture.

  • Been looking forward to this! I prefer using Remote Play on my PS TV because of the option for a faster wired connection and the ability to use a DualShock 4 as opposed to the Vita’s castrated control scheme, and unreliable touch controls, so the ability to Remote Play on my laptop anywhere in the apartment might make things even better.

    I know people are whining about folders and the inability to change one’s username still, but honestly, this update is a major one and I definitely appreciate the improvements.

  • Any chance that higher resolutions will be added in the future?

  • Sony removes the USB music player that i waited for and give me multiple system updates that do nothing for me with social network stuff. I hope sony removes the video archives that auto plays on the game start page for more useless features.

  • Add a wishlist to the PlayStation Store interface and give us notifications when an item goes on sale! much needed feature and easy to achieve.

  • Stream PS4 to PS3?

    When will we also be able to stream the PS4 to our PS3? This would make me more happy than the PS4 to PC streaming. Nonetheless, I’m glad to have the new feature. Keep up the good work!

  • Very nice! Maybe time to get a PS4 especially with Uncharted 4 around the corner.

    Anyone know if there’s an Uncharted bundle? Thanks!

  • What I want in next update.
    2.ability to download video/music/pictures to HDD chat support
    4. ability to use other types of cameras

  • BC please. 1 library, 1 console

  • Nice update, look forward to testing out the remote play.

  • I’m excited to see how the Remote play to Mac works. This will keep me from buying some of my game twice!

  • I’ve enjoyed the beta software. Looking forward to the final release.

  • What’s the point in PC remote play without keyboard & mouse support?

  • Why doesn’t remote play support Windows 7?

    • Because they consider Windows 7 “old” and I guess before long Microsoft won’t be supporting it. I couldn’t care less because I will stick to Windows 7 until they FORCE me to upgrade! Then, I’ll probably switch over to Linux, a real OS for the people!

  • Now if only you’d let us delete each individual DLC that we choose to, everything would be fine (especially for multiplayer games), especially considering even deleting a game and redownloading it also downloads the DLC automatically. This was an option for PS3, but not PS4…

  • Awesome update! Now let’s work on adding support for your PS3 library of games onto the PS4. (Basically, just allow me to play the games I bought on PSN for my PS3 on my ps4.)

  • Nice update!

  • Mouse and keyboard complaints?! Cheating! People need to stop wanting to cheat with certain games like FPS games. People want to have huge advantage and cheat with a keyboard and mouse over their opponents who plays with dualshock controller.

  • I just hope in the future they include share play on android phones

  • The link is broken, fix it please.

  • Does this mean that we are going to be able to play with mouse and keyboard?

  • XxSweetRevengexX

    I would still love to see customizable “Folders” that resemble the home screen options like the TV/video ‘folder’. Preferably with the ability to add anything in my library, including games that aren’t downloaded

  • I love some of the new features being added. Just wish i could access communities through the app.

  • You guys do all of this but when will you guys make it to have audio come out of headphones and TV for people who like to record?

  • Good morning, puts on ps4 , ps3 as in the option to see how long a friend comes online or not play, days, months, years .. So we can remove those who no longer play and just takes up space on your friends list .. thanks the attention

  • Good update. Some people said what is the point of remote play to a PC? It gives a gamer another option to play their PS4. Lets say the TV in the living room with the PS4 is being used by family so now you can simply go to your PC and play. That is a big deal. Forget the keyboard and mouse cheating tactic with FPS. Play fair with a dualshock like everyone else.

  • PlayStation Down in Manhattan NY — No Update

  • This is all amazing and can’t wait to try the remote playing but again no update to allow people to use a picture has our wallpaper? disappointing! Need to listen to your players Song

  • Are you guys completely forgetting that they added Friend Notifications and an Offline mode?? Forget the PC thing! Majority of us won’t even use it

  • Just when they add something, you guys always find something else to complain about

  • All of that is great, but why can’t we get an update for the simple things. Can I put my own wallpaper on the home screen background? Can I create folders? Can I manage my folder? Can I re order my games on my home screen? Can I add a portable hard drive and run games, movies, music off of it? The simple things is where Sony fails so hard on. THE PS3 LET YOU PUT A WALLPAPER!!!! WHAT IS THE ISSUE???????

    • Because of this, I still primarily use my PS3 for Netflix, Amazon Video, VUDU and all things media related. The PS3 has features that the PS4 will NEVER support! Mark my words on that. Sony has tightened up their control on their new console and they won’t be so quick to relinquish it. So don’t expect any of these features, because they will most likely NEVER happen!

  • How about no Bluetooth option when the controller is plugged in so Lans are not screwed up. This years UMG event for example was a disaster

  • @ DarkAndTall well basically Ps4 support Mouse and Keyboard. For the most part the browser. But Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn can be play with a Mouse and Keyboard becuase PS4 supports Mouse and a Keyboard. If by “Support” you mean not for the most play games on the PS4 then yes, it does not support. It can be better stated as “PS4 games does not support Mouse and Keyboard”

  • Files not found

  • My most wanted feature is an option to move notifications to a place where they don’t block the radar!!

  • How about the ability to customize the interface. I don’t want to see a bunch of tiles for stuff I don’t use or want to use

  • Why can’t I transfer photos and music from my Android phone to Ps4?

  • Just thought id say this some people probbaly already know but in order for remote play to work you have got to have youre playstation on so i dont think its really that good

  • Any chance that we can check our PS4 communities out on the Playstation App? That would be awesome.

  • Finally I can hide the fact I’m online from all my friends x’D

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