PlayStation Vue Goes Nationwide, Starting at $29.99 in New Markets

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PlayStation Vue Goes Nationwide, Starting at $29.99 in New Markets

Many of you have been patiently waiting for PlayStation Vue to come to your city, and today we’re pleased to announce that PlayStation Vue is making its nationwide debut. We’re expanding the service to the rest of the U.S. to give our fans a better way to watch popular live and on-demand TV from top networks like AMC, ESPN, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, and more, using PlayStation Vue’s unique streaming features.

PlayStation Vue

We’re kicking off this launch with our new Slim multi-channel plans that are available in the 203 newly launched markets. Here are the prices for these new plans — all are offered with a free seven-day trial.

  • Access Slim: 55+ channels, including live cable TV, movies, and sports channels for $29.99 per month.
  • Core Slim: 70+ channels, including all the channels from Access Slim with the addition of national and regional sports networks for $34.99 per month.
  • Elite Slim: 100+ channels, featuring all the channels from Core Slim with the addition of more top movie and entertainment channels for $44.99 per month.

With an Internet connection and a PlayStation Vue TV-connected device, there are no hidden fees or long-term contracts for PlayStation Vue.

PlayStation VuePlayStation Vue

Some of you may be wondering, what’s the difference between Slim and our standard multi-channel plans available in previously launched cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami)? Slim plans are only available in the newly launched markets and will offer all of the same live cable channels as the standard PlayStation Vue plans. However, ABC, FOX and NBC will offer video-on-demand (VOD)-only content. This means you’ll be able to access top network content, including primetime shows, from the three broadcast networks. Most on-demand content will be available within 24 hours after airing. CBS live and on-demand programming will also be added to select cities at a later date.

We’re working to add local broadcast stations to your city, which will add live, local programing to the channel lineup. You can find more information on plans in your city here:

Users can take advantage of PlayStation Vue’s unique TV streaming features, including the following:

  • Cloud DVR — PlayStation Vue’s unmatched cloud DVR allows users to record hundreds of shows at once and store thousands of hours of content.
  • Simultaneous Streaming — a single PlayStation Vue subscription allows users to simultaneously stream content across different devices.
  • Powerful Interface — this seamlessly blends live and on-demand content to put top programming front and center, with innovative search and discovery tools. You can also “catch up” on many popular programming within the past three days from a show’s first live airing.

PlayStation Vue

In addition, users can also access programming from more than 60 network mobile apps or websites, simply by logging in with their PlayStation Network ID. The mobile apps and websites are developed by network programmers and are a separate offering from PlayStation Vue, but can be used at no additional cost.

Users can access PlayStation Vue through PS4, PS3, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick, as well as iPad and iPhone through the PlayStation Vue mobile app. Google Chromecast is also supported via compatible iOS devices.

We’re excited about this expansion, and can’t wait to share more news about our future plans for PlayStation Vue.

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  • Might be cool to get this in Canada but I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon.

  • 4 channels needed for me to make it a perfect package are History for Vikings, A&E for Bates Motel & Damien, WGN for Manhattan, Salem, Underground & BBC America for Orphan Black. I’m still going to try it though.

  • yes!! Another service that wont work when psn goes down everyweek

  • Still no BBC America? Gotta have my Doctor Who….

  • Hey Sony! Is there a guide I can access? I want to know how to record shows and view on demand services. Thanks!

  • Started the free trail and wow its so good, now i would love some more stand alone channels, because right now im only really interested in a few like AMC

  • PS Vita and PS TV support when?

  • Man, I really wanted to jump on board. Signed up for the free trial and went home to try it out. The first thing I tried to stream was the NHL game on NBC Sports and it said that Vue doesn’t have permission to stream it. That was really all I needed to see. Plus the fact that 1 out 3 times I chose a channel it said there was an error. Plus a few On-Demand channels didn’t have programs I want to watch (Agents of SHIELD for one).

    I’ll keep an eye on it in the future, but not going to take the plunge now.

    • What’s odd is that if you go to and login with your VUE sub, you can stream via PC AoS!!!!! How crazy is that?! I’m not sure why ABC isn’t allowing the show on VUE (maybe some contract with Hulu but then again, Hulu has Agent Carter and that’s on VUE and I find it strange they would do contracts on a show by show basis).

  • come to Brazil and PSVita/TV Compatible *-*

  • I hope you fix the one PS4 limitation. Seems crazy I can have several devices streaming but only one ps4.

  • Why no Puerto Rico support? We are part of the North American nation.

  • I’m digging the service so far. Sure I couldn’t watch the Hawks/LA game on NBCSN but I figure that’s due to not being in Market and some silly crap with contracts with the NHL and their service; especially since I was able to watch yesterday’s Wings/Toronto game from the same channel on demand (I live in Detroit market).

    Not sure why I can’t get Agents of Shield but I can go to ABC’s site, login with my VUE account and then stream it via their site. Especially maddening is is that it’s on Hulu (and that’s the service I’m trying to ditch). I assume once again it’s some silly license/contract issue.

    I’m also embedded into the “flarrowverse” so the lack of CBS/CW was a disappointment. Once again cause I’m trying to kick Hulu.

    So I will see if things are still as good as they are tonight inside of this 7 day trial. If it is, I have no issue paying 34.99 for my local sports and things like DIsney XD (rebels/siperman/GotG)…some movies etc. Then with luck, some of these small issues will be remedied and I can, hopefully sooner than later, can ditch hulu and horrible app.

  • Are there plans to bring Playstation Vue to AppleTV? I sure hope so. Please tell me its in the works!

  • Any plans to bring Playstation Vue to Apple TV?

  • This needs to come to Toronto asap. Just be aware that the CRTC has mandated that cable providers must offer a basic package at $25/month.

    This in Canada at the right price point would be a phenomenal success. Particularly in such a massive market as Toronto.

    Make it happen guys!

  • So far everything is still working great, no crashes or freezes. Tried Sling TV a couple of times and had problems after problems, plus Sling has no Cloud DVR, can’t pause/rewind on most channels. So as long as PS Vue keeps working great I’ll be sticking with it.

    Just would love to see The CW, BBC America, A&E, History Channel added, and the live versions of ABC, NBC and Fox but on-demand versions are fine for now.

  • So I just signed up today in time for the Formula1 season this weekend and so far it’s pretty cool, I’m satisfied considering it’s a new platform as soon as I can watch it on a Android device will be really sweet. I had to connect directly to my ps3 from my router as the WiFi was too inconsistent and was buffering too much but with a solid connection it works great. Needs improvement in certain areas but for a new platform I’m very impressed, thanks Sony for giving another option and not at the mercy of a contract or cable company.

  • I’m in NYV but dont see the Slim packages, only the regular ones starting from $39.99 instead of $29.99. Anyone else seeing this issue? And how to resolve?

  • This is promising. I’ll try the trial.

  • Are there any plans to add this channel to the Roku?

  • They aren’t answering questions here. Is it best to just email Sony directly or will they not respond? Has anyone here gotten satisfactory replies from them? I have a good amount of questions about Vue.

  • Why would Sony Playstation release a product that is not available to be used on Sony smart TV’s? In other words why did they not release a PSVUE app for Sony smart TV’s at the same time they released PSVUE?

  • Just signed up for the trial and am impressed so far.

    I’d like to see Roku and Android phone apps.

    And I’d also like to see the option of just keeping the current Slim package when local channels are added to my area. My antenna and Tivo handle local channels just fine and I would rather not have to pay for them through Vue.

    For that matter, I wish DirecTV, Dish, and all the cable companies would let customers decline local channels. The ever increasing rates for cable/satellite are in large part due to retransmission fees paid to local stations. The ability to say no to local channels would finally help put the brakes on skyrocketing prices.

  • Please come to CANADA and be just as affordable! Please please please!!!

  • Local sports are the only reason why I keep on to cable. Can’t go without being able to watch Penguin/Pirates games. If these are added to Vue in my area, I’ll definitely be ditching cable. Pricing also looks to be very fair.

  • I really hope it comes to Canada eventually as it would be a great service to use.

  • I’d like to see service cards for this and PS Now sold at retail. That would give us the option to watch/play with no risk to our credit card info. Sure, we all freely give that info to online vendors already. But prepaid cards exist and work just fine for PS wallet and PS Plus. They can and should offer them for their newer services.

  • Shock you guys never push this to be a reason to own PS TV, let a lone add it to the PS TV.

  • I don’t think it’s fair for people who have the service to have to pay more for the same service. You guys don’t charge more for ps plus in other locations and I think it should be the same for everyone. I am disappointed that sony would treat it’s loyal fan base in such a disrespectful matter.

  • This just has too many flaws to even consider. Sony has really been dropping the ball for the last several years.

    – No Vita support (REALLY!?!?!)
    – No Android support
    – The Playstation Network gets hacked too often.
    – SONY only lets you have 1 active PS4. I almost bought a second but when I found this out it became “no sale.”

    None of these points are even remotely accessible.

    The Vita is an amazing piece of hardware that isn’t getting used. It has become a joke. Sony really needs fix this stuff.

  • Hoping for a day you will launch worldwide.

  • I have it right now and what can I tell you, the PSVUE is awesome. I wonder if they should add pay-per-view movies or adult channels.

  • I signed up for the 7 day trial but was very surprised to see that my xbr65x850c TV does not have an application for this service. Yes, I can use my PS4 but feel that the TV should simply have this. Is support for Android TV’s coming, I don’t want to have to use a box. Thanks

  • I’m so happy to finally be able to subscribe, after moving back to my house last summer I haven’t had access to live TV due to Comcast being the only provider in the area and there was no way I would ever consider paying them money for their terrible TV service.

    Its nice to be able to set channels as favorites, but there needs to be an option to lock out channels that don’t need to be offered, I don’t need to have the Republican party’s propaganda network on my channel feed.

    Also, the ability to have multiple user profiles is nice, though there doesn’t appear any way to change the profile name so I’m stuck with my profile being my PSN name while I can set up my wife’s profile to just use her name, just seems like a small oversight and easy fix.

  • Compatibility w/Apple TV at all? I mean, I’m not opposed to getting a Playstation TV box, but I’d love to have the option to use it on Apple TV – and not just by AirPlay screen mirroring or something like that.

    Also, this is amazing timing since I’m getting ready to cancel my DirecTV service tonight :)

  • Would be nice in Canada.

  • Are there any plans to develop an app for Sony Smart TV’s?

  • Definetly needs Android support!

  • Please Bring it to ROKU

  • Really wish this had android support. Whats the point of supporting Playstation Video but not the Vue service that you are trying to push out?

  • Much as I love the idea, I just don’t care for TV in general due to the low quality picture compared to Netflix or YouTube. And Netflix and Vudu, PSN Video, Amazon all support surround sound, but this service doesn’t. I may be interested if it comes to support better audio options like that. Much love and keep on leading the way in entertainment, just don’t get complacent or I’ll have to hold on to my money. Later, guys!

  • Bring it to ROKU devices and I might give it a try. I only use my PS4 system for gaming only. Not going to buy any other devices just for PS Vue.

    Plus SONY should do a PLAYSTATION VUE & PLAYSTATION NOW as a package special for PS PLUS users.

  • I really, really want to try this, and I think I’ll at least do the trial. It’s more robust than what we use now (Sling TV) for only a bit more money. The only thing that’s making me hesitate is the lack of Android support (outside of Chromecast and technically Fire TV). We watch Sling on our Nexus Player now, and would love to see Vue on there as well.

  • You guys definitely need to put Android support. I’ll wait until that happens.

  • I love the idea, and I love the picture quality. The only issue is no local channels. That means users won’t be able to watch nfl games using the vue. So as of right now, I don’t plan on cutting the cord just yet. Once they add local channels, i’m sold.

  • If you’re tracking responses as customer requests, please put me down as another potential subscriber who will sign up the second a Roku app is available.

    Obviously Sony has a better business relationship with Amazon, and I even a couple of Amazon Fire Sticks, but Amazon’s hardware just doesn’t measure up. My Fire Sticks are collecting dust, and I now have Roku devices attached to every screen in the house.

  • I’m so glad this is finally nation wide.

  • Does it offer any spanish channels!???

  • Ohio thanks you for a better price option TV service

  • Any chance the major league networks (MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, NHL Network) will be added to any of the packages in the near future? That’s really the only thing that’s holding me back

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