Monster Boy Launching on PS4 This Year

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Monster Boy Launching on PS4 This Year

We’re celebrating! 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the beloved Wonder Boy series, which started with a simple but solid Arcade game developed by Escape (later known as Westone). The last game in the series was Monster World IV (1994) and it went silent for more than 20 years. Have you heard of it?

Monster Boy on PS4

The Return of a Legend

We’re so excited to say that we’ve been able to team up with the series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa (former Westone) and revive it with our new game Monster Boy, which launches on PS4 this year. As a fan of the classic games and the Metroidvania genre, it felt unreal to be able to work on a new game that brings back the spirit of the series in every way possible.

We loved Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap for its transformation feature, so we took it as the biggest inspiration. Monster Boy continues the colorful, side-scrolling adventure tradition with a character who can transform into different animal forms to solve puzzles and proceed in a connected (open) game world.

Monster Boy on PS4Monster Boy on PS4

More Than a Spiritual Successor

With the help of Ryuichi Nishizawa and LAT corporation licensing, we’ve gained access to the whole library of characters, graphics assets, sounds, and music from the entire Wonder Boy series.

While we’re creating a new experience targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second with hi-res 2D visuals, we’re happily bringing back our favorite monsters, music tracks, and features of the classic games. We’re working hard to deliver a game that you will be able to fully enjoy as a fan of the series but also if you never heard of it.

OMG! Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane

When we started the game production two years ago, we would’ve never believed we would be able to work with many personal childhood music heroes from Japan — we contacted them anyway and to our surprise they joined the team!

Monster Boy on PS4

The music production is led by Yuzo Koshiro himself, who is most famous for his music in Streets of Rage, Actraiser, Shinobi, and Ys. Furthermore, we worked with Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Keiki Kobayashi, Takeshi Yanagawa, and singer Haruka Shimotsuki. We believe music is so important for a great experience.

There are a lot of original tracks in Monster Boy, but we also re-arranged the most famous music tracks of the classic series. Last but not least, music tracks get their finishing touches by a real instrument recording session. It’s so cool.

We Can’t Wait to Share Monster Boy With You

We’re planning to finish the game production in Q2 this year — please stay tuned for an exact release date in 2016. Will you celebrate with us?

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  • Love this game. Yuzo is my all time favorite game music composer. Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage 2 were the best ever. I listened to the music on the options screen all the time. Now, someone please also bring assault suit leynos to the US!

  • How do I add this to my WISH LIST…ugh

  • I hope the PS Vita version becomes a reality!

  • Will be there Day 1. Will double dip if a retail limited collectors edition with a cool Monster Boy figurine is released. Hint hint ;)

    • Man, a figurine would be great! It’s on my wish-list now. Maybe we can make that happen one day. Never say never :p

  • The wonder boy series is one of my favorite series of all time. I cannot wait for this game to come out. Its a definite Day One Purchase for me…though now that I think about it…is there a pre-order of this up yet? LOL just joking.

  • I hope this is fantastic! No lie, Monster World IV is in my top 10 games of all time! I wish they could bring Asha back!

  • I’ve never played the original, but boy does this look gorgeous or what!

  • The Wonder Boy series is my favorite nostalgic game series of all time, and Dragon’s Trap is my favorite entry in the series particularly because of the transformation mechanic. It is fantastic that we are getting a new entry in the series! I can’t remember ever looking forward to a game this much … The wait is driving me crazy ^_^

  • This is pretty exciting news; I enjoyed most of the Wonder Boy games and own nearly all of them in some form or another. I agree that good music can really set the tone for a game and it’s great to hear that so many of original composing staff joined in on the project. It’s also awesome to see the devs so excited about making the game as that usually shows in the game itself and the overall fun factor it creates. Can’t wait to try this one out!

  • Amazing! I’ve been following your game for a while and I can’t wait to finally play it. It’s great to see a current gen (looking) 2D game.

  • Day one for me, love these back in the day. As long as they dont dumb it down like some remakes im in

  • Mr. Kern, I used to do the same thing with other video games. Streets of Rage 2, Street Fighter 2, Super Contra (Contract 2 on NES), Y’s (1&2, and 3) on TurboGrafx CD, Batman on NES (1st stage bgm)…
    I’d just navigate to bgm test in games like these, sometimes without the tv on, and just listen to various bgm while drawing at my drafting table. I remember doing the same for Bonk’s Adventure and “Dragon’s Curse”, and when there was no bgm test, I’d just sit “afk” in a spot where it’s safe to leave a game running, without pausing it.^^
    I WILL buy this game and I WILL buy any additional games you guys make, as long as you keep making them. So keep them coming, because I won’t be your only customer.^^

    • That’s supposed to be “Contra 2”, not friggin’ “Contract 2”. Smart phones were designed to make everyone LOOK dumb, apparently. T_T;

    • Thank you so much! To the list of NES games I’d put the Castlevania games, too. Such an amazing Soundtrack at that time. Castlevania 1, stage 3…oh yeah that was great! I can see already you have a great music taste similar to mine and I hope you’ll enjoy the Monster Boy soundtrack as much as I do already :p

  • Vita port please!!

  • This sounds really cool, and the art looks amazing. Looking forward to it.

  • OMG awesome perfect.Day one because I support games optimize for 1080p, 60fps.I wish all console developers put efforts in optimizing 1080p, 60fps games.Insted of pretty ugly choppy 30fps games that run poorly.Next gen is 60fps. 30fps is so last gen and needs to but pushed aside.Imagine the Order and bloodborne 1080p 60fps.Would have been nice.

  • OMG! Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane!

    But hey, perhaps an Asha alt? But then, I still need to finish Monster World IV…

  • Ya know, we were supposed to get ‘Axiom Verge’ on PS Vita (that never happened). What would you say about this being on the Vita as well? I think I see myself playing this more on a hand-held sort of like Shovel Knight and well… Axiom Verge. Vita?

    • Axiom Verge is a fantastic game but don’t forget it was made by one guy. He may work on the Vita port..but it will take time for a single person to do that.

  • Wonderboy is an awesome series. I’m glad it’s coming to Ps4. Can’t wait for this :D!

  • Oh. Muh. Gawd. I have been trying to remember the name of this game on-and-off for 25 years. Thank you! I don’t remember anything about the original Wonder Boy games other than the pure enjoyment I got out of them at my cousin’s house when I was about 9-10 years old. Thank you for making this and bringing it to my attention!

  • I just gotta say that this game looks great and I’m looking forward to it.

    I got my first taste through Wonder Boy in Monster Land from my local arcade and dropped many dollars into that machine. I can’t wait to try this new release.

    I’m also interested in a Vita release, but until then, I think this will probably play well via PS4 Remote Play, right?

  • I loved the wonderboy games on the master system! this is like such awesome news. I have to tell my brother, who probably played it more then me, lol. I played a lot of the other versions too, like dragons curse, “adventure island”
    I’m pretty sure I’ll buy this too!

  • It’s good to note that Yuzo Koshiro also single-handedly made one of the most epic soundtracks ever with the Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune arcade series.
    This game was already on my radar but now I simply cannot wait!! I hope it comes out real soon.

  • Absolutely love the Monster World adventure games. Monsterworld IV is an all time favorite for me.
    So awesome to see this being done. Thank you for making this!
    Will you make a physical copy as well?

    If this does well enough would love to see a “Monster Girl” sequel with Asha ;)
    Pepeloogo need to be brought back from extinction!

  • Oh man can’t wait….Hope htere’s a few modern surprises and some Mario esque secrets and fun ha ha :)

    Loved Wonder Boy!!!

    You guys now need to get Dragon Warrior series going ha ha

  • I really can’t wait for this to come out! Crosses fingers for a physical release!

    I grew up playing WonderBoy on the master system. Dragon’s Trap cart is still in there!! The graphics, music and game play all still hold up very well even with today’s standard! Especially Monster World for the Genesis/MegaDrive.

    I break out the Sega Ages Collection once in a blue moon just to remind myself how good gaming use to be.

    Really excited for this game! Day one purchase for me :)

    Please port to the Vita as well along with a physical release for that too :D

  • Oh heck yes! Another one that would love to see on the Vita! Hope it makes it!

  • I just read of a potential figures! I’m so down for that!

    What I really loved listening to were the Dragon’s Trap tunes. Probably my most favorite video game tunes of all time!

    A really good idea is to even offer the soundtrack for those who’d like to purchase it. Better idea would be to offer some sort of physical edition of the game with the soundtrack.

    Open up pre-orders or even another kickstarter for a physical edition and point me there!

  • I am super stoked for this game and plan to buy it the moment I can.

    I hope it does super well… so we can finally #BRINGBACKTHEKIDD!!!

  • My gosh! I’ll be buying day one for the soundtrack alone. Can’t wait!

  • WOW this is sooo amazing first DuckTales cartoon series is coming back with a reboot in 2017 on Disney XD and NOW this I love the Wonderboy franchise series so much fun.
    I own the sega series when there have all the games in a collection for the playstation 2 release but so sad I had to sell it because I needed the money so I hope not only we get this but hopefully the originlas games will be added to the PSN also.

  • This is my favorite game of ALL TIMES!

    I can’t believe that you are bringing it back. It has subtle RPG elements, cool stores with weapons and upgrade. This was my favorite game as a child, you just brought a big happiness to my life. Please don’t make it short and try to add replay value. I just don’t want this game to end.

    Thank you so much!

  • Awesome, what a great surprise. So glad you guys are making this game happen. Definite purchase.

  • Seeing this just makes me happy. I loved Wonder Boy on the Genesis. So many hours spent enjoying that game. I cannot wait to play this game. The nostalgia is real.

  • Enduring the wait for Monsterworld V may have been difficult, but the wait for this has been the trial of a legendary hero. I can not wait.

  • This is number one on my most anticipated game list. Everything the developers have shown so far has been top notch. Keeping old music tracks and a familiar look was key here….the translation looks perfect. Wonder Boy 3: The Dragons Trap on the Sega Master System was one my all time favorite games growing up, and it still holds up wonderfully. If you ever played Dragons Trap, you know you’re going to buy Monster Boy. If you’ve never played Dragons Trap, please buy Monster Boy….I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The colors, game play, and unparalleled music in this series definitely make it worth it. I’ll be there day one…here’s hoping for a massive resurgence of this timeless franchise…one of the best of all time!


    I. LOVE. Monster World IV! I first played it on Turner’s GameTap service (anyone remember THAT!? Pre-Steam; streaming classic arcade games and obscure import gems like MWIV to your PC through a launcher? They’re the guys that brought back Sam & Max with Telltale! They deserve to be remembered… ), then again on Wii and finally on PS3 (where I beat it, finally!). It’s fantastic! One of my favorite sidescrollers of all time!

    Needless to say, consider this bought! The day you drop it, I’m picking it up! This looks phenomenal! You guys are doing all the right things with the new Monster Boy and I can’t support it enough… well maybe I can. If it’s as good as Asha’s journey, I’ll probably end up getting more than one copy like with that title :P


  • Please tell me the snake transformation is a homage to the snake from the Master System classic Golvellius….

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