Monster Boy Launching on PS4 This Year

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Monster Boy Launching on PS4 This Year

We’re celebrating! 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of the beloved Wonder Boy series, which started with a simple but solid Arcade game developed by Escape (later known as Westone). The last game in the series was Monster World IV (1994) and it went silent for more than 20 years. Have you heard of it?

Monster Boy on PS4

The Return of a Legend

We’re so excited to say that we’ve been able to team up with the series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa (former Westone) and revive it with our new game Monster Boy, which launches on PS4 this year. As a fan of the classic games and the Metroidvania genre, it felt unreal to be able to work on a new game that brings back the spirit of the series in every way possible.

We loved Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap for its transformation feature, so we took it as the biggest inspiration. Monster Boy continues the colorful, side-scrolling adventure tradition with a character who can transform into different animal forms to solve puzzles and proceed in a connected (open) game world.

Monster Boy on PS4Monster Boy on PS4

More Than a Spiritual Successor

With the help of Ryuichi Nishizawa and LAT corporation licensing, we’ve gained access to the whole library of characters, graphics assets, sounds, and music from the entire Wonder Boy series.

While we’re creating a new experience targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second with hi-res 2D visuals, we’re happily bringing back our favorite monsters, music tracks, and features of the classic games. We’re working hard to deliver a game that you will be able to fully enjoy as a fan of the series but also if you never heard of it.

OMG! Yuzo Koshiro, Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane

When we started the game production two years ago, we would’ve never believed we would be able to work with many personal childhood music heroes from Japan — we contacted them anyway and to our surprise they joined the team!

Monster Boy on PS4

The music production is led by Yuzo Koshiro himself, who is most famous for his music in Streets of Rage, Actraiser, Shinobi, and Ys. Furthermore, we worked with Motoi Sakuraba, Michiru Yamane, Keiki Kobayashi, Takeshi Yanagawa, and singer Haruka Shimotsuki. We believe music is so important for a great experience.

There are a lot of original tracks in Monster Boy, but we also re-arranged the most famous music tracks of the classic series. Last but not least, music tracks get their finishing touches by a real instrument recording session. It’s so cool.

We Can’t Wait to Share Monster Boy With You

We’re planning to finish the game production in Q2 this year — please stay tuned for an exact release date in 2016. Will you celebrate with us?

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  • Awesome! I love these games. I can’t wait for this.

  • Wow, now there’s one I didn’t see coming. That looks fantastic, though, if it holds up that’s a day one buy.

  • Wonder Boy in Monster Land on the SEGA Master System was one of my favourite games ever. So excited to hear about this! <3

    • Thank you so much for your kind words and support! It gives us all the energy we need for the crunch time.

    • Thomas Kern You lie like a gypsy the game will still be postponed to 2017 do not believe this impostor Thomas Kern

  • This whole thing speaks to such an old generation. Thank you. Man, Wonder Boy was one of my first Master System games… years later I wondered whether Hudson’s Adventure Island series was the one I should have played. Also..


    Damn, sons. Damn

    • We also have such great memories and will give our best to make Monster Boy an enjoyable and fun experience for everyone. Because you mentioned Hudson: Did you check out Dynastic Hero? It was a CD release and added some nice CD Audio to the Monster World 3 gameplay. I found it as enjoyable as the original Mega Drive release and liked many of the new Audio tracks.

  • I know TGA is looking at porting it to Vita if the game proves successful, so let my comment be in support of that! I’ve been following this game since the titular monster boy was a hamster. :p

    • Right on! I recall this game as a spinoff of that deceptively cute but difficult hamster hero shooter!

      Vids look great! Hoping for a Vita port!

    • I was wondering if anyone here even remembered that this game DID originally start off as a Wonder Boy-LIKE game that was to be the sequel to the side-scrolling shoter, “Flying Hamster”. I’ve been watching out for this game ever since and I’m pleased that they actually got Yuzo Kosiro himself onto the team. Eventually, they just turned what already looked like a good Wonder Boy-like game into an (almost?) official entry to the franchise. I say “almost” because of the new title, being Monster Boy, but then again, the only one I played was on the TG-16, “Dragon’s Curse”. That’s the North American version’s title anyway. I can’t wait for this entry. I’ll definitely make it a day one purchase on my beloved PS4.^^

  • You had me at Yuzo Koshiro….

  • It looks awesome ! I just can’t wait to play this game. Thank you guys to revive such legend of video game history in such a beautiful way !

  • Wow! Just getting the original composers alone will be worth the purchase of this title! How about releasing a special edition that includes the entire series?

    • Good idea! Unfortunately we don’t have the publishing rights for the classic series so that isn’t possible.

  • I love how most games these days remind me of the Super NES. It’s like being in the early 90s all over again.

  • Thank you so much everyone! I’m happy to see some of you remembering the classic series and we are looking forward to later this year when we can release the game. We’re working hard to deliver a great experience for fans of the series and new players.

  • I still revisit WB3:Dragons Trap occasionally. It’s only now after over 25yrs that I understand why WE5T ONE was used as a cheat in the password screen.

  • Any chance of this coming to Vita?

    • Yes, there’s a chance for that. We have experience with the PS Vita hardware and it would be possible. If the game sells well enough on PS4, we’ll have the budget to keep working on it and port it to Vita. We love PS Vita!

    • Oh man, I would LOVE this game on the Vita! What a perfect fit that would be. This is one of my all time favourite games. Such a pleasant surprise to find out about this release!

    • Support Thomas & his team! :thumbs:

    • I had the same question

  • I’ve been waiting for this game for so long (since the Flying Hamster 2 kickstarter campaign). It’s sad that, when the game found a publisher, the Vita version was abandoned, but I’ll get it for steam and do my best to promote the game in the hopes of a later port.

    • We received a warm welcome from the lovely people at SCEA/SCEE. I’m sure with their support for the PS4 release of Monster Boy we’ll be able to keep working on it and make a port for the lovely PS Vita – please keep your fingers crossed.

  • Purely from a historic perspective, I love the lineage of this game. Wonder boy on Master System being ported to NES and rebranded as Adventure Island (Despite being the exact same game), then that series evolved into something completely different from how Wonder Boy evolved (eventually with Monster World being a sub-series).

    It’s seriously fascinating stuff — and we got 2 amazing classic franchises out of it too! Monster World 4 in particular was super fun.

  • Vita Port?

  • Getting really effing sick of 8-bit games being brought to PS4 and being priced at anything above $5.

    This is the PS4! Why are we rewarding devs for their lack of ambition? Why are we reverting back to Nintendo days when we have a PS4?!

    • Thank you for your comment! I believe it’s a bit of a misunderstanding. Monster Boy is a new game, based on the classic series. This is not a ROM release from 8-bit times. Monster Boy gets Full HD graphics and animations treatment plus shader and physics elements that only run smoothly on modern consoles. It will be a very enjoyable, modern and colorful experience on your HD TV.

    • Please Google “Shovel Knight”, “Rogue Legacy”, “Undertale”, & the just released “Stardew Valley”… They’re all fantastic & fun.

      “Rewarding Devs?”

      I can tell you haven’t been gaming long; because your comment is very entitled & immature.

      Game development is hard work & unless there’s something mischievous going on, a true gamer wouldn’t make such selfish statement.

    • + whothennow24
      This is NOT 8-bit. Do some research before leaving clueless comments. Or simply read the paragraph at the top of the screen which explains it in black and white.

      I’m personally “effing” sick of whiny children who think an indie or smaller budget game is somehow cutting into their Call of Duty quota. PS4 owners will have a massive amount of AAA games on the way. There is room for smaller titles as well. Just relax.

    • I, for one, am “Getting effing sick” of people who so loosely throw around terminology like “8-bit”, but DO NOT know the difference between 8-bit, 16-bit, or 32-bit graphics. Also, while this MIGHT come as a surprise to someone of your severely meager, diminutive level of intelligence, there are PLENTY games for the PS4 that may better suit your tastes. I’d be willing to bet ALL of the money in existence that you have NO idea how many “bits” are even involved within your preferred tastes in games WITHOUT looking it up.
      There’s enough room in a gaming platform’s library to have both new AND old games, with budgets small AND large, and while YOU might not appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that goes into drawing/animating 2D sprites, there’s plenty room in a PS4 audience to include people who enjoy playing their non-twitch-style FPS video games, where they don’t even SEE their own character, except for his/her hands, holding the SAME guns you see in just about every other game of that genre.
      Stop being such a baby and get back to what YOU like, rather than contributing YOUR two cents HERE, when your money’s no good here.

  • Wow love this remember playing this on my Sega game gear and loved it hope there is a vita version and welcome to PlayStation

  • I *love* the aesthetic! Bright, sunny, and colourful graphics seem to be somewhat of a rarity in game, yet are so refreshing to play. The gameplay seems as though it will be very fun as well. This has made my list!

  • Love these games, backed the Kickstarter and so excited for this game! Looks really true to form.

  • Nice, will play this! A classic!

    Congrats for the GRAPHICS that are not “retro/pixel”, it’s a breath of fresh air, good-looking but still classic cartoony view, really great! :)

    I wish all the classic like Double Dragon, Ghouls, River City Ransom, Golden Axe, Battletoads, Sonic etc would have this kind of modern look with classic gameplay/view!

    • Thank you so much! I love your list of classics – my generation! :) Glad to hear you like our Monster Boy design.

  • I’ve never played these games, even coming from that era. I love the look and style though. This has me very excited! Can we also get a Vita port?

  • Happiest Day of My Life, okay well one of many, but man been of fan of this series when i played it on my master system, so happy a new entry is coming. I can just hear the theme song right now aaahhh memories

  • I’ll buy it when it hits vita. A perfect game for vita.

  • Hello Guys/gals. I enjoyed Monster Boy on my Sega Master system back in the day. I cant wait to try this new game on my ps4. I think that this game seems suited for my Vita tough. Are there any plans on bringing this game to the Vita ?

    Keep up the good work. And I also hope that It will be priced accordingly.


    • Hi! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I’ve mentioned it above but yes – we love the Vita!! :) With some nice success on PS4 we’d be able to keep working on this project and port it to Vita. Which was your first Wonder Boy game on the Master System? Dragon’s Trap or the very first one, the arcade game? I couldn’t believe what was possible on the Master System when I played Dragon’s Trap for the first time. The graphics, music and world design is so awesome even today. cheers!

  • Looks like the kind of game I’d like to play.

  • Take my money now!

  • This is fantastic news!

  • I can’t even imagine making a game and having Nishizawa-san’s help. He helped define my tastes in great 2D side-scrollers.
    Day 1 purchase, no question.

  • Wonder Boy 3: Dragon’t Trap is one of my favourite games, And we don’t get many games with its open world style (Even the sequels weren’t as good and felt more linear). Monster Boy is looking very nice. Thanks for bringing it to PS4. Day 1 purchase.

  • This is awesome! Wonder Boy in Monsterland was the first Master System game I received for Xmas, many years ago. I loved the Dragon’s Trap as well, I invested hours into it. Super pumped to share this with my sons, you have a day one purchase. Good luck with finishing it. It looks excellent, your love of the source material is clear and shows in both your post and the screenshots.

    • That must’ve been such an amazing Xmas with Wonder Boy in your cartridge slot! Thank you for sharing Monster Boy with your sons – next generation of players. :)

  • Another one hoping for a Vita release! This saga was a big part of my childhood =)

  • Looks good! Never did play the old ones, but I love me some 2D sidescollers. Looking forward to this =D

  • I’m so excited for this game that I’m going to post another comment. For those that still own a PS3 and want to replay or get to know the series that inspired this one, there is a Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World available on PSN Store for $ 9.99.

    Considering that Wonder Boy III Dragon’s Trap is one of my favorite games of all time (one of the few that I would give a 10/10) and the footage I’ve seen so far, Monster Boy will probably be my pick for Game of the Year.

  • OMG day 1 for me and a legend Yuzo Koshiro will be part of it!

    what about a retail disk with all the wonder game in it! day 1 for me

    • We don’t have the publishing rights for the classic series, but a retail disc of Monster Boy would be awesome. Perhaps one a very limited run. We’ll see ^_^

  • Awesome! Another vote for PS Vita!

  • Wow. This looks like it’s going to be incredible. Loved the old Wonder Boy series. To see tat you had access to all the original assets is wonderful. Really looking forward to playing this.

  • Wow never heard about this game before but damn it looks great,like those classic adventure games that are almost extint nowadays.And looking forward to the music too…loved music from Shinobi and Streets of Rage.Shame its coming to PS4 only but I’ll be getting it for sure.

    • Glad to have you aboard, thank you! Shinobi…I remember that sometimes I switched on my Mega Drive without the TV and navigated blindly to the sound test (listened via Headphones) :D. Such amazing tracks from Koshiro-san. He did a great job with his team for Monster Boy, too. Still working on some tracks in the game. Love all of them. ^_^

  • SOLD!! Great job. Looks incredible and a perfect homage.

  • I’ve never heard of Wonder Boy but this has piqued my interest. Are any of the previous titles available digitally?

  • I remember these games. While I didn’t have a Sega Master System personally I always wondered that the fuss was about. I am surprisingly very interested in giving this franchise a go for the nostalgia alone. And 1080p, 60fps with such a clean, interesting design? Sign me up! Ignore the haters, and please bring a Vita version as well, as many Vita owners deserve the attention as well!

  • Oh, and Yuzo Koshiro too!!!! Sold!

  • I’m a little confused. Is this a remaster of the original game or a spiritual successor using remastered assets? Anyway it looks cool.

    • Spiritual successor. They can (and it seems that they are) use songs and enemies of Wonder Boy/Monster World games, but it’s a brand new game.

  • I will buy if this comes on the Vita.

  • My wife and I just finished playing Wonderboy In Monsterworld(for the 100th time), Monsterworld 4, and Dragons Trap. I can’t wait to tell her the good news!

  • Its rare I comment but given my love of wonder boy in monster world to see this coming out is AWESOME I remember as a kid playing monster world….Oh that first boss took me forever to beat ha ha good memories I will be EAGERLY following this. There are so many games coming out this year new star ocean,Persona 5,Fire emblem,Langrisser,this and many others mean I’ll be poor this year heh.

  • Q2? You guys are making my half year. My stupid kickstarter copy of Mighty No. 9 probably will be FINALLY coming out about then, and they took my money 2yr ago.
    Thanks for just making what looks like a kickass super surprise game!

  • Love this series! This needs physical copies.

  • Yay! Been looking forward to this since you guys tried to crowdfund it as Flying Hamster 2!! Anytime anyone makes a platformer like Monster World IV, I take notice, and with this AND Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero BOTH coming out in 2016, I can’t believe how lucky I am! I thought the days of Monster World-style platformers were dead and gone, and yet coming up are two fantastic looking entries! I’ve seen some of the Monster Boy updates on your own sites/facebook pages and everything is shaping up beautifully – I super can’t wait for this! :D :D :D

    • Thanks a lot for your interest and support! It’s great to hear from fellow friends that followed us since the beginning of development :)

  • Awesome series. I played them back in the day on the Sega Master System and again a few years ago on the PS3 (Thanks to M2/Sega) and had a blast. I love how the HD artwork looks and hearing the (WIZARD) composer Yuzo Koshiro is involved definitely made this a must buy purchase for me!

  • remember the original wonderboy in the arcades. you could get on a skateboard. Played monster land on the master system. I think wonderboy3 was my fave, you could change size go underwater. The soundtrack was epic for the time

    • remember the original wonderboy in the arcades. you could get on a skateboard. Played monster land on the master system. I think wonderboy3 was my fave, you could change size go underwater. The soundtrack was epic for the time

      I spent most of my time pushing up looking for a secret door

    • Interestingly the Wonder Boy I played *most* in arcades was the Wonder Boy III Monster Lair! It was a 2-player auto runner and shooter version with awesome music. That was expensive for me at that time :D I was stoked to find a version on PC-Engine SuperCD some time later.

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