No Man’s Sky Launching June 21st on PS4

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No Man’s Sky Launching June 21st on PS4

Hello PlayStation.Blog! I’m Sean Murray from Hello Games, part of the team making No Man’s Sky, with some exciting news for you: No Man’s Sky is launching on June 21st!

We’ve been a little quiet since we showed the game last year at E3, and it’s because we’ve been heads down and hard at work on development. It’s been a hectic but really exciting time for the team. Finishing a game is incredibly hard but lovely to watch as the pieces fall into place.

In No Man’s Sky you can trade, fight, explore, and survive in a boundless, computer-generated universe. It’s a vast, open game, and always a hard one to demonstrate quickly, but recently we let some people from the press loose in No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky on PS4

We pulled a few all-nighters this week in preparation! It was incredibly scary for us, but the moment we saw people start claiming discoveries, shouting and laughing at each other’s screens, we knew the hard work was paying off, and could collapse contentedly in the corner.

They got to see new features like how to survive on hazardous planets and how to learn alien languages, and for the first time we showed off some alien races you will be able to communicate with.

No Man's Sky on PS4

We’re excited for you all to play too, and we have some news a lot of you have been guessing at already. No Man’s Sky will have a full blown Blu-ray retail version! Sony has a history of working closely with indies, and this feels like some sort of culmination of that story. It means more people will have a chance to join us in exploring the universe than ever before. I can’t really imagine what it will feel like to walk into a shop and see our game on a shelf.

I remember when I sat in the audience and saw Sony putting LittleBigPlanet on stage for the first time, I knew that it no longer mattered how many people worked on your game, and that not every game had to start with a 10-minute CGI cut scene. I can’t believe we’re about to follow in their footsteps as an even smaller studio with their game in real, actual shops.

Most importantly, it gives us the best chance possible to keep supporting the game for free after it is released. No Man’s Sky will launch as a complete game in June, but there’s a lot we’d like to add post-launch, if we can.

Thank you, as always, for everyone’s support and patience as we head towards the home straight. We can’t wait for everyone to start their own adventures!

All the best,

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  • I’m buying 2 copies. One physical to keep and one digital to play! Can’t wait for June 21st!

  • Don’t know whether to go digital or disc… that box art is special!!!

  • Nice to see that you guys have a release date,I just hope y’all are really confident about that date.BTW awesome cover art,I’m glad to see this game’s going physical…it’ll be great to have that amazing cover art on ma shelf.I’ll definitely be playing your game in the future…hope it succeeds.

  • I REALLY want that retail box and goodies, but I want a “digital” game because as much as I’ll be playing this I don’t want to keep swapping the disc in and out every time I want to play. Is there ANY chance to get a physical copy with all the goodies with a “digital” code for the game instead of a disc?

    I don’t want to buy twice, but that box art/goodies are just too good to pass up.

    • Haha I was wondering the same thing! Love the box art and everything that comes with the collectors edition but would rather have the game accessible without a disc… But that sweet Amazon Prime preorder discount on the collector’s edition was the deciding factor for me. Ordered!

  • Once I get the money, I am preordering this.

  • Bit gutted it’s not releasing the same day in the UK but very glad we’ll be able to get a limited edition version, can’t wait for this Sean, so grateful you’ve made this amazing unique game for us, I guess psvr is launching on the 21st aswell ;)

  • that is a fantastic cover. please release a print on the playstation swag store!

  • That is the dopest box art ever.

  • Nice I’ll be purchasing this via full retail.

  • Great News!!!

    I wish you guys all the best! I’m looking forward to play your game and I hope it sells like crazy!

  • Pre-ordered Limited edition on Gamestop as soon as i seen this.

    • See I was gonna go digital like normal, but then i saw your post. Sean you will be happy to know No Man’s Sky will be my first retail game for my ps4!

  • The game sounds really cool but i REALLY REALLY hope they add more of a multiplayer aspect to it. The Fact that you might never bump into another player is a big turn off for me. id like to meet new space rangers and explore with them. maybe shoot one in the head and take his loot. an invite system would be lovely. its a big universe would love to have some friends to explore it with.

  • 60 bucks for this indie garbage? lol dream on…

  • OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! *hyperventilating, reaching for the closest paper bag I can find*

    On a serious note, everyone in the NMS community is very proud and excited at what the team at Hello Games has been working on. We’re all cheering for you and the team during the final sprint to the finish line! A BIG thank you for NMS, Sean!

  • There goes my social life. I can’t wait to play this game.

  • SWEET!!!!!!!!!

  • This is gonna be bigger then Facebook! And 60 bucks is cheap for a game that never ends..I would have paid 100 bucks for this game and I’m so horn for June 21st!

  • Well, it seems that the time finally comes to me to buy my PS4 :-)

  • sadly I cant play a game like this, it would be great if it had an option to play it in third person view, I cant play FPS games, this game is in firt person view, Im very sensitive to this kind of games, that I cant even play for 5 minutes without feeling my head dizzy and nausea :( … but it looks great this game, hope everybody enjoy it for long hours :)

  • I was so excited when this game was first to now but after the last three years and not seeing no video or any details about the game I’m kind of like. :-(

  • Awesome news! I just reserved my limited edition version at GameStop. Come on June 21st!!

  • Thank you Sean Hello Games for a physical copy. Thinking about getting the LE also.

    Physical>Digital now and forever.

  • Can’t wait for this game!!

  • One step closer :)

  • Please clarify this: “we saw people start claiming discoveries”. Are you going to reset those things??? Because it wont be fair for 1st day adopters !!!!

    • I don’t think it matters. Everyone should be so far apart that coming across these discoveries would be an achievement in its own right. Besides, I think this was a modified version meant to cram a larger variety of experiences into a smaller space so the press could get a better idea of what players will experience. There’s a good chance none of this will impact the launch game.

  • I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME!!! I have been looking forward to No Man’s Sky since I first heard about it last year. I can’t wait to see the final version and find out if it truly will live up to my (high) expectations. Every new thing I learn has only served to heighten my sense of anticipation. No Man’s Sky looks beyond amazing.

  • Any word on when the Limited Edition becomes Purchasable?

  • This game really hinges on the meta game. How well the resource,upgrade system, and ecosystem interplays with each other. Can the game stay fresh after a month or so of exploration? If they pull it off it’s game of the year material. I’m really interested to see how this shapes up in wake of all the hype. June cannot come fast enough.

  • The Amazon digital code pre-order comes with an upgraded ship but pre-ordering straight from the PS4 store gets you some avatars? Come on guys…you need to sweeten digital pre-order…like a lot.

    • agreed and um.. lower the costs?? we don’t get a disc or a manual.. ie costs should be lower by at least $5… but i’d pay full retail for this game no matter what.. SO EXCITED for June 21st!!!!

  • Launches on my 51st birthday and I can’t wait!! Never too old for PlayStation

  • I am so ready to get lost in this universe and find my own way.

  • can we get the bundle deluxe editions and a digital code? that is the biggest issue of this latest gen of gaming is that if you went full all out digital downloads, you get screwed trying to buy deluxe editions where i don’t want a physical disc but a download code or voucher.

    really really want a ship bundle for the PS4 like the PC one got.. also.. already pre-ordered me a print of the launch day poster. should look amazing in my man cave livingroom :)

  • I want to thank you Hello Games for arguably the best birthday gift i could hope for, my birthday is right around June 21st so thank you for giving this release date. This made me post for the first time on here after being on PSN since i started back in 2009.

  • Hi Sean!

    Great news! So excite! Please just tell me your supporting Playstation VR on this?

  • Congrats to everyone at Hello Games. Unfortunately I will not be getting it at launch, because asking for $80 in Canada is ABSURD. I’ve been hyped for this game for years now, but I’ll have to wait longer.

  • Also, i noticed it doesn’t have the Only On Playstation banner. Does this mean No Mans Sky is coming to Xbox or Nintendo, perhaps Nintendos Next?

  • Congratulations to the team on the launch announcement! Already preordered and counting down the days!

  • Fantastic news Sean, I will be picking up a copy so glad that you are doing a physical disc. Thank you very much to you and all the guys for such hard work on what looks like a brilliant game. Here’s to the 21st June, take care all

  • No rush to get this but will buy it sometime down the road. Too many backlog games on my system right now to add another.

  • Ever since it was announced I’ve had this burning question, does the game have online multiplayer? Me and my friends all saw the game reveal and said to each other that this game would work great with online multiplayer. It would look similar to StarFox if you teamed up and would personally give me a chance to use the PSN party chat. If there is no multiplayer at launch, would you think about possibly adding it as extra content later?

  • anyone who reads this should add me because I’m thinking of having a huge Playstation party when this games comes out not to meet up but to chat while we play and explore some of the cool planets idk just an idea.

  • So excited for this. This game is one of the reasons I got a PS4. Can’t wait!

  • I pre-ordered a digital copy as soon as I woke up to find the news. I sure wish I could buy that collector’s edition, but I’m living abroad, which makes obtaining such a treasure a tad challenging. Anyway, I eagerly await June. Thank you guys so much for bringing this experience to us!

  • I feel like I already knew the release date, but a physical release is stunning news! I was already in for a day one buy, but as a game collector, this really puts a cherry on top. Thanks for the update Sean, pass on all the encouraging words to the team, we can’t wait to get a hold of No Man’s Sky!

  • I can’t wait tell no man’s sky comes out on June 21st for the people that get the game I will see you in the middle of the galaxy or universe.


  • ok, I see whats going on.
    VR is launching this year.
    Sony needs titles at launch.
    SO no mans sky is getting a retail copy.
    Pretty sure No mans sky will have VR support.
    VR is launching when?
    Lets guess around the end of June.

  • Thank’s but no thanks I’ll pass on this one

  • Great news Sean thanks to you and all the team for all the work to bring something so original to ps4, now if I could just find a way to warp to June I would be happy, but seriously June release is great, can’t come quick enough

  • This game is the main reason I finally bought a PS4 just before Christmas. While waiting for NMS I’ve been lucky enough to find and play recent Indie releases Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and FIrewatch so I timed my purchase perfectly. The latest videos of NMS show glimpses of just how much work they have put in to flesh it out and make it look even slicker than previous teasers.

    To people commenting on the price of this game. Although it is an Indie game and people are not accustomed to paying full price, I would like to point out that this game has an infinite play through time as opposed to excellent, but much shorter titles such as Firewatch. So I have no problem with the price whatsoever. Can’t wait for June.

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