No Man’s Sky Launching June 21st on PS4

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No Man’s Sky Launching June 21st on PS4

Hello PlayStation.Blog! I’m Sean Murray from Hello Games, part of the team making No Man’s Sky, with some exciting news for you: No Man’s Sky is launching on June 21st!

We’ve been a little quiet since we showed the game last year at E3, and it’s because we’ve been heads down and hard at work on development. It’s been a hectic but really exciting time for the team. Finishing a game is incredibly hard but lovely to watch as the pieces fall into place.

In No Man’s Sky you can trade, fight, explore, and survive in a boundless, computer-generated universe. It’s a vast, open game, and always a hard one to demonstrate quickly, but recently we let some people from the press loose in No Man’s Sky.

No Man's Sky on PS4

We pulled a few all-nighters this week in preparation! It was incredibly scary for us, but the moment we saw people start claiming discoveries, shouting and laughing at each other’s screens, we knew the hard work was paying off, and could collapse contentedly in the corner.

They got to see new features like how to survive on hazardous planets and how to learn alien languages, and for the first time we showed off some alien races you will be able to communicate with.

No Man's Sky on PS4

We’re excited for you all to play too, and we have some news a lot of you have been guessing at already. No Man’s Sky will have a full blown Blu-ray retail version! Sony has a history of working closely with indies, and this feels like some sort of culmination of that story. It means more people will have a chance to join us in exploring the universe than ever before. I can’t really imagine what it will feel like to walk into a shop and see our game on a shelf.

I remember when I sat in the audience and saw Sony putting LittleBigPlanet on stage for the first time, I knew that it no longer mattered how many people worked on your game, and that not every game had to start with a 10-minute CGI cut scene. I can’t believe we’re about to follow in their footsteps as an even smaller studio with their game in real, actual shops.

Most importantly, it gives us the best chance possible to keep supporting the game for free after it is released. No Man’s Sky will launch as a complete game in June, but there’s a lot we’d like to add post-launch, if we can.

Thank you, as always, for everyone’s support and patience as we head towards the home straight. We can’t wait for everyone to start their own adventures!

All the best,

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  • YES! YES! YES!

  • Awesome, getting that blu-ray retail version.

  • Wonderful news!! So happy this is getting a retail version!

  • AngryCanuckGamer

    Oh hell yes! June can’t get here soon enough.

  • My body is ready!!

  • Thank you for putting it on disc! #longlivephysical

    • Yay LONG LIVE Physical.

    • Eww no thank you. Digital pls

    • re: rapt0rx_x on March 3rd, 2016 at 9:03 pm said:
      “Eww no thank you. Digital pls”

      It’s already going to be available as a Download.

      If the fact that it will also be available on a disk for others disgusts you (“Eww”) , then you seriously need to get over yourself.


  • Come on summer cant freakin wait!!!

  • Day one for SURE. Thanks, HelloGames, for all the hard work!

    See you all in SPACE :)

  • Great news, Sean! Can’t wait to see firsthand what you masterminds have managed to cook up for us :-)

    A digital release is one thing, but there’s something altogether amazing about the idea that an entire universe can be delivered to you on a physical Blu-ray disc inside a small case :-D

  • NextGenGamer2008

    I’m going digital as I always do, but dat box art tho – OOOOOOOOHHHHHH MMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yep, I’ll be buying that. Well, unless by some highly unlikely set of events Persona 5 comes out on the same day, but I’d (almost) bet a kidney that’s not happening.

  • Pre-ordered a physical copy. Looking forward to it!


  • Dearest Sean,

    You have made my day.

    I’m MEGA HYPED!!!!!


    That is all,

    Love Nem.

  • pre-ordered

  • Day. One.

    I don’t really understand people complaining about the price. This might be the largest game ever made.

    • No doubt. I think sometimes people (myself included) get caught up in the fact that indie games like this one are made by a handful of people compared to most, if not all AAA games. Which in turn leads some to think that a 60 dollar price isn’t warranted. Of coarse this way of thinking is ridiculous because I can only imagine how much harder Sean and Hello Games had to work to get this game to shelves, and psn. Indie games have come a long way for sure. But I’d be lying if I said that I don’t sometimes say “this is pretty good for an indie game”. Indie game or AAA, they both are a lot of blood sweat and tears.

    • It may not be. It IS.

  • Awesome news!! Very happy about a retail release. Now the wait until June!
    Congrats Hello Games :)

  • Sad to see the collector’s edition is going to be PC only, but I will definitely be getting the limited edition for PS4. Congrats Hello Games, and thanks for the many hours of adventure to come!

  • June 21st? Booking vasectomy appointment June 20th.

  • Good luck with the launch! Will definitely get the Blu-Ray version.

  • Thanks Sean! Please tell the crew at Hello Games that we all appreciate their effort! NMS is looking awesome and I will be picking it up as soon as its available.

  • that awesowe details to know about this, Yes i am getting this game on day one. i need pre-order this through PS Store whenever Sony update it in PS Store later

  • Wow, I was honestly not that interested in this game and was gonna give it a pass especially assuming it would be digi only and I would be stuck with it if I didn’t like it.

    This Blu ray announcement may just change my mind :) kudos to you for this. More devs need to take notice! Disc4Lyfe!

  • one more thing please please dont delay this no more!!!

  • I’m so excited for this game!!! I cannot wait! So much potential, and it’s the smaller devs that focus on the COMPLETE game, no DLC to complete the bloody game. Post FREE content would be amazing. I will be buying this game, on Day One. Good luck guys!

  • sorry if this is a stupid question but is the retail version also out on the 21st?

  • Can’t wait to finally get to play. This is the game I’ve been looking forward to the most .

  • I want the Playstation VR version.

  • Ratchet & Clank in April
    Uncharted in May
    No Man’s Sky in June
    Color me excited!

  • Sean said: “Most importantly, it gives us the best chance possible to keep supporting the game for free after it is released. ”

    Can you explain this? Why wouldn’t a digital copy that has DRM that you couldn’t give to your friends give you the most revenue? Is retail still vital to sales/revenue, especially for a game with this much hype?

    I really like physical discs still, but your statement is strongly worded/clear, so it made me curious about revenue potential and the importance of channels. Thanks.

    • Just pure speculation here but I have a feeling the physical copies of games still hold a huuuuge percentage of the market, if not the majority.

      I think the digi lovers just like to try to convince themselves that it’s the beast that’s going to eradicate physical media anytime now. I personally can say that on any day at pretty much anytime, my local gamestop is packed with physical buyers; same with the game isle at your local Wal-Mart, bestbuy, etc.

      I go for physical any chance I get unless I just 100% know I’m gonna love the game or if there’s no other choice but digi. But to each their own.

  • I’m as excited about NMS as I’ve been about any game in my life… probably more, really. Feasting on each new bit of info that comes out; I only worry it will be TOO addictive for me. Bye-bye, real life! Exploration has always been the biggest hook for me in games, sometimes sinking countless hours into just exploring Minecraft seeds. Thank you Sean and everybody at HG for making my dream game come to life!

  • Is the PS4 Limited Edition GameStop Exclusive? Or will stores such as Amazon also carry it?

    • You can pick it up at Best Buy as well. I only saw the digital version on Amazom.

    • Amazon has the standard version and limited edition version of the physical discs available for pre-order. Remember if your amazon prime member you get 20% off.

  • When can I pre-order!? Excited!

  • It’s got no chance in competition to games like PERSONA 5 and UNCHARTED 4- I think NO MAN’s SKY needed a lot more depth to it not just a massive random universe and random character generation, which is not original to start with, lots of games have had random mathematical generation features and random universes for the last couple of decades. The thing that could save this game is a proper multi-player, with co-op exploration and teams but they’ve gone for something a lot simpler from what it looks like.

    • You seem incredibly ignorant as to what the game is and the niche that it’s meant to fill.

    • @sush9 I totally agree tbh. I planned on a total pass on it. However, with this physical release announced, I may just give it a go. I can always get a bit of my investment back if I don’t like it at all that way.

    • Why do games have to “compete” against each other like you said? Especially since the games you mentioned are PS exclusives. Why not play all three of them? Persona 5 has nothing to do with space exploration and it doesn’t even have a release date. Uncharted 4 also is nothing like No Man’s Sky and comes out over a month before this so people will be more than done with it by the time this comes out.

    • That’s the thing though, No Man’s Sky shouldn’t be competing with Persona and Uncharted. All 3 games are completely different from each other. Persona is a JRPG, Uncharted is a third person shooter, No Man’s Sky is an open ended adventure game. They’re not even the same genre in terms of plot. They shouldn’t even be considered competitors.

      No Man’s Sky’s competition is clear to the public: Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. Personally, from what I’ve seen thus far, Elite won’t hinder it greatly. Star Citizen may be a danger. However, the games might be different enough where it won’t effect each other.

      Games that are no where near alike like you suggested won’t have a huge effect. Their audiences are different. Uncharted isn’t going to steal people from No Man’s Sky because those going for Uncharted never cared about NMS. And there are those who are into both games, then they will play both games. Both games offer different experiences. NMS’s open ended nature could keep people playing for who knows how long when they get bored of playing another game. And if they get bored of NMS they’ll swap it up. Difference is, NMS will always offer something new.

  • I’m liking the new Hello Games logo!

  • Physical!! Will gladly pay $60 for a physical game. I hope Sony is reading these comments and realize they made a huge mistake not releasing the Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection physical copy in North America.

  • Pre-ordered the BRD version around last year’s E3, that box art looks amazing BTW.

  • Reminds me of a combination of Starflight, Spore, Elite, Star Raiders, and Star Control along with others. Really hope it lives up to the hype. So many games today fall short on various levels. Been following this game since the beginning.


    I am sooooooo on the fence about pre-purchasing it as I rarely do since being severely burned over the last five years. Can we say Destiny and the Batman DLC. LOL. Plus it is not coming out till June, I didn’t even both with Fallout 4 till a month after release and I buy all Bethesda games.

  • your crazy if you think I’m paying $80 canadian plus 55 for playstation plus sub. and from what you guys have shown so far doesn’t look worth more then 25 bucks

  • I want the limited edition you announced in Europe, please sony bring it to us :(

  • Exciting news! Can’t wait to get my hands on this! :D

  • I need the 65dos soundtrack, in like every form imaginable.

  • Congratulations Sean! I know my son and I will be playing this day one! It looks like a wonderful game and I cannot wait to support Hello Games and No Man’s Sky come June! On a side note, please look into bringing No Man’s Sky to PSVR. It’s like humans and oxygen, they just need to be together.

  • Just bought the Special Edition from GameStop, comes with steelbook case, some start boost, and an art book!!!!!

  • Nice to see a retail option for this. I will pre-order when I go to pick up my copy of Uncharted IV. Keep up the great work Sean and rest of HelloGames

  • Awesome. Just before my birthday too.

  • Fantastic news. I’ll be picking it up on disc. Cannot wait to get my hands on it

  • Now THAT is some nice cover art!

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