Smite: Battleground of the Gods Coming to PS4

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Smite: Battleground of the Gods Coming to PS4

Are you ready to play god?

Smite is coming to PS4! The game officially enters Closed Alpha testing on PS4 today, and will begin Closed Beta in early March. Players can opt in now for a chance to receive a free Closed Beta invite in the near future.

Billed as the Battleground of the Gods, Smite features more than 70 playable gods and mythological creatures from eight different pantheons around the world, all battling for domination across six intense game modes.

Created by Hi-Rez Studios in 2013, Smite currently supports a global player community of more than 14 million players, which will grow even larger when the game becomes available on PS4. Smite’s team-based action, third-person controls, and deep roster of playable gods make it an ideal fit for PS4, where it will become the biggest MOBA ever to go from PC to PS4.


Smite always has been and always will be completely free-to-play. Once the Beta begins, PS4 players will have instant access to all of Smite’s game modes, as well as Smite’s five free gods (Ymir, Thor, Neith, Guan Yu, and Ra) and any gods currently available in the free rotation. Additional gods may be unlocked with Favor or Gems, or via special community events.

As Smite makes its way to PS4, the Closed Beta will introduce several new skins for the gods of Smite, each available exclusively through PS4. Odin’s “World’s Collide” skin will serve as the free reward for players who link their PS4 accounts to their Hi-Rez PC accounts. Additionally, Kulkulkan’s “KuKu4” skin serves as the exclusive reward for all PS Plus members.


Finally, Ymir’s “C4codemon” skin can be found in the PS4 Founder’s Pack, which will be available for purchase on PlayStation Store during the Closed Beta period. Aside from “C4codemon” Ymir, the Founder’s Pack also unlocks all present and future gods in Smite, 400 Gems, an Ares “Soldier of Fortune” skin, and a key for instant beta access. The Founder’s Pack will be available at $29.99 USD, however players who would rather join the beta for free can opt-in to receive a free Beta invite here.

For additional details on Smite’s arrival on the PS4, be sure to check out the official FAQ.

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  • That’s great news, I’m having a blast on XBOne… the only problem is the servers, they are a little unstable, I hope they can improve this on the PS4

  • Thanks for the alpha invite HiRez!

    I’m a little upset about the 30fps as I know PS4 is more than capable of 60

  • Omg, I played smite all the time on the Xbox 1, I’m really excited to play it on the ps4!!!, hope to get a beta key aswell!!!!

  • Thanks for the alpha invite HiRez!

    Played a 4 arena games today… My eyes started to hurt from the whole 30fps lock. I’m sure PS4 can handle 60fps so that’s a little upsetting.

    Glad you guys are putting forth an effort to bring it to PS4 though. A bit weird using a controller for smite xD

  • I’ve been playing Smite since PC beta. This game is going to revolutionize the way moba’s are played.

  • Can we talk about why when you download alpha it comes up as Street Sandwich? Also have a extra code if anyone wants, add on psn.

  • Love it so far got my two key.

  • As someone who isn’t really into MOBAs, I played 160 plus hours of Smite on XB1. PS4 is my main console, though, and I’m super excited to switch over when this comes out! Sol for life!!!

  • For those who have already purchased all the gods on PC with the original ultimate god pack, will we have to repurchase on PS4 or will the account link suffice?

    Amanda Erickson’s Avatar
    + Amanda Erickson on February 19th, 2016 at 10:16 am said:
    We’re working with Sony to determine if account copying will be possible.

    Warframe did it :D
    You can too!!!!
    i haz faith in the smite masters ^^

  • After playing this game on Xbox One for several months I can personally tell everyone who hasn’t had the chance to play this game needs to do so as soon as it is avaliable. I recently switched to PS4 because I needed something new and better then Xbox and I am very exited to see such a great game make its way to the better gaming system!

  • its a bad idea to split the player base of a moba. i hope they make some some or multiplatform crossplay so that all players can still play with each other regardless of the platform they are playing on. its the same game anyways.

  • So I got my 2 codes and it says already used lol so now waiting on Hirez support to get back to me.

  • I have a question. Once i link my PC account to ps4 will i be able to have all my data transferred there as well as getting the ps4 skins? I have the godpack, am level 30 and other stuff you can expect on PC.

  • I cant wait play it I get my PS4 in April :)

  • so i was wondering, if i have already linked my pc account to my xb1 account will i be able to link it again with my ps account? when you linked with an xb account it said it was a one time thing and you would never be able to do it again. will it change so that i can link with 1 ps account too?

  • I know it’s mentioned not in the plans but I have a lot of PC friends that still want me on PC too…

    Is there any options to expand and allow PC and PS4 players to please play together?

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  • If I buy the founders pack will I get all the gods on PC as well?

  • How long does the founder’s pack last? because I have no problem paying for it

  • I’m buying my PS4 right now just for SMITE god I really love this game I just hope I could join the closed beta.
    Thank you.
    Sony team, Smite team and Hi-Rez Studios team for making this game available on the ps4.

  • I’m excited. Played on XB1 and pc along with lol. Hi-Rez blaze the trail for console mobas!

  • Can’t wait!

  • I’m so excited for this game and have already requested early access for the closed beta! I would really like to be able to link my pc account since i have a the god pack and skins

  • I am so pumped for this. I’ve been playing Smite on PC for several months now and have gotten so addicted. Love my PS4 and cant wait to start playing with friends and introduce them to this kick ass game!

  • I’ve been playing SMITE since beta 2012 and was saddened when it went to XBOX. I don’t own an XBOX ONE nor did I want to. I seriously considered it at one point, even purchased a used one and connected my PC account to it but didn’t really like the ONE as much as my PS4 so I returned it. This makes me so happy to know that I’ll be able to play my favorite game on my PS4. Admittedly, IMHO, the PC version is much better from my time spent playing it on XBOX but it was still fun and being able to play it on a large screen while relaxing on my couch was nice. Soooooo looking forward to this and really do hope I get a beta code in the very near future.

  • Love this game!! and play a lot on my computer. Hope to get a beta test code. and hope I can link my computer account to my ps4? Cant wait to see how smite on ps4 will grow the smite community!!

  • I really hope I can get an alpha or beta key. I’ve watched gameplay on YouTube and the game looks extremely cool. To be completely honest, I’ve never even heard of Hi-Rez studios before Smite but from the look of their games, I’ll definitely be a frequent customer.


  • I happen to have a smite Xbox account and I’m wondering can I transfer my stuff from Xbox to ps4

  • smite is my all time favorite game fore the pc and now its finaly on the conosle series that i grew up with, this is so exciting for me and no i can finaly play wiht all my friends that dont have pc. the one thing im worried about is, i have the god pack and i dont want to have to start over from square one. ive put so much into this and i would like to be able to play with all the gods and all the skins that i have earned. so Hi-Rez please make it so that we can have our data from the pc onto the ps4 and have them linked and updating each other as we all play on both platforms. Hi-Rez u r awesome for doing this and ik that smite will never die and it will always be a game that millions of people will play. uve made and awesome game and i thank u for this.

  • the hype is real i was waiting for this for soo long yaaaay

  • sony please let them link to pc i put tons of money on my pc account will hate to start over LOVE SMITE BTW srry i left for a long time after i got ps4 this news made my year

  • Would switch to ps4 if you could transfer xbox progress, but spent too much to even consider starting again without that

  • I have 183 skins and 34 ward skins… I dont have a PS anymore other then vita but its been getting dusty… so this sucks! ill miss two skins and i bet its like the X1 they are limited edition skins too:(

  • When is the closed beta live on ps4 I’ve downloaded game ready to start

  • I would kill to get that key with NO regrets!

  • I can’t invite anyone to a party(?)
    it says invite failed..?
    Do they not want parties for the closed test ???

  • I saw in the text that we will have a skin to odin if we link our pc account to our ps4 account but I dont know how I can link my account ??

  • So is now posible to link ps4 account to hi-rize for ps4 exclusive skins?

  • waited a long time to c this on the ps4 :D

  • I keep getting an error then I try to link my account

    Something has triggered an error on your website. This is the default error page for nginx that is distributed with EPEL. It is located /usr/share/nginx/html/50x.html

    You should customize this error page for your own site or edit the error_page directive in the nginx configuration file /etc/nginx/nginx.conf.
    anyone else or just me

  • Anyone know, if you already have the god collection + skins on pc, do you get them on the ps4 version? Played it a alot on PC before getting my ps4 and i’m actually excited about this! So thanks :)

  • how am i supposed to link myPS4 account to my Hi-Rez PC account for the Odin’s “World’s Collide” skin .

  • I see that Hirez Update that they trying to link the PC account with PS4.
    Please try to make this possible I’m been playing smite for a While know and I love and trying to have more friend in to it.
    With that Say I have the Pack with all Gods and with a lot of effort I God my Gundam Like Thor, I want to play it on PS4 but I don’t want to loose the amount of Money I invest on PC.

    Please Sony and Hirez work something out.

  • Will i be able to link my already existent PC account?

  • Hi guys, i play a lot Smite and now i’m happy for his coming on Ps4. I wanna ask just a think, who link his pc account to PSN account will have all gods who have unlocked on pc where the beta or full game is released? Or have just to “restart” everything?

  • Why can’t you link your Xbox accout to hirez, then link your psn account to hirez, and have hirez share the skin/god info? We know sony/Xbox will never “play nice”

  • Oh dear god please let the PC account copy be a thing. My friends all play on PS4 and I have the pack from Smite’s Beta.

  • FINALLY I’ll be able to play it with good graphics (my pc is bs and can’t run it any better than medium)

  • Si tienes 2 cuentas en el smite de pc, ¿podrás elegir una para poder jugar ps4 o solo te deja jugar con la que has sincronizado para jugar a la beta?
    Lo pregunto porque en la que lo he sincronizado no tengo todos los dioses; pero en la otra si que compre el pack de los dioses.

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