Smite: Battleground of the Gods Coming to PS4

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Smite: Battleground of the Gods Coming to PS4

Are you ready to play god?

Smite is coming to PS4! The game officially enters Closed Alpha testing on PS4 today, and will begin Closed Beta in early March. Players can opt in now for a chance to receive a free Closed Beta invite in the near future.

Billed as the Battleground of the Gods, Smite features more than 70 playable gods and mythological creatures from eight different pantheons around the world, all battling for domination across six intense game modes.

Created by Hi-Rez Studios in 2013, Smite currently supports a global player community of more than 14 million players, which will grow even larger when the game becomes available on PS4. Smite’s team-based action, third-person controls, and deep roster of playable gods make it an ideal fit for PS4, where it will become the biggest MOBA ever to go from PC to PS4.


Smite always has been and always will be completely free-to-play. Once the Beta begins, PS4 players will have instant access to all of Smite’s game modes, as well as Smite’s five free gods (Ymir, Thor, Neith, Guan Yu, and Ra) and any gods currently available in the free rotation. Additional gods may be unlocked with Favor or Gems, or via special community events.

As Smite makes its way to PS4, the Closed Beta will introduce several new skins for the gods of Smite, each available exclusively through PS4. Odin’s “World’s Collide” skin will serve as the free reward for players who link their PS4 accounts to their Hi-Rez PC accounts. Additionally, Kulkulkan’s “KuKu4” skin serves as the exclusive reward for all PS Plus members.


Finally, Ymir’s “C4codemon” skin can be found in the PS4 Founder’s Pack, which will be available for purchase on PlayStation Store during the Closed Beta period. Aside from “C4codemon” Ymir, the Founder’s Pack also unlocks all present and future gods in Smite, 400 Gems, an Ares “Soldier of Fortune” skin, and a key for instant beta access. The Founder’s Pack will be available at $29.99 USD, however players who would rather join the beta for free can opt-in to receive a free Beta invite here.

For additional details on Smite’s arrival on the PS4, be sure to check out the official FAQ.

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  • I’ve heard a lot about this game. I’m not into MOBA’s but it’s cool to see it finally come to PS4 for those who are.

    • Give it a try. Smite changes it up a bit by giving the game a more third person action game feel.

    • i know i play this alot on pc but now that its on ps4 then people without and pc can play it too

    • Stop limiting yourself, you should broaden your horizons :P

    • Smite is the first & only MOBA I’ve played (unless you consider the Battleborn technical test). It’s good for a beginner. But I’m interested in LoL, Paragon, Battleborn, & Overwatch because of it. The tutorials are actually pretty good.

    • I’ve been playing SMITE for 3 years in april. I was happy they broadened to XB1, but was sad that the console I had was not getting the ability to play as well. Now I see it coming, I can play with all my friends, and have some serious fun. Thank you Hi-Rez for being the one true company I actually trust to bring everything (within reason) that the players have asked for. I can not wait for this release, and I fully support everything, even Paladins, hoping to see that join the Playstation as well.

    • More interested in Paragon, but i’ll give it a try.

      What took Hi-Rez so long? PS4 has double the user base as xb1.

      Killstrain, Paragon, Drawn to Death, Deep Down, Let it Die, and Killing Floor 2 are all exciting F2Ps coming to PS4.

    • Been playing the apha this weekend and I have to admit ,I haven’t touched dota 2 in the last two days :) well done folks, Smite on the PS4 is excellent!! Now I couldn’t find the link to pre purchase the game with all God’s?

    • I’m so excited for this game and have already requested early access for the closed beta! I would really like to be able to link my pc account since i have a the god pack and skins

    • Jw when will the beta and the real game come out Jw because I wanted to play this all the time

    • im so hyped for smite!

  • OMG Finally, my computer couln’t run this game so i had to watch my friends playing it

    Now i can enjoy it on my ps4!!

    How about giving some beta codes to the first 5 posters here? ;)!

  • dude how cool does the anmated odin look on the beta sign up page

  • I want to know only one thing……60fps or 30fps?

    • Paragon is confirmed gonna be 60fps, hope this one is too.

      If this is 60fps I will definitely play Smite instead, lower visual effects, optimise the game and utilise the 7th core etc

  • Oh my gosh i’ve been waiting for this for so long. This is hands down my fav PC game and i’m totally stoked its coming to PS4, i’ve already entered for the chance of Closed Beta access and hope to help this game along its journey.

  • So, for those of us who have been playing on the Xbox One, is there a way to link that profile to your PS4? Would love to play on the PS4 instead of the X1 , but have put a lot of time and money into the X1

    • Yeah I have put £250-£300 on my Xbox and would like to be able to have all the skins on my PlayStation aswell

    • I’m in the same boat, would much prefer to play on PS4 but I have soooo many God Skin purchases on X1.

    • We are actively working with Sony to determine whether this will be possible.

    • To clarify, there will not be an option to link or copy your Xbox account and Playstation account. However, we’re currently working with Sony to determine whether this will be possible for PC accounts.

    • Well, that’s pretty disappointing then. Should really look into making this possible, willing to bet there are many out there just like me, with many purchases and time spent on the X1 that would rather move over to the PS4!

    • I am a fan and love your Bellona cosplay amanda! You rock! I am looking forward to play this on the PS4 to get the exclusive skins on my PC account. :D

    • @Neverfree Microsoft would blow a gasket.

      I’m sure Smite would LOVE for it to be possible, but… they’d need Microsoft AND Sony to work together for that to happen, and that’s never going to happen.

    • Are we gonna be able to transfer all the purchased skin on Xbox one to the ps4??

    • Yeah i am with you i have almost every god skin avaliable on xb1 and i would rather have them on ps4 huge deal breaker for me just saying

    • Its funny because gta online did it i think they just want to give the pc people what they want

    • I would really link the PC gods to be transferable over, I have all the gods unlocked on PC!

  • Just in time to compete with Paragon? It will be interesting :)

  • Thanks you Sony! I was waiting for Smite on ps4 since I played for first time. It’s actually my favourite game, so I couldn’t be happier. I just hope to get a code early ! ^^

  • So, for those of us who have played Smite on PC who have purchased the God pack to unlock all God’s, do we have to repurchase the pack or can we connect our PC Smite account?

  • Super excited over the fact that we’ll be able to link our PC account w/ the PS4! It’ll be nice to continue using all the gods that I’d been using since 2013 w/o paying for them all over again.

  • Is PlayStation starting on Season 3 or not?

  • It’s 2.21 right now with Amaterasu.

    • Didn’t PC just release Raijin? The Xbox JUST got Amaterasu this week. Xbox is about a month behind PC. We don’t even have the Quest system yet.

    • I have to ask one question, will the PS4 be on par with Xbox1 when it comes to patches,or will it be even further behind?

  • At a time when Paragon is coming to PS4 also, you got some competition :) Can’t wait to play this

  • can you link you pc smite account to my ps4

    • The FAQ says they’re working on it. I know it was possible on XB1 as a one-time sync, so I imagine they will be doing it on PS4 as well, but I haven’t been able to find a solid answer yet. I’m hoping it will be available, as I have put a lot of time and funds into the PC version and would love for it to be accessible on PS4 when I play with friends.

    • thanks i play alot on the pc so i hope too

  • This made my day. I actually got an XB1 a few months ago to play Smite. I have been loving it, but I’d rather play on PS4 where I have more friends! I want in on the Alpha/Beta! I’m currently level 16 with about 5 gods mastered. I mostly play Arena. One area I think Smite could improve is giving more than 1 map for a mode.

  • noooo, I don’t have a PS4, now I can’t get that sweet Odin skin *cries*
    other than that, I love SMITE and I’m really glad it’s finally coming to PS4 (around 700 hours in PC version and counting :D )

  • For those who have already purchased all the gods on PC with the original ultimate god pack, will we have to repurchase on PS4 or will the account link suffice?

  • You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this, since my PC broke down I’ve been pestering all my friends to install the game so I can play it on their houses, now I can continue playing on my PS4! Yaaaay!

    Question thought, what does “linking” the account mean? I’mm assuming I’ll get all the stuff I had in my account already unlocked, but if I unlock stuff playing on PS4, will it also be available on PC? I’m talking about content that is not console exclusive, of course.

  • Yes, finally! I have been waiting for this to make its way to PS4, can’t wait to play. Thanks Amanda, I thought you guys had forgotten about us 40 million PS4 owners ;)

  • As someone who has been playing and support this game since beta on the PC i have to say Thanks to HiRez. Not only are you making an awesome game, but to have it release on the 2 major home console is a step in the right direction. Ill admit i dont play as regular as i have in the past, But i do enjoy having on my xbox and (hopefully soon) ps4!

    My only concern is the fact that ive already linked up with the xbox, is it right to assume i can still link up when the ps4 is available? will be the same type of link up where all my skins/champions ive unlock gets put on the ps4 version?

  • So one thig i dont understand is, The Aplha starts today, so how can i get access to the alpha. Because it says beta, so i am confused.

  • I CANNOT wait for this….now my xbox really will collect dust haha. but i hope it’s better, cause my xbox is a little choppy at times.

  • GOD THANK YOU! you are so kind for giving us this game and paragon to your choosen childs on the almighty ps4.
    thank you thank you thank you

  • I play alot on PC I also have a PS4 here is there a link where I can merge existing PC account with PS4??

    Thanks in advance,


  • OMG !!!! Such a great news!!!!! Belive it or not, every single day i was googling, searching, waiting for some info or news. Damn wish i could get closed alpha access. YOU MADE MY DAY HI REZ !!! thank you

  • i play smite since the pc beta, invested a lot of time and money on it so i hope there will be a “one time sync” of profile at least. i’m very very excited, i played smite on pc with a DS4 (just for the fun of it) for a considerable amount of time and i hope they use the touchpad for shop, because that’s what i did on pc and it may be one feature that’ll shine on ps4 compared to X1. :)

  • Been a huge fan on PC for years now, hoping you guys do account linking like you guys did on Xbox One. Excited for the released and hopefully a PlayStation SPL!

  • You could consider talk to sony to do the same as Paragon, and do a Crossplay, seemless acount binding :3 I would love to keep both of all my skins and stats.

  • Okay so i played on the pc for awhile is there any chance that i could like tranfer over the stuff i got on there so like skins and the god pack? I dont care so much about my level or god ranks i just care about the $80 i put into the game and will it be free to play as it is on pc

  • Will Playstation Plus be necessary to play this?

  • At first I thought SMITE was a top down MOBA which I’m not a fan of but considering it’s TPS/MOBA I would love to give this a try it looks very interesting

  • Oh wow, I’m a big dota2 fan; two days ago I was telling my friends how cool if they would port it for the PS4 though I’ve never gave Smite chance before but I’m very very interested in playing a MOBA on PS4! I’ve registered for the close beta and asked my friends to do so too. Will see if it can steal some of my dota2 love.

  • OMG!!!! Please!!! Hirez!!! I’ve been playing since OSIRIS was released, was also in the xb1 closed beta!!! My computer broke last year around August and i sold my xb1 for the ps4. I need this in my life again!!!!! Literally dropping every game i have once Smite makes it’s way to my ps4!!!! omg, i can finally quit playing the cancerous call of duty. Thank you, thank you so much!!!!

    • Oh goodness, i legit just started crying from excitement. I haven’t played since August. The heavy feeling on my heart has been lifted.

  • If only I could stop playing Warframe long enough to try another game!

  • Yes! I hope they can do the link up like xbox. I already have an account on PC for smite.

  • WOOOOOO been waiting for this since PC Beta, you guys made me drop LoL. Please allow us to port PC accounts that would be so awesome.

  • Awwww yeah so hype to jump into battle with this. This week has been great with just getting the ultimate god pack on pc, but I really hope the one-time sync will go up soon on public release heck even beta players should be able to if it possible.

  • Smite is fun, I would def play this.

  • Shame I brought the founders pack and more for the Xbox One I have no real interest in paying for it all again.

    • if only they had the option to put your xbox account on pc and then your new pc account to ps4 since you guys can’t go from xbox to ps4.

  • Will i get to keep my founders pack from the pc version?

  • Can we PLEASE pull out pc stats and purcesed items over to ps4 I have the God pack on pc and I don’t want to buy it again and also loose rare skins I have. PLEASE?!

  • This is nice! looking forward for the beta!

  • I hope for my PC account ill be able to link my account with it. I couldn’t with the xbox one, since its no longer available sadly. I just would like to play this game more because my PC has really low space and I can’t have smite on my computer atm its really small. I hope I can link the two accounts :).

    Also can I sign up with my PC account or do I have to make a total brand new account with the sign up for the beta link??

    • if you are supposed to sign up with your pc account i did it wrong, i have a pc and a ps4 smite and im trying to figure out how to link them

  • If you can link the PC account to the PS4, I’m in. If not. I’ll pass.

  • will i be able to import my ultimate god pack from PC to ps4?

  • Finally SMITE has come to the ps4!!! i’m really excited to play. i hope I’ve registered fast enough to get a closed beta key. I will happily see you on the battleground Hi-Rez.

    PC: desecrationdemon/ ps4: itsmehanna

  • I know trophies aren’t a major deal, but how will this work for beta testers? I read that content and stats carry over, but will the trophies be retroactive as well?

  • Does anyone else get the keys? if so, is your working? Mine is not working. I try to redeem it and it says “It’s incorrect or no longer valid”.

  • Yay, i’ve been wanting this. Thanks Hi-Rez.

  • Recently I found Smite on Steam, I was instantly sold. That one perfect game concept, done with the right angle, that no one seemed to be making. There it was, Smite, but alas I was torn that this perfect game should be on the perfect system, PS4, and it already existed on the other – inferior platform. With the console exclusivity wars claiming more every day, I figured Smite would be lost; or I would have to purchase a couple devices to play Smite/Steam from my couch and big screen.
    Then, here it is less than a week later. I’m glad I didn’t spend a lot of money elsewhere before this announcement.
    Hi-Rez Studios – Thumbs up.

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