Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Beta

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Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Beta

Last September we put a call out to PS4 owners to test out our next system software update and since we’re getting close to the release of our next update for PS4, we wanted to do it again! Starting today you can sign up to be a beta tester and get a sneak peek at some of the features making their way to your PS4.


Click here to sign up. The beta program will kick off in early March, and if you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the system software. You can roll back to the previous system software at any time, so don’t worry about downloading the beta. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 with an Internet connection and a master account. We’ll share more details on the new features you’ll be able to test when the beta begins.

Be sure to join the PlayStation Forums to get access to our beta forums, so you can discuss the new features. We will be monitoring the forums throughout the beta. And while we can’t always implement changes suggested by the community, it’s super valuable for us to hear your feedback to help guide the direction we take. We’re always listening!

I want to personally thank everyone who signed up for the last beta, and I hope all of you (and those who didn’t, too) will sign up again. Don’t wait too long — we’re accepting a limited number of beta testers, so get in now before it’s too late.

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  • Hope i get in. #50 Might be a lucky #

  • Please add PS3 and ps2 native backwards compatibility so I can put all my old disk in my ps4 rather then download them and fix the PlayStation store loading issue and also would be nice to have a notifications when a friend goes online

  • It’d be great if we could gift games to our friends.

  • Please add a download manager, let me prioritize downloads with queues and create a category with the download history to not be the mess that is nowadays with everything together. Let me organize downloads by date, alphabetically or by size. And create a way to organize the interface without that bunch of items, let me create folders to separate it into categories and for God’s sake increase the limit of the party chat, eight people is very little increase at least for twelve people. Please add a notification when my friends come online. Let me delete beta and demos from my list of games.

  • It’d be really nice to have backwards compatibility for PS3 games, at least those on the PSN Shop that I can download. There are a couple that I would still play all the time if I could, but right now, I have to have both systems setup together side by side.

  • Please put support to music CD and CD-ROM.

    • This would take a bit of engineering to make it work. This isn’t exactly a ps2 DVD drive.

    • CD-ROM. Lol.. 1990’s. Use a USB or use Spotify.

    • The laser in the product does not allow for reading of CDROMs. They would have to create a new PS4, that contains the correct Red Laser. You are going to have to import your CD to MP3, and then play it on a PS4. While it would be great to have it, they choose to not include it, and I can see why.

  • Appears Offline PLEASEE

    I have my Boss on my Friend List (yes, is my friend) but In working hours if he or some of my work partners see me playing games is not good.
    Better if I can hide my ass and play safe :)

  • 1 Friends notifications when they log in
    2 Trophy description after it pop up
    3 USB HD support
    4 Add some APP (like Google Drive) to upload our vídeos and screenshots
    5 improve the main interface

  • Add a Instant Game Collection Folder.

  • I’d really like for the friends list and creating a party to work a lot. Better and not takes like 5 minutes to load everything

  • I would like to be able to send money from one account to another acount. I have a friend that sold his PlayStation 4 and he had like 60 dollars on his account and had no idea how to transfer it. So now i guess its just lost in space.

  • How about when you delete a game it no longer shows the icon in the library… Getting way too many icons to scroll through.

  • FOLDERS PLEASE! It should not be that hard. Let us remove (or at least hide) all the stuff we don’t need/want: Vudu, Crackle, PSNow, and all that other nonsense that clutters our homepage..

  • one feature that would be nice is custom backgrounds with your own music on it now that would be awesome :3

  • Would be nice if there was an easier way to cancel/get refunds on any purchased content etc on ps store.

    My daughter was messing about and accidentally purchased about £50 worth of stuff. I tried to contact sony about it and they said if you have already begun downloading the content then there was nothing I could do. So it would be nice if there could be some sort of time frame for you to cancel or get refunds on accidental purchases before it’s too late.

  • Appear offline PLEASE

  • Flash support in PS4 web browser…

  • 1. Two Factor authentication
    2. Additional Analytic Dashboard showing hours played per account, per game.
    3. Being able to update status to appear “offline”

  • Any chance of allowing adobe flash player ?

  • Honestly all I want is crash bandicoot on the ps4 and a “appear offline” option.

  • I think its time for us all to change our PSN name… and external storage would be the best update you could possibly do!

  • Hey Sony how about you bring back a old feature to the ps4 with a new twist?!!? Put the pop up back on ps4 for your friends list so we know when our friends sign on/off. In the case of if you have a lot of friends, you can edit who you see sign on/off and you would still have to go to your friends list to see who’s on if they was not selected. Another one would be to bring back the video chat rooms like the PS3 had. That was a big reason me and my friends and I’m sure a lot of other people as well bought the ps4 camera was so we could talk to and see our friends from all over the world. I believe if the feature of the chat room was added it would give the camera sales a nice little uptick because there are no games that involve the camera to play so a lot of people bought a Camera used for a hot second and now it’s just sitting collecting dust. Also, imagine how good the picture would look with these new HD and 4K tv’s???

  • Just sort out PSN, theres constant problems, signing in problems, masses of disconections from games, cant add funds to wallet problems, cant purchase problems, these things are more important to a user than new software.

    If your saying this new software will ease those problems then great.

  • Hide delete ANY trophy’s I want. Online friend notifications.

  • my wishlist:

    bring wishlist support to the ps4 store
    game gifting (secret santa groups are a lot of fun)
    video chat
    let me pick how many items i limit the main bar to display instead of just a toggle
    let me pin my favorite services to the main bar
    make my profile page more social media like
    post a comment
    post a screenshot
    post a video
    make the newsfeed section display these posts and therefore actually interesting
    cloud save the trophy screenshots so the trophies i earn on another system can be displayed on any system

    overall i’m quite happy though. just keep bringing out more goodies.

  • Add an option to disable all notifications when watching video (Bluray, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, etc).

  • Please let us have an option to change our PSN names already. Some of us created these 10 years ago and might be embarrassed by them now and don’t wanna lose our trophies n such. It’s time!

  • Adding this would help a lot
    1. add options for streamers to be able to add Designs, overlays, pop ups, and more to their stream because we want a better looking stream for those who do not own a pc or game capture card. example:

    2. no need to sign in into a secondary acc to access the content purchased with it .

    3. be able to Do individual back up not like a back up of everything that is on the system.

    4. Video Clips editor add new features to it.

    5. add new apps to PlayStation like Twitch, skype,

    6. add a new option on the friend list which should be that you can select that you can only see the people online that are on ps4 not ps3.

  • Hi and thanks. Here some things we need to add on that firmware.

    1. Notification when friends sign in online.

    2. An option to sign in with offline status, sometimes need to play alone without invites and messages.

    3. Option to change the current party from private to open and vise verse without need to create a new party.

  • Does anyone else not see the questions your suppose to fill in after you agree to the terms and agreements?

  • Can’t believe i’m saying this about PlayStation System Software but it feels pretty complete. A few minor things I would want in the future:

    1) Improve performance. Many games bog down now when you press the Share button. Black Ops 3 for example takes like 5 seconds to load that screen when in game making it impossible to do quickly in Zombie mode.
    2) Custom backgrounds
    3) Improved/Cleaned up main UI

  • Please have psn Id name change

  • Backwards compatibility for PS3 games, have the system remember where you are in a recent bluray movie, and 4K support please!

  • When it asks for the PSN ID is it wanting the email or the actual name? I signed up last time on the first day sign ups were available and never got in, so wanting to be certain this time.

  • Signed up, hopefully the beta is open to Canadians.

    The current notification that tells me that a friend has joined a party is kind of useless and annoying, especially when they’re playing a game I don’t like or own. I’d rather know when they’ve joined MY party if I’m in the middle of playing a game or if they’ve started playing a game I’m interested in playing. Maybe Sony could borrow a little from the Xbox 360’s “beacon” system to accomplish this; let me flag games I’m interested in playing and let me know when my friends are playing them.

  • It’s a trap

  • I just want a search options for communities + ways to edit/choose what icons shows on the home screen + ways to edit the background image like the PS3/Vita had.

  • -Folders (or some way to arrange the layout of your games & applications)
    -Allow controller mapping feature to have separate profiles for separate games.
    -Bigger parties in party chat (12 please)
    -Video chat

  • Separate folders for game DLC and updates. So then we can freely delete the mandatory game install or cache as soon as we’re done with it without having to delete everything else combined with it.

  • external hdd please….

  • Allow subaccounts to stream/post with main account approval. My 8 year old is disappointed he can’t post to youtube.

  • Being able to trade back digital games would be nice, maybe not get are full money back. But at least a good amount (keep in mind, it only adds it to the PSN wallet and not the card used for it).

    Being able to buy things from other regions, like PSN Store will show what isn’t coming to set region and still be brought and can redeem codes. Because hey, there is games that aren’t coming to the west that I want to play without going through the trouble of making a Japanese PSN account.

  • I just want Bluetooth headset support and the ability to change your psn name

  • @John Koller, If we get selected, when will we be getting notified?

  • I signed up to participate in the Beta, hopefully it’s open to Canadians this time around.

  • And sibility on the PlayStation Store to add games to wishlist and busy too delete free demos and media applications that aren’t being used from the library

  • I hope I get it. I also, hope this update adds, folders, external HDD, custom themes and backgrounds, friend online/offline notification, auto syncing of trophies and a trophy tracker similar to what the X1 has along with a description of what the trophy was for like on the X1 would be nice too. Also let us upload all our videos and screenshot to the cloud, also, just like the X1. And lower the footprint/memory size of our saves. And let us save the game update if we delete the main game.

  • woot

  • The ability to change that menu music!! Holy moly that song starts to eat away at your brain after a while dang! The main menu music.

    Ability to change your PSN ID charge a small fee or include it in the PS Package (like give 3 free attempts to make changes to the PSN ID, after that charge people for every additional change they want to make)

  • I would really like to see the party chat functionality run a bit smoother. Whenever I have headphones on and on a party for a game, the audio gets choppy. I have not experienced the issue unless I’m in a party.

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