Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Beta

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Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Beta

Last September we put a call out to PS4 owners to test out our next system software update and since we’re getting close to the release of our next update for PS4, we wanted to do it again! Starting today you can sign up to be a beta tester and get a sneak peek at some of the features making their way to your PS4.


Click here to sign up. The beta program will kick off in early March, and if you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the system software. You can roll back to the previous system software at any time, so don’t worry about downloading the beta. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 with an Internet connection and a master account. We’ll share more details on the new features you’ll be able to test when the beta begins.

Be sure to join the PlayStation Forums to get access to our beta forums, so you can discuss the new features. We will be monitoring the forums throughout the beta. And while we can’t always implement changes suggested by the community, it’s super valuable for us to hear your feedback to help guide the direction we take. We’re always listening!

I want to personally thank everyone who signed up for the last beta, and I hope all of you (and those who didn’t, too) will sign up again. Don’t wait too long — we’re accepting a limited number of beta testers, so get in now before it’s too late.

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  • Thanks for this.

    1. Please add plug and play support for external HDD on PS3 and PS4. Also on the PS3, please remove the 10% HDD reserve for future OS update.
    2. Please support 2 step verification for PSN. And also enable a pin login.
    3. Please support Ultraviolet.


    • Bump! Complete support for this!

    • Dude I felt like the 3 things you just asked for are the 3 most unimportant things to the majority of the PS4 community. Also why are you even mentioning PS3 this is a post about a PS4 firmware update not a PS3 firmware update.

    • Why 2-step verification? If someone is logging into your account from their home then change your password.

    • 2-step keeps them from logging into your account at all. There should be no reason to have to change a password. When my account is used on a new apple device, I get instant notification, I can block it and report it, and keep my account safe. Ask the people who have phantom PS4 systems on their account if they would like 2-step.

      Nobody can access my MS live account if they do not give the code that is generated, since they can’t get my phone, they can’t get into my account. It should be mandatory on the internet by now. Iran, Russia, Syria, China, and more are trying to break into accounts, it needs to be better secured.

    • External HDD support and Change psn Name please.

    • For me Option 3 is a real need for me. I have all these films I would love to watch via my PS4.
      I would like plug N Play support for external HDD save on USB swapping when saving/transferring data.

    • It would be awesome if they add most of the ideas posted on this forum but something really cool would be
      1. let us add our designs like overlays, pop ups, etc.. an example:

      this would be helpful for streaming to twitch or youtube if you don’t have a game capture card.

    • Ultraviolet has been available for years on PS4 and PS3 via the VUDU service. Just link your Ultraviolet account to that and you’re set.

    • Thanks @OptimalStorm, @TwinDad, @ANGRYFEAR5, and @Banhammer72. @killinmonk, do you have any source to proof that my request is unimportant to majority of the 40million PS4 users? Is there a law against mentioning PS3 in a PS4 article? @PenguinActual, please go research what is two step verification. FYI, PSN can be access via the web when NOT at home

      Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Xbox One supports plug and play for external HDD . The lack fo support on the PS3 and PS4 is unacceptable. I have a 1.5TB HDD in my PS3 and over a 130GB of that HDD usable storage is not accessible due to Sony 10% HDD reserve for future OS update. Sony has a 12GB PS3 that only hold 5GB of the usable storage, therefore, the PS3 do not need 130GB. Please remove this. I have 165 games installed on my PS3 and only have 211GB free. I still have another 130 games that I would like to install. Sony’s network gets hack a lot. Supporting 2-step verification and a pin login is important. Sony is a member of ultraviolet and Sony Pictures support it. Why can’t PS Video?

    • You know even if Sony was to reduce this reserve amount you wouldn’t get nowhere near the amount you’re looking to get back in free space. The HDD sizes are always less than what was advertised because because of how they calculated it and it was rounded up to be more marketable.

    • I hope they do add External HDD support would so make my life easier

    • The Vudu app is free (on both PS3 and PS4). Vudu supports Ultraviolet. There you go – Ultraviolet support on Playstation.

      Now if what you want is to buy videos in the PS store that are Ultraviolet videos, then that’s different, but it doesn’t look like that’s coming any time soon.

    • @FeistFan I do not want to use Vudu. I want to PS Video to link with Ultraviolet.

    • You do know that if you download like the Vudu app, that supports ultraviolet.

    • Agree with all of these.

    • In general, spamming a request on every single thread only accomplishes one thing: To get the community management team to consider you a spammer and disregard your requests.

      You’ve posted this requests far too many times… at this point, you’re actually hurting your chances of them ever being implemented.

      In the end, I don’t disagree with your suggestions, just saying you’re hurting your own cause at this point.

    • Kaz harai said that the ps4 was capable of 4k blu ray playback… Still nothing

      Kaz also mentioned CD playback would come to ps4… Still nothing

      Still need folders and tweaks to the ps4 OS

    • There is a two step log in, you can put a pin number on it, i really wish people did research

    • The ability to send vids to friends, backwards compatibility, ability to put own background on, better free esclusives.

    • In fairness no one asked for anyone’s opinions regarding what features they want. Also, I doubt Sony’s going to waste any time on the PS3 and it’s features. It’s been out since 2006, if it’s not there it’s never going to be there.

      Then again, I don’t understand why people get so excited for beta system update.

    • banhammer… why don’t you just use the media player? all you need is a media server, which can be setup on your phone

    • @gohan16ken Pin Login already exists and has done for a while possibly since launch…

    • Agree support for external Hd drive I have movie collection would love to be able to watch on ps4

    • Is the 10% reserve the same on the 1tb as the 500gb because the 500GB had 480gb space but the 1tb has 840gb space thats 150gb the reserve is taking up.

  • Sweet :D

  • Add folders for the library and let me hide demos and betas.


  • Video chat, Skype, Oovoo, your own software or SOMETHING!

  • Nice. I can’t wait to test it out. Would love to see small cosmetic changes to the UI having custom background. and will be cool to play PC games in the PS4 if it had a “Steam” Support emulator in the PlayStation 4.

  • If i were to have the disc of a game and my friend was round and he signed in on his account, he could play it. But if i downloaded it he couldn’t. Please let us play other peoples content when you are on their primary ps4!

  • 1. Folders plz!
    2. Maybe add back the “Who has played” feature? Community can’t replace my friends.

  • APPEAR OFFLINE!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4. Please allow us to add a recovery email and phone number to our account.
    5. If you are unable to support plug and play for external HDD, please change the backup feature to allow individual backup instead of an all backup.
    6. Please make PS Now like PS Video or iTunes. Therefore, when a users to buy a game digitally from the PS Store, they can either download it for offline playing or stream it online. To cover the cost of the servers, charge a $5-10 PS Now upgrade fee. This should be with all PS3 and PS4 and be apart of your day 1 digital program. You should also do this with PS2 (and PS3) games re-released on PS4. To cover the upscaling, charge a $5-10 PS4 upgrade fee.


    • With regards to PlayStation Now game ownership, it’s not going to happen. The whole concept is still very early in development and hasn’t even rolled out globally. Because of the programmes uncertain future they won’t give ownership of content incase they decide to close the service down. It will come in time though.

    • #4 needs support from Sony. Please join the 21st century on internet security.

      There is a idea on the blog share for purchasing content on PS Now, it is doing quite well. I’d like to see the ability to purchase the PS Now game too. Upgrading might work for others, I’d just like the ability to stream a game I want, when I want, for a reasonable fee.

    • @DarklingLewis, I understand why Sony won’t give us a free PS Now copy of previously purchase PS3 digital game (server cost). I also understand why Sony won’t allow us to just outright buy PS Now games (see Onlive). Therefore, I am suggesting to make PS Now like PS Video with an additional fee. Allow users to buy a digital game for $60 and then pay an additional $5-10 fee to OWN a PS Now copy of the game. And for those who have previously purchased PS3 games, we can just pay the additional fee. I believe this would make PS Now like Digital Day 1 and avoid Sony having to get additional licensing agreements. But let us be honest, rental and subscriptions makes more money than ownership. Sony prefers to have us repurchase something instead of giving us BC. Thanks @TwinDad, I read that article and they make some good points pro and against it. This is why I am supporting a reasonable fee instead of just asking for it for free.

    • I’m for external HDD support like how PS3 had for playback of media but game installs isn’t gonna happen. Offline trophies would be nice too. I know the media player app does this but it isn’t as good as it was on PS3. I would like the option to copy pictures at least to the PS4 HDD with it’s own pictures folders.

    • I’m for external HDD support like how PS3 had for playback of media but game installs isn’t gonna happen. Offline trophies would be nice too. I know the media player app does this but it isn’t as good as it was on PS3. I would like the option to copy pictures at least to the PS4 HDD with it’s own pictures folders.

    • @nunley33 why is plug and play with external HDD not coming to the PS3? Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, and Wii U has it. Why can’t the PS3 and PS4 have it too?

    • PS3 already has what i mentioned in regards to media playback with external HDD and it’s better than what is available on PS4. @Gohan i take you’re referring to plug and play as install and play off the HDD, well that sounds pretty good but that not very likely to ever come to PS4. And it won’t come to PS3 because PS4 is their focus and it’s done being updated really, i do still use my PS3 though.

  • Add NTFS External hard drive support and MKV support!

  • I would be happy being able to finally using my Somy Bluetooth headsets.

    I can get audio in but mic doesn’t work for whatever reason.

  • 4K support? Would be awesome

  • Please make it possible to remove or at least hide content I have bought but have no interest in any more (e.g. demos or PS Plus content that I did not like). They are cluttering up the library.

    • If u have no insterest in some then just delete ur just wasteing ur hdd space

    • @vex123456789 you can delete betas and demos however they still show up in your library to re-download. I personally have waaaaaaaaay too many alphas and betas on my PS4 library.

  • What we have all been begging for since day one…..ABILITY TO CHANGE PSN ID!

    • I don’t think that would happen.

    • Elmagrhi95 why don’t you think that would happen?
      Technology and servers are that far it is possible.
      If so many people want to change their ID it would just be the usual process or availability and once that user has been changed it can’t be changed again for say 6-12 months just like the deactivate all systems in SEN account online. Then after 6 months the ID could come back into the pool to use kind of like mobile numbers.

    • They polled a few months ago on what people would like in future software updates and “ability to changed PSN ID” was among the choices. They are definitely considering it.

    • I completely agree I want to talk change my PSN ID too

    • To further beat the dead horse that is Change PSN ID. Shuhei Yoshida has said they heard it, they are asking their engineers to see if it is possible to implement.

      Ever think why something so frequently asked for, early in fact as well, hasn’t happened?

      In Japan, people can change their displayed name, not PSN. Give that a thought.

  • 1. Customization for the home screen (pin, sort and hide items).

    2. Wishlist on the console, not just the website.

    3. PSN ID change.

    • I would like some colors and ui cosmetic im tired of looking the same theme layout oh background options maybe a theme creator option to the ps4

  • 4k support on ps3 and ps4
    Probably the highest demands psn ID change!!!! Why can’t your servers allow this yet? Allow us to see our friends across all consoles ps3 still can’t see ps vita or ps4!! Why!? Ps vita can see ps3 and ps4 users.
    Trophy delete like actually delete!!! Ps4 hides 0% trophies I sync sign in on ps3 and they are back -_- allow us to also delete trophies with a % why can’t we do this yet?! I have so many with 20% or less and would love to delete them permanently not hide just fully gone from server and from profile.

    • I agree with the PSN ID change. I doubt they could do 4K on the PS3, but on the PS4, it’s probably possible. I don’t really want a trophy delete system, it feels like a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone misclicks the delete button then R.I.P. everybody’s achievements lol.

    • @OptimalStorm

      But they can fix it with like just one trophy set with % can be deleted in one month and if it has a plat or something you will get a confirmation email first in order to delete the trophy set with % .

      I don’t know but im with Anton_Timo in delete trophies with %, because I have game with like 20% or 30% that cannot be completed anymore like EA create and one toro game from Japan etc. and that will ever be like that :(

  • Please make it so i can use my ps3 dynamic backgrounds on ps4 :)

    • Not gonna happen because ui for the ps4 is different from the ps3 sorry not possible structures of the ui are different where as the ps3 has 1 XMB screen interface the ps4 has 2

    • So to apply a ps3 theme to a ps4 would make it look like a screwed painting a 3yr old did just saying

    • And thats not to mention game luancher ui u see wen u press down on a game

  • Please include Canadians this time!

  • Cool

  • Appear offline PLEASE!!!, Just for those times when you feel like an hour on a single player game without having to explain to your entire friends list why you are being antisocial. :)

  • I have a question, will we be able to still remote play with ps4 within the beta testing? As I remember it being a problem last time.

    Regardless if I get in or not, it’s good to see new features arriving, keep up the good work over there everyone!

  • How long is the Beta? When will these features be pushed to all PS users? Can we opt out or will we be forced in to features and changes that we do not want?

  • It would be cool if you guys set up an automatic enrollment for those of us that were in the last system beta test and showed good faith that we did our job last time :)

  • 1Please add the option to invite friends through the home screen and no through the game itself
    2 make the home screen more like the Xbox 360 software with different pages you can go through like a apps page
    a social page and a TV and movies page
    (entertainment page)
    A store page a browser page and of course a menu page


  • Please add how much time played for games my parents say I spent too much time on 1 game so I would like to know how much time I have in games and for trophies let say you have 50 treasures you have 35/50 treasures simple feature

  • Please add more voice commands for the camera. Such as the ability to pause and play Netflix or Hulu.

    • This has to be supported by hulu and Netflix. They made those apps. Though I do agree that sony should try to encourage better support for this feature.

  • Add the ability to change your psn name and if you want to prevent trolling then make it cost money

  • Hi. I want to see notification on my tv about incomming calls and sms because I always play using my headphones. What do You think about? Is this simple via adding necessary permissions to ps app?

  • Would love to see backwards compatibility with PS3 titles. I mean come on I poured all this money into my PS3 and have games I can’t play anymore. How about throwing in a few things that your loyal customers have invested in.

    • I agree it would be nice to have but let’s be real are you really going to play old games on your new console for example let’s say they add it and you go play mafia 2 or la noire your going to be like wow this game doesn’t look so good compared to now. Unless there was a way to make the games look Better. I had ps3 fat 60 gb and before it got yellow light of death I played 1 ps2 game on it he 2 years I had it

    • Airjordan. Some of us do play old games still. Right now I’m playing legend of heroes trails in the sky, a psp game on my vita. I’m still playing PS 3 games I haven’t finished right now, I would rather play it using my ps4. This is going to be a bigger problem next gen as graphics plateaus from generation to generation.

      That being said the ps4 can’t support an acceptable form of backward compatiblity for ps3. It can however do so for ps1 classics and ps2 games at no additional cost. I’m certainly for that prospect.

  • Why not make this beta testing an opt-in opt-out service instead of having to always re-apply for the beta tests.

    I do hope for folders and the ability to better sort/hide library items.
    also a video chat of any kind would be a nice add-on.
    also appear offline and log-on notifications would be nice(must be optional).

    I also want PSN-id change but i see this as a psn feature that should be tested first via account mannager and not as an OS feature.

  • the next update should have it to where you can Bluetooth damn near any headset to the ps4. i have a set of turtle beach earforce px4 that i got when i got my ps4 they are Bluetooth but will not connect to ps4 always says file type not supported, this would be a major fix maybe then i wouldn’t have to run this wire from my controller to headset just to be ale to chat.

  • The ability to change psn id would be great i have the worst psn id haha
    And would love to have something cool as my psn id

  • Friends Notification!!!
    New Features!!!!
    New Features!!!

    as in PS4 Features not Social Features to promote PS4 thruuu

  • Have Notification Pop-UP of How Many Friends are playing the Game i just started up!!

  • Not really a PS4 problem due to the library but man would I love the ability to sort / filter items on the download list. This is on the web site and the PS Vita. Having it display all items, even demos I downloaded 5 years ago on a different system, is just silly.

  • Hi I would like to sign up for beta please

  • Appear offline or at least non gaming app status online status updates like Netflix, Twitch, YouTube etc

  • Add an appear offline feature so that my friend dont session join my lobby during a game and ruin the experience for me

  • Backwards compatible and external hard drive support please. One library, one console.

  • We need god damn skype, and to play ps2 discs on our ps4 I dont want to rebuy my games lol

    • forgot to add i also want the small media player back because you cant launch any music atm when you are already playing a game.
      You have to remember to launch spotify/media player before you start a game.

    • If you already have the discs, surely you’d still have the console, right?

    • You can never play ps2 discs on a ps4.. just like you couldnt on ps3 without having a b/c system, which cost more than the other systems, and was discontinued due to cost. Keep your old systems to play old games, or pay a fee to play the downloadable upgraded versions

  • I wish I could remove the trophies that I would not have.

    I know it is already possible to remove the games with zero trophy but not delete those that were complete 1% …


  • I have a gta5 account on ps3 but hated my id so when i bought my ps4 changed my id but now my level 285 and all my money and cars are left behind on my ps3 but i want to get gta5 for my ps4 but don’t and won’t start from scratch.
    Please make it so i can bring my gta5 and other games that are on both ps4 and ps3 to my new psn id.

  • hamburger design for UI like new xbox UI thanks sony new Ui please

    • Pass, xbone ui is still terrible. I’d rather sony stick to what they have then waste time and resources trying to fix what isn’t broken.

  • Can have a setting where you can change where the notifications are cause it is so annoying when I get a notification while playing call of duty and bring back when a friend comes online because i am sick of constantly checking if someone has come online yet.

  • 1) Add all of the features that the PS3 had and integrate them as well as they are on PS3. Once PS4 catches up to PS3, we can start thinking about new things.

    Allow us to import and export music, photos and videos the same way we could last generation. Allow us to create music playlists, and then encourage game developers to support them as BGM in games, like we could in GT5, for example.
    Allow us to mass delete our messages. Allow us to mass clear our upload history.Allow us to appear offline. Revamp the UI so the friends list is prominent, as it was on PS3, and not a tucked-away category (isn’t this supposed to be “the most socially-connected console”?)

    So yeah, I don’t ask for much. Only that the PS4 be as good as the PS3 was, if not better.

  • 2 main features i want:
    Friend online/offline notifications
    No more group messages, friends hate being in one group with a burning passion, they get so mad to be honest! So instead of group messaging have it where messages are sent to each individual thats been checkmarked

  • Nice :)

  • Please add the ability to change our psn id’s. We’ve been wanting it forever now, yet nothing

  • The only thing I would really want is the ability to remove things from my library. Or move things to a folder to forget about them.. Old betas.. add-ons without the games.. PT..

  • Notification when a friend comes online.
    Hide demos
    Hide prevuously downloaded games that have been deleted

    Thank you

    • Will be nice to have in the 3.5 version the game folders like the PS3 and the Main Screen would receive a remodel to have more usability.
      Thank you.

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