PS Plus: Free Games for January, 2016

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PS Plus: Free Games for January, 2016

As we look forward to the New Year, we’re excited to share our January 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup with everyone. This month our PS4 games pay homage to a couple classic, fan-favorite titles, while updating the gameplay and graphics to PS4!

Hardware: Rivals makes its exclusive debut on PlayStation Plus. Get behind the wheel of a powerful tank or mobile attack jeep in this arcade-style, vehicle combat game. Inspired by the PS2 classic Hardware: Online Arena, Hardware: Rivals lets you challenge your friends or enter the online multiplayer arena on your own and experience epic vehicular mayhem with multiple maps, game modes, and special events.

If you need a breather from all the vehicle-on-vehicle combat, you can always turn to the twisted Mexican folklore of Grim Fandango Remastered. As Manny Calavera, travel agent for the Department of Death, you’ll guide poor souls to their eternal rest. Crime. Skeletons. Romance. You’ll experience it all in this update to the beloved adventure game.

These PS4 games are free for PlayStation Plus members starting on the first Tuesday of January, and you can find the full list of PlayStation Plus games below.

Full Lineup:

  • Dragon Age: Origins, PS3
  • Grim Fandango Remastered, PS4, PS Vita
  • Hardware: Rivals, PS4
  • Legends of War Patton, PS Vita
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter, PS3
  • Nihilumbra, PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • Dragon Age is really fun, despite it being released over 5 years ago. Too bad I’ve played it, because nearly everything else on Plus lately is junk IMO. I think I’ve played 1 whole Plus game over the last 5 months.


  • Have to say I understand that technically we aren’t paying for the games anymore with plus that it is just for access to multiplayer. Though when you are advertising at press events that you “the gamer” are paying for this great library these games lately are weak. Even then the servers that we are paying for now still are broken. In my case I can’t even use my PlayStation credit card anymore unless I purchase games directly from my PS4 because of some address issue.

    I am usually not one to complain/troll, but you guys really need to step up the games if you are going to continue to market that as a selling point. Bring out the exclusives, offer a subscription for just the multiplayer, or offer a discount to other PlayStation services that you offer if you bundle it with PS+ like PS NOW. Heck I am sure there is some business reason to it, but why have only a month for these games keep them free for the year maybe? Anyways it is sad to see a service get worse as time goes on and it is sad that us as consumers have to accept it. I know I should speak with my wallet and just unsubscribe but then I loose the multiplayer. Just some constructive criticisms and I hope everyone has a great New Years!

  • >Dragon Age: Origins, PS3
    >Grim Fandango Remastered, PS4, PS Vita
    Sort of ok
    >Hardware: Rivals, PS4
    Trash indie
    >Legends of War Patton, PS Vita
    Thanks for giving us the PSP VERSION WHEN THERE’S A VITA ONE
    >Medal of Honor Warfighter, PS3
    This is ok
    >Nihilumbra, PS Vita
    Thanks for another crap indie

    Nothing for me this month

  • yay, another Month, more ****** games! give me something good, give me something that would be worthing using my data to download!

  • I haven’t played a PS+ game since Rocket League. Doesn’t look like thats changing this month either.

  • well its been about 3 months since my subscription expired and i gotta say i don’t miss it at all. i only subscribed before because of multiplayer, but this service is so crap I’ve decided to play single player games only from now on and multilayer games on steam. steam is a far better service and its completely free.. you can keep your stupid “free” games and shove it.

  • I swear it’s like Sony doesn’t even try any more with PS Plus games….and I know the reason why to. Since you have to pay to play online with PS4, they know that people are going to want to do so so they’ll get the service for it. Meanwhile knowing they feel people have to have it they just dump out random games. They don’t put any effort into it any more because PS Plus back then was something you didn’t ‘NEED’ per say. It was more of an ‘interesting service’ if anything….not something you had to have to use a certain feature.

  • SONY give us something better… :-)

  • I must say PS Plus lineup of games for Jan. are subpar at best. And I don’t understand why PS Plus can’t be sold for 30.00 bucks once a year on Black Friday. I thought it was a good idea 2 years ago. And the option to vote on games should be bought back at least we had a saying on what PS Plus games we would get. A new year a better beginning don’t fall short compared to your competitors.

  • IGN gave MEDAL OF HONOR WARFIGHTER a 4 out of 10. Are you not even trying Sony?

  • Pretty soft line up for January.

  • The lack of cross-buys over the last couple months has been disappointing, and I already purchased Grim Fandango when it first was released. With that said, these are just a happy bonus to having online access for my games. Most of the time I just buy them to add to my purchased games and then delete them to clear hard drive space. If I get the urge to fire one up I can just redownload it. Definitely has expanded my library a great deal though and I enjoy the extra perk.

    Maybe they could set something up where if you already paid money for a game that is later free you can submit a claim for like $2 in store credit? Just a small acknowledgement of your past support.

    Just a thought.

    • You can “purchase” the games for all three platforms on the website and not have to download them until you’re ready.

  • This is why i never regret buying sony products. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  • Great month! I really want to check Hardware: Rivals, it seems interesting! Already have Grim Fadango, but is a good game to check it out for those who don’t have! PS3 is incredible this month and Vita is Okay, as always ahahahaha

    I wish everyone a great new year!

    But just adding some things I want to say… I see here many people crying about the games, You pay just $50 (or less) a year or $4,17 dollars a month for this, and those month games already surpassed the price of the year fee… What you expect? A AAA game each month?! Them stop paying for this service or crying for useless stuff! Just buy the games you wish and don’t expect them on PS plus! It’s ridiculous to see this! The Sonty team are making a good job!

    And just for extra… Games with GOLD is also good, but they give many AAA that was already $5 dollars on sales, beacause they don’t reduce prices in their store, for example Thief is still $60 dollars there and in PSN $20… So itsn’t interesting at all ;P (I Have Both consoles and pay both services)

  • Yes, I’m glad Grim Fandango is free, but the quality of PlayStation plus has diminished since the ps3 era. I remember getting all these cool games on PS3, but on PS4 we’re mostly getting a bunch of shovelware, especially on the holiday sale. On PS3, I felt like the subscription was worth more than $50, now I feel like it’s not worth having, but I’m forced to keep it just to play with friends. Yes, I know PS3 has more games, but it’s been lacking quality in the ps4 plus free game section for months.

  • Merry Xmas from Sony! PFFFT SMH!!

  • A BIG MEH for that list. I already got the Grim Fandango but i have a question, in this PS PLUS FREE GAMES will be only INDIE GAMES? THE PEOPLE (and me lel) wants more AAA games for PS4, we not pay only for online features….

    Is this Free Ps Plus indie games? we want more AAA games for PS4….

    • Hate to break it to you, but what you’re paying for is multiplayer. If Sony stopped offering games with PS+ tomorrow, most subscribers would keep paying.

  • To be honest, over the last 4 or 5 months, I’d pretty much forgotten to even look at the free games. From what I understand, I didn’t miss much. If I didn’t have to have a subscription to play online, I wouldn’t be a member.

  • Aside from Dragon Age, which I already own digitally on ps3, This isn’t too bad a month for me. Been wanting to try Grim Fandango, Don’t know much about Hardware Rivals, and haven’t played Warfighter.

  • I got ps plus when ground zeroes came out. Everything else I played a little and put in library. The PS3 has been getting good games though. To get the most value definitely pick up a PS3. Moh was a great game and I’m curious about d age.

  • Are we really getting the psp version of Patton like the EU blog says we are?

    If so, it is dishonest to call it a ps vita game and to call it by the wrong title (since the psp version has a different name.) Please don’t try and deceive us like that.

  • Although I want to complain about Plus right now since everyone is voicing how I feel as well about how the games for PS4 have been really bad. I understand that Indie games are big for some people, but they really need to throw some AAA games a few months at us. Even if you count Infamous First Light, which technically was just a DLC, or you count Injustice, that is what 2 months of an entire year???

    This month isn’t that bad actually I never played Medal of Honor Warfighter cause it got bad reviews so gives me a reason to turn my ps3 back on for the first time in a few months. And I have wanted to play Grim Fandango on ps4, but never wanted to actually buy it so I am glad it came to plus finally.

    But I am sure my good feelings won’t last. What about Knack Sony? Or Watch Dogs? Can’t you give Plus members some crappy selling first year game AAA for free?

  • It’s not about getting a AAA title once a month for me, it’s about getting SOMEthing promising once in a while. Even if its every other time. Or every two time. Every now and then the PS3 gets a solid title, but if I cant play it on my PS4, it’s getting harder and harder for me to care.
    I have both systems. By brother got his kids a Bone last year, and they got a PS4 this year for Sony’s exclusives. I’ve been trying to explain to them the monthly free games for this past year, and it just never clicks. They never remember to check their Bone. So this past holiday weekend, i was trying to show them Sony’s offerings, and explain how once a month it updates. “Well, there is nothing you’d be interested in now, but wait until next month!” Or even a “I’ll email you the lists when they come out!” just TRYing to get them excited.
    So a few days back, I emailed them Bone’s January list. “You’ll probably like THIS. You might not like THIS but ‘purchase’ it anyway in case you want to play it some day. And dont forget, you can download the ones labeled 360 too!”
    But this list? I dont even think I can mail him this list. I havent even heard of four of them.

  • Hardware rivals is a free to play game that’s been out for many months now. This line up just gets worse and worse and ur makes no sense when you consider the fact that the ps 4 has more than twice the sales of the xbox 1. Grim fandango might would be ok if you hadn’t given us 6 months straight of adventure games. How about an rog or something. Sony, the vast majority of subscribers are very very unhappy with our ps plus, you need to remedy this.

    • lol Hardware Rivals was in beta a few months ago and it’s not F2P. They should just stop giving away games so everyone will have 1 less thing to cry about every month.

  • Was planning on grabbing Hardware Rivals so thanks! I kinda wanna see these freebies done away with since all anyone on here does every single month is complain.

  • I can understand why people wouldn’t be excited for this month, but personally I’m ecstatic. I just bought DAI without having played through DAO so now I can do a playthrough of each and see how it affects the world in DAI. And I was THIS close to buying Grim Fandango last month but opted against it. That couldn’t have worked out better.

  • Thank you Sony for all the games you offer every month in the Plus service! I hope everyone on the PlayStation blog team and Sony had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year! As for all the ungrateful individuals who complain about the games offered in the Plus service, I feel that they should remember that these games are FREE. They might not look good to you or be a genre that you like, however, maybe you should spend more time trying new games instead of wasting your time complaining. Remember that you are not owed anything in this world and should be grateful for what you have! God bless and everyone have a fantastic New Year!!!

    • Maybe you get ps plus for free but the rest of us pay for it. The games COST MONEY VIA SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. Jeez.

    • My apologies for not being more clear and understandable. I DO pay for Plus, however, I see the games offered as a free bonus every month because the value of these games will exceed the price of the service in a years time. I would also like to point out that the competition charged a fee for online multiplayer last generation without offering any games as compensation. On a side note, I wonder how many of these individuals that are complaining here are also complaining on the competitions forums about how poor their selection is as well. Just a thought.

    • You do understand that every month Sony asks for feedback about PS+. Wanting the service we all pay for to be better isn’t being ungrateful.

  • “we’re excited to share our January 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup with everyone” I wouldn’t get too excited there guys. I have to agree with most of the other gamers here that if you’re going to make it seem like our $50 a month gets us something for our money you need to step up your end of the deal. Sad that the only reason I keep up my plus is to play GTA with my friends. Other than that, it’s a yearly donation to Sony.

    • In terms of just discounts I’ve gotten more than 50 bucks this year from PS+, so it’s absolutely been worth it… but ya, the free games lineup hasn’t been the best for a while.

  • Already bought it, but Grim Fandango is a CLASSIC in every sense of the word. My second favorite game of all time, behind the original Metal Gear Solid. If you haven’t played it, you owe it to yourself to download it.

  • Yea I renew in February and I think I might say my money. Plus is turning into the steam sale/humble bundle issue. I have to weave through a library of crap just to find anything I want to play. No more impulsiveness for me. Just because you get a bunch of stuff for cheap doesn’t mean you need that stuff. Especially if you never use any of it.

  • I dont think ive played a single ps plus game in the past year. not on the vita nor the ps4. I wish this wasnt necessary for online gaming.

  • Grim Fandango would have been nice if I didn’t already buy it other than that nothing really. I will try the MOH one and that’s it really this month. Sony and to an extent to Microsoft seem to be alergtic to retail games. I mean come on I can think of at least a half dozen retail games you could do and even if only one a month, you already have 6 months worth of a lineup.

  • Jezus Christ man…
    Another poor month.
    I guess Sony has their heads stuck up in some huge toilet.
    2015 was a bad year.
    Apparently X-One is the place to be right one.
    My little bro has a bunch of cool games every single month.
    Thank you Sony for not seeing or hearing from your fans.(Again)

  • And more garbage for PS4,

    If it werent for multiplayer I would cancel paying PS+. Total let down. You guys obviously dont care anymore

  • I’m seeing alot of people talking about Hardware:Rivals has been free in beta for a while now….. That’s pretty cheap, Sony. Kinda like the dlc First Light, being given as a “game” or the Metal Gear demo given as a “game”. I’m ok with alot of the games being given, even if I don’t like the ones that look like they belong on NES, but…. I don’t know. I feel kinda cheated.

    • Ground Zeroes isn’t a demo

    • LOL Ground Zeroes is a demo. Its a demo mission to tie into MGS5…

      Except Konomi figured they would charge $40 for a 1-2hr demo. Of course, I guess that stupid decision goes well with letting Kojima walk away too

  • wow this might be the least appealing month of PS+ ever for me.

    One of the worst games I’ve ever played in my life(DA:O), a bunch of random things I have no interest in because they look stupid, and a couple of first person war games that look as bland and stereotypical as could be imagined.

    Oh well, fortunately, I’ve received plenty of games from this service so I don’t regret paying for it at all. Not to mention that the discounts from this month’s sales will more than pay for December AND January’s subscriptions… so I’m fine.

    But man, it’s been a while since PS+ has offered much for me in terms of the free stuff.

  • Hard Ware rival bata was already free and not that good and grim fandango is a 17 year old game why no aaa game because Sony dose not care anymore about fans

  • Don’t know if it’s been asked are any of the titles cross platform for ps4/Vita?

  • Wow, compared to the last few months this isnt half bad

  • If I didn’t need PS Plus to play online on PS4, I wouldn’t have it anymore. Period.

    I can’t remember the last time there was a month in which I was happy with the free games. I was actually expecting something nice for holidays and it’s nice to see I was disappointed once again.

  • Decemver has only 2 games and january too? Why? I don’t pay 5€ in a month for only 2 free games

  • Cant you scrap the free game scheme and include playstation now…….?

  • What an underwhelming start to 2016… I can honestly say that over the last four months the lineup has been almost every game I have bought the previous month. LOL. My PS+ subscription expires this March and for the first time in over two years, I most likely will not renew at all.

    Incredibly unimpressed with it regarding the PS4… the sales… the free games… and overall PS+ options. Live and learn… should have kept the PS3… seems Sony actually cares about the older console. LOL.

  • DA:O! What year is this!? Not even dragon age 2, it’s not a great game but at least it came out more recently! I bet you don’t even get the DLC with with it … they are selling it on the store now for £4!
    Grim fandango is one of those old school “use this item on every other item till you get it right” games.
    Hardware rivals, well kind of nice to see a car combat game, it’s been awhile!
    history legends of war patton, looks like a **** xcom!
    Medal of Honor Warfighter, another old game but at least this time it’s worth more than £4! It’s just a shame this came out when everybody was trying to copy COD.
    Nihilumbra is yet another 2D side scroller ‘cos it wouldn’t be a PS+ month without a 2D side scroller! The amount of hours I’ve spent moving from left to right is mind boggling!

  • It seems like PS3 support is finally dying when it only gets two offerings and they aren’t recent cross-buy titles. Maybe we’ll only get another year or 2 at most of PS+ for PS3 before it loses support forever.

    I know people constantly complain about PS+ on PS4 but you have to realize that PS+ came years into the PS3’s life so a lot of big name games were already old and made most the money they were going to make so could easily be given to PS+ without having to worry about losing sales. Plus even then, PS+ didn’t start as amazing as it ended up on PS3 so, it would take time for PS4 to get anything comparable given it has a far less advantageous position than PS3 was in getting big games. The Vita on the other hand has nearly every game it could consider big available on PS+ due to it not being a huge hamper on Vita’s software sales like it would be for PS4.

    Remember, most game offerings come from third parties and it’s up to them if they want their games on PS+ even if Sony offers the chance. If it were up to Sony’s, they’d have all the third party games they knew people loved up since they’re well aware that it would attract more people plus it wouldn’t financially impact them negatively.

  • This is a joke right? Where’s the real line up guys?

    • sadly enough, this lineup is an improvement over what we’ve seen over the last few months. in december, we got a glorified demo as one of the monthly ps4 titles.

      at least grim fandango is an excellent game.

  • I play the beta hardware rivals it was fun. And grim is slow but pretty good. I agree it would be nice to have A game.

  • Way to ring out the new year for PS+, with… Grim Fandango remastered and hardware rivals? Luckily no one with new PS4s from the holiday season will notice too much with all the new stuff and games they have, but February better come out strong.

    #PS- #PSMinus

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