PS Plus: Free Games for January, 2016

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PS Plus: Free Games for January, 2016

As we look forward to the New Year, we’re excited to share our January 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup with everyone. This month our PS4 games pay homage to a couple classic, fan-favorite titles, while updating the gameplay and graphics to PS4!

Hardware: Rivals makes its exclusive debut on PlayStation Plus. Get behind the wheel of a powerful tank or mobile attack jeep in this arcade-style, vehicle combat game. Inspired by the PS2 classic Hardware: Online Arena, Hardware: Rivals lets you challenge your friends or enter the online multiplayer arena on your own and experience epic vehicular mayhem with multiple maps, game modes, and special events.

If you need a breather from all the vehicle-on-vehicle combat, you can always turn to the twisted Mexican folklore of Grim Fandango Remastered. As Manny Calavera, travel agent for the Department of Death, you’ll guide poor souls to their eternal rest. Crime. Skeletons. Romance. You’ll experience it all in this update to the beloved adventure game.

These PS4 games are free for PlayStation Plus members starting on the first Tuesday of January, and you can find the full list of PlayStation Plus games below.

Full Lineup:

  • Dragon Age: Origins, PS3
  • Grim Fandango Remastered, PS4, PS Vita
  • Hardware: Rivals, PS4
  • Legends of War Patton, PS Vita
  • Medal of Honor Warfighter, PS3
  • Nihilumbra, PS Vita

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • Best thing on there is DA:O

    • Underwhelming this month to be sure.

    • Gotta agree, even though I’m ignorant of a few other titles, besides Grim Fandango. Bad new is I’ve played both games to death haha.

    • This is bs….why does ps3 get all the good titles..IM GETTING AN XBOX ONE..GO TO HELL PS!!!!

    • Please Playstation, stop insulting PS4 gamers by passing all the 2nd rate freebies. It’s crappy free games month after month which isn’t worth the effort of downloading it, wtf!!!!!

    • Well I appreciate Grim Fandango, Dragon Age. Grim I always wanted to play back in the day. Dragon Age I’ve actually never played either. Heard it was awesome.

    • I ABSOLUTELY love this month especially considering i own all 3 systems. Awesome month!

      Grim is 1 of the best games all-time.

      Hardware Rivals is like Twisted Metal and super fun, certainly not a “2D indie”.

      Dragon Age Origins is phenomenal and it allows those who played Inquisition to go back to the roots of the series.

      Medal of Honor Warfighter is a AAA from DICE that i never got a chance to play, similar to Battlefield 3.

      Nihilumbra is a beautifully artistic game that i almost bought many times.

      Really strong list of games, and considering i just got The Fall PS4 for $3.99 on PSN i can’t complain. For roughly $3 per month for PS Plus i feel like i’m getting away with something, Ty Sony.

    • Wtf… This is not what I expected from Sony. Not what I expected at all. Xbox did a lot better this month.

    • Well, This will be one more month that I don’t download anything from PS+. I think the last game I downloaded and liked was Rocket League. Congrats Rocket League


    • People you need to post how you genuinely feel. Dont just read the comments, but actually voice your opinion. If you too are dissatisfied, then please say so. Say it on here, go on social media, Facebook, twitter, youtube. This company needs to realize that it is in their best interest to please the consumer and not the other way around. We will not march blindly into 2016 with the same Status Quo garbage that they have been spoon feeding us.

    • Quite looking forward to it, actually. It gets me playing stuff I would never even consider going for, and more times than not, this ends well. Grim Fandango I’m happy about because I didn’t fancy splashing the cash for it just yet, and then the rest are a total mystery to me as of now. But yeah, can’t complain, would like some PS2 games interspersed every now and then though! ;)

    • It’s pretty obvious why the PS+ freebies haven’t been as good for the last couple years. PlayStation is dominating. Back when Xbox 360 was in the lead, Sony pulled out the big guns. Unnecessarily now.

    • Another month of nothing

    • My 9 year old son own a PS3, PS4, and a PS Vita. Looking at the line up of games from PS Plus, I can tell we will be owning an Xbox for the first time in 9 years. Thanks for the disappointment

    • It’s good. But go back to the old format and show all the games!

    • Terrible as always lately.

    • My comments are being moderated now?

      “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    • Yay Grim Fandango!

    • Great line up this time guys, way to go. Keep it up.

    • I’m surprised people are complaining about getting Grim. It’s one of the best games ever made.

    • Yet more crappy titles, glad I stopped autorenew on my account as this collection of rubbish does not warrant £40. The quality of PS4 titles has been garbage to say the least, uninspired remasters, bad 8 bit indie titles, episodic trash. Seriously thinking of selling all my Sony consoles and games and switching to XBox as the crap that is being passed off to Sony gamers is beyond a joke now.

    • Some of you guys are pretty rude for ripping on these indie games. Its sad that you wont give them the time of day because all you care about is AAA titles. If you have a problem with the ps plus lineup, then stop buying the subscription.

    • Nooice! Great haul for next month!

    • Every month like this and Plus is just losing value. You people need to do something about this…

    • Could be a whole lot better…

    • Really ffs crap games for free again on ps4 really thinking of shaping to xbox 1 least they give decent games and new games twice a month instead of once a month bull****. Also why can’t ps4 use external harddrive and every other console let’s you use it. SONY you have one last shot for Feb or else I going back to xbox and will only be selling xbox ones in my store since I dont want to sell my customers bad items

    • First let me start of with tho I wish Sony would put older games made from launch. Then the indie ones or other games. I need to stress that saying your switching to Xbox because of some freebies you don’t like is a baby’s cry for help. The’ye free. So what if your butt hurt Sony really doesn’t give to craps your going to Xbox 3 ppl I read said it that’s less then 1% of the ps community. I made my. To ps because Xbox is a joke. They put out what they need to make ppl buy their ****box. How many commercials of you seen that shows ps4 besides a holiday or Sony itself. Xbox pays advertiser’s to put them in it. Also Sony is this is what you get take it. If not then please do us all a favor and go whine to xbox.

      People are so unappreciated for what they get or have it’s pathedic.

      Sony the line up is kinda bare. Like to ps4 get a little more of a choice then just 2. I’ve downloaded a few of the free games over the year or so. Rocket league was my favorite.

    • Garbage!!!! Im still waiting on knack, Assassins creed 4, Tomb raider.. Come on sony give us AAA games

    • Use to look forward to this… Now it’s just a disappointment

    • Why are people complaining about gree games lol some havnt been the best but there free.

    • I have to say another month and im disappointed. I luv playstation but damn please give us something good. Besides grim i dnt care about the other games and i bought grim once it first came out on the psn store.

    • It’s a shame Sony don’t know by now how we feel about there so called free games. I mean they do this every month and it has generally been negative reviews. Xbox One does better then this. Planning on buying one next month.

    • GARBAGE.

    • It’s true that DA:O is the best thing there. IMHO, it’s one of the best games of last-gen. Definitely in my top 3. But that’s a great thing, even if we have already played it. It’s great for those who haven’t. I also think MOH: Warfighter is a great choice. The first MOH (PS3) had a far better story (again, IMO), but Warfighter had the better online experience. And this month’s IGC will bring it back to life.
      Happy New Year, everybody!

    • Dear Playstation, truly not the lineup I expected. With the announcement delay and the awesome release from Xbox. I really expected more. Although these games sound fun. I was hoping to start the new year on a high with a AAA release. Disappointed but hopeful for Feb. It’s my birthday, give us something decent like Blackflag or Watchdogs. Or surprise us with something awesome.

    • garbage again for the ps4 players..

    • Bad games month after month congratulations PS plus keep the good work the Xbox is extremely happy…

    • I agree with the opinion of another poor collection of free games. The games that are selected should entice you to buy further games these offerings are underwhelming. I also have all systems and another month with none to interest.

    • The offer to PS4 players is disgraceful, I can get better COMPLETELY free games on my android ffs. The PS3 and PS vita offers are OK, but only OK. Sony need to work on improving this service.

    • this is some garbage games month agter month the only justification for paying for ps plus instead of xbox live is free games on xbox you get to keep them FOREVER and the games are always better than this trash sony keeps feeding us for our 2 free games wich by the way are REALLY JUST RENTALS –KEEP FEEDING US THIS TRASH AND YOU WILL BE TAKIN OUT TO THE GARBAGE SONY –DO NOT BE LOYAL TO THESE CORPORATIONS IF SONY DOES NOT HOLD UP THEIR END OF THE DEAL GO TO XBOX IF XBOX FAILS GOTO STEAM — ANYONE CAN EASILLY RE COOP THERE MONEY ON THESE TRASH CONSOLES AND COME BACK WHEN THEY GET THERE ACT TOGETHER
      –keep up the trash free games that are not worth downloading and ill get 50 bucks more than i paid for my 2 ps4s on craigslist or ebay easilly

    • Every Month the games get more & more disappointing.


    • And… I have to wait again for another month. So dissappointing. When will i ever get a free satisfying game?

    • This months free games are crap once again. Always second rate games that are practically free anyways. Even the ps3 games are awful. Dragon Age Origins costs about 5-10 bucks used at gamestop. Iamtyler must work for don’t bc he is way too excited for this crap . I probably won’t download one game this month

    • I thought 2016 would have started out WAY BETTER than this. Very disappointed this month for ps4 owners like myself

    • Is it just me or does everyone else also feel that, the ps plus free games are incredibly underwhelming? Meanwhile players on Xbox one are get much better titles

    • So many “entitled” children here. No one owes you anything, you don’t like these games, don’t download them. You think a 50 dollar a year subscription entitles you to triple A games of you exact liking every month? Grow up. I’ve been a member for 2 years now, only spending 150 bucks total for 3 years, and I look at my ps3, ps4 and vita library of games, and it’s overwhelming hire many free titles I have now. What a freaking steal this subscription is. If you don’t like it, you know where the door is. Crybaby entitled brats. Thanks again don’t for another month of amazing free titles.

    • I’d have to go with Grim. One of the best games ever made and the game that made Tim Scheffer into a legend.

    • So anyone saying they are happy with the list your full of crap how the hell you going to give ps4 games we already got for free. Since you are not giving a crap about the people who own a ps4 in the free games you should credit us for the danm ps plus

    • well ps4 is lacking big time but ps3 got 2 awesome games for free. If you never play dragon age origin here is your chance. Was planning on getting the complete edition from gamestop not know more lol

    • Ps+ games have been a huge pile of crap i have only downloaded 3 in in 2+ years and sony dont care because they already have there money we spent on console n ps+ so why would they give ps4 anything good if you go through all the post since ps4 come out there have been so many people with bad reviews on ps+ and sony just dont care thats why i stopped ps plus and got xbox one better games and better free games

    • Not too sure about all of the complaints. Kings Quest was great, my daughter made me buy chapter 2, she enjoyed it so much. I don’t think you will ever get the so called “A” games here, but rather something that you never thought about playing and perhaps enjoying it.

    • Meh, out of the 72 games a year I get free with my yearly $40 online subscription, I only expect a few “gems” a year. The real gems are the unknowns anyway!

    • I don’t think I’m going to renew my membership…

    • DRIVECLUB PS+ EDITION is a 0/5 for me, because it’s basically just a demo. Plus this edition came out 6 months late with the promise of the full game. Alot of people got PS+ solely for the full game.

      Infamous: First Light is good, but it’s basically an expansion for the first game, Second Son, with only one set of powers and a shorter game.

      Rocket League is well built and I like crossplay, but it isn’t a substantial game content-wise, compared to a more costly game.

      Indie games that come out with Playstation Plus, are more costly to purchase on the Store than a mobile device for whatever reason and are better played on a mobile device anyways. There isn’t much replay value.

      Disappointingly, the PS4 titles each month show a great lack of effort, due to the fact that you now have to have it for multiplayer and that’s why most people get it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Playstation were to remove free monthly games at this point. It would be just as disappointing.


    • I think, as usual, this is a balanced offering of games (especially if you happen to own and use 2 or more of the systems). Sony is far from perfect, but I feel the negativity toward PS Plus is often misplaced. People are complaining about not getting “AAA” titles but there are 2 reasons that is an unfair expectation. 1- software is where the profits come from. If Sony gives away all the best selling titles, it’s not generous, it’s bad business and unsustainable. 2- I’m sure people would love to get a “free” game like Fallout 4 from PS plus– except that a billion people already purchased Fallout 4 which would render it pointless for them. Personally, I appreciate the typically high quality indie games most because they allow for gaming experiences I would not likely have apart from them being PS + freebies.

      Side note: Dragon Age origins has a 9.0 rating from IGN and costs $23 on Amazon atm… There are valid Sony issues to complain about- But after subscribing for over two years, I really don’t think PS + is one of them.

    • i see alot of us agree..JANUARY, MUCH LIKE DEC IS GARBAGE

    • The last game even worth downloading from the + lineup was Rocket League! First it was crappy side scrolling shooters plaguing the lineup now its crappy adventure games. The only games that I play online are DCUO and Planetside, so I’m starting to regret dropping 40 on the plus subscription. I mean, can we get something that I might actually play in February please?

    • Are they back on???

    • I’m not entirely certain as to what all the complaining is over. These are free games. FREE. I see at least 2 games this month that I am interested in trying. They aren’t the high grossing, low quality games like CoD, and that’s why I’m interested in them. And just to make sure I knew what the comparison was, I took a look at all the “better games” on Xbox One, they aren’t any better or worse than what you see here. The folks whining like little children about the FREE games they are given are going to do the same thing with the Xbox One titles, including the childish threats to switch to the “other” console. (That’s if they don’t already do that). Put your big boy pants on and either try something new or stop paying for PSN.

    • Worst games ever i guess psn will never give a aa game for free all they can give is crappy ges nobody will buy without being free

    • People should remember they are paying $3 per-month for PS+. Not $30.

    • So when we got ps plus before it was required we got hooked up with awesome games, now we get mediocre games, and have to deal with it cause if we cancel ps plus we cant play multiplayer games…..nice hustle sony….going pc this year!!

    • What a horrible way to start the year Sony. PS4 owners keep on getting games that are a joke and upset the vast majority of owners. Keep this up and owner will be jumping ship to XBOX. We are not asking for AAA games every month, but we are asking for a AAA from time to time.

    • Sony gives us a whole bunch of bad games every month. Why don’t you guys give us a good game for once a game that has something better than the computer game is this all remakes of computer game maybe I should turn the Xbox one and maybe they’ll give me something better

    • Sony is trash we’re not kids u guyz need to do better .we gamer spend 65 a pop for game .n for once u cant give us sumthing dats worth while

    • So sick of bull games for the ps4 while everything else is getting great ones. When I signed up I was happy with the free games and then it’s like they just stopped caring.

    • Hhhmm you need to step it up Sony, I’m getting an Xbox one this weekend and if you don’t do better I won’t be renewing my subscription including my son’s.

    • Is it just me or what on dragon age on the store in the more information it says please note this game can only be played on the ps4 yet it’s a ps3 game

    • Lame month ..again

    • To all the people complaining: if you don’t like the titles, don’t play it. PlayStation just offered you many times the $5/month you pay for PS+, and these games are honestly just a bonus for most people, who purchase PS+ to play online.

    • Everyone comments on sirs first comment just so they can have there’s shown on front page haha.

    • “Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup.”

      Here’s my feedback….for over a year, the igc has been mostly garbage along with most of the sales and the discounts, you digital downloads are almost always more expensive than physical retail copies.

      I’m dissatisfied and i’m hoping you take our comments seriously and attempt to do better moving forward into 2016

    • OK I have to say if ur the dumbazz payin by the month and complaining cause Sony ain’t giving u what u want the save up ur money and spend it on a single game instead of PS+ DUH!!!! I’m pretty sure Sony ain’t gonna get their feelins hurt cause the lost ur money on PS+ so what if u don’t like the free games hell the discounts on games and movies make up for the lack of awesome free stuff. Hell I have gotten multiple games and all the DLC bundled for under $5 Dollars, and that list includes resident evil 6, Mortal Kombat 9, and the dead Island series just to name a few. So grow the Hell up Ppl this is the real world not some fantasy where everything u want is free. #realitycheck

    • Noo I finally found the website ok so i juss bought gta on the system then i shut down so when the servers got back up and running i dont have my gta on my playstation downloaded what do i do !

    • I have the PS4 and I want AAA titles I don’t want indie games, PS3 is the console receiving good games and PS4 only garbage.

    • You want us to share our opinion then so be it ! No one actually said that indie games are something bad but considering the fact we recieve nothing else but indie for the past couple of months ( pay attention – December (Christmas) and January (New Year)) is just not right! How is it possible for Xbox to release AAA titles through 2015 and PS only in the beginning of the year ( and you remember why)? Just saying PS can do much better if for once listened to what the customers had been replying every time and make something about it!

    • Yup, done paying for ps+, probably done playing ps4 in general unless its a playstation only game i realy want(mostly rpgs) Sony needs to respect customers and fans, Not give them pure ****, especially when ps3 gets amazing games.

    • It’ll sure be nice when the catalogue grows enough that the free PS4 games don’t suck ass. These, however, do so with alacrity.

    • Not gonna lie
      I honestly think this lineup is a bit better than the past couple months only because of DA:O and MOH warfighter
      Could do without hardware rivals but since I haven’t played any of the other things it’s better than previous months

    • Come on Sony your just throwing any kind of games on there give us at least 1 good game a month I’m not complaining cause what can I say there free but there not worth wasting space on my ps.

    • I know I’m a little late to the party but damn Sony really? I feel like month after month ps4 players are getting the shaft. Ever since PlayStation Plus has become mandatory for online play , quality of the free games have gone in the trash. Not sure who’s in charge of marketing but it seems like you guys are more focused with keeping the last gen console alive as opposed to building up your current gen console.

    • PlayStation get a grip please, when PS+ first started you gave us tomb raider, payday 2 And other great titles what is the deal with these lame second rate titles how about give people a choice out of 3 top games at the moment and try previous “game of the year” titles the amount of people that don’t pay for PlayStation plus+ because of this is unreal you are charging £14.99 for 3 months for us to play against/people when it is still free for PS3 users. Can we please get this sorted thank you for your time – happy gaming fellow geeks

    • I own a ps4, and my p+ has just ended, I’m so happy that I won’t be disappointed again in the beginning of February like I have been every month where I have paid for p+

    • All the games we keep getting on ps4 is a joke how can they keep geving us crap month after month ps when are u going to gev something that’s actually woth downloading and not keep ripping us off bye making us pay for ps plus now and u think it’s ok cos u gev us some 10-20 year old crap games if ia wonted them I wold get my atari out but I don’t I won’t to play ps4 titles let’s see how long and how meny more un happy people it take b4 they do anything about it and gev at least 1 good new ps4 game …we’ll see ….

    • Once again a really weak line up. Interesting games on ps3 and mini games on Ps4. I have an xbox one and ps4 and have to say in relation to quality of monthly bonus games xbox and leaving ps4 in the dust

    • I dont think people realize that since ps plus is required now to play online, there is no incentive to have it. Not to mention the ps4 is still pretty new. The ps3 took awhile to start having AAA titles frequently. Plus, its free games. Only in america are people going to be mad about getting stuff for free.

    • Can we please just have Rocket League back for Febuary? I’m asking because people who got the PS4 for Christmas, like me, never got a chance to play/buy the game and I’m really curious. Before you say, yes I have played Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars and I loved so I would be very great full if you made it come back.

  • If it wasn’t for multiplayer, I would never pay for ps+

    • I know right. Plus haven’t been the same the last 2 years.

    • I agree totally with that statement. I’ve been a PS+ member since day one and the free games that have been available lately are not as good as they use to. If it was not for the fact that I love playing online I would not be a PS+ member.

    • Preach dude, preach. I still do not understand why the hell people applauded Sony when they announced the paywall in PS4s presentation, if I was there i would have booed then. Its insulting making us pay for something that was once free and ACTUALLY BETTER then it is today and also destroy a great service like PS+ was.

      I was always a Playstation gamer but this generation i actually started PC gaming thanks to Sony’s anti consumer acts and all i can say right now is that its so mutch better! Letting my sub expire and never gonna renew it again. Its a shame but, PC is more deserving then “this”.

    • Yeah, just renewed to play Rainbow 6 Siege and Rocket League but otherwise I wouldn’t renew it

    • Agreed. I have been a PS+ member since day 1 and I would have canceled it right after PS4 was released. The games being offered now are complete garbage and Sony has yet to use all the new money from PS4 PS+ owners being forced to pay to play online to upgrade PSN. Sony has become a complete joke.

    • Totally agree with you, PS4’s ps plus is just good for multiplayer nothing else so far, besides I do not understand why US PS Plus lineup keeps getting these 2nd rate trash (mainly speaking for PS4 games selection)
      Japanese/Asian PS Plus subscribers got Killzone and Guilty Gear Xrd-SIGN within last year but US PS Plus subscribers did not get any AAA title since Injustice(which was given in 2014). I do not expect an AAA title every month but at least they can give AAA titles once or twice a year, I believe we deserve this as Plus subscribers…

    • it’s because before the reason to pay for ps plus was to get the free games, now they just dont care as much because youre forced to buy it if you want multiplayer

    • Really? So let’s say u pay full price on a 1yr sub for PS Plus…that’s roughly $4 per month ur paying.

      So…Resogun, Injustice Ultimate Edition, Outlast, Rocket League, inFAMOUS 1st Light, Guacamelee Super Turbo Edition, Driveclub PS Plus Edition, Strider, Walking Dead Season 2, Gauntlet, STFU, Broken Age, TRANSISTOR, Olli Olli 2, Oddworld New n Tasty, Styx are bad/small indie PS4 games? The value of those games alone is more than double the cost of 2yrs of Plus. Hell, even Magika 2 is a legit game and if u own a PS3/Vita then games like Dragon Age, God of War, Killzone, and Freedom Wars are huge.

    • Resogun = really boring and over rated, 1/5
      Injustice Ultimate Edition = 1/5
      Outlast = 2.5/5
      Rocket League = fun to play few times, 2/5
      inFAMOUS 1st Light = didn’t play yet, but should be ok.
      Guacamelee Super Turbo Edition = 2/5
      Driveclub PS Plus Edition = 4/5
      Strider = ugly(art style),boring, If I want to play 2d, I play my nes/snes
      Walking Dead Season 2 =3.5/5
      Gauntlet = 2/5
      STFU = ??
      Broken Age = 2.5/5
      TRANSISTOR = indie trash
      Olli Olli 2 = super indie trash, 0/5
      Oddworld New n Tasty = 2.5/5
      Styx = semi ok.

      So I would buy 4-5 of these, but only when on sale and under 10e, so not so good in my opinion.

      You can’t assume that everybody would pay for these titles, or pay more than few coins after on sale.

      Rest of the games = bad indies, 99% are “games of one joke with bad art style to hide simple mechanics”. Old mario 1 looks better in my eyes than most of these.

      but ps+ is quite cheap, so im not really complaining, it just used to be “too good” before ps4 so now it feels like trash rain :)

    • @+ metsienmaagi, you rated those games kinda low and that’s still higher than i would have given 99% of them.

      Pure pooh, i say. Pure pooh. And what do we have to look forward to for january…more pooh.
      The only ones who seem to enjoy the pooh are the SHEEPLE and the AUTOMATONS.
      So, more POOH for them….YEY!!!!

    • The discounts on games alone makes PS+ worth it. The free games are just a nice cherry on the top. I’ve saved well over $100 on various PSN sales throughout the year which easily pays for the $40 I paid for PS+.

  • Fantastic, just hit the No Plus subscription for one year. Grim Fandango has been around 10-15 Bucks, no need to pay Plus to get that one

    • Probably shouldn’t be looking at which “free” games you get for purchasing Plus membership kiddo. Kind of negates the concept of “free” when you’re just looking for the games you’ll get from it.

    • it’s $3.50 on Steam right now

  • Meh… I’ll hold off on re-subscribing

  • Legends of War Patton? Dug pretty far into the scrap heap for that game, eh?

    • i dunno, looks neat for a on- the-go game I’ve never played. i have the majority of the rest purchased already but that’s the way the dice tumble.

    • They really do need to stop giving PSP games and slapping a Vita label to them. It’s pretty insulting. Just because it’s playable on Vita doesn’t mean it’s a Vita game. Personally, I don’t want to see any PSP games taking the Vita spots.

    • How bout Freedom Wars or Dragon Age or Mass Effect, or Grim or Rocket League? Did they dig far into the scrap 4 those? Or no? Wow, 1 bad title out of 6…

      It’s sad how ppl currently think, how they just parrot what one another says. Closed minds and shallow hearts.

      Funny how kids dismiss Grim Fandango (a former game of the yr) as “trash”. It’s also funny how all the newbies out there chime in with their loud voices and judge the igc as if it were ONLY the 2 PS4 games. You realize that all 6 games factor in? Literally the sales alone make up the roughly $3 per month i pay for PS Plus.

      I guess when u have the fastest selling system of all-time u get a wide variety of ppl, casuals and all. Awesome games imo.

    • So yeah, I’m hoping you guys have even bothered to check, but it’s not the PSP game, at least not in the US. EU apparently got the PSP game, but US got the Vita game. So that’s something.
      And seriously, like tyler said, + is cheap. With no discounts, it costs $50 for a year, and if you have all three systems you get 72 games with a bunch of them being cross-buy in case you don’t have all three. That many games, plus discounts on new releases and extra discounts during sales, and multiplayer access… for $50… people who cry over this really need to get their priorities straight.

  • Feels like the last few months PS Plus lineups have been underwhelming to say the least. I’m not that upset due to the burst of good games that came out just before the holiday, with Rainbow SIx: Siege and Star Wars: Battlefront taking up huge portions of my time.

    But I do expect a solid PS Plus lineup at least every few months, and this month didn’t do justice.

    Maybe next month.

    • Have to say I understand that technically we aren’t paying for the games anymore with plus that it is just for access to multiplayer. Though when you are advertising at press events that you “the gamer” are paying for this great library these games lately are weak. Even then the servers that we are paying for now still are broken. In my case I can’t even use my PlayStation credit card anymore unless I purchase games directly from my PS4 because of some address issue.

      I am usually not one to complain/troll, but you guys really need to step up the games if you are going to continue to market that as a selling point. Bring out the exclusives, offer a subscription for just the multiplayer, or offer a discount to other PlayStation services that you offer if you bundle it with PS+ like PS NOW. Heck I am sure there is some business reason to it, but why have only a month for these games keep them free for the year maybe? Anyways it is sad to see a service get worse as time goes on and it is sad that us as consumers have to accept it. I know I should speak with my wallet and just unsubscribe but then I loose the multiplayer. Just some constructive criticisms and I hope everyone has a great New Years!

    • @Jamin: The quality of PS+ is subjective. Personally I’m happy with the move away from big AAA games, because generally speaking, I buy what I want to play. What I miss out on are smaller, digital-only games that I’m not sure about. So PS+’s recent trend of giving away PSN games for free when they launch, and digital titles like Rocket League and Broken Age are perfect for me.
      And they used to keep games on + for months on end, back before the PS4, but it costs too much money cause then they have to license the game for a longer period of time. They announced at the time they made the change that the vast majority of people downloaded the free games within the first couple weeks anyway, so what’s the point of keeping them free longer? It’s just wasted subscription money at that point.

  • Vita’s PS+… lol
    going to end my membership.

  • Man PS3 dominated the plus lineup for the past couple months. Lol almost makes me wonder about + for ps4. Either way 6 games I don’t have, I can’t complain about that. Thanks @playstation

  • Hey! Great lineup in my opinion. Grim Fandago is a classic(too bad i already own it) and hardware rivals was really fun. Cant wait to try some of the ps3 ones too! But hey, why did you stop showing the ps3 and psvita games on the plus videos? I would still like to know what they are since i still own all of those consoles. Otherwise i have to check it out here on the blog! Thanks and hope to see some amazing lineups for 2016! Its going to be a beast year for PlayStation next year.

  • ahhh… i just bought Grim Fandango a couple days ago when it was on sale!

    • Same here. Otherwise everything offered wont even make it into my download list. Seriously if it wasnt for needing it for multiplayer, I wouldnt be a member anymore.

  • Not a single AAA game since launch. :S Come on Sony!

    • Injustice for ps4?

    • injustice was AAA

    • But Injustice was the only AAA game, while on Xbox One There was at least 5 a AAA games. I already have Grim Fandango on Steam :/

    • They gave us Tomb Raider for PS4

    • Since its inception Plus has been better than games with gold. Plus also gives 2 more games per month MANY times 4 or 5 of them playable on PS4 (per month). When u say “No AAA’s in 2 yrs” you are flat wrong as many ppl pointed out…Injustice.

      Also, what do u consider Outlast, infamous 1st Light, Rocket League, Resogun, Strider, Walking Dead season 2, PvZ Garden Warfare, Injustice Ultimate Edition, Driveclub PS Plus Edition, Oddworld New n Tasty, Grim, Broken Age, Gauntlet, Trine 2 Enhanced, Transistor? Are they pathetic indies? Bad games?

      Didn’t we get games like Bioshock Infinite, God of War, Sly Cooper, Yakuza 4, Killzone Mercenary, Freedom Wars, NBA 2K14, Twisted Metal, Dishonored, Mass Effect, SSX, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Battlefield 3 ect on PS3/Vita the past couple yrs? The overall quality of the PS Plus lineup far exceeds that of games w/gold. Not to mention most of the time the games are cross-buy meaning we get more than just 2 PS4 games, usually 3-4 on average.

    • Injustice was horrible. It wasn’t worth the download. All of these little kids that like games just because they think it’s the cool thing to do. Sony gives us games that aren’t selling well, or that they expect to fail. They hope some little kids will like them and tell all of the mindless followers that they know at school and it will create a buzz about the game. People keep asking for Knack, so even though it bombed, they know people want it so they aren’t going to give it to you. They are hoping you will give up and buy it since you obviously want it so much.Unfortunately everything Sony does is geared toward Japanese fans, and the Japanese kids are the biggest followers there are, it’s all about fads in Japan, and unfortunately the kids in the U.S. are becoming just as dumb and mindless and Sony is taking advantage of that.

    • IcUrNVusOfMyDANK, they gave us Tomb Raider for PS3, not PS4. (Maybe you’re thinking of Xbox One.) And iamtylerdurden1, we never got Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

      This is actually the 3rd consecutive month that PlayStation Plus has had 2 AAA retail games. There have been some months where we received no AAA games, like October. But clearly people think it’s time we start receiving AAA games for PS4. Yes, Xbox Live Gold only gives 4 games a month with no cross-buy. Yet I still get jealous because Xbox One is starting to receive AAA retail games like Assassin’s Creed IV, Tomb Raider, Thief, and Rayman Origins.

  • Hey Andy, I know this isn’t related to the Plus games but did the LittleBigPlanet Marvel DLC already get pulled from the store? It was supposed to be available until 12/31 and I can’t find it. I was going to download it tonight but if I can’t, I’ll never be able to 100% the Vita game’s trophy list. Can the DLC be put back up through the end of the year as originally advised? Please let us know!

  • This is HORRIBLE! Why we cant have games like AC 4 or Killzone: Shadow Fall etc. I hope February will be better. :(

  • Grimfandango is a fantastic addition to the lineup. I just wish it wasn’t considered the PS4 title for this month. I will likely only play it on my Vita.

    Also, it’s nice to see Dragon Age and Medal of Honor in the PS3 lineup, but I wish there were more AAA titles that made it to the PS4 lineup too. I have all 3 systems but rarely fire up the PS3 anymore.

    Surely you can start including titles like Evolve and Battlefield Hardline in the mix. These are games starving for a player base and a spot in the PS+ lineup might be just perfect. Subscribers get a recognizable and once sought after title, and these games get new blood: win/win.

  • Another month, another weak line-up. Fortunately sub runs out next month. Waiting to resubscribe this time, last few months of “free” games have been garbage. Games with Gold is blowing PS+ out of the water lately.

  • Kind of a let down if a month. Not one thing in interested in. Oh well, more battlefront I guess.

  • You are insulting us every month with your the PS Plus line-up and PS Now. First off you know the PS Plus line-up games are garbage most of them are already $10 indies. And PS Now is an absolute spit in PS4 owner’s faces, your charging us for games we have already bought physically and digitally. The f’n digital ones should of always be available right from the start. But after Microsoft released an apology note with their backwards compatibility Sony set their doodling on a napkin.

    • Preach brother/sister preach

    • Jamie I agree

    • Lol at you calling 1 of the best games all-time (Grim) “garbage”. Also, funny that you consider Dragon Age Origins and a semi recent AAA (Warfighter) “garbage”. Btw, Nihilumbra is a beautiful game, a quality game. Hardware Rivals is a brand new (non-2D indie) PS4 game and it’s fun as heck.

      Do u realize the hundreds of games in the PS Now library? Do u think most ppl even own 7% of those games? They don’t. PS Now is a service that u can purchase for about $8 per month (1yr sub) and it’s aimed at ppl who’ve never played the games they’re offering. It’s for ppl who never had a PS3 or who don’t own a console or for ppl who want to play hundreds of games instantly with no download/install and no hdd space being used. It’s not a means of backwards compatibility, that is 1 of the last things it’s expected to be. It’s actually quite nice to instantly play a myriad of games with no install, no wait.

      PS Now launched prior to the BC that xbone offers, it has nothing to do with BC. It’s a service, take it or leave it…same with PS Plus. If ur so insulted then refrain from purchasing it. 3-4 bucks/montn for PS Plus lol. Pretty steep huh?

    • @ + iamtylerdurden1 , Is this dude serious?? Calling Grim Fandango one of the greatest games of all time is like calling “From Justin To Kelly” one of greatest movies of all time.

      Let’s talk facts, not subjective opinions..fact number one, this was a lame ass point and click adventure game from 1998 that i played on a barely Pentium pc with windows 95. It was by no means..ONE of the best games of all times…HELLO????? As a matter of fact, and I quote, ” the game was considered a commercial failure and factored into LucasArts’ termination of their adventure game development, contributing to the decline of the adventure game genre.”

      Next time, tyler durden, remember the first rule about Grim Fandango is, you don’t talk about Grim Fandango. Especially when you dont have a clue what the you’re talking about anyway.

    • Lol this guy comparing Grim Fandango to one of the worst movies ever. I see you went to Wikipedia to pick and chose a negative about the game (i.e. Sales aka no impact on actual game whatsoever)

      Well let me quote what is said right above the mention of bad sales:

      The game received universal acclaim from critics, who praised its artistic design and overall game direction in particular. Grim Fandango was selected for several gaming awards at the time of release, and is often listed as one of the greatest video games of all time.

      So yeah, nice try

    • + CMoney11998822, I did get that from wikipedia, THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED A QUOTE!!! Riiight? It was in parenthesis, correct?
      There most certainly is a correlation between something being good and how well something sells. The original ipod didnt sell millions of units because it sucked, and “From Justin to Kelly” didnt win an oscar because it was so good.

      I actually played the game…in 1998 on windows 95 on a pre pentium 750 mhz pc and it was / is a tedious point and click puzzle game. And if that is what you’re into, so be it. I’m not gonna argue whether you like a fish or dont and why you should or shouldnt.
      I’m all about logic, not emotions. As someone who played the game back in the day, it was as i wrote previously, a tiring point and click adventure game..period.

      So, I didnt try…I just did it

    • Now, in the grand scheme of things, I dont honestly care whether this is part of our free game collection, because that’s not my primary purpose for buying ps plus each year. I personally buy it for mostly the game discounts, because truth be known, most of the free games they have given us over the past few years have been garbage. Games i’ve played one time and then never play again, with the exception of a few titles, overall.

      My biggest gripe with plus is the game sales and game discounts and the overall selection of games they choose to put on sale or discount and when and for how much….those are my main gripes. But ya know what..truth be known..the free games collection…
      SUCKS…full stop. So, it is what it is, and i’m voicing, what it is.

      oh, and i didnt just try…cause..oops,..i did it again…boom

    • @hundreddollarsox
      Your comment actually shows that you are talking out of your a$. Grim wasn’t point ‘n’ click adventure. It was played with keyboard.
      So gtfo and stop trolling.
      I personally wouldn’t put it in any GOTY list or one of the best games, but it was fun as hell with excellent humor. I definitely would like to give it one more run after so many years to get me back in the good old days :)
      Hardware Rivals looks like a game with good potential. If it’s well polished it could give us some fun times. It’s not Rocketleague but it can get close.

    • + inSertCoiNoW , the trolls come out at night, the trolls come out at night.
      We’ll do this again for the real slow remedial types like insertbrainnow. Whether you used a keyboard or not doesn’t change the fact that it was and still is a point and click game. This was not super mario bros, this was not Doom, this was not zelda, this was not pitfall, this was not river riad….it was and still is a ridiculous puzzle game. The input device is irrelevant. You’re a dope and may every game you receive from here on out be a point and click puzzle game. But in such a brain dead catatonic state, i’v no idea how you’d play.

    • @ hundreddollarsox, The type of game you are referring to is not called puzzle and its definitely not called point and click. Point and click is a description of the way the game is played, point and click… and what is the device you use to point and click? That’s right Pinky, a mouse.
      Point and click can be any game genre puzzle, strategy, adventure… Grim fandango is ADVENTURE game same as Broken Age we got earlier.
      And guess what… a game that has some puzzle solving in it is not by definition a puzzle game.
      …and I hope we get a good Adventure every now and then because its a great genre. Must admit its not for everybody because it requites some brain activity

    • So Britney Spears and N Sync was one of the greatest artists of the 2000s by your logic, logic that doesn’t hold much ground to be honest. I do not think you are the type of person that uses rational to discuss topics so I will just wish you a safe and happy new years.

  • Hardware Rivals was already released on PS4 and is a free to play game. How are you going to count this as a PS Plus monthly game?

    I think its a really week month, nothing in here stands out. Disappointed.

    Still, I only pay $30 a year for PS Plus as I get my yearly memberships on sale online, so its a decent thing to have overall, I am set til 2017. I would recommend that everybody look up and wait for sales and not pay the $50+ a year normal price.

    Hopefully they will add more good games soon. And as fro F2P games, Smite and many other high class free to play games are on XBOX One already that we do not have yet. I know we will get some of them soon like Smite and Paladins, but I don’t like that we get stuff 2nd already. Step it up sony.

    • Except Hardware Rivals was never released on PS4. We got the beta a few months ago, which is totally different. lol We’re getting the full game for free at launch.

    • PharticusMaximus, where are you able to get PlayStation Plus subscriptions for only $30 a year?

  • would’t be great if we could vote?
    just like 4 months ago? maybe 5 i can’t remember .. .

    • dont you remember when most people voted for Grow Home? Yeah, dont want that to happen again

    • Holy cow, mthodmn101, it’s like you’re living in my brain.

    • To be fair, Grow Home was the best option out of the choices they have us.

    • Nope. Armello.

    • I thought that was going to be the new system. I bet everyone voted for the best AAA title and the developer didnt wanna give their game away for free tho

    • @mthodmn101 the entire options were terrible tbh. but at least you get to choose something you want. only if it it wins ….

    • “+ MalekTheMVP on December 30th, 2015 at 3:23 pm said:
      @mthodmn101 the entire options were terrible tbh. but at least you get to choose something you want. only if it it wins”

      The choice between brown pooh, green pooh, or red pooh is still…POOH!!!!

      Your Jedi mind tricks dont work here, SHEEPLE,….move along

  • Honestly PS + free games have been poo for a long time. PS plus is really only useful for online and the discounts.

    So all in all, another boring month for free games

  • I already own Grim Fandango sadly but the rest of the line-up I’m interested in trying especially Dragon Age Origins. Could be better but still a decent line-up.

  • Sorry to say this is one of the worst offerings I’ve seen and I’ve been a Plus subscriber since day 1.

    Four straight months of PS4 adventure games. Enough is enough guys. Ever heard of variety?

  • Should permanently drop the price of Plus at this rate if all we’re really paying for is to be “allowed” to play multiplayer games online. These games have been disappointing month after month, and I wouldn’t even download them if they were free to spare my HDD space.

  • Compared to the competition, I think PS + is on a downward spiral. I think if they want to continue to give us these types of games, they maybe should add a few PSnow rentals for the month.

    • Please no! I don’t want to have the game rented for a month, I want the game to stay freezed on my library until I have the time to play it which is probably never.

    • Dont compare them to the competition….God Forbid, ya do that. Sony seems to think it has a monopoly going on, so they dont have to worry about the competition. They act like there is none. This is SAD…really, really, SAD!

  • Nihilumbra and Harware Rivals seems ok. Wish it was better though. I’ve heard Grim Fandango was a good game but its really old and i dont want to play old games on my PS4. Maybe next month.

  • I’m pretty done with Nihilumbra, Grim Fandango and Dragon Age. So this was not a bad month from my perspective :D

  • There are two versions of Legend of War. One is for PSP and the other is an update for Vita. The Vita version is titled History – Legends of War: Patton. Why are we getting the PSP version?



  • WOW, what a waste of time and money its PS+, i dont even like play online. Sony dont be too confident.

    • exactly…my friend…with garbage like this moving into 2016…they shouldnt be too cocky, indeed. We need to get on twitter and spread the word about this 2016 stinking pile of pooh

  • Wow that vita selection……….

    • Do u own a Vita? Do u generic123? How did u like the last few months on Vita? Freedom Wars (AAA) and an excellent game in Rocket Birds. La Mulana Ex and Geometry Wars 3, Castlestorm + dlc, Teslagrad, Bastion, STFU, Xeodrifter ect.. Vita has been awesome lately, so what we got 2 dud psp games but we also got a dozen quality games as well. Facts.

  • Patton has a Vita-native port and you’re giving us the PSP version? Unreal.

  • Really poor choice for a lineup. Think I will be dropping PS+ as there hasn’t been a great title in the last year.

  • I let PS+ lapse. This was a good call. Sony could do much better with PS+.

  • I remember when PS+ used to offer good free games. Now that PS4 requires PS+ for multiplayer, they have no incentive to offer good games. The past few months have been miserable, and it looks like 2016 is starting off exactly the same.

    • Right I noticed ever since plus was forced on ps4 the games really went downhill. Really wish the year sub would drop to 20 bucks in this situation.

  • Not happy again with this month’s offerings

    Mevaluate of honor is an okay game

    Dragon age for me would be too overwhelming

    Grim fandango looks decent

    Not really sold on hardware rivals

    Any news when we will be getting better games for our 50 per year fee for plus?

  • That’s 4 straight months with a point and click/adventure game. Can you PLEASE find a new genre to give us?

    • Yep ppl just hate that Walking Dead don’t they? I guess The Walking Dead Season 2 was a bad one? And Broken Age was soo hated that it earned millions in Kickstarter $. Tell Tale and Double Fine are shutting their doors soon bc ppl won’t buy their darned point n clicks lol.

      Weird that Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle are being remade…and how bout that Minecraft Story Mode, Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, TWD 3, Life is Strange, Machinarium ect. Adventure games seem to be BOOMING…imagine that?

  • I honestly excited to play Grim Fandango and to Play Hardware rivals because i’m assuming that it is the full game launch. I excited thanks SONY :)

  • What’s with these ancient ps3 games? Id much prefer a smaller and newer cross buy title than these games I can go get at GameStop for 1.99.

  • Besides Grim Fandango and DA:O The rest of this is total ****. It is the dollar basket at walmart games… wha

  • So glad I have the games I got for X-mas to play throughout January until SFV arrives. I wouldn’t want to announce this lineup either.

  • A lot of harsh criticism, but I think Hardware Rivals has Rocket League potential. Vehicular combat that the PS Plus community all get at the same time? It’s an unknown game, but the video clips look promising…

  • The free games on ps plus are just a bonus I mean if they gave away AAA titles all the time then they would be paying us basically instead of making money. I’m pretty sure the whole idea of a business is to make money giving away games people may or may not still buy loses money. Granted they could give away games like evolve which was ehhh I don’t think it was worth the $60 I paid but oh well. Also the people saying xbox’s games with gold is better that’s because they are trying to make up ground with the PlayStation if they were even close to them they wouldn’t be giving out such good games. They are what 20 million consoles behind PlayStation, they kind of need to give stuff away since no one wants their crappy console. I remember when all Xbox did was charge for online play and PlayStation took it a step further and gave us free games a month essentially for free and cheaper then Xbox charges. So I don’t see a problem getting a free bonus game or two a month even if it isn’t the best line up but I’m sure as they continue expanding their library they will eventually give us better games.

    • these games are not a bonus. you are paying for them. And with xbox offerings, their 360 games also work on xbox one… I guess Sony could offer free streaming of the free ps3 IGC titles, but they won’t do that.. if they did, i guess that would be a ” bonus”

    • Definitely not a bonus when Plus wasn’t selling at all until they announced the Instant Game Collection for PS3 at that one E3 conference. I was only paying for them basically, but not we’ve had our choice taken away with the online play requirement… :/

    • It’s not a Bonus, you’re paying for them. Xbox Gold has been giving better games, even AAA games while PS+ is giving these trash games (Grim Fandango is good though but already have it on Steam)

    • That’s an adorable take on how the IGC started. It wasn’t out of the good of Sony’s heart, it was because they got hacked. And PS+ was an incredible service during its PS3 run. It regularly gave away not just AAA games, but games that people wanted to play. Then Xbox added Games with Gold, and their lineup was pathetic and served only to make PS+ look better. But then Microsoft dropped the ball with the Xbox One, Sony took a huge lead, and they got cocky. Since the middle of this year, Sony’s been content to coast, confident that the huge lead they’ve earned will always be there. The scariest thing is they’re probably right.

      Sony’s got a hardware advantage, which fortunately for them, they’re unlikely to lose, but in every other aspect, they’re quickly losing ground to the Xbox. Live is still more stable, GWG is objectively better, and they’ve added backwards compatibility. In the same time, Sony has introduced PS2 games that we have to buy again.

    • This is the correct opinion. Because facts.

      If your opinion is based on warped reality and toddler logic, its wrong. Sorry. It IS a bonus if you own PS4. There is no Instant Game Collection anymore. Period. Get over it. Go play Halo or something. Just please SHUT UP!

  • Honestly at this point since you’re forcing us to pay for online you should offer a lower priced tier that includes online play and online storage only.

    I’d rather not be paying for all these games I’m not interested in but I still want to be able to play online.

  • Wow… I’m disappointed, especially comparing to last January. I’ve purchased Grim Fandango Remastered and I was already underwhelmed by it. It feels like you are playing a computer game from 1995, which doesn’t work nowadays.
    And Hardware Rivals was ALREADY free. Add that to the fact that last month, giving us one chapter of Kings Quest was a joke. Plus, this keeps happening to me, I buy the game on sale and the next month it is available for free. Happened this year with Never Alone, Unfinished Swan, Broken Age, Gauntlet and Grim Fandango. My new year resolution is to hold off until I’m ready to play a game to actually purchase it and not fall for the sales.

  • I’m eager to play many of these games, so this list works for me, but I can understand why others might be disappointed.

    Here’s some ideas for existing games I think folks would be happy to see hit PS+ in future months:

    Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
    The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    Infamous: Second Son
    Octodad: Dadliest Catch
    Shovel Knight
    Zombie Vikings
    LittleBigPlanet 3
    Fat Princess Adventures (later in the year)

    And every single one of these games is being sold for less than $20 today. Might be even less by the time they hit Plus.
    If you intersperse these in with new debut releases, I think you’ll have a winning combination :-)

    • All the games you listed are crap.

    • Lol, they say you’re anti gamer? Wow. Those are all great titles. These people, like most people online are toxic lowlifes. I’m really considering swearing off message boards of all kinds. These idiots whine and whine and complain.

  • Truly shocking that we haven’t seen any PS4 launch titles like Killzone or Knack as w/ PS+. Are people really even buying those anyway?

    BUT from a business perspective, why should Sony sweeten the deal if you’re already bought into their ecosystem and will pay for PS+ regardless. Pro-Insight: They aren’t trying to win us over anymore, folks.

  • I remember when January use to be the best month for plus because they would hook us up with big AAA titles for the people who just got their ps4 over the holidays… Way to welcome them in Sony! Lol

  • Medal of Honor Warfighter was one of the best game i ever played, that game was crazy game tattics and real bin laden compound map and story dev by navy seals that have been kill bin laden multiplayer and dynamics dev by battlefield team, very solid line up for who owns Ps3 and Ps4 like me

  • Bought a Plus subscription card a few months ago when it was on sale for $40. Wish I could get my $40 back at this point. You guys really need to step up the PS4 titles. I have switched to about 60% Xbox One, 39% Wii U, and 1% PS4 playing since August. PS4 has been really weak lately and the exclusives have not been worth it at all unless you’re a huge fan of indie games. At this point I’m just glad I won my PS4 at launch instead of having to pay for it. Here’s hoping 2016 brings a better game selection!

    • Should giveaway your PS4. Some people are more thankful for winning stuff. Sounds like a Xbox fan won a PS4 and holding the PS4 for ransom.

    • I just bought an Xbox One on sale mostly for backwards compatibility and Gears. I own PSP, Vita, PSTV, PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4. Screw Sony for forcing PS+ and no backwards compatibility. I am a huge Playstation fan and getting sick and tired of Sony raping their fans.

    • Yes, I am a fan of the Xbox, it’s a high quality console. So is the PS4. You can’t say PS4 didn’t have a rough year for games. Even the higher ups said so. PS3 was the first Sony console I ever owned, but I also had a PSP and 2 Vitas. PS4 was actually my number one choice of consoles when this generation started. I had pre-ordered and paid off the console in full before it even came out and thought that it would be a terrible idea for anyone to get an Xbox after the whole E3 debacle. The lack of non-indie games made me decide to get an Xbox One because the console had been out for a year and a half and had a great back-catalog of games to play and Microsoft had corrected a lot of its missteps. I hoped that when I was done with that catalog, I could hop on over the some PS4 exclusives I’ve been dying for like The Witness, Uncharted 4, or No Man’s Sky. Unfortunately, all of those have been delayed. Believe me, I’m a fan of PS4, but Sony needs to get better with keeping their release dates. PS4 is a great piece of hardware and I am glad I have it, just during this slump I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it and I’m glad I have an Xbox One and Wii U.

  • PS plus on PS4 seems really awful compared to what it was like on PS3, felt like you got good games then, now hardly even play the Plus games, wouldn’t pay for Plus if wasn’t required for multiplayer and certain games, but forced to by Sony..they got a lock on it and you can’t really choose not to have it without sacrificing half the games..shouldn’t be like that..

    • It was a free games service on PS3. It’s an online gaming service on PS4. Hope that clears it up for ya.

    • Keep in mind that when PS+ first debuted on PS3, it already had a big catalog of games for the PS+ games to be chosen from. Even considering that the PS4 has been out for a while, there still aren’t that many games they can choose from since games are taking longer and longer to make and release slower; that’s not even mentioning that a grip of games were delayed into 2016. Unlike a game like Rocket League, which made up the lack of sales by doubling-down on the DLC plan, games like Fallout 4 would leave the developer burned by releasing on PS+ or even being on PS+ soon after because it takes so long to make those paid pieces of content. You don’t seriously want to promote developing DLC before the game is complete, do you? Keep in mind that the vast majority of the revenue from a game comes from the game’s release.

  • another psp game? Should’ve had grim fandango as a vita title instead of just giving us filler.

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