PlayStation Messages App Coming to iOS and Android Devices Today

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PlayStation Messages App Coming to iOS and Android Devices Today

Connecting with friends on PlayStation Network is about to get even easier with the PlayStation Messages app for iOS and Android devices, available now. This app gives you a dedicated interface to quickly send messages to people on your friends list, right from your phone. Want to check if your friends are ready for a round of Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops III? The Messages app gives you an easy way to gather the team.

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We know that Messages is the most used feature of the PlayStation App, so we created the standalone PlayStation Messages app with a more streamlined design in order to get you into your Messages and communicating with your friends faster than ever before.

The app will display your full friends list, sorted by online status or alphabetically. It will also show any Favorite Groups you’ve added to message several people at once. You can send text or voice messages, as well as stickers and attachments.

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Making PS4 a socially connected experience has always been one of our core goals, and we think this app will help enhance that connectivity even further. Download the app and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • Like many, I feel it’s a bit weird to have the functions split across both apps. THATS SAID, admittedly, the interface and functionality of the PS Messages app is SIGNIFICANTLY better than the core PS App, and is preferred. Good job there guys!

    Ultimately one day I’d love to see the PS App as a whole be fully revamped as the messages app is, and combine everything into the one PS App again.

    At least the app team did a good job of streamlining access between the 2 apps. Kudos!

  • I doubt I’ll get an official response since I’m on page 2, but I think it’d be nice to be able to see message headers that are created on the ps3. It’s the one complaint I have about the app. It also wan’t possible in the previous app.

  • I think its a stupid move as well. The messages section on the PS app do the job for what it supposed to do just fine. There is no need to have another app for the same system. If you realy want to chat so badly on a console, then exchanges your cell numbers, or go to facebook messenger, Skype, geez…

  • I hated it when the Facebook app ripped messaging out for its own app and I hate it for this, too. Why should I need two apps for something that the original app did just fine on its own?

  • I think this is an awesome app I like to set up and I like the way they showed the profiles of everybody but I do think you guys can do a lot more with this app like set u this app like make it to where people can talk to each other and see Chaleur on on my cam texan somebody on this app is the tip of the ice it’s when you can see your friends face to face on your phone or on your PlayStation from your phone I’ll that is pretty awesome if you could do that maybe you guys can update this app to do this also in the future

  • Good idea and all but one problem my ps4 friends refused to continue using ps app mesaging due they hated being in group messages from thier friends and they leave right away, therefor they wont download this new messaging app, and they also unchecked messages alerts on thier ps4 and it will stay that way they said.

  • So why none of my friends show up as online and they have an “+Friend” icon on their names? Is this gonna be fixed or adding people twice is gong to be a thing now?

    I personally like the new app, it seems to be a native app instead of the current “embedded browser” main app and the annoying “we’ll refresh the message window aka CLEAR IT OUT while you’re typing a messy and your friend just sent you one before so now you have to retype twice or thrice”

    • Ok false alert now my contacts show up properly. Guess it was the app caching things.
      By the way I assume the PS3 people sending messages entirely on the subject will still show up as an empty message?

  • They should leave the messenger part of the ps app on. It really sucks floating between two apps. If they want to create a separate messager app for people that only message that’s fine, but leave the one in the ps app alone!

  • Developers please release it on Amazon App Store too
    we are Blackberry 10 users and cannot use your apps because it’s require google services :(
    please please
    this is what i’ve always wanted :(

    • You are apart of an incredibly small user base, so that is highly unlikely.

      According the Blackberry 10’s website, you can download Blackberry 10 apps as well as Android apps. You might want to look into that.

  • I understand that making them two apps will allow for a better experience, but if you’re gonna make a messaging app, can it please get the ability to join parties on the app so you can talk to your friends in parties as well as message them.

  • Oh boy… Playstation doing the same thing as Facebook with their mobile app. Luckily I trust PlayStation way more. I can’t understand, if its a convenience issue as stated here then why not leave users the option of still being able to message on the PS app if thats convenient for them? Why force use of this messenger app? Thats why people get suspicious. I thought maybe it was a server issue, and this would allow dedicated servers for messaging as to not slow down the base app. In that case there should also be a separate app for the PS Store, and for goodness sake, when will we be able to access the Communities section on the app? Cuz i’d much rather type on my phone than PS4, plus picture posting on the PS4 is very limiting and cumbersome.


  • I can’t believe for a second that anyone actually cares about the social media aspect of PSN.
    Seriously, who cares!
    Work on fixing PSN’s online stability and the store – things are rickety enough without you adding more useless junk to it!
    Not to mention, see what you can do about you and other devs releasing unfinished games.
    What you’re doing is ignoring real problems while touting useless chachkies .

  • Whomever had the idea that separating the apps was a good idea, was wrong. No user wants to have two separate apps for a common purpose, and even though you removed the messaging section from the core app that does not solve anything. All you had to do is keep the core app clean a reliable. Most users look for an universal app where they can perform all the tasks without a hassle.

  • Wish they would have an app for the computer, like a way to do it through the website account, or a messaging app you could install for Mac OSx or even Windows…. I’m on my computer all day at work, and usually have my laptop out at home while gaming as well. It’d be a hell of a lot better if I could type with my keyboard instead of keep having to hunt for my phone and type with one finger at a time.

  • For what??? is already on the PS app and if you have real friends you just going to text/call them or through FB. Sony stop wasting resources on dumb **** like this. use it for games or hardware im pretty sure it takes money to maintain a useless app like this one

  • Please stop forcing me to use two apps! At least return the messaging to the original app so that people have a choice. I want everything in one place. It’s really not functional to have to switch between apps. Thanks.

  • Perfect, this is great for talking to friends who are always on msn and never on phones

  • I was perfectly fine sending messages through the PlayStation app. Now Sony is telling me I need to have a 2nd app to send messages? No thanks. This reminds me of Facebook with their 2nd app. I’ll just use the PS4 itself to send messages.

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