PlayStation Messages App Coming to iOS and Android Devices Today

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PlayStation Messages App Coming to iOS and Android Devices Today

Connecting with friends on PlayStation Network is about to get even easier with the PlayStation Messages app for iOS and Android devices, available now. This app gives you a dedicated interface to quickly send messages to people on your friends list, right from your phone. Want to check if your friends are ready for a round of Zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops III? The Messages app gives you an easy way to gather the team.

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We know that Messages is the most used feature of the PlayStation App, so we created the standalone PlayStation Messages app with a more streamlined design in order to get you into your Messages and communicating with your friends faster than ever before.

The app will display your full friends list, sorted by online status or alphabetically. It will also show any Favorite Groups you’ve added to message several people at once. You can send text or voice messages, as well as stickers and attachments.

PlayStation Messages (iOS) 04PlayStation Messages (Android) 03

Making PS4 a socially connected experience has always been one of our core goals, and we think this app will help enhance that connectivity even further. Download the app and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  • This is TOTALLY what we’ve been asking for…

    • And the development of this app by a mobile application development team TOTALLY took away from the resources needed to make “what we’ve been asking for…”, whatever that means.


    • Heck yeah it is! This is great news!

    • Who’s “We”? Don’t lump me in with your Negative Nancy self

    • Yeah seriously, who’s we? I’ve been able to message my friends on my galaxy for some time now with the PSN app. why does this need to exist?

    • Eh why even bother? I’m appalled at how little Sony/Playstation actually takes the time to listen to feedback from customers. I agree that you should’ve just taken extra time to integrate the new messaging app features into the existing PS app. Actually I agree that the PS app just needs to be updated/streamlined/overhauled. Playstation is the top dog in the console market but that’s all Sony really has going for them. PS Vita/TV has been tanking since their release. Nobody’s really buying Vaio or Walkman anymore either. Much less Ericsson and Xperia. You 86ed Playstation mobile a while ago and the Vita has become a lackluster effort. It’s a real shame that you don’t spend much time protecting your namesake these days. Idk guys, step up your A Game.

  • Why is there no direct link in this blog post? But this is awesome, resourcing since typing in a phone is significantly easier than typing on the ds4

  • will vita get the update or not to the message app?

  • I don’t see it in the iOS App Store.

  • OK, off to the store to buy an android phone…

  • Finally. the other app is atrocious with messaging.

  • This is really cool!
    Any chance to see Communities integrated in one of the apps?

  • Why Sony only supports U.S.?

  • Niice, I’ll use it a lot more now. It would be nice to have a PSN Store app too. The Web page works on mobile but it’s not as nice as a dedicated app. I’ll check it out right now.

  • Separating the Messaging portion of the PlayStation App to make it it’s own thing is really stupid.

    • I don’t use the rest of the app, I always found it stupid to be inside another app that I did not use.

    • Is it though? The Playstation App is good for Second screen features, checking your playstation notifications, checking trophies, and/or using the PS Store.

      The messages section is bulky and takes too long to update when getting a message, having a separate App for it with much better performance will help tremendously

    • I’m with you completely.
      Just another app to take up my home screen.

    • -Thuginomix I get signed out of the Playstation app every once in a while and have issues connecting every once in a while.

      If this messages app will fix that it will make keeping in contact with PSN friends while out and about SOooo much easier.

      -Komentra You don’t have to download it, you don’t have to use it, don’t you have folders or something on IOS yet? If you’re complaining about it taking up room on your homescreen on android, then you need to learn how to use your phone.

  • Apparently it makes more sense to release ANOTHER messaging mobile app to the world than to port the PlayStation app for Windows devices. Couldn’t you at least open up the API so talented developers can make a decent app for us Windows fans? (Yes, we exist.)

  • Is it only for US and oficially supported regions? It’s 2015 — people play PS worldwide, guys.

  • No windows phone version? come on sony

    • You guys are 2.6% of the phone market. How can you expect them to spend 33% of their time working on a windows phone app when you’re actually less than 10% representative of the time?

      If you had a blackberry would you expect a blackberry app?

  • A download links would be handy in the original post

  • I could really use an application like this for OS X. I’m on my computer more than my phone.

  • No windows 10 app? I am beginning to see a trend here and I wonder how successful your remote play app for PC is going to be if it only comes out for Mac and Linux. Many many many… PlayStation customers are currently using Windows. Any particular reason to neglect them apart from being users of a Microsoft OS?

  • I honestly can’t believe a PlayStation app has Material Design, it’s great. Huge props to the Devs that made this (: Now just add VOIP in there and also release a desktop application and then I could finally ditch Hangouts.

  • So I have to use two apps for what one app previously done?
    I do not understand.

    • I didn’t see them saying they’re removing the Messages area from the PS app. This is simply an additional application. Use at your own discretion. Or don’t. Simple.

    • Yeah, they’ve actually disabled messaging in the main PlayStation app, so now you have to download a second app to send messages.

    • Hi @blindmango from psnprofiles!

    • What’s up opikal! =D

    • Me either!!! To everyone saying “just don’t use it & use the regular app” No, this does not work! It will not allow us to use regular messaging app anymore. Plus, my main argument is, the only friends that will show up is the ones you are currently talking with. So if you wanna talk with another friend, you have to go back to other app and select them to message & then go over to new app for actual messaging. This takes extra time- too mNy steps to get started is the huge downfall…
      Fix that & it wouldn’t be so bad..

  • Why was the option to disable vibrate alerts eliminated with this new app? @_@

  • If you could break out all functionality into individual apps that would be great. Why have just one app that does everything when I can have 23 that all need to be signed into and launched separately?

  • I appreciate the app devs over at PlayStation making a really nice application for messaging, the current main PlayStation app feels so dated as if it were created in 2009, so this feels like a great improvement. That being said, I’m unsure why there now needs to be a completely separate app to use a function that I could do previously in the PS App – the PlayStation mobile experience now feels even more “all over the place” than it already was, selecting many things in this app now shoots me back and forth through both of the apps like a theme park ride.

    In all honesty, the main PlayStation app needs a complete visual and technical overhaul, how the messaging app is a great start but trophies, profile, store purchasing, livestreaming, and so on need to be added to that with the same visual cleanness and flow along with the nice technical functionality.

    In other words I’d like to see everything back in one single app at some point in the future, all with the quality of the PS Messages app, but all together in one app.

  • okay this is good news, thanks SONY, but i’m mostly waiting 4 Remote Play for PC ! thanks before <3

  • Uh-uh. NO.

    Not unless you add in a DARK background option (like in the main PSN app).

    I don’t like being BLINDED by bright white backgrounds when I’m trying to use an app at night or in the early morning.

    Being able to message from an app is super-convenient, but I guess I’ll have to go back to using my consoles (which is super-INconvenient) for that until you make a DARK theme available.

  • FOLDERS should be the number 1 priority. The Library section is a complete mess.

  • Does the app have Friend Online/Offline Notifications ;)

    – couldn’t resist.

  • This is going the wrong way. It should just be one app. I don’t want multiple apps from the same service cluttering up my phone.

  • This new app is way better for messaging so I am loving it, However certain things can only be done in the Playstation App…. This is a bit ridiculous messing around with two different apps!!!!

  • This really needs to have a Community feature as well. I communicate with Communities just as much if not more than I do with individuals.

  • Works great although I didn’t want another seperate app am just glad that annoying default notification sound is gone and I can leave group messages without logging in to the ps4

  • Why was this not integrated in the regular PlayStation App? No thanks.

  • I hardly ever comment on these things, but as a Windows Phone user, we could use more attention by bigger companies for app development. Windows Phone Apps are extremely stable compared to others are are much easier to reconfigure and support. Please bring development of this to the Windows Phone.

  • Bring this and the PS App to WINDOWS PHONE!!! Why are you not showing us any love?

  • Fantastic. Yet another pointless messaging app.

  • Please Sony, bring the option to remote play my PS4 on my iPad……

  • Those who hate that ugly white back ground there is a way to make it black

    If your jailbroken on a iPhone download a tweak called eclipse.

  • Lots of people send short messages in the message subject alone. We need to be able to see that.

  • I liked the idea of this since the PS app is slow, but the messages app is worse, as there is still no rotation to view messages in landscape, and I can’t zoom in on screenshots in messages like i can in the regular PS app.
    It was a good idea, in theory, but executed poorly. I immediately uninstalled the new “Messages” app.

    • LOL, Don’t tell me you’re actually surprised by that.

      That’s 100% Sony: “a good idea, in theory, but executed poorly”.


  • I don’t understand why this had to be split into a separate app. Yes, the messaging in the old app sucked, but you could have just fixed it rather than waste your time developing a second app that nobody wanted.

    Here’s an idea: Maybe look at the features people are actually asking for and work on those instead. It always amazes me that these ideas are treated with such a low priority. Most developers would love to have the type of feedback you get, yet you routinely ignore it, just like you’ll ignore the feedback here.

  • how about making the main playstation app a good messenger so we don’t need multiple apps flooding our app list?

  • great, now I got 2 PS apps on my phone.

  • Great move Sony, but what if I have both PS and the Messenging apps installed? Will I get double notifications?

  • Wait what? You’re telling me after 2 years of complaints about how the app hardly works, you’re going to go ahead an introduce a separate app just for chatting? Oh Sony, wtf happened to you? You do know that re-releasing things isnt the only way to stay in business right?

  • Who the hell is Gina and Naomi and why aren’t they on my friend’s list. But seriously this is cool just didn’t think I needed 2 apps to send messages maybe I’ll be able to send and receive quicker on my phone. Wish this also linked to the playstation forums

  • Agree with people asking for Windows Phone Playstation App…
    Come on devs, do it please!
    We know Xbox is a Microsoft product but it doesn’t mean its phone can’t have an official Playstation app.
    Do it! For us, the players.

  • And yet we still don’t get a SoundCloud streaming app…

  • This is really inconvenient, just keep it all in one app. If the old app still works for messaging then never mind, but the latest update for the old app told me that I have to start using the new one if I want to continue using messages.

    • …… um, it’s not really inconvenient. Do you use mobile apps at all, this kind of thing has been a standard since Facebook started parsing large apps into sub apps. Frankly, it makes the code base clearer and the app far better.

  • Okay but,

    Don’t forget to get online tonight guys

  • Thank god, finally.. you’ve listened!

  • When will the Playstation iOS app get updated with iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus optimization? It doesn’t look good since my iPhone 6S Plus has to enlarge the app to fit my entire screen. The PS Messages app, however, looks really good.

  • Why isnt this just part of the normal PS app?

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