PS Plus: Free Games for December, 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for December, 2015

Attention, PlayStation Plus members! We have another set of great PS4 games for you to enjoy, just in time for the holidays. Whether you prefer a good ol’ fashioned romp through a dungeon, or maybe a light-hearted story of adventure, we’ve got you covered with two reimaginings of classic gaming goodness.

Up first is Gauntlet: Slayer Edition on PS4. Plunge into the dungeons on your own or with friends in this action-packed RPG. Face monstrous hordes of enemies, prowl crumbling catacombs for gold, and unearth incredible weapons. All in the name of fame and fortune!

PS Plus: Free Games for December, 2015

Also on offering is the critically-acclaimed first chapter in the new King’s Quest series, titled A Knight to Remember. Journey through the memories of King Graham as he recounts his adventures to become a knight of Daventry.

For the full list, head below. These games are free starting on the first Tuesday of December. Happy holidays!

Full Lineup:

  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, PS3
  • Freedom Wars, PS Vita
  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, PS4
  • King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember, PS4
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, PS Vita
  • SSX, PS3

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • Honestly I don’t feel PS Plus is worth it for me anymore. I hardly play online anymore so I used it as a way to play some good titles I missed out on. Had my hopes that like last year this month we would at least see 1 AAA title. I don’t even care at this point which one, it’s also the simple matter of fact that AAA titles come to PS4 on Plus.

    If even the Holiday season month gives us a very meh game and a demo for another I can say it’s not worth it for me anymore.

    Good fun to those who enjoy this stuff though, I’m ending my subscription though.

    • Ps plus happens to include games, it’s never been a free games service. Sorry your 80-90 cents a week isn’t raking in the AAA games :/ jeez.

    • Lots of people would end there sub if they didnt have online only games for example the new need for speed which is online only. Its getting frustrating to see throw away games being given which nobody will download to begin with.

  • Generally this month is supposed to entice people to renew their sub. Pretty much everyone with a vita has at least played freedom wars.

    • I’m not sure why you’d think pretty much everyone with a vita played freedom wars. The game hasn’t performed well enough to even assume that’s a possibility.

    • *has a Vita and has not played Freedom Wars*

      I missed out of the $5 flash deal :(

  • just saying, the quality of titles hasn’t really been stellar. It’s like “what games are making the least money?”

  • I already own Freedom Wars. Not interested in those 2 PS4 titles or rocket birds. Not a Far Cry person personally. So just SSX for me. But you know what, I love SSX games, I loved Tricky, 3 and Ontour though Tricky was the best. I’ve been meaning to play this one but never got around to it so perfect. PS3 is getting turned on next week!

  • For those upset about Kings Quest Chapter 1. I just bought the whole season pass on the other system for the Black Friday Sale and played Chapter 1 (the only available chapter so far) over the weekend. It was a lot of fun, and really stands on its own. I only did one play through, and it lasted me over 5 hours of playing. I thought it was very well done and was a very good homage to the old point and click adventures, far more than the tell-tale games. It won’t take too long, but if you like this kind of game, you will get enjoyment out of it.

    I am happy to be getting Gauntlet and Freedom Wars. I don’t know anything about Rocket Birds, but I’ll take a look. I don’t have a PS3, but already played SS and Far Cry on a different system, anyways.

  • Yawn!!!

  • And that`s the reason that I`m paying Live but not paying plus anymore.

  • Tsk Tsk Sony… Only offering the 1st chapter of King’s Quest will give you some sales but also some heat. In the long run… Not worth it. I thought PS plus was supposed to give you 2 FULL games for the PS4 each month. Would not the 1st chapter be considered a demo? Not cool Sony. Not cool.

  • LMAO, You give us one episode out of a 5 episode game and a bunch of other mostly indie garbage.

    Joke confirmed. thanks for another pathetic month sony.

    • I know I cant believe just 1 episode of 5 most likely I would not even download it since I am not gonna pay for another 4 episodes. Just a trick to get us into buying a game that we had no plan of doing.

  • To be completely honest, I’m a little disappointed with the PS4 line-up. I was really hoping for ACIV: Black Flag.

  • Well ladies and gentlemen….the greatest PS Vita game is now free…Freedom Wars is one of the best games you will experience on PS VITA. Just remember that

  • Gauntlet and FarCry 3 look good. But what’s with the 1 chapter Demo for King’s Quest? Is this new low going to be the norm got PS+ going forward?
    Also why do you only show the PS4 games in your preview? Are you ashamed of the other offerings or is it pure laziness?

  • I don’t play them anyway can’t remember the last PS Plus game I played. I buy my own games. I do however add them to my library just in case I ever run out of things to play which is never.

  • I dont know about anyone else but myself I am not happy with the whole plus lineup first its mandatory to have it for PS4 to play online so I am sure lots of people who got a PS4 subbed to play online. With more people the games should get better not worse all these games in my eyes are not that great the best to me would be blood dragon but still that isn’t something that I would of expected to be a free game.

    It would be nice to let us choose the games from a list of games not given random guys that most of us would never download to begin with. Looks like another month where I will be not downloading anything. I think this is 3 months running now.

  • Was expecting really big things from Sony this month. Very disappointed in a company i hold close to my heart!!! Xbox Gold with 360 reverse compatibility providing 4 legit games for their next gen hardware is now the greater value every month. The crossbuy games dont even compare.

    This was a big holiday month and I think this list will hurt Playstation. The value obviously weighted towards Xbox Gold in terms of new console purchases this holiday season.

  • My god….ps4 user’s had a difficult year….few good games…. :(

  • Pretty satisfied

  • Really sad that SSX is not downloadable for PS4, only PS3 , same with Far Cry 3 :(

  • I don’t know…
    Compare to Last year’s December line-up this is trash.
    I was thinking of more good quality games since it’s X-Mas you know?
    But nope…
    I have to say…
    I’m a little disappointed (v___v)

    Could you guys add something later like you did with Resident Evil Revelations 2 ?

  • Ahh man. Finally a wider audience will be able to see the awesomeness that Freedom Wars is. I hope this means more people online too and possibly a sequel that will come due to the attention.

  • UGHHH!! This is the third time it happens!! I just bought Gauntlet last month! UGGGGH!!!!

    Calm down, calm down…

    The other titles are not bad either… I’m interested in trying the other Kings Quest, Freedom Wars and even the chicken game.

    • Makes the upcoming Black Friday sales (online and in store) seem a bit like Russian Roulette, doesn’t it? Which game is more likely to end up on Plus in January or February…which one will I enjoy even if it shows up free later…?

  • Disappointing… again. Blood Dragon is the only game on this list I’ve even heard of and I already own it because it came out two years ago.

  • This is a FANTASTIC lineup for those of us who own all of Sony’s systems and still great for those who only own a PS4, PS3, or a Vita. Thanks Sony! Hype to finally try some of these that I did not have the $ for earlier.

  • I don’t really get this indie mania while the concurrent console gets some AAA titles like Dirt3 with backward compatibility we just get these “awesome” free games for hilarious ps+ price. I really thinking of selling the ps and get a real console with great support and benefits for a lower price and lower specs hahaha :) this really isn’t fair. Great way to lose more fans Sony.

  • Wasn’t Farc cry 3: Blood Dragon already given on PLUS years ago?! I remember I had it and even Download it..

  • After being spoiled with full seasons of past Telltale games being free on Plus, it has come down to the point where only 1 episode of King’s Quest is being given away? You guys are killing the competition with PS4 sales, shouldn’t you continue to be generous with Plus selections , and not limit the offerings on PS Plus?

  • Vaya, así si vale tener un Vita para navidad.

  • Sony, when are you going to see that the free PS + lineups you’re giving us are complete crap month after month? Do you even read the comments? You used to give us awesome games, but its been nothing but crappy indie titles for the longest time. Gauntlet is interesting, but far from awesome.

    I feel like I’ve been robbed when I think about the money I gave you for the ps + membership this past year. Charging for online play is a joke as well… I’ll really be thinking about resubbing or not in December. I feel like you’ve let me down big time Sony.

    • “Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.”

      That is the worst think. They are taunting us. It’s like they are asking what we want so they can intentionally not give it to us.

  • WtC again Playstation? 2 indie games for ps4 and one of them even not full? like WT****. Its Christmas and New Year for *** ****. OMFG just was starting to get excited and BOOM everything is downgraded again. Just stop! Would you? plz

    • The King’s Quest series is anything but ‘indie’. Roberta Williams is single-handedly responsible for the entire point-and-click era of early PC gaming. The King’s Quest series was one of the most ground-breaking gaming franchises in the history of gaming.

      Normally I would agree with anyone complaining that the IGC was basically a dumping ground for indie shovelware. But not when King’s Quest gets lumped in with the rest of the 99-cent Android ports we get in the IGC.

  • I am not sure what to think of thee months games. rented freedom wars before from gamefly. have gauntlet on pc from steam and I gave up on it because it was too hard. I have been curious about kings quest but have never played it before. I am not a fan of ssx because I hate sports game but will get it because it is free. why couldn’t shadow warriors be given out for free there is no reason for it not to be given out for free. game selection is not great but better than lasts months ps plus selection.

  • Seriously….. Even Microsoft….. Satan of the gaming industry is giving out extra goodies for december… Disappointment every month it seems

  • Great job this month. Revisiting SSX will be nice. I was just thinking about it the other day.

    and back to dragon age inquisition which i bought for $25 and still enjoying. Better than CRAPPY service!

  • Can someone tell me why they keep half-assing the lineup videos? Like how hard is it to include all the games in it?

    • Totally agree. I don’t like how they almost pretend the PS3 & Vita games don’t exist. At least show a still image of the logo or cover art or SOMETHING. They should also be shown in the thumbnail image for this blog post!

  • The Kings Quest offer was so off putting I’ve actually decided to not renew my Plus subscription next month. Such a low move, I’m flabbergasted. I’ve been a Plus subscriber for some 4 years, and was never big on multiplayer, so the games and discounts were the only reason to renew my subscription… Gonna give it some time now and work on the backlog instead of getting “glorified demos” for “free”. :/

  • WTF!!?? only 1 chapter for King Quest ?? is a joke?

  • I am very disappointed by this lineup. If not a AAA, how about Tearaway or something big for Xmas

  • Finally a great month to look forward to! There’s something great for every system. Good job sony. After more than a few lack luster months it’s awesome to finally see a decent line up like this again.

  • Normally, I’m fine with smaller games, so long as they’re good and entertaining. But with the exception of Freedom Wars, this month seems absurd, primarily thanks to the PS4 offerings.

    When I first saw King’s Quest, I was slightly disappointed because it didn’t seem to be up my alley… And then read further. Episode ONE? Out of how many? I’m sorry, but it PS+ becomes a paid service to play demos of games that may interest you every month, I will promptly unsubscribe and stop defending the service.

    What’s next? In a year, will we be getting “Batman: Arkham Knight Hour-Trial” and “Destiny: 200 Silver” as our free “games” for the month? One of the best concepts of the Instant Game Collection was that it gave you COMPLETE and FULL games that you might not have otherwise tried!

    • Furthermore, this concept of giving portions of games will only complicate things. The people who are subscribed this month and don’t realize they’re being cheated may ask for King’s Quest: Episode 2 (Or however many episodes there are), while others that missed the game will be forced to either purchase the first episode or just ignore part of the games lineup that they paid for. Sadly, I doubt that this sounds bad to you all, because the intent of this practice is pretty clear: by giving someone part of a game for “free,” the people who enjoy it will buy the game anyway, despite the fact that they technically received it already.

      Excellent business to be sure. I’m certain that as the service takes a slow and calculated continued degradation into this route, people will get used to it and those that were used to getting games like BioShock and Tomb Raider in a single month will all leave and find a more pleasing service. I’m saddened by this, Sony.

    • well said. I agree.

  • Nice! Freedom Wars is a great game. Pick it up Vita owners!

  • Well, well… So I can wait one more month to get psn plus again.

  • only 1 ep of king quest sony? for real …. you really sux …. and gauntlet is not a great game, another disappointing month

  • Happy with a lot of these games, which is great for me because I own all 3 systems, but I’ll echo what others said.

    We are supposed to get 2 games per month for the PS4. Chapter 1 of an episodic game is not a game, it is a demo. And since it’s always cheaper to buy the whole game than to buy each chapter, you aren’t even saving us anything on the full game. A lot of episodic games end up making chapter 1 free anyway. This is just not OK, and just another reason for me to consider not renewing PS+ – I don’t care about online multiplayer; I’ve been paying for PS+ right from the beginning for the free games.

  • Yep, great lineup. Thanks.

  • Please shu let us change our psn-names.

  • Gauntlet and Freedom Wars!!! \m/ awesome!!

  • Good dear friends playstation, after another month of mediocre games in plus it is time to take this black friday and order a xbox one, my dear sony seems that you have not learned to read reviews of your customers.

    • Sony’s Black Friday Flash sale better be damn good.

    • Ummm….King’s Quest is fantastic. What are you smokin’? Freedom Wars I’m super hyped for, as well as Gauntlet which looks cool. And if you haven’t played Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, you are missing out. Hardboiled Egg thing looks eh admittedly, and SSX may not be your cup of tea, but it is anything but a bad game.

  • This lineup is utter rubbish for PS4 again. We keep getting told the system is to new for AAA but xbone release AAA almost every month now. Once again, offer a cheaper plus option for online only for the majority who find these games worthless.

    Then again, might not save much, I mean what did you pay for this months line up….a dozen beer and porn mag…..if so, you were ripped off. Bit like your ps plus customers.

  • Sweeet! Don’t have 5 out of 6 of those, and of those 5, I really want to play 4 of them. SSX will be a fun addition to my party collection. :)

  • You want my feedback? Well, here it is – THIS IS ANOTHER CRAPPY MONTH! I think PS4 owners finally deserve a AAA or AA game. Give us Diablo over a bad reviewed Gauntlet. And Episode 1 of King’s Quest? Episode 1 is always free for everyone. Far Cry 4 is basically only $20 in stores so why not add that over Blood Dragon? Once or twice a year is not too much to ask for a instead of an indie, non- <70/100 rated game.

    I am glad I don't play multiplayer because I won't be spending money for Plus again.

    • I am on the same boat as you, my year renews next month… I haven’t played multiplayer in the PS for 6 months now… I just took out the automatic renewal. Make me come back Sony.

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