PS Plus: Free Games for December, 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for December, 2015

Attention, PlayStation Plus members! We have another set of great PS4 games for you to enjoy, just in time for the holidays. Whether you prefer a good ol’ fashioned romp through a dungeon, or maybe a light-hearted story of adventure, we’ve got you covered with two reimaginings of classic gaming goodness.

Up first is Gauntlet: Slayer Edition on PS4. Plunge into the dungeons on your own or with friends in this action-packed RPG. Face monstrous hordes of enemies, prowl crumbling catacombs for gold, and unearth incredible weapons. All in the name of fame and fortune!

PS Plus: Free Games for December, 2015

Also on offering is the critically-acclaimed first chapter in the new King’s Quest series, titled A Knight to Remember. Journey through the memories of King Graham as he recounts his adventures to become a knight of Daventry.

For the full list, head below. These games are free starting on the first Tuesday of December. Happy holidays!

Full Lineup:

  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, PS3
  • Freedom Wars, PS Vita
  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, PS4
  • King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember, PS4
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, PS Vita
  • SSX, PS3

Before you go, we want your feedback! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think of the lineup. Thank you for stopping by.

Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • If you haven’t played Freedom Wars make sure to pick it up =]

    • It’s a game I’ve been interested in trying before buying. Now I can get the full experience with PS + Looking forward to it.

    • Cant wait , Gauntlet was one of my favorite games has a kid
      Valkeryie your life force is running out

    • Thats the best they can come up with.
      Even xbone made an effort for xmas month..
      Thanks sony. Not

    • I haven’t heard of the others but I played blood dragon and personally I found it Boring and kind of confusing…

    • Gauntlet now that’s a game I haven’t seen since my mega drive days… can’t wait to play this game again.

    • This is what they are getting On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing ($14.99 ERP) for free during the month of December. Thief ($29.99 ERP) will be available as a free download from December 16th to January 15th. And yet again playstaton have let us down again should not be surprised as its the same every month just a big let down oh well there’s always January but wont hold my breath

    • @kingkevinkelly

      -The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (was xbox 360 free game over the summer)

      -CastleStorm for x360 (was free for xbone over during the same month as van helsing). And this was a PS Plus game a while back too

      -Sacred 3

      – Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

      Ummm…xbox swapped consoles for two of the game they already offered for free, and you got Sacred 3 (terrible) and Operation Flashpoint (meh) that game is only…6 years old. Freedom Wars alone kills that list of xbone games.

      Not sure what I expected from the entitled gamers of today…get a job and buy the games you want instead of complaining about games that don’t have to give us.

    • OH, and I forgot Thief…just like everyone else did when that piece of crap released. We got Styx not too long ago and people still complained (and it’s a much better game). I guess we’ve resulted to comparing ERP instead of actual quality of games.

    • I hate to be “that guy”, but I think it a shame that Sony had Gauntlet on sale last month and then put it on the Plus Collection. I bought it (good game btw). I do not think games that were recently on sale should then be put on plus. At lease give it a full 6 months after the sale price. Customers like myself feel a little bit “screwed”. Oh well…

    • I’ll need to Google Freedom Wars as the name is familiar but I don’t remember it.

    • I have to say, offering chapter one of Kings Quest is pretty cheap. The game consists of 5 chapters. Even if we get additional chapters later, that would short us 4 games.

      Sony is ostensibly giving PS+ members King’s Quest. What they’re actually doing is giving us a demo and calling it a full game.

      Dirty move Sony. This should unlock ALL chapters except the epilogue.

    • You want feedback?

      Three pathetic months of games… There are enough AAA titles to at least have given one away during that time but instead it’s been the weakest of indie titles.

      I don’t play online (and resent having to pay for it despite no improvement in the service) so no longer require Plus – I cancelled the renewal of Plus and even though a relative would gladly get it as an Xmas gift I’d rather have a shaver, aftershave… Virtually anything else instead of this waste of money.

      A really poor show Sony… Just remember who is paying for this service – the real fans, your most loyal customers… What a way to treat them.

    • bigsgg71

      Wait 6 months after a sale to change the price?

      Every 2-3 months Dragon’s Crown goes on sale.

      If they went by your policy they would NEVER have been able to give that game away for free.

      Thief: metacritic of 70 user score 5.8
      Sacred 3: Metacritic of 57 user score 3.5
      CastleStorm we got once before on PS Plus
      Operation Flashpoint seems decent enough, I mean it got 77s and 360 player do like them shooters.
      Van Helsing reviewed well enough I guess 77s some decent user scores, but that’s the PC version couldn’t find the Xbox One version.

      Far Cry 3 Blood Dragons: 8 from users and critics
      Freedom Wars: 77 from critics, 8s from users
      Gauntlet Slayer Edition: 71 and 7.5
      King’s Quest a Knight to remember I’m not going to post the score of. It’s more of a marketing gimmick than a real offering.
      SSX: 8 critics 6.1 users
      Rocket Birds : 76 and 6.9

      Yeah Metacritic is not the end all be all, tons of problems tons of flaws, but you’re paying like $4 and some change a month, less if you get a black friday deal, and you’re getting games that you might enjoy if maybe you stopped crying about not getting multi million dollar games for $4s a month.

    • Well I was literally just looking up farcry 3 blood dragon so that’s a result for me

    • I cant begin to say how much i’ve wanted kings quest, but havent had the extra dough to pick it up. This makes me very happy.

    • @arsenalfcmark cheer up a little why don’t ya and thats your opinion.

    • I hate to say this, but I agree with ‘bigsgg71’ to the most part of what he said. The last 5 months, I have bought something that within 1 week of a sale it was announced as a freebie on PS Plus. I have been a member of PS Plus since June 28, 2010 (The very first day of service) and this has happened to me over a dozen times now. I could have saved well over $200 that I could have used on the PS Store if it wasn’t for that. Also I got shafted last month with the spend $100 get $15 credit due to the simple fact that I spent $143 however $50 of that was a renewal PS Plus via voucher. This has really started to disappoint me lately. I do not agree with the six month part, maybe one-two full months would do, but this has gotten a little out of hand. Makes me not want to buy sale items from the store if this keeps happening and I have bought literally thousands of items since 2008 across the PS3, PSP, PS Vita, and PS4. I would like to suggest a minor voucher system as in, if you already have the game that is a freebie, but you paid for it you should be able to get a voucher for anywhere from 25-50% of the price of the game at the time and use it for the PS Store with a 30 day time limit on the funds given.

    • How about the rest of King’s Quest chapters?

    • Freedom war’s it’s okay but it’s hard to read the subtitles and play in the same time. The game is in Japanese.

    • What an awful line up for Xmas. They’ve been getting increasingly worse (despite the price hike in ps+ membership) how about instead of two medicore games on ps4 try one good one? You’re getting millions from us each month. It just seems disrespectful to the customers. Mind you, Sony would never read this comment or even dare to respond to it. That’s how customer satisfaction works.

    • PS VITA is dead!!….

      Sad but its true!!

      Poor game list Sony!! Poo on you!!

    • Sony is a joke. Your expensive remotes are absolute ****. My pads started tearing after 2 months plus the buttons dont even come out after you press them. You are full of empty promises. After two years of playstation plus we got bs games. Driveclub was a joke by the way. At least with Xbox you get what you pay for.

    • Garbage. You gave us walking dead season 2 this month, completely useless picking up a story game in the middle. You are giving us a demo of the new kings quest game and gauntlet is a ****** arcade game with bad reviews. All we get are bad adventure games and shovelware. Not a single rpg since the ps4 launched. Good games on the ps4? Rocket league, that’s it. I’m not renewing when my subscription runs out.

    • I feel fairly certain that the positive comments about this sorry lineup are from the games respective developers. Everyone I know has been disappointed by the ps plus line up since it launched and you know the developers get $$$ everything we get garbage like the walking dead season 2. Who picks up a book series at the second book?

    • @ MakaiOokami

      Maybe 6 months is a little long (2-3 months), but I suppose you would not understand. I am already (like all other plus members) paying for a subscription to “rent” games. For me to buy and support Sony’s products and then a month later I receive said product as part of the subscription that I am paying for is “wrong”. Why BUY games and then it is in the Plus Collection. Also your comment: “you’re paying like $4 and some change a month, less if you get a black friday deal, and you’re getting games that you might enjoy if maybe you stopped crying about not getting multi million dollar games for $4s a month.” I never “cried” about not getting multi million dollar games for $4 a month. Please read before making insulting replies. Everyone on this blog has a right to his/her opinion. We should be adults and “agree to disagree”.

    • The lineups do seem to be getting worse. What the heck Sony? Where’s the return for our loyalty.

    • Think the PS3 line up is pretty good I haven’t played either far cry 3 or SSX, but not fussed about the rest of the lot. Look.forward to far cry 4 on ps4 this time next year!

    • Gauntlet? Pretty mad I bought that POS on sale not that long ago and now it’s free. Wtf Sony? Also, chapter 1 of an episodic game? What a ripoff.

    • Honestly guys why would Sony give us amazing AAA older titles right now? It makes no sense Sony has to pay money for these free deals and they know with the game release line up for October to December you are going to be playing all your new games. When would you find time to play an older game. It would make more sense to drop a AAA title in a month where not a lot of games release because more people would download it and play it. And let’s be honest here you have to pay for plus sub anyway so your not paying for the free games your paying for servers running and upkeep. The free games are just an extra.

    • Well these games suck. Why can’t we get a AAA title just one. It’s xmas time. I’m getting tired of all these little games. Sony needs to step it up. Right now ps plus is pretty worthless to me.

    • Is this really the lineup for december? They are getting worse every month. No thanks to all the games.

    • I’ve only had ps plus for a few months, but there have been zero free games I’ve been interested in. Why not some games that were also available at retail? Not really into most of the little $20 brand new games.

    • Well im happy im not getting off eso fallout 4 or gta online for a while plus i I’ve got my money’s worth out of Metal Gear Solid and the Tomb Raider games and you can’t get Metal Gear on Xbox…

    • @arsenalfcmark

      What are you talking about man? This lineup that Sony is giving us is way better than the crapbox lineup.

    • I am really disappointed what a shirt deal for December guatlet is a ****** game and the other side one is an episode in an episodic game, it is like a sick joke last month they give the entire second season is the walkmd dead, now ****** game and an episode of an episodic game, always like psn plus but never felt like it wasn’t worth it like I feel now, worst psn plus month ever …

    • Please add the game Farcry 3 and grand theft auto 4 to playstation now I wanna play both of them on my ps4 ok

    • @arsenalfcmark

      Thief is literally 10 dollars at gamestop. And it was a very disappointing game. Kings quest is fairly new and getting it for free is awesome. Ssx and blood dragon are both AAA titles and are personal favorites. Sure theyre a bit old, but nonetheless still very good. I dont see how this is a bad month. And are all of you just forgetting that we got the walking dead season 2 a bit back! Stop complaining!

  • Terrible

  • I want to try Blood Dragon, ty

    • I had Blood Dragon on the 360. It’s alot of fun, more so if you grew up feeding off of cheesy 80’s action flicks. Even the cutscenes are a throw back to the video games back then. Well worth the download for this fun and now free title.

    • @mik3vita2,

      Blood Dragon is badass. I played it on PC when it came out. You can read my PC review here:

      Definitely worth it!

  • Happy about Gauntlet but blerg, I own most of these!

  • ummm yeah no plus for me.

  • Bought freedom wars back in September, it was definitely NOT worth it

    • heard good things about freedom wars better vita offering then last month!

    • Speak for yourself, it was an excellent deal at $5.
      If it had a real multiplayer setup, I would still be playing it.

      The lineup is still horrible though, but what do you expect, when Sony wants to use the opportunity to make you buy more games.
      At Premium Prices.

    • FW is a great game, wish they’d make a sequel for it. Maybe you’re disappointed because of the ending? I’ll have to agree with that though.

  • Freedom Wars…. Hm… HEY GREG. HEY COLIN.

  • For kings quest, will we get the other chapters as they are released or is it only chapter 1?

    • only chapter 1

    • Exactly what I was thinking. If it’s just the First Chapter, that is a pretty lame game. I will probably play Far Cry, but that’s about it for me next month.

    • I really pray it is all chapters, and they’re just saying that is what we are getting because that is all there is. If not this is a huge ripoff. Knowing the psn store as I do, getting the first episode will probably lock you out of future episodes or season pass as it does with so many other games.

  • Un Asco… y eso que hay juegos para “regalar”. Por favor.

  • *sigh* Disappointed again…

  • I own some of those, but I’m very happy to see both Gauntlet and King’s Quest on there. Rocketbirds has been on my “I should buy it list” for a long time now, my only disappointment is I own the other three. A good month overall.

    • Yea, Rocketbirds hasn’t had a sale since it has been released on Vita.
      Too bad, because Humble Bundle just had it for $1.

      Was interested in buying a console this Christmas. but with the lame Friday deals from Sony, and that horrible lineup for December, it maybe another year, unless, Dells’ Xbone offer is too enticing, since they have backwards compatibility.

  • Ohh I don’t have a majority of these! Thanks! Was curious about Gauntlet, Freedom Wars and how King’s Quest was so these are all pleasant surprises. Is SSX any good? Tricky was the last one I played and it was pretty sweet.

  • Oh no! I already have KQ… I have only Gauntlets left, and it doesn’t seem too good.


  • Cool! Definitely playing King’s Quest and Freedom Wars.

  • I think rocketbirds is a plus repeat. though that’s a bummer.

  • ehh. still loving dragon fin soup. hope the sales are better than the games being offered this month. Plus is still a great investment! thanks sony

  • Le sigh…Le sad…Le épouvantable

  • Freedom Wars seem like a good choice here. I heard good things about the game.

  • I haven’t really been satisfied with the lineups for the last half a year. No AAA titles like there used to be. :(

    • However Rocket League was a great offer! I’d still like to see a AAA game on ps4 soon.

    • yeah those days are gone I guess. I just expect the stuff I don’t wont.

    • Why should it matter if a game is AAA or not? (Or has a AAA publisher’s name on it.) I still stand by June was the worst month of this year and that had a AAA title.

    • Just for perspective, here’s a summary of the PS3’s IGC history:
      PS3 had been out for more than 3 and a half years before the IGC started. It took 2 more years before Playstation went crazy and started giving out a lot of AAA games. 6 months into the “golden era” Vita games were added. 1 year later PS4 was added, 8 month’s after “2 2 2” started. After a couple months NA an EU got the same games and PS3 stopped getting more than 1 AAA per month on average.
      ~3.6 to start: 2 years to get good: 2 years of awesome: 2 years into PS4’s existence

  • Excited about Guantlet! When will more info about PS4 backwards compatibility for PS2 games be revealed? Will the discs work or will it all be digital?

  • disappointing again… big surprise sony. Hope the sale on friday makes up for it but im not holding my breath. How I miss the glory days of ps plus.

    • Preach. I remember when I would be so excited for the games to come out and I would wait up to play them. When we would be getting games like Hitman: Absolution, X-COM, things like that on a fairly regular basis. I got PS+ for my birthday, if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t have bothered. Doesn’t seem really worth it.

  • Uh, how many chapters is KQ going to be? Don’t get me wrong, I want to play the game, but giving only the first chapter (meaning we have to “buy the rest of the game”) kind of sucks…

    • Wow, just checked it and it’s 5 CHAPTERS. They expect us to pay another 30 DOLLARS for the pass to download the 4 remaining chapters. That was simply the WORST PS+ OFFERING of the year for me. Incredibly disappointing.

    • wow thats sad

  • Remember when Sony spoiled us with Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Tomb Raider, BioShock Infinite, PayDay, Uncharted 3, Dishonored, Sleeping Dog, Street Fighter, Resident Evil 5, Just Cause 2, etc on IGC. Those were the days when I felt guilty having PS+ because of all these unbelievable amazing games. Those days are gone. But I am still thankfully for the free games. I like PS+ now more for the discount.

    • I think what we have to realize though (especially in regards to PS3 & Vita games) is that we have already gotten most of the good stuff on Plus already so in a way its gotten worse simply because the big games have already been offered. On PS4 they occasionally give a game for free on its release and that’s cool. I think later in the PS4 life cycle we may hopefully start to see more AAA games added. The other thing is that indies are so easy to give away because they make deals with them to pay off their game sales from Plus revenue.

      These days I realize that I know what I want and don’t want. I buy all the stuff I want so when Plus give’s me things I don’t want but might like its kind of nice. I’d rather get something I don’t want but may like than something I already have. Would much rather get something I’m mildly interested in but wouldn’t buy though.

    • @MakoSOLIDER thanks for your thoughts. I use IGC to experiment with new games.

  • King’s Quest only being Chapter 1 is pretty disappointing. I would have expected the season pass so we can eventually get the full game. Pretty lacklustre if you ask me.

  • I was about to buy Freedom Wars. Thanks!!! =D

  • Finally, a good month for me. :)

    Cant wait to play Freedom Wars and Kings Quest. :)

  • Cool lineup, as far as I’m concerned :-). Is this the first month with no cross-buy across platforms?

  • Please stop with the PS4 adventure games. Broken Age, Walking Dead, and now King’s Quest back to back months. That is more than enough for a while, thanks.

    • I love adventure games. Bring them on, Sony! I personally can’t sand 2d platformers. I could say you can keep those, but I’m happy that every kind of gamers can find something that they enjoy.

  • I’m not sure why some people are so offended by the Plus selections every month. I’m definitely interested in trying out Gauntlet, Freedom Wars, and King’s Quest. The only problem is that I still have like 100 other Plus games to play…

    • People are offended because they aren’t getting AAA games, which is stupid to get upset about because the ones on PS3 have been done already, and there aren’t many AAA games on current gen, and the ones that are are totally worth just buying.

    • People are upset about the Production Quality of the games offered, you can argue up and down that an Indie game is or isnt bad. But in terms of actual numbers the indie games provided usually would reach the store at a smaller cost for us players. (i.e. indie games < $60 and even some <$30). In terms of monetary value this month is almost insulting when you compare it to previous December months and even worse when compared to Xbox Gold Games for December.

    • I am not offended because these aren’t AAA games, I am disappointed because the game I am most looking forward to playing next moth on PS Plus is basically a demo of the full game (Kings Quest). I don’t think I am the only one let down by the choice to include one fifth of a full game. This was the perfect month to include Killzone: Shadow Fall or Knack for the new PlayStation adopters this holiday season. I feel like Sony is dropping the ball a bit here.

    • Totally agree with cubbielovr (well, maybe not on the cubbies).

      I was HYPED when I saw the headline said King’s Quest was a Plus game. I’m glad I read the article before I embarrassed myself with a happy dance at work – just chapter 1? That’s the equivalent of the discount you got if you preordered the whole series, sight unseen. That’s a weak deal.

      I’m not sure if Sony is being stingy with the publishers, so they don’t want to release games that are still selling as a Plus title, or if the AAA titles that hit the PS3 ended up being a bad deal for the publishers, or what – but now that there’s going to be a PS4 under my tree this year, I’m paying a bit more attention to the PS4 games, and I have to say the rumbling I’ve heard all year isn’t unfair. I went through the list of all the PS4 games I already “own” through my Plus membership (reliably adding the PS4 titles to my cart each month through the web store), and I was apalled at how few titles I recognized by name. It’s a realy weak lineup.

      How about some old titles starting to show up? The FULL version of Driveclub? Knack, Watch Dogs, Far Cry 4 are all in the bargain bin these days. LBP3 might get them customers for DLC. C’mon, Sony, work with us here.

    • The problem isn’t just that Sony isn’t giving us AAA games. The problem is that they’re constantly giving us games of the same genre instead of mixing it up. They’ve been showering us with 2-D platformers/action games and adventure games. Those games may be fun, but their gameplay gets stale if you play games from the same genre every single month

  • Terrible update, looks like you guys ran out of ideas/games. I’ll drop from PS plus it’s not what it used to be a year ago. You have changed :(

  • Kings Quest makes me very happy.

    • Even though you will have to pay 30 dollars for the remaining 4 chapters? I was briefly excited, but then really disappointed… :(

    • If it was the entire thing I would be happy.

    • I don’t get all the hate over King’s Quest being chapter 1. Would the season pass be better? Of course. If you want the whole thing, this still saves you $10 though. And if you wanted to try it and end up not liking it, that also saves you $10. That’s 1/5 the cost of the whole year of PS+ in savings.

      Personally speaking, I think this is a fantastic month. The Vita lineup is superb. I was interested in both PS4 games. I already own Blood Dragon, but will probably play SSX (if I turn on my PS3). This is one of the best monthly line-ups in a while in my opinion and FAR superior to the Xbox offerings for the month. I’m not interested in a single one of those games for December.

    • King’s Quest chapter 1 is already like 6 hours of play on it’s own. It could be a stand alone game.

  • And I know you guys have been getting a lot of negative feedback about small indie games, but I much prefer them over ancient retail titles. Games like SSX have been so cheap over the last few years, I don’t know how anybody who would have the least bit of interest in the game wouldn’t own it already. I’d much prefer a newer and smaller indie game over the really old titles like Mass Effect 2 last month and SSX this month. Maybe I’m in the minority, I don’t know. Thanks.

    • Exactly my sentiments. I generally purchase the AAA games I want to play anyway. I purchase a lot of indies too, but there are so many that I often end up overlooking really great games and end up very happy getting them for free. And things like Gauntlet, Magicka, Rocket League, and Lara Croft are perfect. It can be really hard to convince my whole group of friends to pick up these indie games, but with PS+ we all get it and can play the multiplayer modes. We usually end up having a great time as a result.

  • Freedom Wars for Vita is a godsend, and SSX & Far Cry 3 BD are great gems from last gen. Good work Sony!

  • Chapter 1? So now we’re just getting PARTS of games? When The Walking Dead Season 2 was part of PS+, we got all 5 episodes. This feels more like a demo. I hope this doesn’t become the norm.

    Happy to see Gauntlet though. Multiplayer and co-op focused games are great for PS+.

  • freedom wars and gaunlet is awesome!

    really happy about king’s quest too but as this is just episode 1 i feel like this is a sneaky way to get me to buy the rest of the episodes. …it’ll probably work. xD

  • the ps3/vita lineups aren’t bad, the ps4 lineup is an absolute joke. we’ve reached the point that we aren’t even getting full titles, we’re getting glorified demos as ps+ offerings.

    with the x1 getting thief in december, it’s looking like this month is another win for gwg.

  • Rocketbirds is the only good one, and of course I have it already. Please bring back the surveys.

  • Some nice free games.

  • Pretty lame that we only get chapter 1 of King’s Quest. Telltale regularly gives us episode 1 of their games for free anyways, so shouldn’t Sierra do the same? If it’s part of PS+, give us the full season.

    • Do you know if each episode has a separate trophy list? I’m unlikely to buy it so don’t exactly want to play it and not have 100%…

  • So I buy Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon last month in a sale. So then of course it’s a ps plus title. FML

  • Have to agree giving Chapter 1 of King’s Quest is pretty messed up…

  • The line-up keeps getting worse and worse. I hoped that at least in December we would get someting more than this (last year we got Injustice Gods Among Us). I hope Sony starts to care again …

  • After 8 months or so of not being a PS Plus member, this and the Coop Sale have restored my faith in you Sony :) I’ll be sure to go buy a Sub ^_^

    So looking forward to Freedom Wars, SSX, Far Cry Blood Dragon, and Rocketbirds should be fun. Too bad the PS3 games aren’t Cross Buy but the first 3 games I mentioned + the discounts in the Coop Sale are enough for me to come back. Here’s hoping for a good January + February!

    • You know, it doesn’t help you at all if you aren’t a PS Plus member for those 8 months. During those 8 months, you have missed a boat load of games. At to reiterate, PS Plus is $4 a month, and you skimped on that? :p

  • I was excited about King’s Quest when I noticed it is only CHAPTER ONE. Is that a joke?! At the end of the day,this is really just a demo of the whole game. The decent thing would be to give a “season pass” or something, and not expect players to PAY for the rest. We’re already paying for our PS SUBSCRIPTIONS. It’s bad enough that no true AAA games have been made available for several months now, but this was ridiculous. At least PS3 got a slightly better line-up this time.

    • The whole season pass is $40, and you expect “AAA” games every month for $50 a year? Besides, you don’t even own a PS4.

    • @TomHoang Right, he doesn’t own a PS4… that’s why he has the little PS+ emblem by his name. Try harder at trolling. >.>

    • @OtterX – you can have PSPlus on PS3 or Vita. You don’t need a PS4 for that.

    • I looked at the games on his trophy list, no PS4 games.

    • @TomHoang What the heck are you even talking about? I just checked out his profile on and some of his recent trophies are Project Cars, the Witcher III, Entwined, Driveclub and Devil May Cry Definitive Edition… all on PS4. I’m not sure what you’re trying to pull here, other than you like to lie to make a point?

    • @TomHoang, pretty lame attempt at being a troll. Besides, AAA games have been around for years and years now, and while older ones have lost a big chunk of their value over time, they are still AAA games and could be offered here. Maybe not every single month, but certainly a lot more often than they have been.

  • so far i won’t be renewing my plus subscription in february 2016.

    • That’s when it usually gets better.
      When they have gotten every Christmas dime from bored, impatient, and overly excited children. With some, who have had to wait all year, to be able to afford Sony’s ridiculous prices.

      Way to be Scrooge………..I mean Sony.

      Fortunately, I am still plenty happy with Steam/Humble, but with Dells’ offer on Xbox one for Friday, I would expect them in the lead by the end of the year.

  • What a great lineup, thank you very much!

  • I already have all these except Gauntlet, but I don’t mind, I wanted to buy Gauntlet when it was on sale, now it’s free. =D

  • What a disappointment. As the months go by plus games are decreasing in quality. I realize that the ps4 library isn’t the biggest yet but what happened to the playstation plus of 2 or 3 years ago. It seems now that we have to play for online they don’t put much effort into the selection of free games they offer.

  • Time to read all the comments Saying how this is a terrible lineup and how they will be switching to xbox and not renewing PS+. Most will be from the same ppl who said that the last 5+ months.

    • The real question is where is all the money going from the plus subs. These games that are given are low low quality so I am sure a lot of money is getting unaccounted for.

    • The funniest part is only 5 people that have posted don’t have PS Plus, including you and me PainOfSarrow. But that is how the PS Plus threads work, 200+ replies normally, enough to fill two books, 1 for praise, 1 for complaints. Yet most of those people will be subscribed anyway lol.

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