PlayStation Vue Coming to Amazon Devices Today

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PlayStation Vue Coming to Amazon Devices Today

We’re excited to announce that the family of supported devices for PlayStation Vue just got bigger. For those of you wanting to access PlayStation Vue on additional TVs in your home, you can do so starting today on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, with Chromecast support soon to follow. This brings the availability of PlayStation Vue to a total of seven devices: PS4, PS3, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, iPhone and iPad, with Chromecast coming soon.

PlayStation Vue on Amazon Devices

You can access PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick using your existing PlayStation Vue account. If you don’t have a PlayStation Vue account yet, not to worry. You can sign up for several free trial options through the PlayStation Vue website in addition to your PS4 or PS3.

From there, you can select individual channels from PlayStation Vue’s nationwide offerings, such as SHOWTIME and Fox Soccer Plus, or purchase multi-channel packages available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco Bay Area, and Miami TV markets.

We also have a special Amazon promotion for new users who sign up for PlayStation Vue’s Core or Elite packages. For a limited time starting November 15th, 2015, new users who sign up for a free trial of PlayStation Vue’s Core and Elite multi-channel packages will receive a free Amazon Fire TV Stick with their first month paid subscription. The promotion runs in select cities where PlayStation Vue multi-channel packages are available. For full terms and conditions, please visit

Also, just in time for the holidays, you’ll see new reduced prices for PlayStation Vue’s Core and Elite packages. Core is now available for $54.99 (from $59.99) and Elite is now available for $64.99 (from $69.99) in select markets where Vue is available. If you’re a current Vue subscriber, you’ll receive the new price in your next billing cycle.

With your existing PlayStation Vue subscription, you’ll be able to access PlayStation Vue on Chromecast via the PlayStation Vue Mobile app from compatible iOS devices later this year. We’ll have more information on launch timing soon for Chromecast. We’re pleased to extend PlayStation Vue to additional devices to give you more options on how you want to Vue your favorite TV content.

Stay tuned to the blog for more info on PlayStation Vue, or check out our official site for more information.

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  • … and agree with the posters above me in having PS Vue available on Roku.

  • Sony you really should consider releasing a PS TV 2 and give it PS Vue, PS Now and PS4 Remote Play capability. You do that, and you’ll great success, just sayin.

  • No Airplay? Why not on my Apple TV?

  • Any idea when we will see native support on Sony Bravia smart tv’s??

  • Hey Sony signed up for the core service how do I know if i was approved for free amzon fire stick.

  • What about to the loyal customers who had a playstation vue subscription before this deal of a free amazon firestick was announced. Why is it that we can’t receive one just because we’re not new to the service?

  • cmon sony, please launch the Vue nationwide damn, whats the issue, you for you have a customer with me once is launches in modesto ca, please sony give us an update, especially to your loyal playstation customers

  • I get that Sony has to work out deals with each and every affiliate in order to get local channels, but in the meantime couldn’t people who want the channel packages sign up for a specific city and get that city’s local stuff? I mean, don’t live anywhere near New York, but if cutting my cable meant getting that city’s local channels; I seriously wouldn’t care, and if Sony doesn’t back out of Vue (God I hope they don’t…) I’d just switch my zone once they work out a deal with my local area. Right now it seems like I’d get locked out just for trying to use a service they’re offering nationwide (just as long as you live in one of the few cites it’s offered).

    Sony. Let us pick which cites channel’s we get, without IP locking us, and you’ll get more subs.

  • Don’t fall for the “free Fire Stick” promise. We paid for a month under this promotion and still have not received a code. I called in to support to ask why this happened, and they said they would research it and call me back. Still no call back after several days. Now our service isn’t working and no one at Sony can tell us why. Useless!

  • Subscriber since Vue was released on FireTV in November. While Guide and Category Search are both missing from the FireTV app I felt I could get by until those features are added…although it does make the service far less useful for finding content. BUT today I noticed that they completely changed the way FastForward (and possibly Rewind) works.

    Until today (before v1.2 of the app) when you used FF you would be able to click once, twice, etc., to step through 10s, 15s, 20s, (the key here being “seconds”) to skip forward. To me that was a godsend. Loved that feature. But no. Whoever makes up the UX team decided that the world would be a better place with 2x, 3x, 4x, 8x, steps and a live preview. Sorry, but now the interface is crap.

    Not only does that type of stepping create a huge burden on a broadband connection (we have 200Mbps and this doesn’t work well at all) but personally, I have a better sense of how far ahead (or back) I want to jump in time (seconds). It was easy to skip over commercial breaks, for instance. Now? Not so much.

    I’m so annoyed with this change in direction that I’m seriously considering whether to cancel this service.

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