PlayStation Vue Coming to Amazon Devices Today

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PlayStation Vue Coming to Amazon Devices Today

We’re excited to announce that the family of supported devices for PlayStation Vue just got bigger. For those of you wanting to access PlayStation Vue on additional TVs in your home, you can do so starting today on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, with Chromecast support soon to follow. This brings the availability of PlayStation Vue to a total of seven devices: PS4, PS3, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, iPhone and iPad, with Chromecast coming soon.

PlayStation Vue on Amazon Devices

You can access PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick using your existing PlayStation Vue account. If you don’t have a PlayStation Vue account yet, not to worry. You can sign up for several free trial options through the PlayStation Vue website in addition to your PS4 or PS3.

From there, you can select individual channels from PlayStation Vue’s nationwide offerings, such as SHOWTIME and Fox Soccer Plus, or purchase multi-channel packages available in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco Bay Area, and Miami TV markets.

We also have a special Amazon promotion for new users who sign up for PlayStation Vue’s Core or Elite packages. For a limited time starting November 15th, 2015, new users who sign up for a free trial of PlayStation Vue’s Core and Elite multi-channel packages will receive a free Amazon Fire TV Stick with their first month paid subscription. The promotion runs in select cities where PlayStation Vue multi-channel packages are available. For full terms and conditions, please visit

Also, just in time for the holidays, you’ll see new reduced prices for PlayStation Vue’s Core and Elite packages. Core is now available for $54.99 (from $59.99) and Elite is now available for $64.99 (from $69.99) in select markets where Vue is available. If you’re a current Vue subscriber, you’ll receive the new price in your next billing cycle.

With your existing PlayStation Vue subscription, you’ll be able to access PlayStation Vue on Chromecast via the PlayStation Vue Mobile app from compatible iOS devices later this year. We’ll have more information on launch timing soon for Chromecast. We’re pleased to extend PlayStation Vue to additional devices to give you more options on how you want to Vue your favorite TV content.

Stay tuned to the blog for more info on PlayStation Vue, or check out our official site for more information.

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  • “This brings the availability of PlayStation Vue to a total of seven devices: PS4, PS3, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, iPhone and iPad, with Chromecast coming soon.”

    *ahem* – see anything missing from that list?…

  • Sweet, but I need a nationwide launch. Or at least give to us in ATL area.

    • We’re working hard to expand to more cities, stay tuned.

    • America needs to beak up tv and internet providers.

      It’s crap that you get data caps, to prevent you from streaming, so that they can keep a t.v. service at drastically overinflated prices that the market clearly can’t bear, while they get fractions of a penny for online ads, tons of money for t.v. ads, and then you have to pay $6 to hulu to get ad free, and then these packages cost $40+ a month.

      If I paid $5 a channel for all the channels I needed, I’d be able to cancel hulu and netflix and break even. But all this money isn’t going to those people. Instead those people have to hope I drop $40 something dollars on a single season of their t.v. show that they otherwise rent out for $2, or that they get pennies on the dollar if I stream.

      There’s plenty of money, but it’s all tied up in greed not products. Except for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon originals.

    • Co-sign

  • Sweet, but I need a nationwide launch. Or at least give to us in BNA area.

  • Since AWS is the key ingredient with Playstation Vue, I think that it would be a given that Amazon’s Devices be apart of this venture.

  • PlayStation Vue: Now available on more devices than markets.

    Its available in Los Angeles and San Francisco, needs to expand out to the Central Coast.

  • Okay, Sony. How about you add support to your own devices a.k.a Xperia smartphones and tablets? How is this service available on the ipoop, but not the Xperia Z4 tablet or Z5 phones? Perplexing. I don’t want to support Apple or Amazon thank you very much. Also, while we’re on topic, it is time for you to get on board with T-Mobile’s new “Binge On” promotion. They signed Sling TV, and as someone that tethers from his Xperia smartphone, I can stream Netflix & HBO Go without using data against my cap, which means my PS4 just became obsolete as a media hub without PS Vue support from T-Mobile.

    • I’m glad to see the service growing, and prices becoming even more competitive, but unfortunately these new devices do not interest me. I’ve bought heavily into the Sony ecosystem, but strangely, aside from my PS4 and PS3, the devices I use are not supported. I have four TV’s with a PS4, PS3, and two PlayStation TV’s, so I should be able to “Vue” on each. Sadly, no support for PlayStation TV, the most obvious device, which leaves two of my TV’s stranded. Also, between my wife and I, we have two Xperia phones (Z1s & Z3), and an Xperia Tablet Z2, but none of these are compatible. How odd that IOS is the sole mobile operating system supported when Sony’s own devices run Android. I understand the service is in it’s infancy, and I can wait, but Sony has to support their own devices before I’ll be interested.

    • you meant; “IS THIS COMING TO ANDROID?! I DUNT HAZ iOS!”

    • It also needs to be supported on Android TV device’s such as the New Sony TV’s that come with Android TV. (These devices support’s Chromecast but it should be a Standalone dedicated App on Android TV.) This way more device’s running Android TV will be connected to PlayStation Vue and not require a second device to use the service.

  • Really enjoyed my trial with it, the pricing is still a bit high for me. Market-wise it”s competitively priced with “traditional” cable providers.

  • I need a nationwide launch and al la carte options. Looking at whats available I’d like to do the following:

    Fox News

    And I’d like to pay less than access as I don’t need 52 channels when 14 is at best what I’d watch and even then I’d like to turn them off from month to month.

    Perhaps an option that allows 15 channels for 25 dollars of the users choice with each additional channel being a little bit more.

    • The first 3 channels on your list: Fox, CBS & NBC (I’m assuming NBS is an error), would be difficult to do on a nationwide basis, since those are networks. That means they have local affiliates and are more difficult to sign up (especially if you live in a small market). All the other channels on your list (from AMC to CNN) have national channels, with some EST/PST options, that should absolutely be available on a nation-wide basis. Hopefully Playstation Vue will have a “skinny bundle” option similar to sling box and more al la carte options too!

    • @Nirojan45

      It shouldn’t be that difficult since those options are already available in the other 3 tiers. Honestly all I need is the programming for the nationwide content. Could careless about the local contents broadcasting.

    • The problem with the local networks, is that each has local affiliates. This is why they are launching in different markets. Sling TV can be nationwide simply because they don’t do those networks. Though I guess if Sony wanted, they could have those affiliates as an optional add-on, and launch the rest nationwide. But then again, their intent is to be truly competitive against cable. Sling is fine for what it is, but it is not on par with Vue, plain and simple. Especially now that they will be adding Disney networks.

  • Expand the areas it’s available in. I’d so give this a shot

  • This is great news! I can’t wait to see PS Now find support across these devices! And I hope that PS Now eventually becomes a platform in its own right — one that can be targeted directly by developers!

  • Bring this to Minneapolis/St Paul, make the elite bundle include PS Now + PS +, and I will pay you $65 a month for this.

  • What about Roku? Any plans to get Vue on Roku?

    • We’re always looking at other devices to expand the PS Vue service to, and appreciate the feedback we’re getting.

    • Agreed, I don’t want to keep straining my PS4 to use the service. This *needs* to be on Roku! Love the service!

  • Another article promoting this “feature” that is not available to the majority of your customers.

    Also, PlayStation TV (Vue), not available on PlayStation TV??? LOL

  • Bring this to android devices as well please…

    • Being on Android is a must in order for PlayStation Vue service to be widely adopted by many user’s. And please Support at least KitKat, Lollipop, and the current Android Marshmallow device’s.

      I would use this service if it was in my area (Kansas City/St Louis) area. I live in Springfield, MO.

      Also supporting Chromecast is really important to me and also to the PlayStation Vue service to grow.

      Especially when the new Chromecast device’s are out and only cost $35 a piece.

      How about promote a Free Google Chromecast for ever Paid Subscription and the App be support both on Android and iOS via Chromecast. Your service would widely become a #1 hit.

  • Why is this not on Playstation TV (wired)?
    I can kind of understand Vita, kind of.

  • This is great news but I have no way of enjoying this service because it isn’t available in my city. Every time I see PS Vue articles it just frustrates me. It will be nice when it goes National because I can then try it out for myself and form my own opinion. Sony if you want this service to be competitive and something new that EVERYONE MUST HAVE you have to lower the prices even further. Good luck with the Nation wide launch.

  • Wow, everyone is complaining about PS Vue not being on PSTV!! Is this true?! That is ridiculous! Sony you need to get your own products on to your own products first. Is it true that Netflix is still not on PSTV? Sony as a company is amazing, but you really do make some strange decisions some times.

  • Please tell me there will be a PlayStation Vue mobile app for Android soon so I can use this service on my bedroom TV with my Chromecast.

  • Expanding devices is great, but you REALLY need to speed up the market expansion. (Arizona, please.)

    And Chromecast support, but no Android… Strange guys.

  • Expand to more cities I live in tampa fl/Stpete Florida. Please I have no cable and this is the cheapest

  • So PlayStation Vue which runs on MLBAM which runs on AWS, is finally available on Amazon streaming media devices

    Good that PlayStation Vue is expanding its device availability. They need to add a computer Browser (PC, Mac, Linux) to the list of supported devices.

  • Looking forward to the day when news like this will actually matter to CANADIANS.

  • I would sure like to try ps vue, but I live in a small Montana town…sadly the poulation here is too low for anybody to care. Downfalls of living in a town not a city I guess :-(

  • How about you guys get your TV service onto um I dunno…PlayStation TV?

  • I’m really interested in this service but is there a limit to how many devices can be using the account at once. I have 3 -4 tvs that will be going on at the same time during the day. is it limited to a specific amount of devices?

  • When will the PS TV, and hopefully also the PS Vita, get PS Vue support? It’s particualrly ironic that the Playstation TV doesn’t have access to Playstation’s TV service. Please address this situation!

    Also, please add Netflix to the PS TV already. Even the PS Vita has access to Netflix and is ridiculous that the PS TV doesn’t, specially considering its role as an equivalent to other TV streaming devices. Without Netflix it isn’t surprising all that the PS TV simply can’t compete head on with the alternatives.

  • Sorry, but I don’t need 50 plus channel when I only need 4 or 5. Not going spend $50 – $60 for channels I don;t want. Give me a choice of channel I can choose from and only charge me for those channel. This is why I don’t have cable or DirecTV. Stop forcing us 50 or 100 channel and charging us high price like cable company do. Give us a choice!!! Other then that Vue is useless to me.
    I’m using Twitch and they on charge $20.

    • oppss .. I meant Sling TV not twitch

    • I completely agree Phenix–Nguyen. I was hoping PS Vue was going to be an à la carte system. Let me pay $2 per channel and $5 for premium channels. Let me pay $20 for the exact 7 channels I want.

      As it is, PS Vue is just a streaming “cable” service. If I wanted this kind of service, I would just have cable. If I had cable, I wouldn’t need this service. As far as I can tell PS Vue is fulfilling a need that doesn’t exist.

      Sony, Please consider an à la carte pricing structure. You do that and you gain customers.

      Oh, and get this on PS-TV please. That little guy needs some love.

  • Good for price reductions. Still need to get lower, or better options to unbundle.

    I know the way that industry works is to get one hot channel people want but force you to offer them all for a super high price, but if you want to be successful, you need to get them to remove that.

    When you can beat Sling, at price for channels, I will drop them and sign on.

    Any thought of a PS+ discount for a bundle?

  • Why not support Amazon Fire tablets?

  • It’s good to see this great service get expanded to other platforms. An application on the newly released Apple TV would be nice if that’s possible. I’m so close to biting the bullet but I’m still awaiting for Disney channels to be included. I’m aware of the recent Disney announcement but still waiting for those to be included in one of the said packages.

    And Sony, what’s with the lack of app support for the PlayStation TV and Vita?

  • …”We’re always looking at other devices to expand the PS Vue service to, and appreciate the feedback we’re getting….”

    So… I can use this “service” on my Apple Iphone but not on my “PS” Vita!!????
    Is this a joke or What?????

  • Not impressed, pleased, enthusiastic, or encouraged by this announcement.

    PlayStation Vue should have been on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV from day one. To see this coming to devices outside of the Sony ecosystem before it has been fully developed on Sony hardware does not put a good outlook on the service or Sony hardware.

    PlayStation Vue should have been a killer app that helped push PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV into competition with Roku, Amazon, Google, and Aple, but now it is an enemy of its own ecosystem.

    Quite a disappointing move. I thought things were starting to come together at Sony, but this is making me seriously rethink my stance.

  • I’d love to see Sony scrap their cable style packages and offer a real a la carte for everything. Why do the owners of terrible channels continue to insist on funding their existence by strongarming carriers into carrying their terrible channels if they want the rights to their popular channels. Why don’t we just let the terrible channels die and let people choose the good channels that they want the way the free market is supposed to work.

  • Sounds great!

    think its possible that PSVue will have a dedicated sports package?

    BeIN sports/es Fox sports 1/2 Espn , Univision Deportes, YES? im in the NYC area

    have that at a reasonable price and you got yourself a vue’er :)

  • This is great news but I’m still waiting for launch in Arizona. I want to get rid of my DirecTV.

  • Now that your expanding to the Amazon Fire TV, any news on if the New Apple TV will be getting an app to run Playstation Vue soon. Seems like a no brainer since there is already an iOS app for iPhone and iPad?

  • Great to hear I can use on my 2 pstv’s. Oh I cant.?? Ok bye

  • This is awesome news!! I love my Playstation Vue, best decision was getting it and dropping my cable bill. I only watch the channels it has anyways and now that Disney and ESPN stuff is coming along for the ride it makes Vue even better of a choice.

    I hated playing device rental charges, DVR charges, taxes and all that crap… now I have a cheap internet plan and my Vue!!

    I can’t wait for Chromecast support that has been like my big why isn’t this available yet?? complaint the entire time… Now I can finally watch on my other tvs!!

  • Please bring this service to Northern California and I will for sure subscribe. Also, we need the Playstation TV to be supported

  • Bring PS Vue to the new Apple TV and bring it to ATL and Virginia.

  • bring it to New jersey please

  • So I started my free trial like 4 days ago. Had I known this Fire Stick promo was happening I would have waited. Does it still count if I don’t sign up for a paid month until after the 15th?

  • why isn’t there a basic option to view local channels for free this is like what XBOX LIVE would do and not allow you to access certain apps like HULU, AMAZON PRIME and NETFLIX thats not fair Sony !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Canada!!!!!

  • I’m still waiting for you guys to unfreeze my Vue account; it’s been 2 months. My account has been squeeky clean since I created it back in 2009 & you locked me out of just the Vue app because I accidentally opened the app on my primary console when I was traveling in another state with it. Why would I be inclined to want to use this service in the future if you can’t as so much as help out a loyal, long time customer with a good history? This has been a wildly disappointing experience.

  • Are you going to add Salt Lake City to PlayStation. Vue

  • 1) Bring it to more devices – Windows/Mac//Internet Browsers, Apple TV, Android smartphones, tablets and set top boxes, smart TV’s (Sony, LG, Samsung, Vizio, etc.), Roku, PS TV, etc.
    – Also bring PS Now and Remote Play to more devices.

    2) Available nationwide.

    3) More channel/package options.
    – Pay per channel.
    – Themed packages. (ex. Sports, drama, kids, etc.)
    – Option to pay more for more simultaneous viewers per account like Netflix offers.

  • I suspect that PlayStation Vue isn’t on and seemingly not coming to PlayStation TV because 720p is the best it can currently output. 1080p is standard and 4k is gaining market share.

    I find it quite strange that Amazon is the first third party set top box to get PlayStation Vue support since Amazon is a content competitor with Amazon Instant Video. Roku would have made the most since to expand to first but any kind of expansion is welcome.

  • This needs to come to Roku as well.

  • I hate the fact that you have to have a credit card on file for this. Having funds/adding funds to your PSN Wallet with PS Vue auto-renew an on/off toggle option should be the way to go. I do not have to have a credit card on file for my PS+ subscription. If the funds are in my PSN Wallet, its deducted out and renewed for the year. PS Vue should operate the same way.

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