ESPN, ABC and More Disney-Owned Networks Coming to PlayStation Vue

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ESPN, ABC and More Disney-Owned Networks Coming to PlayStation Vue

Some of the most popular sports and primetime programming on TV is making its way to PlayStation Vue. We are very pleased to share today that Disney and ESPN Media Networks have signed on to PlayStation Vue, which means highly requested channels such as ESPN, ABC, The Disney Channel and more will be coming to the cloud-based TV service.

PlayStation Vue will have an extensive library of video on-demand content from Disney and ESPN Media Networks, as well as the compelling features that make PlayStation Vue a whole new way to experience TV. That includes powerful search and discovery tools and simultaneous streaming so your favorite sports programming or TV show from Disney and ESPN Media Networks can be streamed across devices both inside and out of the home.

Below is a list of networks coming to PlayStation Vue:

  • ABC Owned Stations Group
  • ABC Family (becoming Freeform in January)
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN College Extra
  • ESPN Deportes
  • ESPN Classic
  • ESPN Goal Line
  • ESPN Buzzer Beater
  • ESPN Bases Loaded
  • Fusion
  • Longhorn Network
  • SEC-ESPN Network

We know this is a network partner many of you have been asking for, and we’re excited about delivering on the promise of making the best TV content available on PlayStation Vue. Stay tuned for more details on this announcement, such as launch timeframe and more. And thanks for your patience as we continue to expand PlayStation Vue to more cities.

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  • This is huge. HUGE!

  • I’m hoping y’all get Military history channel and American Heroes Channel soon.

  • That’s great now if I could use your service in western MA then I would subscribe. Would be nice if you get the nfl and nhl networks too.

  • I’ve really been enjoying my experience with PlayStation Vue, a few things I want to see added are NFL network, CW network, and CBS college football games not being blocked because there is no agreement to stream that content over the internet yet. Also, I have 2 PS4’s, 1 in the living room, one in the bedroom, please allow multiple streams inside the home concurrently on the same account for multiple PS4’s. Adding the service to the existing PSTV or a newly designed PS set top box would be great. Finally, release an Android app and PSVue will be the ultimate TV experience.

  • YESSSSS!!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for! I’m sold. When are y’all coming to Kingsport, TN?

  • All you need to get now is the CW so I can have my PIX 11 and I’m in. If you can get PBS to join so I can get WNET 13 just take my money right now. Good work getting ABC to join on and keep up the good work.

  • When ESPN will be available

  • What about History and History2?

  • This is great, as I am leaving my current cable company and was seriously considering PS Vue. My only beef is my daughter loves Disney and my husband is a sports junkie (so ESPN is necessary). Glad to hear it’s coming! . If NYers can get MSG, I’m sold!

  • This is fantastic. Can’t wait for ABC channels to get rolled out. Just dumped SlingTV for Sony Vue on my Amazon FireTV box…yeah, I have a PS3 but am not a big gamer so was waiting for Vue to show up on FireTV and signed up the second it showed up as available. Grabbed Showtime and Epix and the same time but wish I could get HBO this way too…the nice thing about HBO on SlingTV was that they also included the live channel along with demand content (although their entire interface is horrible compared to Vue). The other thing is that the HBO app on FireTV is just awful. So how about making HBO available on Vue like Showtime is?

  • Thank you for finally getting ABC.

  • Loving that ABC got added. Any chance that CW11 will be added soon so I can totally drop cable?

  • Any word on when you will get public channels like Create and PBS?

  • Any word on when they will be released and what package ESPN and Disney will be in?

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