ESPN, ABC and More Disney-Owned Networks Coming to PlayStation Vue

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ESPN, ABC and More Disney-Owned Networks Coming to PlayStation Vue

Some of the most popular sports and primetime programming on TV is making its way to PlayStation Vue. We are very pleased to share today that Disney and ESPN Media Networks have signed on to PlayStation Vue, which means highly requested channels such as ESPN, ABC, The Disney Channel and more will be coming to the cloud-based TV service.

PlayStation Vue will have an extensive library of video on-demand content from Disney and ESPN Media Networks, as well as the compelling features that make PlayStation Vue a whole new way to experience TV. That includes powerful search and discovery tools and simultaneous streaming so your favorite sports programming or TV show from Disney and ESPN Media Networks can be streamed across devices both inside and out of the home.

Below is a list of networks coming to PlayStation Vue:

  • ABC Owned Stations Group
  • ABC Family (becoming Freeform in January)
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney XD
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN College Extra
  • ESPN Deportes
  • ESPN Classic
  • ESPN Goal Line
  • ESPN Buzzer Beater
  • ESPN Bases Loaded
  • Fusion
  • Longhorn Network
  • SEC-ESPN Network

We know this is a network partner many of you have been asking for, and we’re excited about delivering on the promise of making the best TV content available on PlayStation Vue. Stay tuned for more details on this announcement, such as launch timeframe and more. And thanks for your patience as we continue to expand PlayStation Vue to more cities.

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  • That might have done it for me. Awesome news. Really liked my free trial but I just wanted some more options. ESPN is huge.

  • Wow, this is big.

  • Hey that’s great now how about putting it in my area so I can enjoy it to please

  • This is HUGE :D

    The last step sony needs to take is to expand vue to some sort of a cheap hardware platform that I can use on multiple TVs throughout the house. No one can afford a PS4 in each room, nor can they afford a brand new Sony smart TV in each room.

    I rather the box not be the PSTV, but something dedicated to PS Vue so that I dont have to boot into an OS to then boot into a PS VUE app.

    Something cheap, quick and instant on like a cable box :)

    If sony can do this.. they will absolutely take the lead in the Internet TV category.

    • Hi Bball230.

      You can have the Amazon fire stick tv on multiple TVs using the same account. Sony teamed up with Amazon to be able to help bring Playstation Vue to everyone and not just limit it to just people with Playstations 3 & 4. All you would need is a Amazon fire TV stick and the app to download playstation vue on it and your good to go. I have my 7 day trial im using right now. I bought a Amazon fire TV stick just so i can try it out and see how it works. I can tell you that i have my PS4 upstairs in my spare bedroom while my wife watches tv downstairs. We can watch 2 different channels at the sametime. Hope this helps.

  • I will give this a trial once you bring it to my area, but the pricing is still off-putting. It doesn’t make a lot of sense as it stands.

  • You have my money. I’m just waiting on a nationwide launch.

  • Thank You PlayStation for doing this for us now all you need to do is one more thing we need to lower the price on a Playstation view service this is best for everybody either PlayStation Plus members or non members also I like what you guys are doing on PlayStation is very very good service I love it now can we just lower the price a little bit of special for the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays we know by Friday is coming up so hey we know when you guys we can’t wait for Black Friday anyways thank you for doing this for us I am glad we got ESPN ABC in question is ABC the affiliate stations or this is just your local stations we need to know and that’s all I’m asking for thank you very much you guys are great and I really enjoy the service PlayStation rocks and kicks ass and we will talk soon later

  • Also,

    BigTenNetwork should be something you guys should add. Hundreds of thousands of Buckeye Fans here :)

  • Dwayne brain I think I’m saying your name right sorry anyways question I got a question from you do you know exactly when this will be available and maybe before Thanksgiving after around Christmas need to know who is very important because my subscriptions about to expire Dewayne Bryant I think your name was sorry about the name and you like I was saying is there anything that you guys at what is the price range is this going to be in the basic the middle line or the very expensive $80 range need to know thank you

  • that’s awesome news!!

    ..but what teir of service does one need to subscribe to in order to get these channels?

  • Oh and another question we will be also be doing channels like the CW networks like a failure for New York Chicago LA that kind of thing just wondering because without that people can access certain stuff like the princesses WGN WGN America which is their affiliate anyhow just asking thanks a lot talk to you later. Peace

  • When will PlayStation vue be available for cities other than New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles? I live about 2 hours away from LA and I’m not able to use vue.

  • Nice win for you guys, good job.

    Now come to Boston with all deliberate speed, please. Very ready to ditch my existing TV plan ;)

  • Wow, after so much feedback I had no idea ESPN might actually happen, but here we are :-)

  • This is great news. I’ll be signing up on day one as soon as you offer Vue in Gainesville, FL

  • this is cool but there are a few things that its running agaisnt it.

    1)isps data caps (i have comcast and i am capped to 300 GB per month not enough for a service like this)

    2)pricing i’m currently paying an arm and leg for internet,cable and phone service,so as much as i like you guys.this proposition will make things expensive r for me plus my isp and cable provider love to block services that you dont buy for them like HBO for example

    3)local sports channels (i watch miami heat basketball on a local cable channel that you dont seem to carry fox/sunsports)

    • I believe the local sports channels they offer depend on your location. So when it comes to your area they will offer your local sports channels. You don’t see your local sports channels on the list because they don’t offer the service in your area yet.

  • HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love my PlayStation Vue and don’t regret having it for a moment, but hated not having ABC and missing agents of shield and missing Monday night football. Now I won’t miss any of that!!

    Seriously this is the best news I have gotten all day. Vue really beats having regular cables, because these are the channels I watch anyways why pay more for channels I don’t care about! Thank you Sony for making my day!

    • Yes it great save me money hell my internet and vue saveing me 100 dollers a months Sony keep up the good work grab a cheap ps3 for 50now have it on the kids TV need a setop box for or stick for other TVs because my girl and daughter don’t play the game

  • Awesome. Now just launch Vue in all markets and I’ll b a happy camper.

  • Bring this to Montreal, Quebec, Canada Please

  • Looking good, just waiting for Playstation TV and Vita support.

    Considering it has “TV” in the name, it’s ridiculous it doesn’t support this.

  • Patiently waiting for Canada :)

  • I don’t get why PlayStation pushes this product so hard when it’s not even available to the vast majority of their customers.

  • Cool.

    Now that you have a relationship with ESPN…Can we get WatchESPN on PS4?

    If you had WatchESPN and the PBS app, I could unplug my Roku and just use my PS4 for everything.

  • Huh! Getting Disney-owned properties is a huge win. I guess this means I could theoretically watch Vue programming on my Vita via remote play? Wow.

  • This is a big step for Vue. I never would have believed Disney would allow the ESPN channels on services like these.

  • When can we start paying for the channels we want and not a package plan? I really love this service. But a lot of the channels I don’t watch. Keep up the great work. You guy’s have come a long way.

  • When will PS Vue support come to PS Vita and PS TV?

    And since we are touching the subject, any plans to bring Netflix to the PS TV?

  • I’m very glad that ESPN Deportes will be available as well, now how about Fox Deportes? You know i’d rather watch champions league matches in spanish.

  • Sony will have my money as soon as I get NFL Network.

  • Finally ESPN! my question now is will these be added to Core and others? or will there be a fee? :/

    PS would be great to add latin channels in the future! :)

  • Add netflix,vue and event viewer on vita and easily increase your sales

  • Awesome news!!!

    Can’t wait to here more. Hopefully this will be available Nation Wide, as part of the a la carte offerings.

    Now, as others have said, we just need Vue on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV. Bring the experience to every room of the house, and on the go for a very affordable price, and gain mass expansion of the PlayStation Mobile OS userbase.

    You guys are getting everything in place for PlayStation to own the home and mobile consumer electronics space. Keep up the great work.

  • Good news. But you are still just as bad as the cable companies you compete against. You need to work with them to stop forcing bundles on the consumer. It doesn’t save us money it costs us money. True Ala Carte is the future.

  • I have another question when is PlayStation Vue be available on Xperia devices?

  • I’m curious, I noticed in another article that ABC local won’t be available in Chicago, is this true?

  • Absolutely love that Vue is getting more variety.

    I’d have already been a customer if it were available in my area.

    Sony, help me cut-the-cord and embrace Vue.

  • So happy AT LAST! Disney Channel on Vue? DREAM COME TRUE! Now watching Girl Meets World on my PS3/PS4 is fun than ever. So when will they be added?

  • just bring it to NEW jersey god dammit lol

  • I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth Market. This news is great! Get HBO Now on the PS4, and I’ll happily cut my DirecTV!

  • Get Fox Sports Oklahoma and you’ll have a deal.

  • Heard about this awhile back, can’t wait to hear launch day. Vue is one of the best services i’ve tried. I am glad you’re continuing to add to this great venture.

  • Yes here is the death of cable all I need is a set top box for every room add it to the vita tv

  • Just make it available Nationwide and release the local channels when you are able to.

  • Pls don’t hike up the price let us pick which ESPN channels and Disney like you do with the showtime and other channels

  • Sony make app for Android pls

  • You already have MTV, MTV2, and MTV U. What about MTV Tr3s? Also, you should lower your prices or have an even more basic package at around $20/month (like Sling TV) or a la carte options, maybe at $1 a channel with a minimum of 15 or 20 channels to start with. I would reactivate my PlayStation Vue if something like this were to happen. $50/month is too much. Also, consider offering discounts to subscribers of PS+.

  • So any chance Vue would become nationwide? If you distribute this market by market, where I live I never get to use Vue. :(

  • The minute you launch in Seattle is the minute I sign up :)

  • I don’t get why anybody is excited about this.

    With Directv I get a lot more channels (that I actually watch) like all local channels including PBS and ABC, which this doesn’t have. I get the NBA, NFL, and MLB channels which this doesn’t have, plus my local FoxSports affiliate that shows all local baseball and basketball games. I also already have a whole home dvr setup.

    Vue uses my hardware that I already own (PS4). It uses my internet connection which I already pay a premium price for. Yet somehow they still want to charge basically what I’m already paying with Directv. I would save $10 a month if I had Vue.

    That’s not anywhere near enough savings to even tempt me to switch considering the drawbacks.

    • And, yes, I do realize they’re getting ABC soon.

    • let me guess, 1st year of contract with directv? enjoy the lower price while you still can…

    • @ovyd, no we’ve been with them for 5 years now. My wife just calls back every year and gets the same rate as we had the previous year. It’s about $15 cheaper than the best plan on Vue and we get a lot more channels that I use.

      I’m sure it works for some people. It just seems over-priced considering they’re using all of your equipment, essentially.

    • Ack, I meant $15 more expensive than Vue. :/

    • I moved twice, tried to get Direct TV at each residence. No line of site.

    • I agree with you. If it’s not right for you then don’t switch but we need more options out there. I cannot get DirecTV where I live. Cable TV is my ONLY option. Trust me I have tried everything. I can’t get Verizon FiOs either. This is great alternative for me and I know that I’m not alone. I hope it continues to grow and is around forever.

  • @FootyFumbler, and while you have to call back every year to get that same rate Vue will still be the same price. I would rather have my own equipment fully paid for to use how I want , and not have to rent some box that can be modified with some firmware that may let them remove your dvr content because the content providers want to be jerks and put restrictions on what you do with your box.

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