Dragon Fin Soup Hits PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Tuesday, Free for PS Plus

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Dragon Fin Soup Hits PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Tuesday, Free for PS Plus

Hey, everyone! It’s finally time! After three long years of nonstop development by five indie developers, Dragon Fin Soup is finally ready to be served! For those of you who haven’t heard of Dragon Fin Soup, you can check out our previous PS Blog posts here and here, or just let us give you a refresher :)

Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup is a tactical-action RPG with roguelike elements set in a twisted tongue-in-cheek fairytale world. Inspired by those ingredients, the game features a 2D top-down camera and fluid turn-based movement that allows you to set the pace.

Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world.

Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin SoupDragon Fin Soup

Meet Red Robin, a charming, raging alcoholic bounty hunter who would rather get into a bar fight than deliver baked goods. Players must take up Robin’s blades and set out across Asura — a lushly colorful, fantasy world that sits on the back of an enormous space turtle — on a journey to discover the secrets of her bloody past.

Warning: This game is not for the casual player and can be highly addictive! We really went overboard with Dragon Fin Soup and threw in everything we found fun:

  • Superfluid turn-based tactical combat
  • Raging alcoholic bounty hunter heroine
  • Traces of dark majesty from the original Grimm tales
  • New procedurally-generated world each time you play
  • Mercenaries for hire and awesome pets to collect
  • Over 60+ hours of gameplay in Story, Survival, and Labyrinth modes
  • Gorgeous 2D world, all created by award winning artist Randis Albion

Dragon Fin Soup is the first of what we hope to be many RPGs we create and share with you. With your patronage and support we will continue to expand the world of Dragon Fin Soup and listen to your feedback.

To show our everlasting appreciation, enjoy these HD wallpapers painted by Randis Albion!
You can download them here.

Dragon Fin SoupDragon Fin Soup

We are very excited to finally be launching our baby and hope you enjoy Dragon Fin Soup as much as we enjoyed making it.

If you’re on the fence as to whether Dragon Fin Soup is right for you, have no fear! Here is a candid in-depth gameplay showcase from PAX Rising 2015.

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90 Author Replies

  • Congrats on your game, it looks good. Also, thank you for taking the time to engage with the community here. It shows real passion in your work, and interest in the gamers. Something that is seriously lacking with most other devs/publishers. As well, I think it was a smart move to go the PS+ route. Exposure and guaranteed income over risk.

    But I think i’d be seriously miffed at Sony for how your game is being treated. The PS+ announcement barely mentions your game at all. It’s like here are these two games and oh by the way you can also get these things over here, but they aren’t worth telling you about. Really unprofessional if you ask me. If I didn’t see your post here, I wouldn’t have had any idea what your game was and thought it was a crappy Vita or mobile port.

    Thank you for taking the time here and I hope this leads to greater things.

  • I can’t believe they got Optimus Prime to voice over this trailer!!!!

    • Hehe :D we heard this one before. The narration was done by our dear friend Matt who was also involved in the development on the IT side, we really dig his voice, he should have a radio show :D Sure we could have hired someone but this was our personal choice. The game itself does not have voice overs in dialog, we simply did not have the budget for it as we localized it in 6 languages.

  • Man, I love Rogue and rogue-like games. I still play Rogue on PC and ZHP on my Vita. Can wait to play this. Thank you guys.

  • God that narrator makes my ears bleed in that trailer. Anyway seems interesting.

    • I’m sorry you don’t like the Narrator! It was done by a dear friend who was involved in the development, we like his voice :)

  • this game looks cool :D

  • Probably the best offering for any RPG fan on PS+.

    How difficult was it to bring this to the Vita….even though the Vita is an RPG powerhouse. Happy to see it available on that platform, and preferred to play any RPG on the Vita over console.

    Wonder why Red Riding Hood is teaming up with the Big Bad Wolf…..

    Thanks for bringing this to PS+, would have gladly paid for it if it went for sale under 10.

    Can’t wait for Tuesday.

    • Thank you! For the port we worked with another studio who is specialized on that, it was challenging getting it to run on vita and PS3 as the hardware is older and the RAM/VRAM is very limited.

  • All 3 versions being released same day or not?

    • PS4 and PS Vita first, PS3 will follow shortly (will be included in cross-buy) There was a technical difficulty with the PS3 version, therefor it did not make it on time for release. We are sorry about that

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  • This looks wonderful!

  • Looks a really interesting game. Something I can really get my tactical teeth into. With this and the other big RPG coming out this month it looks like its going to be a good season for games.

  • very interesting looking game you guys got here :) is this running 1080p/60fps on ps4?

    and is the Vita version 60fps/544p (native res)?

    • Thank you!
      yes it will run in 1080p on PS2 and native resolution on Vita, the graphics are pretty highres and will look good on a big screen.

      As for the FPS on vita, depending on how hefty the combat and NPC numbers involved is the FPS may vary but should be within acceptable levels.

  • Best ps plus release in a good while…will definitely play many hours =D

  • Backed this on kickstarter. Felt I got a kick to the nards when you just give it away for free to PS+. I am a subscriber of PS+, and my sub wont end until november 2018. Probably my last kickstarter pledge..

    • We are really sorry about not having been able to let our backers know earlier about the PS Plus. We had to wait for the official announcement. Without your support we would not be here now and the game will reach people who would not normally play this genre. We have plans to compensate our Backers with additional content and thanks to PS plus the game will have more opportunities.

    • By the way, is there a online co-op or competitive element to DFS?

    • No, there is no no online co-op, sorry

  • I can’t believe it’s finally here!!! On PS + too. It’s like Christmas a month early! Congrats on getting the game out, it’s great to see successful Kickstarter campaigns / games make their way onto the consoles they promised. My PS Vita is jumping for joy! hehe!

  • You guys took inspiration from the Turtle isle of the Village of the Cloud?

    • The turtle is inspired by actual mythology, this is how in many cultures the world was believed to look like many years ago,

  • I have PS+ and will definitely be downloading this day one. But somehow, someway, I’ll be throwing money at you. Do you have a paypal?

    OOOH, a soundtrack! BUYING!!

    Thank you so much for making this! It looks amazing and fresh and FUN!!

  • I’m a little confused. Reading some of the developer replies, it sounds like DFS is only going to be on PS+ for a limited time? Just like all other PS+ games? Or is it gonna be something that vanishes from people’s PSN accounts after this “limited time”? Also, I’m a KS backer, how do I get all my in game bonus stuff? And when do the plushies ship?

    • Yes it will be on PS+ for a month and then it will be sold in the store. PS+ games can only be played as long as your PS Plus account is active.
      The backers however will receive different codes that would not expire and you will be able to unlock the KS content.

    • When do we get the codes?

    • We are waiting on the codes from Sony and they will available via Humble Bundle the moment we get them.

  • The game looks really awsome, can´t wait to try it.
    This one game saved the entire PS+ november lineup guys, thank you very much.
    As for the languages whenever you want to localize the game to Brazilian Portuguese I can do it as a contribution for your team.
    You may not know it but here in Brazil there´s a really huge TRPG fan base, not only soccer lovers. xD

  • I enjoyed trying this out last year when you guys showed it at PaxEast, even the buggy Vita build. Looking forward to downloading it tonight and digging into the final version now that it is out. Love to see you guys throw out a PS4 theme, the artwork is really nice and would be fun to have.

  • Well, as a business standpoint it worked putting it on PS+ because now I will try it out as I am usually iffy on RL and RPGs in general. I try everything that gets put on PS+ so I look forward to playing this. You devs seem to really care for the consumer! Thanks for the game!

  • Wow to think its finally out :0 felt like it took forever
    was really excited to see it on ps plus too
    loving it so far

  • IDK about you guys but I have downloaded the ps vita game and it seems that it is missing almost all the string texts…Did you guys uploaded the wrong file??

    • Same problem here.

    • We are very sorry about that, apparently there is some issue with certain regional settings.
      As a temp fix, please go to your system settings in your console and change the system language to english, that should fix the issue. this will be addressed properly in a future patch.

  • Watchout for the link look alike he steals your kills DAMMMMNNNNNNNNN YOUUUUUUUUU RIM!!!!!!!!!

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  • OK. so after being disappointed with how garbage the actual game looks- (it looks a poor man’s version of farmville) I decided to not judge a book by it’s cover and download the game to my Vita.

    The art style that’s featured as the “box art” is pretty amazing and at the same time hugely disappointing when you see how the actual game looks. Why is there such a discrepancy in the art? Ok, whatever. I’m sure you can give some garbage excuse so let’s skip past how bad the game looks.

    The description looks fun, surely the writing for this RPG is something special and something I can get into. Nope. The first 5 minutes are bogged down with some of the most cliched, boring text I’ve ever forced myself to endure.

  • OK FINE! everything can’t be that bad. I just probably expected a lot from that cool box art. This game probably has some fun game play….it’s “whatever” at best. Nothing special or entertaining- after 40 minutes of playing. Lord help the person who tells me I need to play for 10 hours to get used to it or have the game “really open up.”

    This post is not meant to make the developers feel bad, although in some ways they should for that box art not really being representative of the atmosphere and feel of the game, it’s just meant to give my opinion. Very, very poor month for PS+.

  • So far so good !

    Just some issues with the ports : Left pad doesn’t work properly on VITA (it should be used to move but it only aims like the right one and we can only use the d pad to move)

    • We originally had it for mapped for movement but it felt clunky and imprecise when making single diagonal steps so we remapped it. It may change in the future updates.

  • +sobombado86 Apparently the game works if you change the psvita language setting to english. This is bad programming, but lets hope it will be fixed in a later patch.

  • Played this game for two hours before I turned it off and deleted it from my PS4. Mainly because of the horrible UI. It is obviously a port of a PC game and not tailored for a console experience. I have a 46 inch TV and I my eyes hurt from squinting at the item description text. Crafting could be fun but everything takes waaaaaay longer than it should and is obviously built with a mouse in mind. Drag and drop with a controller is not acceptable. The worst was seeing the keyboard hotkeys on my screen for different abilities. I am sorry but my controller does not have a “1” button on it. This really shows the lack of polish that went into the this game.

    • We are sorry to hear about your experience. The drag and drop feature is only mean for manual sorting,
      in order to move items into equipment slots, crafting slots or to buy, sell, eat and discard items you simply have to to use the triangle button on a selected item, this will open a submenu where you can select what to do with it, it is not required to drag it around.
      The numbering of the action slots have no affect on the game, you select them with the shoulder buttons and trigger them with the secondary action button. All controls are documented and explained in the in-game manual.

  • Someone have a “no string” problem on game, all words are gone!!!

    • We are very sorry about that, apparently there is some issue with certain regional settings.
      As a temp fix, please go to your system settings in your console and change the system language to english, that should fix the issue. this will be addressed properly in a future patch.

  • Hi!

    I find this game really fun!
    I’m enjoying so far. I’ve been switching between PS4 and Vita when I’m away.

    A big gripe for me, though, is the text size for both PS4 and Vita. Its so small on the TV that’s its even more so less readable on the vita. The other things such as UI and inventory management , I’ll learn to deal with because I just enjoy this game.

    Will there be a patch that will address readability, maybe increase text size?
    Also, it would be nice to compare stats with your offhand weapon. Perhaps an option to equip to the offhand specifically when pressing triangle can be included to a future patch, if possible?

    Otherwise, would love larger text!

    Thanks for the great game though guys!

    • Thank you!
      Yes of course, we will keep supporting the title and improve it over time based on user feedback!


  • Thanks for all the quick feedbacks Monif, I could play now and it seems really promising so far.
    But just one sugestion,if you could add an option to resize the fonts, anyways keep the good work.
    Congratulations it is beautiful game, getting me hooked!

  • I’m a bit confused. I keeps reading that after the PS+ period it will go on sale. Does that mean if i have it for free through PS+ already, I wont be able to play it anymore without paying for it once the period is over?

  • I was waiting on this one….. but to found out DFS is a R1 R2 only release really makes me sad….. i am actively playing my R3 ID and hope DFS will be release on PSN R3.

    • The game should be available in all regions

    • (i wanna edit my comment above but there isn’t any “edit” button)

      yeah R3 was late……. i downloaded it last night, played for awhile… DFS is great !!!!
      would recommend to any Turn based RPG lover… it’s not your typical RPG… this kinda reminds me of “Alundra” but with a baddass female protagonist.

      i’m having tons of fun playing it.

  • Awesome! Had this one on my radar for awhile now, though I honestly only thought it was for PC. I’m happy to see it on Playstation :D It looks great

    Checked the store.playstation.com page for the price (which really should be linked in PS Blog posts, I must say), and I’m sad to say that $20 is too steep for me at the moment. I’m sure it’s worth it, but dang, October was a brutal month. I picked up big retail games like Dragon Quest Heroes and Tales of Zestiria and I’m loving ’em, and I’m kinda broke still. Gonna wishlist this and pick it up later instead, after I knock some stuff off my backlog!

  • this is such a cool game loving the turn based\(not turn based) feel/flow im a ps+ subscriber so i got it free unreal very happy with, however i have so far 5 friends who do not subscribe to ps+ but after hearing my review are eager to buy it at their first opportunity i imagine they will also spread the word, love the whole background of how you guys developed the game very well done on a splendid title and using ps+ to spread the word i feel will be very effective its already spread to my non ps+ friends so theres a start well done guys

  • Great game but constantly crashes, can only play 5-15 minutes at a time. And no autosave feature means loss of lots of playtime. Freezes the entire ps3! Please fix the glitch!

  • I was just curious if all the patches coming out on the pc version are making their way to the psvita and other consoles, since i just read that the pc version got another patch. (still havent bought the game for that reason.)

  • Help my saved game keeps getting deleted is it just a glitch :(

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