Dragon Fin Soup Hits PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Tuesday, Free for PS Plus

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Dragon Fin Soup Hits PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Tuesday, Free for PS Plus

Hey, everyone! It’s finally time! After three long years of nonstop development by five indie developers, Dragon Fin Soup is finally ready to be served! For those of you who haven’t heard of Dragon Fin Soup, you can check out our previous PS Blog posts here and here, or just let us give you a refresher :)

Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup is a tactical-action RPG with roguelike elements set in a twisted tongue-in-cheek fairytale world. Inspired by those ingredients, the game features a 2D top-down camera and fluid turn-based movement that allows you to set the pace.

Dragon Fin Soup seamlessly blends genres to create a fresh experience: half story-driven tactical RPG and half high-stakes roguelike, with a pinch of crass humor and a heaping helping of murder & madness set in a procedurally generated fantasy world.

Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin SoupDragon Fin Soup

Meet Red Robin, a charming, raging alcoholic bounty hunter who would rather get into a bar fight than deliver baked goods. Players must take up Robin’s blades and set out across Asura — a lushly colorful, fantasy world that sits on the back of an enormous space turtle — on a journey to discover the secrets of her bloody past.

Warning: This game is not for the casual player and can be highly addictive! We really went overboard with Dragon Fin Soup and threw in everything we found fun:

  • Superfluid turn-based tactical combat
  • Raging alcoholic bounty hunter heroine
  • Traces of dark majesty from the original Grimm tales
  • New procedurally-generated world each time you play
  • Mercenaries for hire and awesome pets to collect
  • Over 60+ hours of gameplay in Story, Survival, and Labyrinth modes
  • Gorgeous 2D world, all created by award winning artist Randis Albion

Dragon Fin Soup is the first of what we hope to be many RPGs we create and share with you. With your patronage and support we will continue to expand the world of Dragon Fin Soup and listen to your feedback.

To show our everlasting appreciation, enjoy these HD wallpapers painted by Randis Albion!
You can download them here.

Dragon Fin SoupDragon Fin Soup

We are very excited to finally be launching our baby and hope you enjoy Dragon Fin Soup as much as we enjoyed making it.

If you’re on the fence as to whether Dragon Fin Soup is right for you, have no fear! Here is a candid in-depth gameplay showcase from PAX Rising 2015.

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  • Awesome selections! Have a Moon Cake, Ash!

  • I have a few questions I hope you don’t mind answering! :)

    1) Over 60+ hours of gameplay in Story, Survival, and Labyrinth modes – Does this mean 180+ hours or 60+ combined hours between the three?

    2) Any possible expansions in the future if it does well enough?

    3) Platinum trophy?

    Looks almost alot like Rainbow Moon and I loved that game so this game will be alot of fun. :D

  • I’m not a huge fan of turn-based games. At first glance it looks like a decent free title but, turn-based.. ;(

    • DFS is turn-based, that is true but it does not play the same way as FF tactics or similar titles, it feels more like a real time but it tracks all turns takes so the game-play is fluid :)

  • Are you kidding me? Free on Ps Plus next month on Ps4, PS3, and Ps Vita. This could have been easily a discount game for around 20 to 25 dollars, maybe retail release. This is awesome! This feels like a full game. Is there Cross-Save and PsTV support?

    • How did you come to the decision of this game being free? Seriously! (super happy).

    • Thank you! We decided to go with PS+ because this is a great opportunity to get the word out and people who might not normally buy RL or RPG might get to try it as well. Also even tho the game is for free on PS+, PS+ is not a free service. :D

    • I know I know. Had it since Jan, planning to renew. But still, this is awesome. I have a Vita and Ps4, and even the Ps TV, so I hope this is cross-save and PsTV compatible, or you guys plan to feature them in upcoming patches. Fun question, what will everyone else have to pay to play the game? I think 25 dollars is good.

    • Yeah something in that range, we will announce the price later.
      We will however support cross-buy!

    • I know it is cross buy. But I would love it even more if it is cross-save and PSTV compatible on Vita as well as I have the PsTV in addition to the Vita and Ps4. That would complete this for me, and if not, please add it in future patches, you will make this guy really happy.

      I am just so pumped this month.

    • Yeah, we definitely will keep supporting this game post launch!

    • And I also hope for DLC and new modes to be added as well. Man this just made my month. If this game got a physical release I be all over it.

    • And also if you want to avoid many rage people, make sure the tutorial in the game is good. Just asking lol. I know its not for casual gamers, but we all have to learn to play the game, don’t we.

    • The game has a in-game manual in 6 languages with all the info :)

    • Oh yeah, so I better start reading on it. Fun question, what AAA Publisher would release this game physically for you if you had to choose? I can see Atlus for sure.

      I can tell from your website that it is $17.99 for PC or something. Same here? I am still guessing around 20 to 25 dollar range. Cross-Buy is awesome, and I am glad you guys will care to support the game post launch, and I really do hope that PSTV support and Cross-Save comes.

      BTW, did you heard about the PSTV?

    • $17.99 just for the first month then the price will go up a bit.

    • Okay. This feels like a truly high quality game. Do you think Atlus would approve?

    • We do not know, but we are open to new opportunities. Let’s see how things play out!

    • Thank you so much for making this game free. I will try it for sure. Spread the news.

    • @terminatorx0606 : Damn, man…anything else you want to know? xD

  • I can’t believe this game is out now. I didn’t know that the game is going to be Cross-Buy, how did Grimm Bros. come to that decision. When are the Kickstarter backers getting there copies of the game?

    I so want to play Survival and Labyrinth modes modes.

    • We are super excited as well, finally it is coming out! :D
      Still can’t believe it! We would have very much liked to share all the news with you guys earlier but we could not reveal any info before Sony made the official announcement.
      We decided to go with PS+ because we believe that it help getting the word out and reach people who would not usually go for RPG and RL type of games.
      Just to avoid misunderstandings, the game will be for free only on PS+ for a period of time and even tho it is free, PS+ is not a free service, so people do actually pay for those games.
      No worries guys, this is not a micro-transactions infested free to play app :D

  • Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this ever since the reveal… looks gorgeous and fun!

  • Sounds awesome and it’s FREE! Cant wait to try it out

    • Thank you! Happy to hear that we got you interested :)
      The PS= is a great opportunity to get the word out and reach people who might not have noticed the game otherwise or are not usually buying RPG or RL. This is however bot a free-to-play app with micro-transactions. After the PS+ period it will go on sale.

  • Can’t wait to play this. BTW, will it have a platinum trophy?

  • Platinum Trophy? not that i really care but is a nice plus.
    Anyway can’t wait to play it.

  • Awesome! I’m a huge fan of turn-based RPGs. Looks pretty cool. I’ll give it a go. ;)

  • Any time to release any exclusive dynamic themes for the games. I’m curious about the world of Asura and the characters that inhabit it.

  • Thank you Grimm bros. I anxiously awaiting to play this next week.

  • Great to see this is coming out now! Although it almost makes me regret donating to the SlackerBacker campaign. Almost. Can’t wait to play it!

    • Thank you for supporting the title! Backing the game has helped us creating it and is very appreciated!
      Also this is not a free to play game, it will go on sale after the PS+ period as planned.
      We hope you will have a good time with our game!

  • This game looks really neat and look forward to playing it. But when I see

    “We really went overboard with Dragon Fin Soup and threw in everything we found fun:
    Raging alcoholic bounty hunter heroine”

    As someone who has had close friends and family deal with alcoholism (to the point of being hospitalized) I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing fun about it.

    • it seems that you need a dose of v/neogaf for you lighten up.its a game that makes fun of a simulated character.they are not making fun of your relative dood. take. it. easy!

    • There is indeed nothing fun about alcoholism and we do not empower drinking. Robin has issues, she suffered a horrible past and has her anxieties and nightmares, her drinking habit is a flaw, she is by all means not a flawless character.
      We really hope you will enjoy the game! Thank you for your support!

  • this is the only game im looking forward to this month from ps+

  • Really excited to see this being released, was gonna contact you guys on Twitter since it disappeared for the press. Congratulations on the launch. Happy to see its also cross-buy between PS3/PS Vita!

    • Thank you! Yeah we are also super excited about the release! It has been a while!
      Cross buy includes PS4 as well btw.

  • look interesting will definitely try it.thanks

  • I supported Dragon Fin Soup on Kickstarter and now you guys offer it as a free game for PS+….? This is the only game I have ever used Kickstarter for. I will never use Kickstarter again and am VERY disappointed with you guys for this decision. This is something EA or Bungie would do. Wow, I am not excited for this game anymore.

    • Well you funded the game being made in general.

    • We are very sorry for not have been able to share the news with you guys earlier but we could not make any announcements before the official Sony press release.
      We are very grateful for all the support we received from our backers and by all means this was not a wasted effort, it helped us developing this game!
      To avoid misunderstandings, this is not a free to play title with some weird micro-transactions, the PS+ service is not free, the members pay their fees and after the short PS Plus period the game will go on sale just as planned.
      The reason we decided to go with PS Plus is because we believe it will help us getting the word out and reach more people who would not normally even consider playing a RL RPG.
      The exposure will help as as we are a new studio and not yet well known as this is our first title. The exposure will be good for this game as it will give us more opportunities and means to support it in the future.
      Again, thank you very much for supporting us and we sincerely hope you can understand the reasons and don;t feel disappointed.

    • I feel you man but it’s their decision and although as a fellow backer I kind of feel some backlash with it, at the very least I wish we we’re told ahead of time with a little dev update, specifically stating what they’ve already stated in some of the comment responses here. (More spread and cover for a game that might not be otherwise)

      I’m not sure how much you backed for but I got the game and the OST for cheaper than I would have otherwise so in essence I’m still getting something for it. Like they’ve said PS Plus is a paid service. We backed it so they could have the opportunity to make THEIR game and then do what they think is best for their game.

      I do feel you though but going to have to switch your mindset, kickstarter is like a mini-investment into/for a company and we get some perks with that that no one else has gotten here who just get it with PS Plus.

      I do think a little announcement to the backers prior to this announcement would have been nice. Cheers

    • Well the dev beat me to the response. I understand that you couldn’t say anything to the backers, that makes sense. good luck

    • Yeah, we rally could not say a word about it, our hand were tied. We reaaaallly wanted tho!
      Really sorry guys, but we hope you understand that certain actions are not always in the control of the developer but we hear you and we apologize.

    • Sorry but I’m with Bigsilvs. I backed this game because I believed it to be something different from the stuff that we’re constantly fed and felt they should be supported in their efforts. Now I see everyone with PS+ is going to get the game even if they care nothing for it. a 50% discount would have been acceptable but free? This will also be my first and last Kickstarter project.

    • I don’t get it. Isn’t the whole KS thing a way for people to help developers by FUNDING their projects? =\

      When did it turn into a “I’ll give you money…but ONLY if you give me X” kind of deal? o_O

      I think the problem is not a “wrong” business decision by Grimm Bros…but a lack of COMMON SENSE on your part.

      If you donated 20 bucks to a charity you have NO RIGHT to demand ANYTHING from it. That’s why it’s called DONATION (and yes, I know we’re not talking about a donation per se here…but to my knowledge that’s basically the idea behind KS).

    • As someone who didn’t even know about this, your donation helped this game get made. Your donation is why I’m able to get this for PS+, or even play it to begin with. And for that, your donation is much appreciated by people like me.

      As someone who donated to the Amplitude kickstarter, I won’t mind if they decide to put it on PS+. If it helps them create more Amplitude-like games, I’ll be a happy camper.

  • Genuinely excited for this one! Can’t wait t play it!

  • This really looks awesome and something I can sink time into. Thanks for bringing it to Vita and offering it for PS+! I look forward to playing it.

  • I can’t help but feel somewhat miffed by Dragon Fin Soup being free on PS+, as I was a kickstarter backer with plans of getting the PS4 version. I’m glad to have helped the game out to some degree, but this move undermines the whole rewards part of kickstarting. At least I’ll actually own it irrespective of my PS+ subscription I guess.

    • We appreciate the support of our backers a lot, this helped us developing the title. being on PS Plus it means not that this game is a free to play app with micro-transactions or anything like that, also the PS+ service is not free.
      The reason we decided to go with PS plus is to get the word out, we believe the game will benefit from it as it will reach players who might not buy this sort of game. As a small indie with a first title on the market we can use all exposure we can get.
      After the PS+ period the game goes on sale just as planned.
      We just wish we were able to let our backers know earlier but we could not release any info before the official announcement from Sony. We are grateful for your support and hope you will enjoy the game!

  • Great news! I’m so glad you guys decided to release with PS+, otherwise, I wouldn’t have had a chance to play it until sometime next year. It’s that holiday rush time. I’m also glad to hear that there will be post launch support! I can’t wait to dive into this beautiful world and discover it’s dark and dirty secrets. I LOVE dark fairy tales (sure I loved the Disney ones growing up, but now I like a more “Grimm” outlook on my favorite old stories).

    Last but CERTAINLY NOT least… THANK YOU a MILLION for continuing to support the Vita. I love my handheld and this is the PERFECT type of game to play on it. Half the other indies I’d been following have dropped Vita support since Sony did so themselves. I will most certainly axe something off my Vita memory card for your game! Hmm, that in mind I hope it isn’t a massive download :/ those Vita memory cards are atrocious! Either way, day one download!

  • I’m dying to start to play right now!!

  • I have to be honest, this was a bad decision. I was going to be buying this game within the first week. That’s lost revenue right there. ;) But in all seriousness, I’ve been super excited for this game for a long time, and I can’t believe I get it without paying anything more than my PS+ subscription. Thanks, and I look forward to many more Grimm RPGs in the future.

    • Thank you! We know… but as a new studio with a first title that isn’t exactly main stream we believe that we can really use any exposure we can get and this will help us getting the word out and reach more people, especially people who might not even be interested in this type of game otherwise. Also there are other platforms and the game will be ported to even more.
      We hope you will enjoy the game! Cheers!

  • The development of this game got my attention last year when it was announced here in the Blog and of course the first thing that I really liked was Red Robin!!

    Now it is a wonderful surprise that after so long I finally hear again about this game and I’ll be getting it next Tuesday with my PS Plus subscription!! you guys rock!!!

    I’m normally not into these type of games but I’ll give it a try because I can see the hard work you guys put in this game. Thanks again!!

  • I realize this isn’t uber important in the grand scheme of things, but I can’t see to get the HD wallpaper link to work. I adore the art for this game and I want to plaster it everywhere! I’ll be looking forward to a possible PS4 theme :P

  • This game is inspired by SNES RPG games ,eh?

  • I backed this project on kickstarter and am happy to see it come to fruition.

    I am a bit upset that the tiers where people on kickstarter paid in advance for a copy of the game to help it’s development get the same rewards as those who pay a monthly fee to go online on their PS4. (yes PS+ is a paid service but it’s more or less a mandatory one since you cannot play online without it.)

    I probably wouldn’t back another project by this team but I hope the game is a lot of fun.

    • We are very grateful for your support and we hear you. We truly are sorry for not being able to share this news earlier with our backers, we had to wait until the official announcements before we could release any related info or release dates.
      We appreciate all the support from our backers and as we clearly stated in out KS campaign, the KS was by no means meant as pre-sales. All money went into development and without the help we would not be here today so no penny was wasted.
      The reason we went with PS + is because we believe that this will be good for this game as it will gain more exposure and reach gamer who normally would not buy this sort of genre. PS+ members will get the game but they will not receive any of the rewards reserved for our backers that come with all the tiers.

      DFS is not a mainstream title and as a new studio we really need to get the word out there. This is a choice between revenue and exposure and in the long run we rally want to be able to keep supporting this title.
      After the PS+ period the game will be on sales as planned.
      We hope you can understand our reasons and not be upset with us.
      Again, thank you for supporting us! We mean it.

    • I thought the same thing with Stealth Inc, though not as a Kickstarter.
      But the company also sells the games on sale quite regularly, if they aren’t giving it away free.
      Just picked up Mark of the Ninja on Steam for less than $3 bucks.

      I was mad at first, but realized that it is the kind of business, that has shown more care about players playing than holding out with a firm price tag.
      And one worth supporting.

      Not sure if this company is any different, but something to keep in mind and feel good about.
      There maybe a few kids out there happy you did.

    • @Rezolution77
      You are talking about Curve Studios. Their games tend to be on sale a lot and eventually end up on ps+. However may I ask? How is that “Just picked up Mark of the Ninja on Steam for less than $3 bucks.” comment relevant? It’s like you threw it in there randomly :/

    • 1. Why would you even need to bother me with a question like that?

      2. Look it up. Pretty sure Curve has ties to Mark of the Ninja, but anyway, thanks for your worry.

    • @Rezolution77
      No they don’t. That’s why I was confused. Also yeah that “Just picked up Mark of the Ninja on Steam for less than $3 bucks.” is really irrelevant here since this is psn, not steam.

  • Is the levels in story mode procedurally-generated? What´s the roguelike aspect in this game? I´m not much a fan of roguelike games. I hope that is not you dying and having to start from the beginning.

    • The story mode has two different options, playing the game in normal mode you can save and when you die you can continue from last save just as in any other RPG. Permanent death is only in the hardcore mode.

  • Glad it’s finally here. Now just need my backer loot! 3 q’s: is Morgiana available from the start? Will she have an alt (at launch or as an update)? Will Robins alt be available from the start?

    • Morgiana will need to be unlocked in gameplay then she will be accessible as a playable character. Robins alt is an outfit she automatically changes at some point in story but i do not want to spoiler it. in the other 2 modes she can be unlocked as a playble character along with some other characters.

  • Congrats the game looks great. Thanks for bringing it to the PS4! Good luck on your success.

  • What languages ​​are available in the game?

  • Between the art and “tactical-action RPG/Rogue like ” in the description, this looks awesome. I’m looking forward to playing it.

  • Well then! Nice! Backed this on Kickstarter and was trying to decide if I wanted PC or Ps4 version… problem solved! I will have it EVERYWHERE! Mwuahaha! (Congrats on the launch and the wider audience, folks! Looking forward to playing!)

  • Been awhile since I heard about this one coming out.
    Will only be waiting about as long, for the price to drop, to a price much more reasonable.

    Good luck with your game. It is still a nice addition for Vita.

  • Sweet! This game looks very interesting, I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for bringing it to PlayStation Plus! And an extra-big THANK-YOU for supporting the PS3 and PS VITA, so many games are ignorantly dropping off those systems and going PS4-only, they are missing out on many players who can’t afford a new PS4. This game might help bridge the long gap between Rainbow Moon and Rainbow Skies :)

  • OMFG i have been following this game forever . I even know how it got its name a tasty broth i cant wait to drink from its like if ff tatics got hit by a truck and was reconstructed into a dragon lol with a platinum free with ps+ and fluid combat i would of paid 29.99 or even 49.99 for this game pets fishing depth of the story crafting and a old rpg style awwwwwwwwwwwwww Fluck yeahhhhhh thank so much and playstation after all those crappy line ups you are now forgiven playstation and super duper ash i intimatly love you both

  • As an old-school gamer who grew up with Atari, NES and Final Fantasy games (from the very first one), I’m looking forward to this.
    Nice to see something new and different. Sorry I missed the Kickstarter, I would have gladly backed it.
    Since I don’t have much time to waste these days, how much grinding or repetition is there? Can we progress through the game naturally without having to stop and grind to level up? What’s the average time range for completing just the story mode?
    And since I’ll be playing this on my Vita, any idea what the download file size will be? I need to clear some space on the memory card.
    Thanks and cheers on the game release!

    • Thank you! I do not want to spoiler too much but you can play it without grinding, it accommodates different play styles. cheers!

    • Thanks Ash! About how long does it take to finish the story mode? Any idea how big the Vita download file size is?

  • I haven’t download any PS4 Free Plus games since I subscribe to PS Plus in Augusta. But I’m happy to say this will be my first.

  • Hi Just a question It was mentioned that the PS3 version will release later when its available, so when would that be? Congrats on your launch and don’t listen to the haters just because you are releasing on PS+ , I have a Vita and PS3 so I can wait for the PS3 while I cook a delicious Dragon Fin Soup on my VITA!!!!!!

    • The PS3 should follow soon but we do not have an exact date yet, there was some trouble shooting needed during the submission process, therefor there was a delay. We are sorry about that!

  • Always happy to see a T-rpg released. Somehow didn’t hear about the game during the kickstarter campain so it is was a very pleasant discovery on this announcement. Looking forward playing it !

    Also, pretty impressive for a 5 people team to handle that project with multiple languages and plateforms :o

    • Thank you! We did our best given the resources we had, we enjoyed making this game a lot and hope you will enjoy playing it.

  • Whoa… this game came out of nowhere to me at least. This looks fantastic… and it’s free on PS Plus next month?!

    You guys are crazy. Thank you. :)

  • I can wait so no worries you are awesome and good luck!!!

  • Looks like I’ll have to start bringing my Vita on my commute to work again! This looks like it’ll suit me well on the bus and subway!

  • I was so glad to see the positive vibes here, I couldn’t resist adding my own. I’m glad to see this on Vita and PS+ and I look forward to playing it.

  • i was annoyed with me2 being in the igc this month sorta happy about bg&e but this kinda makes up for the lackluster games the past few months, love tac/rpg’s

  • Ok you guys are way too generous by giving this out like this, but man is iit ever apperciated! I’d been willing to have played 25-30$ easily for it, especially with the 60+ hour playtime.

    II just love this type of games!

    Strategy rpg is an instant buy from me, butthen you just had to butter me up with the brothers Grimm style fairytales and collectables in game that appeals to my hoarder odc/completionist sensibilities.

    You guys are killing me!

    This must be how poor Hansel must have felt when he stumbled upon a certain house in a forest lol.

    Regardless, I’m happy to take you guys up on this generous offer and say that you guys just sprinted to the top of mine devs to track and watch list (not in a stalkerish sense, of course!).

    • Thank you!
      We decided to go with it as we are a new Team and this is our first title, it will help us getting the word out, especially since this is not a mainstream game. We will release on other platforms as well.

  • Really interesting game…I knew nothing about. xD

    I’m really glad you guys (Dev Team) decided to go with a cross-platform approach. You have my respect for that. =)

    I’m intrigued by it, so if it looks good after launch, I’ll probably end up buying it.

    I’m not paying for PS Minus just to be able to play it… >_>

    • And I urge anyone SERIOUS about this game to THINK before going all crazy with the “free? downloading right now!” type of mindset: this is a LOOOONG game, and no matter what Mr. Monif says…it WILL be a grind-fest for sure (otherwise it will be a crappy TRPG).

      So don’t fall for the Sony trap: if you’re REALLY interested in this game…BUY IT (now…or wait till December for a Sale). If you go the “free” route YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BUY IT. As in never (and yeah, I know there is a way to do it…but is really a hassle for most people).
      So the minute you drop PS+ you will LOSE IT. And again: this is not Rocket League, a 100% casual game that you can say “meh, I can’t play it again? whatever”. If you’re just in the middle of it…and you can’t play anymore after putting 40+ hours of your life into it…you will kick yourself in the nuts. =P

      So unless you’re a lil’ kid, able to play 12 hours a day…or a “I’ll check this one out, but I’ll probably never play it for real” kind of player… BUY IT.

      Besides…this is a new development studio…they NEED people to BUY their games to be able to keep doing them. ;)

    • Three points.

      One: with everything they’ve said about this game, it’s easily worth 50$, you’d not regret subscribing on top of the other benefits it comes with.

      Second: any game you have through ps plps4 for free does not instantly erase off your hdd and all its save data. You’re just locked out until you resub with all its data intact along with the save data. So you needn’t worry about that.

      Third: as someone whose been a ps plus subscriber 3 weeks after it was released for the ps3, I didn’t have any reason to not resubscribe in all those years and neither would you I suspect.

      Bonus point: please explain this trap you mentioned at the top of your post.

    • Thank you your support! :) I hope you will like the game!

    • @Realsvi :

      1) PS+ sucks atm…so $50 is too much for a crappy service. And unless you’re a PS4 owner there’s almost ZERO incentives to subscribe. There’s no “other benefits it comes with”.

      2) I never said the game was going to magically disappear from anyone’s HDD. What I said was that once you download a PS+ game you won’t be able to buy it in the future (as in “I wanna have this game forever”).
      So the only way to keep playing it would be to pay Sony for another sub…or go through a lot of needless hassle. And again: PS+ SUCKS.

    • @Realsvi (cont.) :

      3) I was a happy subscriber for almost 4 YEARS (since August 24, 2010…less than 2 months after launch)…and I finally let my sub die on May 2014 because of how AWFUL the service became after the whole mandatory stuff (thanks to the PS4).
      I did not regretted my decision ONE DAY. =)
      PS+ was bad back then…it’s almost PURE GARBAGE now. Again: only PS4 owners keep subscribing to it because…they have no choice.
      So you can have all the reasons you want for subscribing year after year. I can’t find ONE. :-|

      Bonus: seeing how you feel completely different than me about Sony and/or PS+ I honestly don’t think there’s any reason for me to try to explain the “trap” thing. It will only unleash a blind argument of “Sony is great” Vs. “Sony sucks”. Something completely irrelevant to this post and my original comment.

      Good day to you & Good luck. ;)

    • @Orpheus_Aeons
      ps+ is an amazing service. Yes I’ll agree that it would have been awesome if they gave out games like fallout 4 and mgsV every month or have $1 sales for + members every week but let’s be realistic here shall we? $50 a year means about $4 per month. for $4 per month you are getting six games costing way, way more than that. Also instead of looking at the games and hating them you could at least try them out can’t you? But no, most people would go like “indies! f**k ps+! I’m shifting to xbox/nintendo/steam” and other such nonsense. Lastly I find it silly that people keep begging for AAA game and they go like “any AAA games will do” It’s as if they think indies aren’t games at all or the fact that if a game doesn’t have millions of dollars of budget then it shouldn’t be categorized as such.

      Seeing how you feel completely different than me about Sony and/or PS+ I honestly don’t think there’s any reason for me to try to explain the benefits. It will only unleash blind statements the likes of “Sony sucks” or “ps+(or ps- as you put it) sucks”.
      Good day to you & Good luck. ;)

    • @alv_101argand : Your reply was almost entirely IRRELEVANT to any of my previous comments. o_O

      It was as if you just thought “hey, this is a nice chance to show how much I love PS+”…and decided to go on a rampage making things up just to illustrate your point

      So…yup, whatever. *sigh*

      PS: Thank you though…for confirming my statement about “only PS4 owners…”.

    • @Orpheus_Aeons
      Really? How so? You said ps+ sucks and even gone on to label it as ps-. So how is my comment irrelevant when I pointed out the great value ps+ offers for the cheap price of only $50.

  • I do not care that its and indie. I love RPGs and I will love this! Thank you for sharing!

  • This looks so much better the than November games !
    I’m not as upset now

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