Mix, Match, and Mutate in Rocket League This November

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Mix, Match, and Mutate in Rocket League This November

Change is coming to Rocket League! It is an absolute certainty!

Longtime Psyonix fans already know that Rocket League’s origins are firmly rooted in the modes and mods of Unreal Tournament and its beloved sequels, and we’ve never forgotten that; Which is why we’re celebrating our UT heritage by unleashing a new, 100% FREE, update this November that allows players to “Mutate” their matches with a multitude of cool Presets and Custom settings!

Want to play low-gravity “Moonball” with extra boost? It’s possible! Want to relive classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars game modes like “Cubic” and “Time Warp?” You can!

Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to find your favorite gameplay combinations in just a few short weeks from now when Mutators invade Rocket League! Once they arrive, you’ll be able to create new Custom Matches with the rules and settings made especially from your tastes, while our sweet “Mutator Mashup” playlist allows you to enjoy pre-determined weirdo matches in public games like you’ve never seen them before.

Want even more details about how Mutators work? Tune into our official Twitch channel — http://www.twitch.tv/RocketLeague, tomorrow, October 29, at 5pm Eastern/ 2pm Pacific, as we go in-depth with our new Mutator modes, or check back with us on again on Reddit, November 3 at 4pm ET, for an AMA you won’t soon forget!

Rocket League: Mutators

Rocket League: MutatorsRocket League: Mutators

Don’t miss the broadcast, AMA, and the free update itself in the next couple of weeks.

Looking forward to the reactions!

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21 Author Replies

  • I can’t wait!

  • You guys are the best developer.


    You really care about your community, you’ve made an amazing game, and you keep it flowing with updates, cars, maps, and now this.

    Thank you Psyonix. You have my loyalty.

  • BEYOND, Jeremy!

  • Love ya Psyonix! Never fail to impress!

  • Rocket League is worth every. single. damn. penny. of its asking price ($19.99 on both PS Store and Steam, last I checked). Seriously.

    If my copy suddenly disappeared and Psyonix decided to raise its price to AAA-game levels ($60+), I’d pull the trigger without hesitation.

    The game is THAT good. It’s THAT much fun. It’s no mistake that Rocket League has earned more of my precious hours in the past couple months than ALL OTHER GAMES COMBINED FOR THE PAST YEAR. Frankly, Rocket League reinvigorated my passion for gaming!

    Sorry for the long and relatively intense reply. I just really wanted to drive home how awesome and worth your money Rocket League truly is. Rest assured that your hard-earned money is going to a developer that really cares about their product and community.

  • Wooow and it was already an awesome game!! and now this :O

  • I downloaded this game ONLY because it was free for ps+ users and to be honest wasn’t expecting much. With that being said it is now hands down the surprise hit of the year for me. I felt so bad about getting it for free afterwards because of how much time I spent playing it that I bought it on steam for my son and I.About four months later and 100’s of hours in game, I still play this game every day. Kudos Psyonix, you have really hit the sweet spot on this and I really look forward to what you have in store. Thank you!

  • This is Brilliant :D The game is returning to its SARPBC roots this is gonna be so much fun :D great job psyonix you the best

  • Amazing Update ! :D
    my wishlists for upcoming updates :
    1- 5v5 (I think 4v4 isn’t filling up the map yet)
    2- Addons in replay mode (maybe make a community custom addons, where like other people make addons for the replay mode, such as effects/slow-mo/camera markers for each frame/in-game fans makes a tifo, and so on
    3- community customs (where the community makes custom cars/decals/wheels/rocket trail/toppers/antennas
    I really really wish that you guys make the list above possible ! :D

  • Is there a release date for this? If not will it be late or early November?

  • always so glad to know that there is always an amazing company keeping up with their fans and adding awesome new features whether it be new cars like the back to the future car or adding wild new game modes this game has been one of my favorates since it came to playstation 4 I even bought the first DLC and the time machine DLC because you guys deserve the extra money for all the little things you give us :)

  • This is by far the best supported dlc game I’ve seen. Where most games like Destiny force you to spend $35-40 every time just to be able to enjoy their game, this one is a much cheeper and valuable alternative. Plus, you even balance it out with FREE UPDATES like this, that completely alter and improve the interaction. Amazing, keep it up!

  • I wonder if there are any new trophies or types of goals for the ice hockey update. Can someone let me know?

  • With this update I’m hoping we can change the weather and time of the map instead of having a different variant of a map

  • Rocket League is the game of the year, hands down! Awesome stuff right here!

  • Cant wait for the update lets goooooooooo

  • The game of the year just keeps getting better..

  • I absolutely love this game and hats off to the devs with your agile deployments. My friends and I have been investing in all the new big studio franchise games but we always gravitate back to Rocket League. Keep up the great work. Love everything you have done to date.

    Would love to see improvements on the ranked games. Love to see some that resembles a season with playoffs etc (multiplayer). I’m sure you will get there. Again congrats to all you have done.

  • Lol. Just rewatched the video and saw “time warp” mutator. Not sure what that is but I was joking with my friends this past week as I was flying around in my delorean and making accidental goals for the other team. I said I wish I could use this delorean and go back in time to correct that bad goal. Maybe now I can ;)

  • This looks Sick! Can’t wait to get the update! Hope you guys add some more great DLC packs, as I’ve bought all so far! The multiplayer is going to be a lot more fun with my friends. Also any way you could add a 5v5 or 6v6 game mode so people in a big party don’t have to always to a private match?

  • I think they should add a gamemode that has 4 to 8 players. Like 1v1v1v1 or 2v2v2v2 with 4 goals for each player/2 players. This is just an idea i thought about!

  • I’ve always wondered if you guys took ideas from players. I am currently a student at digipen institute of technology and during some of my classes thought up a possible gametype. if you guys do take ideas then mine is rocket league ping pong or volley ball. the goal is to hit the other teams side of the field before they can hit it back, obviously.

  • Best Birthday gift ever. I love November even more now! Keep up the excellent work!

  • I got Rocket League for free on Playstation Plus, and boy am I glad I did! It quickly became one of my favorite games on the platform, and it seems to just get better and better! I’ve bought all the dlc, and I will continue to do so as this game just gets more and more amazing with everything you release. My friends and I even have Rocket League tournaments every weekend!

  • I’ve been playing this game from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars and absolutely love it. Can’t wait for the updates and trying the new features.

    Hopefully in the future we could have a pvp league as that would just boost it even more and something to aim for. Top of the league!

    Good job to the staffs of Rocket league

  • This is awesome news. Rocket League is one of the best games I’ve played. Totally addictive! It also has one of the best communities, everyone I play with seems so nice! Keep up the good work and thanks for giving us this game free. I have bough all car packs to show my support! Loved the Back To The Future one!

  • Great Game! I love playing this with my son. 2v2 is our best game, but when you get a team of 4 together…..very fun. Looking forward to the update in Nov. Keep up the great job!!!!!

  • For Christmas you should have the ball be a present that has to be unwrapped before you can score, hitting the ball numerous times would make it unwrap. BTW, your music is the best out there!!!!! You guys Rock!!!!!!!!!

    • Yes I would like to see a Christmas theme. With a big ass Christmas tree in the middle. The ball be an ornamate, cubic can present ;)

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  • DUDE, this is gonna be freaking INSANE!

  • What a stupid comment from the developer:

    + Jeremy Dunham on October 28th, 2015 at 11:38 am said:
    Not in the plans, but you could pretend it was on Vita and go with RemotePlay. =D

    And if someone doesn’t have a PS4? Better think before writing and making stupid jokes!

    • Really dude? These guys provide you with one of the best games conceived, free DLC and their kindness and all your sorry a** can do is provide them with your negativity?

      Come on man, try and be positive during your day and stop being a negative nancy. But then again this is the internet, and you may be just another troll who’s livelihood depends on the internet’s ability to recognize your comment (in which case, I am here to aid you with a little recognition).

    • Because your asking a game to be on the vitato be honest. The vita wouldn’t be able to handle this. :/

  • The updates look outstanding.

    I have an additional very important inquiry.

    Any chance that there will be a mode where I (ps4) can create a private match with my brother (PC) where we can actually matchmake with everyone else out there?

    It’s sad to say that we don’t play together much any more because we don’t want to be stuck playing with a bunch of bots.

    Please and thanks!

    • Cross-platform partying is not something we have planned for the near future.

      We do, however, have a bit of a way around this — One of you can make a private match and name it/ password protect it and tell the people you want to play with you the name and/or password to get into the room.

      Obviously, that doesn’t let you go into general matchmaking together, but it would allow you to play with your brother against opponents.

      Hope that helps.

  • Hey, jeremey. I’ve been playing rocket league for a bit now, and love the game! I got it about like 5 hours after it came out, and I got suggested by a friend. It was the first sports game I actually liked. Now, would you be able to add a improved season mode? What I mean is: Add a Draft/Add Car Customization to Season (Team Colors)/Add more team customization/Add some more characters! (Teamates) and one more thing: Maybe add Logo Customization? What I mean is: You really don’t have to add all of this stuff, what I want the most is the draft, basically. Love you Psyonix! Keep up the good work! <3

  • This may be a silly idea, but how neat would it be to have aerial platforms and a taller stadium?? Could be some interesting fun there. Love the game, by the way. Most played game I think I own haha.

  • I’ve taken few months off from PS4, and totally forgot about this great game. I bought the first DLC, looks like I need to dust off the console and buy couple more and get back into it! You guys are awesome!

    JUST WATCHED THE STREAM AND THIS HAS TO DO WITH THE ice HOCKEY.. Whoops caps.. It looks amazing. In the stream you guys are leaning towards seasonal. If so, think about making this a ranked 1 month hockey extravaganza. And think about a separate stat board and maybe some kind of embelem showing their “Ice Hockey” rank. It’s not needed, but having a seasonal only once a year :/) exhibition non ranked seems like it wouldn’t be as much fun
    . thanks for listening.

  • I love your game. It is simple and enjoyable!
    Delorean is an amazing car and I really want to thank you for that.
    I was thinking and possibilities in this game and I came to an idea, how about the creation of teams of more players, like a real soccer game with 11 cars or a few less, when people get to play in positions like keeper or defenders with more abilities than others in each position and of course, on a bigger stadium. It will be like guilds (teams). You guys could make tournments with unique prizes like rims or rockets, even exclusive cars… Well… just thinking…

  • Wish for Ranked Play.

    It would be nice if your ranked play could be part of your team instead of individual. For example create a team and as long as I play with the same 2 or 3 friends as party of the team are team is ranked. If I play with other people on part of a different team that team is ranked differently.

  • A game I feel guilty not paying for. I will buy any dlc that comes out from you guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Looks really interesting – thanks for the live stream. Was hoping for time warp footage but I’ll search for it in SARPBC.

    wrt hockey I’d like to see less tyre grip on the ice. You could place snow more strategically that has more grip. If you do make it seasonal, don’t forget about Winter in the southern hemisphere.

    Would partnering with rocket-league.com assist with a central player base for cross-platform party mode? Or what if you could use the room name and password to create a party with a couple of friends that then allows you to join public playlists? It would be very handy as many of my mates are on the free PS4 version, and it’s not easy to organise enough players for a full match.

  • You will have this version for computer?

  • Any chance of during match finding being able to select a ‘no forfeit’ option? It gets very frustrating when your team mate leaves 10 seconds into the game just because the other team has already scored. Also being able to mute certain players in chat would be good. Thanks. Awesome addictive game :D

  • Legit would have payed for this as DLC no problem. Love you Psyonix!!!

  • What song is playing in the trailer? It’s amazing

  • I love what you’re doing for the game.

    I have just one question for you : how long do you think you’re going to release new stuff for the game ? Have you already planned new things for 2016 ? :)

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