Mix, Match, and Mutate in Rocket League This November

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Mix, Match, and Mutate in Rocket League This November

Change is coming to Rocket League! It is an absolute certainty!

Longtime Psyonix fans already know that Rocket League’s origins are firmly rooted in the modes and mods of Unreal Tournament and its beloved sequels, and we’ve never forgotten that; Which is why we’re celebrating our UT heritage by unleashing a new, 100% FREE, update this November that allows players to “Mutate” their matches with a multitude of cool Presets and Custom settings!

Want to play low-gravity “Moonball” with extra boost? It’s possible! Want to relive classic Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars game modes like “Cubic” and “Time Warp?” You can!

Whatever your preference, you’ll be able to find your favorite gameplay combinations in just a few short weeks from now when Mutators invade Rocket League! Once they arrive, you’ll be able to create new Custom Matches with the rules and settings made especially from your tastes, while our sweet “Mutator Mashup” playlist allows you to enjoy pre-determined weirdo matches in public games like you’ve never seen them before.

Want even more details about how Mutators work? Tune into our official Twitch channel — http://www.twitch.tv/RocketLeague, tomorrow, October 29, at 5pm Eastern/ 2pm Pacific, as we go in-depth with our new Mutator modes, or check back with us on again on Reddit, November 3 at 4pm ET, for an AMA you won’t soon forget!

Rocket League: Mutators

Rocket League: MutatorsRocket League: Mutators

Don’t miss the broadcast, AMA, and the free update itself in the next couple of weeks.

Looking forward to the reactions!

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  • First!!! and to say, this is just AWESOME!!!!

    • Thank you. It’s a secret we’re glad to finally share.

      The crazy thing is, we still have other stuff coming before the year is through that we hope everyone is going to like. :)

    • Awesome yes

    • I cant wait for the update

    • Love the game, and like others awesome job, never played previous game, gutted I didn’t. I’ll always buy the dlc. A thought, a neat idea for a car would maybe let the community vote on a car and you make a version of it :). Like an AC Cobra or Ferrari F40 or something. That would be mad, still loving the DeLorean. Keep it up!

    • Awesome game to me this far my favorite PS4 game to date. And to reiterate like others your dlc and updates by far the best in the industry. Have yet to buy the car packs but will soon!!! Thanks again for the awesome experiences!

    • This is what us beta player have been hoping for! But where is the demolition derby game play?

    • soon can ps4 players play with steam player invite System Are there plans for this? and thank you for this Amazing update !!

  • I must say I love your game and you guys are really supporting the game the way it should be.!!
    Rocket league all the way.!!

    • We appreciate that. Our whole philosophy behind the ongoing support is to add the things we think make the most sense for the game as we go along. We it to continue to grow, get better, and become more fun the more you play.

  • Holy wow! This is kinda awesome! Can’t wait to play it :)

  • Psyonix: This is the best game on PS4! (Truth, not opinion ;) Add me, Psyonix!

  • That trailer was rather neat but then the mode teased for December absolutely blew me away. I’m already amped for ice hockey mode.

  • Looks great guys. love that you are introducing the new modes/settings. The ice rink could be well fun. Are ye looking into abstract pitches/arenas? They were great fun in SARPBC. Anyway keep up the awesome work. I will be jumping back in to Rocket League over the weekend for some rocket car madness!

    • Our next Arena will be different than the ones we’ve released before it. We’ll have more info on that sometime in November.

  • Make the game free again for playstation+ players please!!

  • Just texted all my friends the great news! Awesome game, now awesome support! Free and in my opinion cooler than aesthetics.


  • Wonderful post launch game support, going above and beyond.
    Keeps me playing, and wanting to support via DLC, and I almost NEVER buy DLC. Good job ^^
    Can’t wait for hockey puck ^^

  • Thank you. You do know how to treat your fan base with a mix of cool DLC and free updates unlike some other developer who does a “free” event hiding overpriced microtransactions… Anyways, thank you again! Keep up the good work and being so nice to the community. You have my support. Btw loving the Delorian dlc, bought it as soon as I woke up that day.

  • This is exactly the kind of thing the game needs to keep having replay-ability for months and years to come. 4 player offline/online and now customization to custom games -This is the definitive split screen experience on ps4.

  • OMG! I love your game so much! And now you are releasing more awsome stuff! Thats so amazing! I cant wait to finally play it!
    There is only 1 thing that would be more awsome…abstract maps…I hope it so much that there are coming some new maps to the game!

    You have created the best game i ever played!


    • You’ll see at least one new map this year (non-traditional format), but we’ll have that announcement sometime in November.

  • I must say what you guys are doing to this game is nothing short of brilliant to see and play.
    A lot of big developers could really learn a thing or 2 from you guys on how to keep a game fun and refreshing.

    Thanks so much for this awesome game and continuous epic updates!

  • Are you sure you don’t want some money for the update? ‘Cause I’ll gladly give you the money! Tell you what, just put out more paid DLC at a later time and I will buy that… Too good not to give some back!

    • Thanks, but this update is all free. We’ll have more DLC to choose from eventually if you’d like to hook us up, but this one is on us!


  • This is completely awesome! I’ve been a fan since the beginning, even during the twitter campaign to bring RL to PS4. Just so cool to see the support you guys have put forth.

    Any plans to add a multiplayer season feature where its PvE? I love the season but would love it even more if I could team up with 1-2 friends to take on the bots.

    • No immediate plans to add a PVE Season Mode at the moment, but that doesn’t meant that it couldn’t happen eventually.

      We’re working on quite a number of additional things for December/ January/ beyond (BEYOND!), so those near-future items are the priority, but we’re in this for the long haul, so we’ll been keeping an eye out for features/ functionality that the players want after that.

  • looks really fun. is this going to have any kind of matchmaking, or will I have to gather enough friends to play a custom match :(?

    • oh my bad. didn’t read it all. hurray for playlist

    • We’re going to have a public playlist called “Mutator Mashup” that cycles through various pre-selected game-types (like the ones you see in the trailer — Moonball, Beach Ball, etc.), but if you want to fine-tune the specifics behind one of your games — that would be handled via custom private matches.

      We’ll be expanding the options for Mutators over time, as well.

      Hope that clarifies things!

  • Would you guys ever considering selling a season pass? I’d rather buy the whole thing then adding things individually every couple months.

    • At first we didn’t, because we don’t like the idea of selling a pass to content that we’re not even sure what it is yet, but now that we’ve had quite a bit of DLC and plan more, we may consider it. We’ll see what the demand for it’s like.

    • I like the model of dlc and pricing Psyonix is delivering. It’s never disingenuous, you only pay for what you want and you know exactly what you are getting. With season passes you often don’t know what your buying, and I don’t like that. However a dlc bundled at a discount would be cool

  • Very cool! I love the effort you guys are putting in the game, you truly are one of the most competent companies when it comes to listening to your player base.

    That being said, with the ability to do all of these mutations will the training be updated at all?
    I would love to be able to set up shots in a free play mode where I can reset it as much as I want and have the ball launched exactly where I want it to go.

    • Thanks!

      And the Mutator update won’t include a training update. We’ll hang back and see what people like/ don’t play/ need help with and go from there.

    • Thanks for replying Jeremy, what I was thinking was more of a revamped training. Not just geared towards mutations but being able to set up cannons in a way where we can make our own “ariel training” or “wall shot” training. I think it would be a huge help if we could have a cannon shoot up the corner wall and practice aerials from there because it’s so common.

  • Yes! My friends an I have been talking about this being one of our most wanted features for a while! I can’t believe its coming this soon. You guys are awesome, keep up the great work, no other devs like you guys.

  • and I thought that Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars were the big thing, with this update you have just crossed the line :)

  • congratulations for the work.
    More to come.

  • Thank you Psyonix!!! I can’t wait to play all these crazy modes. Its obvious you have taken everything the community has asked for and delivered even more than that. I’m intrigued by time warp, but I’m already warping back to the future in my DeLorean

  • First the Delorean now this. =D.

  • Will the hockey mode be available for December only, or will it be from December on? Also if only for December will it be back every December. One more, will we be getting Christmas themed items similar to the Halloween ones we are getting now? Sorry so many questions! Sure hope you’ll answer! Rocket League is one of my favorite games EVER and I have purchased all of the DLC and I’m just really curious about the awesome stuff you have planned!

    • It will be available starting in December. We’d consider keeping it around permanently or making it seasonal once we see how the folks react (we’ve been going back and forth on which way to go, so we figure that we’ll just see what the people want) :)

    • Please keep the ice hockey option as a permanant option looks great and thanks….great game

  • I come form Taiwan. I’m not good at English,but I like Rocket League.
    He’s a good game.

    • “It’s* a good game.” He would refer to a person, it refers to a thing such as a game.
      Other than that your english is very good, better than most native speakers!

  • And I thought rocket league couldn’t get better. I r8 this game 11/10 it’s gr8 m8s.

  • Can’t wait. I love this game, definitely my most played game right now. Wish it was on Vita so I could play it on the go.

  • Omg. You guys have listened. To everyone. Niceeeeee.. We know you can’t put all the stuff in otherwise its just a mod game. We don’t want that. So awesome. Moonball :)

  • Awesome. It seems you guys are really doing everything right :-). Is there a list of available Mutators you’re able to share?

    • Oh and that Ice Hockey tease looks so… cool ;-)

    • We’re going to be going over a few things on our developer stream tomorrow (twitch.tv/rocketleague) at 2pm Pacific.

      Some of the items we think are best left to be discovered, though. More fun for players that way.

  • Such an awesome game! My son and I love this game. I have bought all the DLC proudly. Make a deal and bring us The Mystery Machine! :) Keep updating ROCKET LEAGUE!!!

  • Man, it must be so cool to work at Psyonix

  • Psyonix has quickly become one of my favorite game studios. I’ve played a ton of Rocket League since downloading it, buy all DLC as soon as it hits, and I can’t get enough! One of the most balanced, skill-based games in existence, and I feel like Sony has been sorely missing a competitive online game like this until now. One that is able to be played professionally and on high levels. I have over 1000 matches logged and I still have a long ways to go on developing my abilities in the game. Simple, yet incredibly deep. Even the chat system is fun to use while playing. And now mutations?! New modes?! I’m just excited for Pysyonix and Rocket League in general. When I get my Steam controller I’ll be playing it on PC as well. This game is fun fun fun!!! I can’t sing the praises of it enough!

  • Just want to say this game is amazing. It’s simple and addicting. This must tour for tournaments. Loving the delorean!!! Btw will clans be added? And actual seasons where scheduling teams to face each other can happen? Keep up the great work!!!

  • Thank you for keep supporting RL!

  • Any plans to fix the crappy ranked system? If a teammate drops out you shouldn’t lose any points for finishing the match, even if you lose (which you likely will when it is 2v3 or 1v3).

    Also when you get a troll teammate who scores own goals and such on purpose, the forfeit should be majority vote 2/3, because the troll isn’t gonna vote yes.

    • Both of those would be too easily abused. A team could have one player who is the designated leaver if things start going south so the other two still get no loss of points ever. The second suggestion is just plain bad if you solo queue in 3s and get matched with two people in a party and if they want to call it early they can without any input form the third member, forfeiting should always be unanimous.

    • Ranked play is an ongoing situation. We definitely want to move out of the “Crappy” designation and towards the “Not Too Crappy” category. Eventually, we’re hoping to attain “somewhat tolerable” status so that we can set an aggressive path towards “Meh, it works.”

      Then we shoot even higher.

  • This is going to lift the game even more! Thank you for being so active on the community (compared to a list of other game-developers).

  • You guys are the best. Love the DLC so far.

    Keep it up!

    PS I love you XOXO

  • Wow, as an alpha tester, the mutators were great fun and Psyonix delivered way beyond my expectations. The ability to create custom variable games and play them with friends is something all developers could aspire to achieve and share with their fans. If Psyonix doesn’t win Dev of the Year and Rocket League isn’t Sports Game of the Year, it would be an absolute upset. Well done, guys/gal!

  • I’ve been a Rocket League avvicate for a long time now and I still play it everyday. It’s the Game of The Year, no doubt. But this update kinda worries me a bit. Will these changes affect Ranked matches? For instance, will I get into a Ranked match and the ball will be a hockey puck to my surprise? I worry that the core of the game will be lost with so many options. More options and updates are good, but to me what makes Rocket League amazing is the simplicity. Soccer has been the same for hundreds of years and people love it, there’s no need for a square ball or fluffy ball. A sport is a sport and that’s that.
    I guess I’m becoming a Rocket League purist… Can that be?!

    • Ranked will most likely stay standardized, I can’t imagine them messing with ranked matches.

    • Ranked matches are “regulation” play, while the “Mutator Mashup” playlist is unranked.

      They’re “For Fun” not “For Reals” modes, worry not.

    • Cool! I like that! Thanks for addressing my question! Psyonix relationship with their fanbase is one of a kind.

    • Aw, I think it would be cool to have a 5th Ranked mode of Mutator Mashup for 2v2 (just because it’s most popular, not because I like it most), just to see who are the champions of dealing with any unexpected situations. Old ranked modes could of course remain untouched. Or to have a checkbox for Mutator Mashup, and it would change all 4 divisions to Mutator, and would queue only against the other people who have selected that.

  • How about a 4 team match with a square like arena with 4 teams of 2

  • New trophies? Please say yes!!

    • This is a game update and not a free DLC pack. As such, there will not be any trophies added to the game.

    • Both this & Utopia Coliseum are referred to as “free game updates” within their respective blog posts. Utopia had trophies.

  • They should have new arenas with different terrains such as hills and mounds on the pitch to spice things up too.

  • Is this just a PS4 update or will this update be coming to the PC/Steam version as well?

  • Psyonix this game absolutely blows my mind!! So much fun and I had no clue what it could become. I do wonder though, have you ever though of a larger arena with multiple goals? Imagine a Pool table with 6 pockets. 6 teams of 2. Leave a goalie behind and an offense to try to score on one of the other goals. Or to make it more fair since the side wall pockets are closer, it could be 4 goals one at each corner, still teams of 2. No clue how or if this would even work, but it was just an idea. Could also imagine sporadic booby traps on the map. Holes in the floor that only suck up the cars, or Holes that teleport and drop the car and balls from the ceiling in the opposite side of the map. Ok I’m giving up too many ideas, how about a job? Can I have a job? LOL. KUDOS Psyonix, keep up the awesome work!!!!

  • To be honest I don’t think that I would ever get bored of the game as it is right now so all of this is just icing on an already wonderful cake. Thanks so much for this awesome game, I don’t want to think about the amount of time I have spent on it since July

  • Looks awesome. But when will you add so PC players can party with PS4 players other than exhibition mode?

    • PC/ PS4 players can invite each other to private games, which is our current solution. A bigger, cross-platform party system is a major undertaking that requires quite a few moving parts and systems.

      Maybe one day, it’s possible, but not right now.

  • Thank you for making such a ****ing fantastic game, something finally truly couch coop and online coop couch split everything, its really come down to being the only game me and my two friends play. It’s rooted in such a simple primitive mechanic, easy to learn hard to master gosh i love this game, keep it that way :) — the updates won’t affect normal gameplay right? all extra fun?

  • This is ridiculous. So stoked!!!!

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