Enter to Win a Limited Edition Gold PS4 Bundle Starting Today

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Enter to Win a Limited Edition Gold PS4 Bundle Starting Today

Today’s the day, folks! You have the chance to win a Limited Edition Gold PS4 Bundle! And entering for a chance to win is oh so very simple. Stroll into your local participating Taco Bell, grab a Big Box, and text your unique code to see if you’ve won instantly. There’s a winner every 10 minutes! That’s a lot of winners. Start playing today, all the way through November 4th.

Limited Edition Gold PS4

So what’s in the bundle? Well, for starters — one Gold PS4, alongside a matching Gold DualShock 4, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and a voucher for a one year PlayStation Plus Membership.

Yes, you could be one Big Box away from the globe-trotting, treasure-hunting adventures of our own Nathan Drake. If you’re still not convinced, feast your eyes on some of these photos of the Gold PS4 Bundle. It’s limited, folks!

Limited Edition Gold PS4Limited Edition Gold PS4

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for playing! For additional details, rules, and how to enter, please head to our official page.

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  • I won at 3:46pm EST today!!!!

  • The first post about this gold taco bell promo said that a winner every 10 minutes will only result in 6000 winners for the promotional period. 6000 winners is ridiculously low. Congrats to the winners.

  • So how about I went to Taco Bell to day and saw the ad for this box and the chance to win a gold ps4. Thought it wouldn’t hurt to at least try and enter. Order the box, pull up to the window and they hand my food in their paper bag. I asked about it and they looked at me like I was crazy. I just paid took my food because I didn’t want to cause too much of a scene (and it was a little busy) I really hate false ads.

  • Why is it void in puerto rico the ban/law is already gone so why? !

  • Eat dog food on a tortilla for a chance to win a gold-painted PS4?


  • Hahahahahahaha I won omg

    • Ahhh I’m so envious. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do with one. If I won, do I keep it or sell it for profit and get a regular one?

      Decisions decisions.

  • But my dog won’t eat anything from Taco Bell.

  • Who puts a code on the outside of the box so every Taco Bell employee can enter all the codes? Are Sony and Taco Bell begging to be sued? Now everyone gets a free gold PS4!

  • I’m sitting on a few codes but haven’t entered them yet. I won during the last two giveaways…odds are so very not in my favor this time around but we’ll see

  • my brother & I rode our bikes to taco bell on thursday, he ordered four big boxes, the order took too long, he was given an extra box, he later entered the code on that box & won one of the limited edition ps4’s.

  • I really wanna win one, but my body can only handle 1 or two taco bell meals a year…

  • I wish I could enter but my brother works at Taco Bell and family members of Taco Bell workers can’t enter :c

  • Really would like to at least purchase this PS4, as a Taco Bell manager my employment status makes me ineligible to win. Good luck everybody else though.

  • Esta chilero ese color

  • I am not a fan of anything that has a gold look to it, but I have to admit, this golden PS4 looks sexy ass hell.
    I don’t get it, I enter a code through text via phone about every other day and I won’t even get the ”sorry, you did not win, good luck next time” message. I remember when they were doing the vita promo I almost had a heart attack because I was eating there every freaking day and all I got was the “try next time” message, but I least I got the message saying that. I am kind of up in the air.

  • I won a gold ps4 from taco bell this morning! I entered my code at 5 AM and it said Winner! Got my confirmation email and everything. Love it, 400$ I don’t have to spend!

  • I would like to fill everyone in today that I actually won his morning with a total of 4 tries (my phone and my wifes phone) Tried two of them on 9/30/15 and the last two on 10/1/15 and I won and claimed it immediately now I am wide awake and can’t sleep lol.

  • I have been submitting my info by post card, for the no purchase version of the sweepstakes and haven’t receive any of my codes they said they would send me. :(

  • I already went their earlier and I didn’t win xD too bad for me I guess

  • New here but just wanted to say that my husband and I just won one! We only bought one box on a whim and haven’t eaten Taco Bell in forever! Entered my code thinking “oh this is a bunch of crap” but got a text back immediately telling me I’m a winner!!! Woohoo!

  • Entered a code about an hour ago and got “reply “yes” to enter”. I replied yes and i got another message saying “Sorry, you didnt win today. Try again tomorrow.” im trying again on oct 22 if i dont buy more boxes before then. I wouldnt sell mine if i got one. There too nice.

  • I won last night!!!

  • Thx you playstation and taco bell!! I won yesterday!

  • I’ve bought almost ten quesarito big boxes and they’ve all showed up with the “Code already used” message.

    What are you all trying to pull on me :<

  • What a farce!
    Just bought the Box from TB, entered the code only to get, “Already used” BS. The freaking code is stamped on the outside of the box, so undoubtedly some employees are just writing them down and submitting them prior to selling the box. What a poorly implemented contest! I suppose if you really want one of these things, just ask a Taco Bell employee to sell you one cheap – they have plenty, I’m sure. What a crock!

  • I won one of these last week, wont get it till December. Not sure if it has a 500GB or a 1TB.

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