Enter to Win a Limited Edition Gold PS4 Bundle Starting Today

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Enter to Win a Limited Edition Gold PS4 Bundle Starting Today

Today’s the day, folks! You have the chance to win a Limited Edition Gold PS4 Bundle! And entering for a chance to win is oh so very simple. Stroll into your local participating Taco Bell, grab a Big Box, and text your unique code to see if you’ve won instantly. There’s a winner every 10 minutes! That’s a lot of winners. Start playing today, all the way through November 4th.

Limited Edition Gold PS4

So what’s in the bundle? Well, for starters — one Gold PS4, alongside a matching Gold DualShock 4, a copy of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and a voucher for a one year PlayStation Plus Membership.

Yes, you could be one Big Box away from the globe-trotting, treasure-hunting adventures of our own Nathan Drake. If you’re still not convinced, feast your eyes on some of these photos of the Gold PS4 Bundle. It’s limited, folks!

Limited Edition Gold PS4Limited Edition Gold PS4

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for playing! For additional details, rules, and how to enter, please head to our official page.

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  • Sweet…though I never win these kind of contests.

    If this was available for purchase at the same price as a standard PS4, though, I might pick it up. Kind of sad that “limited edition” means “You can’t buy this in stores.”

    • you can buy it on ebay, lol

    • Oh, awesome. Remember the Vita contest from taco bell? People were cheating and so sony nullified all winners.

    • YAY GREAT (sarcasm) we don’t have Taco Bell in Australia , how about making a official playstation page for Australia and other countries with competitions relevent to them ? I know you Americans forget that other countries exist but we do contribute to your company’s profits .

    • @Cazzadoll – Your prejudice comment confirms that you aren’t deserving of anything.

      I can’t wait to go buy some nasty “Mexican food” this weekend and try to win a new PS4. :D

    • That’s what Limited addition means like with cars some only have 7 in the whole world

    • @Cazzadoll Sony is a Japanese company. So you can take your stupid prejudice and shove it up your dumb ass. (no sarcasm)

    • I won one the other day… I won’t get it till around xmas so excited

  • If you win do you get do you get it instantly or when the drake collection launches?

  • I would love to get my hands on that amazing golden ps4

  • Beautiful I want one so bad!!

  • You can get an additional entry by visiting the following https://winps4bundle.com/Common

    Thanks America and your beautiful Sweepstakes law!

  • You don’t need to buy taco bell to get a code. As per the rules, you can enter with no purchase necessary. To get a code, goto the rules (https://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2015/taco-bell-limited-edition-gold-ps4-bundle/limited-edition-gold-ps4-bundle-official-rules/) and go to “Without a Purchase (Online Code Request)”

    • Oh thank god. No way did I want to subject my body to Taco Bell.

    • Not until 10/22 and it makes it sound as though you can only do it once during the promo period, not once per day like past ones.

      Between 12:00 AM ET on October 22, 2015 and 11:59:59 PM ET on November 4, 2015, an eligible consumer must click here and follow the onscreen instructions to obtain one (1) entry code (the “Online Code”). No more than one (1) Online Code may be obtained through this method.

  • Don’t friends of Taco Bell employees normally win these things? Like the McDonald’s executive benefactors winning every Monopoly grand prize ever…

    • So go make friends with the people who work at Taco Bell.

    • No, I won the first PS4 Taco Bell thing (the pre release one, with Knack), and I don’t work for or no anyone at Taco Bell. Mine was from an online code though, didn’t actually buy a box meal.

    • *know anyone! I hate when I make spelling errors in posts and don’t realize it at the time. Oh well.

  • Me getting it,is a dream comes true……..I really hope winning it

  • OH, also only eligible if you are in ‘Merica.

  • Winner every 10 miutes? They arent giving out 144 gold PS4s a day until November 4th, right? Anyway, I guess Im going to Taco Bell.

  • just entered but havent received my code,why?

  • Would love to enter blind but the online entry page hasn’t updated. Still says to check back after midnight on 10/22.

  • I’m tired of all these contests involving taco bell. Can’t I just enter to win? An email or tweet or something of that sort. This partnership just to sell us fast food is ridiculous.

  • I’m soooo gunna try winning.

  • I know where I am eating this evening! Looks beautiful and I could use another PS4 for my bedroom even though Remote Play has been phenomenal. All though this doesn’t even come close to my outstanding Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End PS4!

  • This is the North American blog. When a contest is not available to Canadians, you should say so.

    • Correction: This is the US blog. (see the URL for obvious reasons) When a contest is available to Canadians, it will say so.

    • Re-correction: If you click the icon at the top left of any page, you will see a list of available regions. The one marked “North America” leads here. Any questions?

    • Re-re-correction: Who the #@ck cares? 50 to 1 that NO ONE in this Blog will win one anyway, so… >_>

      PS: This “contests” are just a marketing scheme. A really HUGE scam from the companies involved. They always are. *sigh*

      #10 (MitchIsKindaCool) hit it just right in the nail (although his math was WAY off xD): they ARE NOT going to give out 1440 Limited Editions a day for the next 41 DAYS, people…unless you’re so gullible to think Sony is giving away MORE THAN 59 THOUSAND “Limited Editions”.
      Again: Marketing Scheme + Huge Scam = “Buy an X combo at Y for a chance to win Z” Contest SMH

  • Taco hell man!! I’ll still going to try !!

  • How on earth can you call this a gold ps4 when half of it and the controller are black. So this is the 50% limited edition ps4 lol. Doesn’t look very nice at all sony, to me a limited edition gold ps4 should look all gold,meaning 100%,like the analogue sticks touchpads,d pads,share option butttons,all buttons all gold.

  • Why don’t you partner for these with a company that serves REAL FOOD, like Panera?

  • I won a taco bell give away similar to this. It was the one for the original xbox win it before you can buy it give away so it is possible to win.

  • SONY: please release this gold controller for purchase separately!!

  • Already bought a box, haven’t texted my code yet to see. I won a game from EA off a slim jim once, It was a really bad game tho, couldn’t pick from the list of prizes it was just random. I traded it in to Gamestop lol. They will never pick a place with “healthy” processed foods that aren’t actually that healthy but more healthy than taco bell because taco bell is way more popular.

  • I already have the white PS4, but I would love that controller. Unfortunately I am stationed overseas, and AAFES ran Taco Bells don’t do these competitions (not sure if stateside ones do, I’ve been overseas for 5.5 years and don’t remember).

    That being said, if you’d sell that controller, I’d absolutely buy it. I have gold controllers for PS3, Wii, and N64 and would love to add this to my collection to be my third Dualshock 4 (after white and blue).

  • Had to pick one of the most disgusting things on the menu didnt you? The Quesorito…YUCK! No thanks. I guess ill be passing this time.

  • You know what taco bell I’m not trying to be a greedy person but my house recently had a flood in the basement and my ps4.had been damaged and all my games are lost and I’m looking forward in entering the contest I hope I win and thank you know

  • Too bad there is no Taco Bell stores here in Norway, im getting the Nathan Drake collection anyways though.

  • I was really excited to enter the competition until i clicked the link..Taco Bell again seriously? Again?The joke of all food?.

    Lets do Subway, Pita pit, Quizznos at least something healthyish.

  • I’m going to buy the gold controller when it’s available. Very pretty.

  • So this is open to residents of the US only! Figures..

  • Wow, this is even more sad for the people who don’t support eating meat. Guess I won’t be entering this contest anytime soon.

    • shut up

    • Except that at taco bell you can literally sub anything???? I used to get rid of cheese, sour cream, and meat all the time and add beans? They’ll let you do anything, they don’t care. Like, this is even something that PETA suggest doing on their website, and they’re so crazy that you’d think they would just tell you to throw red paint on Taco Bell instead.

    • I have been a vegetarian ifor 12 years. I am going to get me a bean burrito and a gold ps4!!!

  • US only right?

  • Been nice if the TB I went to had the boxes in stock.

  • Haven’t seen such a shameless promotion with fast food since the Subway Uncharted days. At times it seems like the PS4 is mainly used to do adverts for other companies.

    Use the money you get from this for better PSN and some actual first party titles.

  • Why do you guys hate Puerto Rico? We have the same Taco Bells, same games, same console and the same peripherals as the rest of the US and we pay the same amount with the same currency. Sure it’s not a state, but we shouldn’t be excluded from things just because we are a colony.

    I don’t know why I bother anymore. :(

  • Doubt i would win anyway. and since I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat Taco bell.

  • It Would be so awsome
    to win!!!!

  • I would like you to put the console on sale, its so difficult to Win an Special edition. Even on my country doesnt exist Taco Bell

  • oh my g! i like ps4 gold :(( haayz

  • Oh yay a contest that we in the UK can’t enter because we don’t have Taco Bell over here (also, color availability may vary? Doesn’t really fill people with much hope of getting a gold one does it?). It really sucks that a lot of these competitions are for US residents only but what should every other country expect anymore? If you’re not in America, you don’t get to take part

  • Just got one and when I put in the code it said it was already used. Ugh.

  • Store 1 – sorry we don’t have any boxes left. Left? Hmmm, so basically the employees took them all just like the last horrible Taco bell promotion.

    Store 2 – Yes we have them. Bought one, gave the nasty food to the person behind us in line, came home and entered the code – Code has already been used. Again, employees entered all the stuff or else someone made a code generator already.

    These promotions would be really great if they ever worked. Guess we should just be happy for all the Taco Bell workers and their friends who will be able to have gold PS4’s or more likely, they will sell them on ebay.

    Sony, just falling further down the rabbit hole every day. Take the red pill and wake up!!

  • Please can you giveaway a PS4 for the gamer sake ,i realy need one i’m from Algeria and it’s not sold in my city and i can’t afford to buy one.

  • Great except for the fact that taco bell will make your butt explode!

  • I want this GOLD!! GOLD!! GOLD!!

  • I won one yesterday !

  • Taco bell near me had the ps4 big box signs up, ordered the ps4 big box, and they handed me my food in a plain grey box, with no code. I asked what happened to the box and the code they said oh! sorry that all starts next week. lies!!!!

    • second taco bell i went to gave me the box after and awkward moment.

      – I walked in signs were up as per the norm (because the promotion had begun). I asked a simple question before buying this time: If i order the ps4 big box do i get the box with the code on it? He wasn’t sure how to answer, He turned around and asked the same question to the 8 employees in the kitchen, at which point all work stopped and everyone stared at me.

      Then after the awkward pause i said the last taco bell i went to gave me no code and a grey box, then one of the food makers said, yeah we’ll give you the box. Then i got my first proper code and box.

    • The image from their main page says “Grab a Quesarito Bog Box” , but also says below under “how to enter” that you “grab any big box”. I went to one today that did the same thing as the first one you went to. They handed me my food in a bag and when I asked about it they said they would give me a box, but that it was only for the quesarito box.

      I checked the official rules and it only says grab a specially marked box, but none of the boxes specify the quesarito box, nor do they have signage that states that.

      Literally the ONLY place I could find that says you have to get a quesarito box is in the image on the site they link to in the blog post.

  • if i won this i wouldnt know what to do with my other PS4

  • all the the crazy comments need respet no way to win ps4 play nice I wood love one I am 62 years old and I still play

  • Saw the ad. Went to Taco Bell. Ordered a Big Box. Got Home. No Code…. I’m soo sad right now… but this quesarito is pretty good.

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