Gravity Rush Remastered Coming to PS4 on February 9th, 2016

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Gravity Rush Remastered Coming to PS4 on February 9th, 2016

Good evening, PlayStation fans, I’m thrilled to bring you some breaking news from Japan Studio via Tokyo Game Show 2015!

Gravity Rush Remastered, an upgraded version of the highly acclaimed PlayStation Vita hit, is officially making its way to PS4 on February 9th, 2016.

Brought to life on the big screen by the team at Bluepoint Games, you’ll be able to join heroine Kat and her sidekick Dusty as they soar through the enchanting city of Hekseville like never before. On the graphics side, this release takes advantage of the PS4 hardware to deliver the smooth, vibrant HD visuals of this high-flying adventure.

All three original DLC packs released alongside Gravity Rush’s initial release — the Spy Pack, The Maid Pack, and The Military Pack — will also be included within the game.

Whether you are brand new to the franchise, or want to relive the experience again, Gravity Rush Remastered is the perfect opportunity to experience the magical story of Kat as she seeks answers to her mysterious gravity-defying powers and forgotten past, now in full HD 1080p glory with ample graphical and performance improvements.

Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information about Gravity Rush Remastered in the coming months…

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  • The moment Sony stepped out of the conference, Vita games were announced left and right.

    Most of them are cross-plattform, so the “new audience” excuse cannot be accepted.

    If Spike Chunsoft or Tecmo Koei can do it with Danganronpa or Toukiden 2, why Sony doesn´t seem to even bother except to give us bad news and half assed ports?

    • Because all of their teams from WWS are focusing on PS4 games/projects/apps. Making a game cross-platform could actually alter the studios’ original vision of their games for the worse. Being very limited technically could also limit the potential and the performances of these games. So for SCE to solely focus on the PS4 is the better business decision. There is no point in making a port on another system if it doesn’t turn to be profitable enough for them when ported.

      I can’t wait to see how Toukiden 2 will look and play… because despite being originally a portable game, Toukiden Kiwami is still a looker on PS4 (even if it’s not the best one out there).

  • great to see this come to PS4. Will pick it up. Your company has brought games to Vita in the past for Sony. Anything planned? Would love to see Infamous, Ico and Shadow of the Collosus HD on Vita.

    • Snowballs chance in hell, the way things have been going for us vita owners these past two years.

    • Thanks dkarlowicz10!

      I appreciate the kind comments about Gravity Rush Remastered!

      Can’t really comment on anything besides Gravity Rush here in this space, but I hope we see you enjoying the game in February!

      Thank you very much for your support!

  • I always stuck up for ps4 when my x1 friends said stuff as i own them all and i said sony has way more games but after this they need to stop remastering and taking exclusives and start making original games or new ones because in all my years this is the worst generation of gaming i have ever seen its nearly just all ports and remasters and they want us to act happy that we get 5 new games and then 40 remasters and 5000 indie games . thats what PC is for indie scene because nearly every indie game you can get for under $3 at some time on pc but on consoles they sell them for $20 even $30 for some its insane.

  • Sad to see that Sony is the one to blame for killing PS Vita.

    • People tend to forget that the general consumer are the ones to blame for its commercial failure. Having a PS Vita and being a huge fan of the system and its potential, it stings me a little bit to know that some of the reasons to own a Vita are/were being ported to PS4. But hey… it does help to create way more exposure than the Vita could ever achieve on its own.

  • I borrowed a Vita once and didn’t have a chance to play Gravity Rush. I’m pleased to see this is coming to the PS4 now. :)

    • Happy to be of service, ClinToN!

      We can’t wait to hear what you think!

      Please let us know what you’re looking forward to with Gravity Rush Remastered!

  • I knew Gravity Rush 2 would come out on PS4, that makes sense. But if the game is not cross platform and doesn’t come out on Vita, I am not buying, period.

    • Hey DanteMerfi,

      I hope you’ll give Gravity Rush Remastered a chance when it hits the PS4 in February!

      We’ve been working really hard on it and would love to hear what you think!

      Thanks for your comments, and please know that we hear you!

    • Then you are willingly not helping the game and brand/IP. Shame that you don’t want to support its sequel! It’s what made the first one a commercial failure, people’s attitude towards the game availability. Also, based on what I’ve seen in trailer of the Gravity Rush 2, I doubt the Vita would be able to handle the changes and improvements without making any sacrifices regarding the art direction, the performances or the density of the game’s world population.

    • There is no way that gravity rush 2 could run on vita. That may break your heart but its true.

  • Still slowly working through Gravity Rush on my vita and every time I come back to it, it’s so fun. I’m glad others will get to play the game and it can be enjoyed by even more people! The fact that they are taking the time and money to do this is great, and if it pays off and people really show interest, that could be better for the sequel etc.

    • Thanks Future-Islands – I completely agree with you!

      Very excited for everyone to get their hands on it in February, so I hope you check it out too!

      Let us know what you’re looking forward to about Gravity Rush, and thank you very much!


    I loved Gravity Rush on Vita. Glad to see it live on. Day 1.

    • SheepTheJeep! (I love your name!)

      Thank you so very much! Can’t wait to have you playing with us in February!

      Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • So the vita really is just an alternative uncomfortable controller now.

  • This is a good game. Please make new ones.

  • Great news! Kat deserves more attention, I’ll see if I can buy this!!!

    FYI I have vita version too! :D

    • Thank you pitolyo!

      I can’t wait to tell you more about the SCEA release, so please stay tuned!

      We look forward to you playing in February!

  • Hello Nick,

    While I’m aware that you can only talk about GR:R in this Blog post, I do hope that you are hearing (well, reading) those comments of a somewhat different nature.

    I want to say that I have no issue with the concept of the Gravity Daze/Rush franchise branching over to PS4 in principle. I hope that a new audience comes to appreciate the Remastered take on the original game, and that PS4 users welcome Gravity Rush 2 with open arms.

    But on the other hand, I can’t help but feel that not making GR2 a multi-platform title is something of a missed opportunity. While it’s probably too late to ask Japan Studio to reconsider this, it would have been far more welcome had a first-party developer been as confident in Sony’s current handheld as the various third-party studios set to offer Vita (and/or multi-platform titles also on Vita) are at this year’s TGS.

    I appreciate that it’s not your position to comment further at this place and time, but I might still ask if you could pass on the feelings posted here and on other gaming sites from Vita fans wishing that Kat and company not leave them behind while heading out on their latest adventures.

    • First of all Nerroth, I love getting insightful, well-worded comments like yours. Thank you very much. And I sincerely appreciate the kind words.

      Please know that I always share the comments that I find on here with my colleagues and I will absolutely do the same with yours.

      I hear you loud and clear and wanted you to know that I appreciate all of your support and criticism alike.

      Please continue to share with us, and I hope you’ll join us for Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4 in February!

      Thank you!

    • Thanks Nick. Hopefully you’ll continue to work… For The Greater Good. (Ahem.)

      On the subject of third party titles, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of the new Vita (and Vita/PS4, Vita/PS3, and Vita/PS3/PS4) titles which are in the process of being showcased this TGS week.

      From the likes of Nihon Falcom’s Tokyo Xanadu to Atlus and VanilaWare’s 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim; from Bandai Namco’s Summon Night 6; Lost Borders to, er… Bandai Namco’s God Eater: Resurrection, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, Digimon World: Next Order; and so on and so forth. (Lots of Bandai Namco on that list, it would seem.)

      While one might hope that some of these may have a head-start localization-wise due to pre-existing agreements involving the likes of Atlus USA, XSEED, and Idea Factory International, there are still plenty of opportunities for someone at SCEA looking to “build the list”, in terms of seeing more Vita tittles make it to North America and Europe.

      Now, I don’t suppose you happen to know anyone like that, would you?

      (Yes, of course, I know you can’t say much of anything about that sort of stuff here either – but since you’re passing ideas on, well…)

    • You really believe that gravity rush 2 can run on the vita? you might want to watch that trailer again. the games you listed arte not going to be as intensive gameplay wise or open world flying wise. I love vanilla ware too. But thats a 2d game not an open world flying action exploration game.

  • Oh dear… i thought i would not comeback here for the same type of comment…
    If you want to reach new audience, stick to the port of the first episode to PS4, and grant the pleasure to play GR2 to the Vita fans in priority. Then port it later on.
    Seriously sony, do you enjoy spitting on the face of Vita customers, that are still some of the most loyal fans you have ?

    You backstab us again. Should i remind you that we, the Vita gamers, have supported the game day one; and raised its fame to what it is now. It was our crown jewel, our cream, our cherry on the cake, and you just stole it from us.

    I thought after FFtype0 and Tearaway you would not dare it anymore… I was obviously wrong.

    • Oh come on!! You don’t have any rights on the Gravity Rush critical success. Also, not enough people bought the game. As a fierce Vita owner and fan, I know it’s a shame that Gravity Rush 2 is not coming to PS4, but the PS Vita’s current situation doesn’t help in making first-party games available for it. Demands for games like these are very thin and so are the possible outcomes related to such projects.

      As for Tearaway… it was critically acclaimed by both critics and gamers alike. Although, it failed on the commercial level. Making it available on PS4 could help in retrieving some of those losses. The PS Vita doesn’t and will never have the commercial appeal that the PS4 had since launch, despite having the most vocal and loyal fans of the world (even more than 3DS’s). The Vita is a legacy system for a reason, as it is not to be forgotten by gamers and SCE. It did brought new ideas, IPs and games to the plates. Although, the PS Vita was dead in the water for a long time and not because of SCE (blame the mobile gaming ongoing popularity for that) mate.

  • Wow! What an excellent surprise! I loved this game,

    • Thank you Alastor424! I really appreciate the enthusiasm for Gravity Rush!

      Let us know what you’d like to see from Gravity Rush remastered, and thank you again!

  • Looks like another great remastering effort coming from Bluepoint. I can’t wait to get this, I loved the original on Vita and excited to see how the controls translate over. Please tell me the sixaxis controls survived?!

  • I generally don’t like most open world games but Gravity Rush was brilliant. I hope it gets the audience it deserves.

  • I loved Gravity Rush on Vita.
    Not sure it will be the same feeling now…
    I remember playing it until low-battery on my trip to Japan.
    Not sure my a** on the couch would bring me the same feeling now…

    I understand the business plan on developping on the successful platform, but if you want the Vita to be a correct remote play accessory give it proper button layouts or develop something to add L2R2L3R3.

    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks Joeghi!

      I’d love to hear what you think once you give Gravity Rush Remastered a try next year – we worked hard to make sure it gives you that same wonderful feeling as the original VITA version!

      Keep the comments coming, and thank you again!

  • If you already have the PS Vita version is there any possibility of cross-buy or at least a discount on the PS4 version?

    • Hi Kchow23,

      Can’t really comment on release plans or price yet, but stay tuned to the blog for more information!


  • I’m also tired of those people defending the vita for the Dating sims and indies being developed and released for it, sure its nice for 3rd parties to have an interest in the underrated console; but the damn first party should be interested as well you fanboys shouldn’t defend Sony for this kinda bull, you should be calling them out on it. Last year i forget who it was but someone said something about a “new” direction for the vita and all they’ve done is ignore it. Aside from the pstv and second generations hardware releases they’ve done nothing but take from the device(I.E googles deal with sony regarding the vita was canned or whatever so no more dedicated youtube or maps ,niconico was never updated in the west(still usable in japan i think) functionality for some other applications like tag and near were either never published or simply ignored). So yeah as what used to be a fan i have to say this is the worst possible scenario for the vita and its not the fans that killed it its the nay sayers and SONY’s COMPLETE AND UTTER CONTEMPT FOR THE VITA.

  • Platinumed the first. One of my favorite Vita games. Will probably plat again on ps4, and definitely GR2. Looks beautiful.

    • Thank you very much TomatoDragon!

      I look forward to hearing about your second platinum attempt on PS4! We’ll see you in February!

  • Like most Vita Fans, Im sure we feel like we’re talking to a Brick wall, but none the less the more of us who complain about the lack of support from Sony and the PS Vita the better.

    Would it really bankrupt them to port Gravity Rush 2 to the Vita as well?

    I don’t think so, and it would show that they at least care about the amazing Vita Fan base from all around the world.

  • @Nick

    Gravity Rush is one of my favorite games. I fought very hard and annoyingly to see Kat included in PSAS Battle Royale and I was ecstatic when she was finally added.

    With that said, I hope for two things. The first is that there will be new content in the Remastered game. More missions like the Soldier and Spy dlc would be cool. The ability to play as Raven or Yunica would be pretty cool too. Small campaigns for either would be incredible- and something I doubt you would do. I hate to say that it’s a sad day when indie developers love their fans more than bigger companies. Looking at Yacht Club Games and Shovel Knight.

  • The second thing I would like to see is some physical box release love. Look at the releases of Witcher 3 and Shovel Knight. Things like a map, stickers, meaty instruction/introduction booklet are amazing things for people when they buy games. Don’t take that for granted. If you’re going to forgo any extra content in the game (which sucks, let’s be real) at least include some small extra physical content.

    If you guys feel like you have a character that is now important for Sony (imo she is. how many first party female protagonists are there?) then don’t be a lazy cheap company about it.

    with all due respect, to whom it may concern, etc.

    • Hi IzoGray!

      Thanks for the wonderful comments! Can’t really comment on the manner in which we’ll be releasing Gravity Rush Remastered here in SCEA, but I’ll be sure to pass along your wishes! Stay tuned to the blog for more info!

      Kat is incredibly important in my opinion as well, so thanks for making your voice heard!

  • Hi:
    Wrong, wrong… WRONG! SONY needs to focus on PlayStation 4 Backwards Compatibility and stop this “Remastered” nonsense. I know, this is a PlayStation Vita Game and I believe and hope Gravity Rush 2 will be on PlayStation Vita too.

    • “I know, this is a PlayStation Vita Game and I believe and hope Gravity Rush 2 will be on PlayStation Vita too.”

      Based on what I’ve seen of Gravity Rush 2’s trailer, I doubt it the PS Vita will be able to handle it just on the technical level without making any sacrifices.

  • I loved Gravity Rush for Vita, it’s one of my favorite Vita games. Is this game a Cross-Buy? Meaning: if I already own Gravity Rush for vita, can I download the PS4 for free like Journey did when they released the PS4 version?

    • Hey LeandroDiFini,

      Can’t comment on that at this moment, but stay tuned to the blog for more updates on release details!

      Thank you!

  • I WILL be buying this when it comes out. This game was the reason I bought a Vita.

    Now 2 questions:

    1. Will there be a physical version of the game?

    2. Will we be getting a limited edition like Japan?

    • Great questions BlaqMagiq24, and thanks for the kind words for Gravity Rush!

      Unfortunately, I can’t comment on the way we’ll be releasing it for SCEA.

      Please let us know what you’d like to see, and stay tuned to the blog for more details!

  • Cool, I never really got to playing Gravity Rush on the vita much when I got the game from my PS+ free, but although I love my vita, (can’t play it on the PSTV, sadly which is what i use mostly) I’m more excited to play it on my PS4 with all the DLC included makes me happy. Also excited to see its sequel Gravity Rush 2 as well. I just hope it’s a physical copy. ;)

    • Thanks therob21! We can’t wait for you to play it as well!

      I appreciate your kind words and thoughts and will definitely be passing them along!

      Let me know what you’re excited to see out of the Gravity Rush franchise!

  • Nik, you asked on Twitter for us to share our thoughts. Do you really want that? None of my thoughts about this are any good and I know this thing’s existence goes beyond your pay grade.

    • I always want to hear your thoughts, gerneric123, and I’m quite shocked you know my pay grade!

      Honestly, as a huge Gravity Rush fan myself, I hope you give Gravity Rush Remastered a fair chance when it releases in February. It’s a wonderful game and absolutely worth checking out!

      Thanks again!

  • Vita owners all like :(

  • This makes me really sad. =( I guess I’m happy for others to see how good the game is but it just feels like a slap in the face to Vita owners. Sony is a mess when it’s not a home console, I swear.

  • It’s great that many people that don’t own a Vita will get to enjoy Gravity Rush Remastered, but i’m very disappointed and sad that GR 2 was announced for PS4 and not for the Vita. The game should be on both systems, not everyone can buy 15 consoles to play games, it started on the Vita and should continue on both the Vita and PS4.

    • Thanks for your understanding, Bizagiga4 – I really appreciate that!

      I’ll be sure to pass your comments along, so please keep them coming!

      And I hope you’ll join us in February for the launch of Gravity Rush Remastered!

  • I’m going to be honest, when it was leaked that this would get a PS4 port I felt a bit gutted. Supposedly it was a game that could only be possible on Vita.

    On the other hand, it’s an old title now, and after seeing the GR2 trailer for PS4… I can’t possibly feel disappointed. It looks great on the new hardware, and can’t wait to see Sony give it more attention for being PS4. It only makes sense to remaster the original game, even if I wouldn’t dip in twice.

    • Thank you Shadowbhiemes!

      We’re doing our best to bring Gravity Rush to fans on PS4 that might not have had a chance to play it yet, and the team at Bluepoint has done amazing work to make that happen!

      I hope you give it a shot in February, and thank you very much!

    • “Supposedly it was a game that could only be possible on Vita.”

      It’s funny you say that because the original plans for Gravity Rush was that it was to be a new PS3 game before the development shifted to the PS Vita. So it was always set to be a home console game. :S

  • I just wish they didn’t cancel infamous Vita, “legacy console” seriously basically if they pumped out as many solid games as they did with psp the vita would have been unrivalled.

  • sony, we get it, you want to kill the vita, so just do i already and quit torturing the damn thing

  • Quit Taki g my vita exclusives

  • Don’t be mad just go to Gematsu or something and look at all the games that were just announced for Vita. Most of them look far better than anything Sony’s first party devs are making. (Even SE is upping support)

    Sony needs to get Japanese gamers interested in the PS4 somehow. So now they’re giving it a price drop in japan and giving it Vita games.

    By the way, how’s that PS4 version of Tearaway doing now that the Vita isn’t holding it back? Selling like crazy I imagine?

    • Can’t really comment on Tearaway here Yuri, but I hope that you’ll give Gravity Rush Remastered a shot on PS4!

      Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

    • Sorry, I was actually being sarcastic about the Tearaway Unfolded sales. I didn’t mean to be a jerk about it. I hope the game does well, but I’m just tired of people acting like the Vita is just out there killing franchises. (I was under the impression Gravity Rush actually sold quite well worldwide).

      Right now Tearaway Unfolded has 136 reviews on the Playstation store. For comparison, the also recently released, Mad Max has 2,197 reviews.
      Now if Tearaway fails to do well on PS4 is it still vita’s fault? I’d chalk it up to poor marketing.

      I enjoyed Gravity Rush and I hope that they reconsider making the sequel for Vita and I’ll support it, but otherwise I’m gonna have to save my money for publishers that are helping keep my favorite little console alive.

  • Yessssss!!!!

    I bought a Vita for the original GR, and it’s one of my top 5 games of all time. I even platinumed it (whew). Absolutely love it, and I’m so happy it and the sequel are coming to PS4. It’s a game series that really benefits from being on a big screen, with increased horsepower. I’m happy Bluepoint’s working on this Remaster, as they always do great work.

    I know people are upset the sequel isn’t coming to Vita, but if this helps it reach a wider audience, that’s okay by me. I’d like to see this series grow. Plus, the revised artstyle in the HD port of the first one and the sequel better matches the production artwork.

    Also, count me in on the legion of fans asking about the NA version getting the physical disc and collector’s edition figurine. I know you guys can’t say anything yet, but if you can confirm either way, please do so before the JPN release, so I don’t end up importing their CE only to have you guys announce it for NA a week later or something :P

    Thanks for being so active in the comments, Nick!

    • Thank YOU for being so active, Kaddyshacks! It’s my pleasure to be here for you!

      Bluepoint’s done a really wonderful job on Gravity Rush Remastered – can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!

      And definitely noted about your release questions. I promise we’ll have more details for you soon, so please keep letting us know what you’d like! We’re definitely listening!

      And thanks again for the very kind words about Gravity Rush!

  • rip vita. it was a good game.

  • That is just cheap Gravity Rush was a Vita exclusive but instead PS4 keeps stealing all the fame once again .

  • what about the gravity rush 2 for PSVITA????? it’s very DISAPPOINTING!!!!!!!

    • The Vita can’t handle the changes and improvements… technical limitations. I prefer when a game’s pushed to its limits rather having to work around limitations to fit content on two very different systems.

  • Most disappointing news of TGS. I’m sorry, but the total and absolute lack of regard for the 11M people with a PSV is appalling. Whatever happened to the 10 years life cycle? GR2 should’ve been either a PSV exclusive or a shared exclusive. Killing a system on its third year in the market is a terrible precedent that people shouldn’t ignore just because the PS4 is getting games~.

  • I got chills when this trailer started up. No doubt re-purchase, and holy toast the sequel looks amazing too.

  • What about Gravity Rush 2? Is that coming to the US? I actually haven’t had a Playstation since the PSP so I haven’t played Gravity Rush…But the trailer looked awesome!

  • Makes total sense that the new Gravity Rush is on PS4, since it´s doing amazing in the market. And just think how much better it will look that if it was on Vita… we´ve know for a while that there wouldn´t be any more AAA exclusives on Vita.

  • All I can really say is thank you. Gravity Rush is my all time favorite game. ALL TIME. I’m glad I get to replay it on a larger screen, and I’m glad all my PS4 buddies can see what I’ve been raving about since it’s release on the vita. Thank you!!

    • I know this is a blow to the vita everyone but did you guys really want to keep this gem buried? I want as many people playing this game as possible!! it deserves an audience the vita just can’t give it right now and I bought my vita day 1 for this game. Guys!! the prettiest game I’ve ever played just got even prettier and it’s getting a sequel!! Let’s be happy with that for now!!

    • You’re incredibly welcome, peartboyz! And thank you for the very kind words!

      It’s my pleasure to help bring back your favorite game to the PlayStation 4.

      Let us know what you’re excited about for Gravity Rush, and keep those comments coming!

  • please sony we are doing to the fans of PS Vita and my favorite game Gravity Rush and not see the 2nd delivery vita that makes me say that you are a **** excuse the exprecion hate policies Yoshida think sony us this and losing damaging your laptop users who always want more faithful to your PS Vita and pSP
    the only thing I ask is to have a little respect for the PS Vita users anucien something good for the West and if they expect to sell without suits your good games throw them in digital format and must be physical format if you sell us have stolen franchises by 4 of crap that ps thanks for making die PS Vita and hopefully all from sony recocideren change all your personal and bring people worthwhile not as stupid Yoshida please at least one version of Gravity Rush 2 for PS Vita
    I perdonemen my expression but I have so much anger

  • Hunf Sony just won’t let Vita rest in peace gotta add more nails to the coffin hu Sony?
    This may be the worst thing Sony has done since Tearway Unfolded…not only you are shamefully recycling a game but also helping to kill the Vita even more which is a huge shame.
    If you don’t wanna support Vita anymore at least quit insisting on killing it.

    When I see s*** like this is when I feel sad for being a Sony fan.

  • I’m excited to see improved textures, especially on the character models — they looked quite poor even on the Vita’s small screen.

    Beyond textures, will the character models also get updated? Her hair always looked really weird to me. It looks like the washed out palette of the original is still there, which seems to be omnipresent in a lot of Japan Studio games. Is there something in their asset pipeline that makes things palettized and then has to boost their gamma?

    I’m looking forward to hearing/seeing how the features of the DS4 will be used.

    Since this is a Vita port, will there be stereo 3D support on PS4? 3D is always most amazing on these games that play with the idea of which way is up :)

    • Hi Plaztiksyke!

      Thank you for the kind words! Bluepoint has done a significant amount of work on Gravity Rush Remastered, including enhancement of character models!

      I can also confirm that you’ll be able to use the motion/gyro controls of the DualShock 4 to control Kat as she falls through the sky – it’s really an awesome way to play the game!

      No stereo 3D – sorry about that!

      Let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for your great comments!

  • Rumor has it this may be a digital release only in the US. Please consider a US retail release (Possibly even the Collector’s Edition, even thou the chance is slim on the CE.). People will buy these !! Thank you for your time !! :D

    • Hey TeKkAmAnGaMmA,

      I hear you loud and clear.

      Unfortunately I have nothing to announce for North America at this time. Please stay tuned to the blog for more details.

      And as always, please make sure to make your voice heard! We’re always listening our fans!


  • It might be sad for Vita Owners, but actually, with the gameplay trailer for Gravity Rush/Daze 2, I actually understand why the Vita itself wouldn’t handle the engine if they couldn’t reach it’s true vision. (Indie devs was unable to bring GALAK-Z and Pixeljunk: Nom Nom Galaxy to the Vita due to hardware limitations. for an example)

    are you forced boycott Sony for not releasing it over to the Vita? No.
    Are you forced to buy a PS4 for Gravity Rush 2? No.
    Do YOU need to get salty over it? **bleep* no.
    Do you want to sell your Vita/PSTV over that announcement and buy a NVIDIA SHIELD or The “New” 3DS? If you feel like it.
    Do you have the freedom of express to talk on how you feel about the game itself? Yes.

    I’m ain’t mad about it anyway, I mostly play PS4 more than just the Vita, but I don’t treat my Vita as a PS4 Accessory nor b**** about it.

    whatever, the only best part about Gravity Rush Remastered is…

    wait for it…


    • lol, I accidently left foul language on it, should have remove that.

    • The engine from the trailer was the same as in the first part, the game only had more color, and more shadows, a bit better lighting(and i’m not even sure on that one). It looks as if the game was being made for the Vita, and forced onto the PS4. I’m pretty sure that the Vita is capable of handling the same graphics as in the trailer, only a bit less shadows, and even that’s a maybe. Galak-Z and Pixeljunk? Please, have you seen Uncharted and Killzone on the Vita?

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