Gravity Rush Remastered Coming to PS4 on February 9th, 2016

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Gravity Rush Remastered Coming to PS4 on February 9th, 2016

Good evening, PlayStation fans, I’m thrilled to bring you some breaking news from Japan Studio via Tokyo Game Show 2015!

Gravity Rush Remastered, an upgraded version of the highly acclaimed PlayStation Vita hit, is officially making its way to PS4 on February 9th, 2016.

Brought to life on the big screen by the team at Bluepoint Games, you’ll be able to join heroine Kat and her sidekick Dusty as they soar through the enchanting city of Hekseville like never before. On the graphics side, this release takes advantage of the PS4 hardware to deliver the smooth, vibrant HD visuals of this high-flying adventure.

All three original DLC packs released alongside Gravity Rush’s initial release — the Spy Pack, The Maid Pack, and The Military Pack — will also be included within the game.

Whether you are brand new to the franchise, or want to relive the experience again, Gravity Rush Remastered is the perfect opportunity to experience the magical story of Kat as she seeks answers to her mysterious gravity-defying powers and forgotten past, now in full HD 1080p glory with ample graphical and performance improvements.

Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog for more information about Gravity Rush Remastered in the coming months…

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  • Gravity Rush 2 should have been a Ps4/Vita game how could sony just abandon the fans that have stuck by gravity rush since it launched! This is a Sad day for vita owners every where sony didn’t announce 1 in house game for vita during the show!

    • Hey GoogleNexus – I appreciate your comment!

      We’re bringing Gravity Rush to a whole new audience with Gravity Rush Remastered, so I hope you’ll check it out when it rolls out next February! I think you’d really love to see how it’s turning out! :)


    • Actually I believe they said it is coming to both Ps4 and Vita. Not sure I’ll buy both editions but I will definitely buy the Vita version myself =]

    • Nick Accordino’s reply stinks. “We’re bringing Gravity Rush to a whole new audience” I get he has to put a positive spin on it, but still doesn’t address the Vita owners. New audience.. How about the old audience? The fans who supported the first one?
      Buy a ps4 we’ll see you in February..

    • 3rd party publishers just announced so many new games for the Vita today.

      But Sony just want to give up, even though it was their old fault that the Vita didn’t sell well in the west.

    • They basically told you last year that they’re done with Vita. That’s what Legacy Console means.

    • Did you guys see how it looked though? I have a hard time fathoming the game running on Vita anywhere close to that. Unfortunately, the western market for Vita is too small for all of us owners to cry foul play at Sony. Us blog posters and forum visters are a small portion of the market, and overall Vita is just a niche device. if this franchise can reach a larger audience and maybe sell a few million units, that’s a great thing. I do hope Sony isn’t done with handheld gaming, but I’m not going to act like I know anyone with a Vita lol…

    • Nicely said @Omnicloud. It really is unrealistic for people to expect Sony to waste unnecessary money on the vita. Plus, Gravity Rush 2 is going to be better being a PS4 exclusive because it wont be held back by the limitations of the Vita. I’m looking forward to the new one and replaying the first one on PS4. Hope we find out soon when the new Danganronpa, I’m definitely buying the vita version of that when its released.

    • Yeah you can’t just make an squall exclusive to a different console.

  • Any word on the Gravity Rush 2 LE with the Figma figure making its way to The States?

    • Sorry, but we have nothing to announce at this time for the North American region.

      Thanks for your comment – please keep them coming!

    • I hope it does. I was just thinking the other day that Kat needs a place next to my other figures the other day.

    • Came here to ask the same thing if it doesn’t come out here I’ll have to import that expensive LE and buy the game here for english, I’d be broke and salty as a bastard

  • Bit of kick in the gut for Vita fans honestly. Hopefully there’ll be something to look forward to related to Gravity Rush for us. =/

    Gravity Rush 2 looks amazing though. Nice to see what can be done with the series and the PS4’s power. Very excited for that. =D

    • Thanks for the kind comments! We’re really excited to show you what Gravity Rush Remastered looks like on PS4!

      Hope you’ll check it out next February!

  • So this means GR2 will be a PS4 title not Vita ;(.

    At least we get more Japan stuff around here.

    But yeah VITA =\= LIFE, it is Sony’s Legacy.

  • I’m so glad this got announced. I’m really looking forward to playing through this again.

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment Coloran! I’m a huge fan of the series, so I can’t wait to show you how great Gravity Rush Remastered turned out!

      We’ll see you on PS4 in February! Thanks again!

  • Extremely cool, now I get a chance to play it!

    • Thanks SaviorMachine! Can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!

      We’ll see you in February for Gravity Rush Remastered!

  • Thanks for stealing off us another exclusive

    I got GR on release day, i even imported japanese le and book and ost

    i have a PS4, and know what? I WON’T BUY GRAVITY RUSH 2 ON PS4


    You can deliver us some bad made ports of RE:REVELATIONS and can’t deliver us gravity rush 2 on vita?


    • @ DJ_Tomato: It’s a shame you are willing this game just because the PS Vita won’t have it. As someone who studies in video games, the improvements they seem to be bringing for the sequel will be welcomed by both fans and newcomers of the series.

      Please reconsider!! You might not want to miss this.

      p.s. Take into consideration that before Gravity Rush became a PS Vita “launch” title, it was scheduled and in production for PS3. So the game was originally set to be a console game in the first place. As a big fan of Gravity Rush, sure it is sad to not be able to play it on the go as I used to, but I am happy to know that SCE is giving the Ip another chance, despite the Vita game’s sale figures.

    • Sorry for the double post, I forgot a word here : ” It’s a shame you are willing to Skip/Not Buy this game […]”

    • Gravity Rush 2 is going to be so much better on a powerful and capable system. So if you don’t buy it for an unjust stance like that, than that’s your loss.

    • Yeah it should have been a Vita and PS4 game or at the very least a PlayStation Trio game but don’t leave the Vita owners hanging. Not everyone can afford an $500 console.

  • Ignoring comments about Vita… =/

    • Hey, there madmanwithabox12 – don’t think I didn’t notice that Junko avatar. :)
      But I’m here to talk about the great work BluePoint did on the PS4 entry of Gravity Rush, so I hope you’ll give it a shot!

      Thanks for your comment!

    • as always he did the same when they removed vocaloid system into freedom wars, don’t be surprised

    • That’s great Nick, I’m sure they’ve done great work. It’s still a massive shame to leave the Vita in the lurch with a series that it gave birth to. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily buy both PS4 titles because I LOVE the series and it’s great to see what it can achieve with PS4 hardware. But I’m not very happy with the way Vita has been cast aside like yesterday’s trash. Doesn’t show much appreciation for those of us who supported Gravity Rush in the beginning.

    • Oh wow, that was some hardcore “Can we please focus on Rampart” level dissonance. I’m honestly a little impressed by it.

  • This has been rumored for a long time so I’m very happy to see it finally announced along with the sequel! Please bring that collectors edition to the US as well!

    • Thanks for the nice comment Mercenary09! I can’t really comment on price/versions for SCEA, but I definitely hear you!

      We’ll see you in February – please keep the comments coming! :)

  • Thanks for being so quick to confirm games coming to the USA after Japan’s press conference! Any word on whether the Gravity Daze (Rush) animation project is coming out stateside?

    • Hey GregW17!

      No problem – we’re here for you!

      Can’t really comment on anything but Gravity Rush Remastered here, but we definitely hear you!
      Please, please keep your comments coming!

      Thank you!

    • For the animation project, my guess will be whether or not SCE is willing to bring it in NA and if they are, which company will take care of dubbing the show. :/

  • Will the DLC content be included on disc, or will we have to buy it again? Really hoping we don’t have to.

  • Please, please, PLEASE bring the Collector’s Edition to NA

  • I love my Vita, but I love Gravity Rush more and am thrilled that this isn’t going to be held back by the Vita’s limited hardware.

    GR2 is going to be so much better as a result. I can’t wait!

    Will Gravity Rush Remastered be a retail release? Can you please for the love of Yevon, bring the CE to North America? We didn’t get the awesome Tearaway Unfolded one with the awesome plush.

    Don’t make me miss out on an awesome Kat figure.

    • Hi Elvick,

      Good to see you on here again! Thanks for your lovely comments!

      I can’t really comment about release format for SCEA for Gravity Rush Remastered, but I appreciate your enthusiasm!
      Let us know what you’d like to see – we love hearing form our Gravity Rush fans!

      Thank you very much!


    • “…and am thrilled that this isn’t going to be held back by the Vita’s limited hardware.”

      Which is even funnier when you realize it was originally going to be a PS2 game. :)

  • What are the chance we get the same collector edition with the figma?

    • Hi there Imphobia!

      Can’t comment on that, but I really appreciate your question!

      Keep letting us know what you’d like to see – and thank you for your enthusiasm for Gravity Rush!

      See you in February!

  • Gravity Rush 2 should’ve at least been a multi-plat. It doesn’t look as interesting on a home console so I think I’ll just avoid it.

  • Gravity Rush is one of my favorite games of all time. Played through it a handful of times already on vita. Can’t wait to do it more on PS4, hopefully while picking up a collectors edition of some sort. *fingers crossed for a CE release in the states* Of course cant wait to hear more on this Gravity Rush 2 as well.

    • Hey Mighty! (Looking forward to your game too!) :)

      Thank you so much for the nice comments – we can’t wait to have you checking out Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4!

      Can’t comment on release details for the game, but stay tuned to the blog for more info, and thanks for your enthusiasm for Gravity Rush!

  • I loved Gravity Rush, and I can’t wait to see it on the PS4! Hoping we get that Collector’s Edition with the figure as well!

    • Thanks lazyfan! I loved it too!

      BluePoint did a great job with Gravity Rush Remastered, so I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!
      Thanks for your comments – please keep them coming!


  • Sweet! Can’t wait for this one! Thanks for keeping us informed, Nick! Awesome as always!

    • You’re always welcome, zindane!

      Can’t wait to have you playing on February 9th! Keep the comments coming and let us know what you’re looking forward to about Gravity Rush Remastered!

  • A sad day,really sad.No vita version of GR2.A pity and a shame.

  • I’m so sad to see that Sony is taking away the franchise that gave the Vita its soul. It feels like the system died tonight. It’s a shame – the system still had some life in it, but if Sony feels like there’s no future in the Vita, then so be it.

  • So glad to see this wonderful game being brought to PS4 where it can find a whole new audience!

    I loved GravRush, and felt it had a beautiful, unique world to explore (to the beat of awesome music), and Kat is one of the coolest protagonists in a modern game!

    I just hope we get to see an awesome collectors edition with some neat collectibles, I wish I had something on my shelf to show off my love of the series.

    Can’t wait!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment, Kenji!

      Can’t really comment on format for SCEA, but I promise we hear your wishes to show off your love for the Gravity Rush series!

      Please keep your comments coming, and thanks again for your enthusiasm for Gravity Rush Remastered!

  • So excited to play this phenomenal game again, but please, bring the LE with the figma!!

    • Thanks for your comments DRAQ-520!

      We look forward to having you play come February 9th! And I hear you big time, trust me!

      Keep the comments coming – we’re definitely listening!

      Thank you again!

  • Do not like that people are giving Nick Accordino a hard time by saying the vita was abandoned, the man was able to get Freedom Wars to the other regions on Vita and probably many other games. I very much appreciate that Gravity Rush is going to a wider audience, a family member who was very interested in my Vita asked me what Gravity Rush was and I just simply told him to play it, now he hangs out here after 4 draining the battery to my Vita because he loves it.

    • Awww thanks Mordybird! I appreciate your kind words!

      I’m super excited to bring Gravity Rush to a new audience as well, so thank you for being so understanding!

      Hope we see you enjoying Gravity Rush Remastered on February 9th! Catch you soon!

    • I have been gaming for ages since my first bootleg of wolfenstien back in 79 a year before it released , Also i own every console and handheld main stream since the Atari 2600 and the vita is the only system i felt that a company just slapped its consumers in the face and never cared one bit and this person deserves all the criticism . Why not just make every game multi platform then because you need them to sell consoles and maybe if Sony hired people who have faith in there own products it could have been just as big as the 3ds as its hands down better in graphics and controls. they dont support nothing after they get there fare share or they just drop it like the PSTV why even make it if you were going to not support it after 2 months of release. sick of excuse making it to reach more gamers LOL ya just like tombraider how they said they made it a 1 year exclusive for the fans it a lie and we know it.

  • Nice, very excited for this, really enjoyed Gravity Rush on Vita, hope that CE will make it’s way over here, and of course I’m hoping to hear about Gravity Rush 2 coming out in the west too.

    • Loved it on Vita, played it and all of the DLC.

      BluePoint are masters at ports. Can’t wait.

    • Hi Quintin, and thanks for the kind words!

      I love Gravity Rush too, and although I can’t comment on format/editions for SCEA, I hope that you’ll pick up Gravity Rush Remastered when it launches in February!

      Keep telling us what you love about the series, and thanks again! We love hearing from you!

    • Thank you very much Quintin! I really appreciate the kind words!

      No comment on release details other than the February 9th date, but stay tuned to the blog for more info!

      Let us know what you’d like to see from Gravity Rush, and thank you very much!

  • Thanks for the comment back, Nick! Here’s what I’m looking forward to with this one, now that you’re asking me about that:
    1) DUALSHOCK 4 vibration and touchpad support
    2) Expanded control scheme using each button the controller
    3) English and/or Japanese voice over options in addition to the original fictional language voice over
    4) Awesome PS4 exclusive surprise of some kind (An exclusive level or ability, Raven as a playable character)
    5) Demo voucher for Gravity Rush 2!

    I know that 3 and 5 are a huge stretch, but any and/or all of the above would be awesome!

    Thanks again, Nick!

    • Noted on ALL of the above, Zidane. I’d love this kind of feedback from everyone, honestly!

      Thank you so much, and please keep the comments coming!

  • One thing I did notice, there is no mention of Gravity Rush 2. Can you confirm that it’s coming stateside?

    • Hey Kenji,

      Sorry, double post:

      We have nothing to announce for that title at this time for the North American region.

      I’ll be sure to update you if anything changes!

      Thanks for your question!

  • Hi Kenji,

    Sorry, but we have nothing to announce for that title at this time for the North American region.

    I appreciate your question though!

    • Aw bummer. I hope we hear good news later on, I’d hate to see this series cut short (especially with the GR2’s trailer looking super awesome).

    Also, Vita is dead! Please forget and move on!
    Handheld gaming is a waste of money anyways, these days, you can easily get a cool awesome games for free on your iPhone and/or Android. Imho, handheld gaming is too expensive, sooner or later, it will be replaced with smartphone gaming completely! Same with console gaming of course….
    HOWEVER, with the PS Now, i can see the future of playstation become even a much bigger branch than just a console with exclusives, it would probably become like a YouTube Apps but for hardcore gaming!
    Again, great show, Sony! Don’t let the trolls & haters put u down!

    • LOL go outside stop gaming. apple LOL yes those amazing games are you even a gamer or just a person who buys one game a year like cod because no gamer would ever say something that dumb or at least no adults that have been gaming for a good while . That actually infuriates me as these junk phones and the cheap games are what is flooding gaming and making the gaming scene worse every year . go play bio shock its utter garbage on those devices and destroys the whole feel of the game just like all the games they try to make for those phones that sheeple buy . Do you drink starbucks also and sit in there with your Laptop LOL

    • Hi Devilking!

      Thanks for the kind words about the conference! I’m really proud of the great work that went into everything over there!

      Hope you’re excited for Gravity Rush Remastered – we can’t wait to see you on PS4 next February!

  • Gravity Rush 2 being a PS4 exclusive is some major disapointment. Once again game was ripped apart from the hardwere where it feels best. Won’t be buying it unless the price will be very low. Very sad, very very very sad. Even more when trailer of GR2 doesn’t really feel as big improvement over Vita version… models, shadows… it doesn’t look like PS4 game.

    But anyway… anyone complaining on Mr. Nick Acordino is meanie!
    He is nice guy! And we in EU still want to clone him and hire his clones for eternal work in SCEE.
    (did I sound like a creepy stalker? :P)

    • Whoah, Archacus! (Just when I thought the clone plans had ceased!)

      I think you’ll like Gravity Rush Remastered quite a bit! (The team at Bluepoint worked really hard on it, and it really shows!)

      Hopefully I’ll see you on PS4 next February, but until then, please keep the questions and comments coming!

      And great to hear from you as always!

    • “Gravity Rush 2 being a PS4 exclusive is some major disapointment. Once again game was ripped apart from the hardwere where it feels best…”

      You do realize that originally the game was set to be a console game (PS3) before the project shifted to PS Vita. They needed launch titles for it. We are lucky this game was even released for PS Vita in the first place.

      “Won’t be buying it unless the price will be very low. Very sad, very very very sad.”

      Oh come on! That’s the kind of attitude that brought the PS Vita game to fail commercially. Also like some people said, the game’s budget is higher than you would usually get for Portable games (not mobile). Furthermore, a lot of people wanted to play this on PS3! :S

    • “Even more when trailer of GR2 doesn’t really feel as big improvement over Vita version… models, shadows… it doesn’t look like PS4 game.”

      That’s completely false. The models for the characters easily seem to be of higher resolution. Even the shaders used are of higher quality. They might tried to recreate the look achieved in the Vita game, just to keep consistency across the two games visual identity/style. Although, there seems to be a problem with the Anti-Aliasing quality, which should be fixable by the time it releases.

      – Also, just in terms models geometry, it looks way more busy and dynamic (way more cars flying around, way more people walking and hanging around) than what the PS Vita could actually handle system-wise (I didn’t see any performance hiccups so far in the trailer).

      – Furthermore, the scale also seems to be five times bigger than the original game’s world, just based of the depth of the levels they showed.

    • – Also, the lighting system… based on the fog’s depth, the game could be using PBR, which in return helped improve the quality of the static and dynamic shadows (which look cleaner and sharper) and made the lighting look more “natural”.

      As someone who studies in video game development, these improvements are easily noticeable… especially for eveything they showed so far in the trailer. All in all, as a big fan of the IP, I welcomed all those changes (even the platform switch) as it could help them achieve more with the PS4’s power/specs and push the IP and brand further than what they could possibly wish for. And that’s the most important point in all this… brand recognition.

  • Punch after punch in the face of Vita owners. Why did House retract the “legacy platform” statement about the Vita? Sony hasn’t announced a first party Vita retail game since Freedom Wars in May 2013.

    I really hope there will be something new announce during Paris Games Week or PSX at least.

    • Despite having a Vita and being a huge fan of the system and its potential, it was dead in the water for a long time. No matter how much SCE would have invested in it, they didn’t have the CODs and GTAs from the Third Parties to back it up (which helped boost the PSP total sales). Despite having released some really cool games and new IPs (Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush, etc), the fact that most people and gamers (casual or core) weren’t willing to pay the usual full price for its games (30$ – 50$) slowed its progress to a point that it was no longer profitable to make “AAA” level of games for it.

      p.s. I also wish for more First-party to announced at PGW, but I know it won’t happen. They already said that ALL of their teams are working on PS4 games/projects/apps.

    • Also, the mobile gaming on tablets and smartphones is also one of the reasons the PS Vita never turned to a commercial success. Low prices for games, huge libraries, scalable development pipelines, the mobile gaming killed, in some ways, the portable gaming as we used to know it. We can’t do anything for that. :S

    • Legacy platform would imply that they are no longer supporting it. And considering the fact that they’re releasing a new color scheme of the system in the US in November, and just announced a bunch of new skins for the Japanese version as well, they’re obviously supporting it. Maybe not with first-party software, but they ARE still supporting it.

  • I know this post is about the PS4 port…but sad that the Vita is forgotten for the sequel. Oh well…

    • I think you’d absolutely love Gravity Rush Remastered, KidCommando – Hekseville never looked so good!

      I hope you give it a chance when it hits next February, and thank you very much for your comment!

      We’re always listening to what you guys are saying, so please keep it coming!

  • I’ve been waiting for this for so Damn long since i’ve got every single trophy incloding all DLC trophys in Gravity Rush :D

    I cant tell how happy i am of able to play this on PS4 and able to complete another trophy list while enjoy the game Once again ^_^

    Not to mention of i sure am gunna enjoy the sequel too :)

    This has been 1 of best news of 2015 for PlayStation!

    • I live for comments like these, CressOfLight – thank you very much!

      I’m sure you’ll love everything that went into Gravity Rush Remastered, and we can’t wait to get it into your hands!

      Keep your questions and comments coming – I want to hear all about what you’re looking for from Gravity Rush!

      Thank you very much!

  • Easily the best announcement during the conference! Now PLEASE bring the collector’s edition to the US!

    • Thank you D-Squad3! Can’t wait for you to start playing!

      Can’t really comment on the release format of the game for SCEA, but please stay tuned to the blog for more info!

  • This is such a sad announcement for Vita owners. I just bought my Vita this year and most of its exclusive games that makes Vita known is getting taken away.

    I wouldn’t mind if there was a release for both PS4 and the Vita but now this exclusive Vita title is carried over and being made exclusive for the PS4 instead is just the nail in the coffin.

    I will have to start selling my Vita since most of the games which I bought the Vita for is going away.

    • Hey CyanKnightNero,

      I just wanted to thank you for your comment and let you know that I’m listening.

      I really hope you get a chance to play Gravity Rush Remastered when it hits PS4 next year – we’d love to know what you think!

      Thank you very much!

    • I am pretty sure the Vita wouldn’t be able to handle Gravity Rush 2 on a technical level without making any sacrifices to the Art Direction or the core level design and game mechanics of the game, hence why it is exclusive to PS4. Imagine the possibilities they could achieved with the PS4 based on what they’ve done on Vita. In terms of scale or dynamic environments, it could change the quality of the endgame/experience for the better, mate. Trust me, this platform switch should and could help with the brand’s recognition with the PS4’s current success. Gravity Rush is really a cool and great game that deserves to be promoted and featured on the PS4.

    • Will someone from the PS Blog (or SCE in general) kindly hear this? Promote the hell out of it on PS Store, on your youtube channel, on the blog… release a demo if you need to. This game and the IP needs that kind of exposure. If you want Gravity Rush to be recognized among Playstation’s greatest series/franchise (like LBP, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Uncharted, etc), let people “SHARE” their experience with the game. Offer a demo or beta for people who pre-order at their local game shops (Best Buy, Gamestop/Eb Games, Amazon, etc) and let them do the “free” marketing with the things they might share (videos, screenshots).

    • Hey F4r0_Atak, while its true PS4 would be able to handle the graphics, it doesn’t mean that the Vita should just be left in the dust like that.

      “I am pretty sure the Vita wouldn’t be able to handle Gravity Rush 2…”

      The game wasn’t even released yet and you already know whether it could handle it or not? That’s what people always talk about the 3DS but Nintendo pushes for their handhelds anyways, see Xenoblade Chronicles, Monster Hunter etc. Those games did great anyways. Trust me mate, it’s not always about the art direction, graphics etc. Mechanics wise, it handled good and really unique for the first game, where is the problem?

      “Gravity Rush is really a cool and great game that deserves to be promoted and featured on the PS4.”

      It deserves to be promoted and featured on the PS Vita as well, especially since it was the original platform it was released in. Going around almost everyone’s posts about how PS4 is the only one that can handle this etc etc. goes to show that you only care about the PS4. Have some consideration as well since you own a Vita. Not everyone owns a PS4 you know.

  • This is fantastic news! I was super excited to see it at TGS, and getting news about a US release this quickly is super exciting!

    I really hope we get that Figma bundle for Gravity Daze 2 as well!

    • Thanks Blyr! I really appreciate the kind words!

      And I loved all the great news as well!

      Can’t really comment on any bundles for SCEA, but stay tuned to the blog for release information!

      Thank you again very much!

  • Pretty excited to hear about the remaster and the new Gravity Rush 2

    Looking forward to playing it!

    • Thank you yawnawn!

      Really appreciate the kind words about Gravity Rush Remastered!

      We’ll see you in February! :)

  • It’s nice to hear that PS4 will have a remastered GR and a sequel GR2. I hope that the PSVITA will have a sequel of GR2 too if not just port it to PSV. I’m looking forward about that Sony, please give some love to the platform because I really love my Vita. :(

    • Hey A2YanYelGM!

      Really appreciate the kind words, and I hope you give GR Remastered a shot on PS4!

      Keep the comments coming – I want to know what you’re excited about for Gravity Rush!

  • any news on frame rate???
    is it 60 fps or 30 fps?
    what about photo mode… i love to take photo on this fantasy awesome world! <3

    • Hi Arian,

      The team’s targeting 60fps, and it runs in full HD – 1080p!

      No photo mode to speak of so far, but there is a wonderful gallery with hundreds of concept art images and cut scenes for you!

      Hope we see you in February! :)

    • hilarious Can’t w8
      will pick that Up… Tnx

    • @Nick Accordino

      Cool to know that the team is targeting for 60fps (most likely for the Remaster but I hope for the sequel too), but if they can’t do it in time for the release, lock it to 30 fps and make the option to “unlock” it available day one. It should grant them enough time, while people play the game, to optimize it to reach a locked 60fps.

  • No love for Vita. Shame Sony.
    I bought Gravity Rush to Day One and expected the sequel (EVEN) of PSVITA. -_-

    • As I did… but I am pretty confident you will appreciate the changes and improvements to the game’s original formula with Gravity Rush 2 releasing exclusively on PS4. The team working on it should be able to do more and push the game’s potential further with it being on PS4 only. Being on PS Vita too would have limited their vision or their ideas just because of the Vita technical limitations.

  • DAMN! That was fast! I was figuring, “Eh, we’ll hear about the Western release for this later in the week, maybe?” But NOPE – PS Blog got us covered!

    This is awesome! Thank you for the info. I DEFINITELY need to pick this up – always was intrigued by it, but didn’t want to buy a PSVita for one game. And Gravity Rush 2? That’s seriously the prettiest game I think I’ve yet seen for the PS4! Going right next to Horizon Zero Dawn on the hype-o-meter for me! :D

    • Thanks Vinsanity! And you’re very welcome!

      You guys are the reason we do this, and it’s my pleasure to bring you great news about the Gravity Rush franchise!

      I hope we see you next February for Gravity Rush Remastered!

  • Wonderful mews! I’ve always wanted to play gravity Rush and now I have the chance. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks NegaStorm! So glad to see you’ll finally have a chance to play!

      Let us know what you’re excited about for Gravity Rush, and keep the comments coming!

      Thank you very much!

  • I really enjoyed this title on the vita and I’m tempted to double dip with this remaster. Amid the glut of TPS’ and FPS’ this industry churns out prodigiously, an imaginative game like this is a refreshing change indeed.

    • Exactly my thoughts, railenmiles!

      Gravity Rush is that wonderful breath of fresh air that reminds me of exactly why I joined this industry – to work on wonderful, beautiful games that break the mold and take us on experiences we’ve never had before.

      I adore Gravity Rush, and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it on PS4.

      Keep the comments coming and thank you very much!

    • Then you must have been quite happy to hear about the sequel being announced exclusively for PS4. :P

  • Extremely disappointed that Vita has been left behind. The attachment rate for vita is off the charts and Playstation just ignored us.

  • This was known since last year. GR2 was not going to be on Vita.
    I’ve said this for years, Vita is just an indie game console for Sony, and not even the best ones. Just a PS4 additional controller.

    Last physical game I bought for Vita was Killzone, and digital Castlevania Symphony of the Night (PSX). It’s bee over a year since I grabbed it, until the other day.

    I felt I had a WASTE OF MONEY in my hands, in was painful.

    Thanks Sony for not giving a flying F for Vita Owners…

    GR2, Tearaway 2, FF Type Zero (that was low…)

    I keep my words from 2 years ago. You deserve to get the Vita hacked.

    • SCE tried all they can to support the Vita. The main problem was the consumer’s general perception regarding the PS Vita (price of system and its games). People weren’t willing to shell out 250$ – 300$ to get a portable system and another 40-50$ per game when they can get the same thing on a PS3 or another home console for a similar price range.

    • Gravity Rush 2 not releasing was a matter of technical limitations with the system.

      Tearaway 2… doesn’t exist. Despite being considered one of the best games on the PS Vita by both the critics and gamers, very few people bought it on Vita, which lead to a commercial failure. Tearaway Unfolded on PS4 was just a way to breath some fresh air in the game’s life and potential. Both games and IPs, Gravity Rush and Tearaway, deserve brand recognition and the exposure the PS4 could offer to them.

      FF Type Zero… it was just Square Enix not giving enough F about a Vita version. They even dropped support for the FF Aegito version they had release a year ago I think, before re-releasing it on mobile. :S

    • The last game you bought at retail for it was Killzone? That’s on you.
      I just picked up Ultra Despair Girls the other day. Had to wait for a second shipment of it to come in at my game store too, because they sold out of their initial run + pre-orders.
      Sure Sony isn’t releasing first-party games, but there are still games coming out for the Vita.
      And go blame Square-Enix for Type-0. Sony had nothing to do with that.

    • Get a life… I don’t care for japanese girly games. If you want to f*p to your vita that’s ok. But don’t expect everyone to think the same.
      I just need 1 parameter to criticize the Vita. The original PSP. Now go defend something that’s worth the time.

      And Square Enix not willing to remake the game for Vita was the lack of interest Sony put in the console from the beggning. Would you make a game for a console that not even the creator cares for? Go read about bussiness before talking…

  • Sony executives, stop the deflections and have the guts to admit you left PS Vita for dust. Only third parties are saving it from a total failure.

    Just to be clear, I have a PS Vita and like it lot, but Sony’s decisions towards it just make me sad. This is not a great place for gamers.

    • I am pretty sure if the PS Vita released before the mobile and tablets got hugely popular in gaming, it would have done way better. Altough, the mobile gaming is one of the main reasons it failed commercially. SCE did poor in insane amounts of money in their “AAA” first-party games, altough they barely broke even in most cases.

      SCE’s decisions to drop it before loosing to much money was the best decision they could make. Despite having a wonderful piece of hardware, Third Parties want more than just technical prowess. Inflating budgets for “HD” games didn’t help either, especially since the Vita games were semi-HD in native resolution, which both the amount of content, its performance and its visual quality. Making “HD” games is crazy expensive since you need specialists for certain things… trust me on that.

  • I’m glad gravity rush 1 get remastered, I want to play it in big screen rather than on vita, I’m super glad they got bluepoint games since they are the master of remastered :)

    Also please bring the collector edition to usa.

    • Hi anszbd1!

      Thanks for your kind comments! The team at Bluepoint has done an amazing job bringing Gravity Rush to life on PS4, so I can’t wait to hear what you think!

      Sorry I can’t comment on release details for SCEA, but stay tuned to the blog for more information!

  • Sony this is a huge insult to vita owners. Why abandon the vita platform for gravity rush 2. Even tecmo manage to include an open world toukiden 2 to ps vita. What the hell, sony? I swear I am never gonna buy another sony products anymore.

  • Please bring it to the west with the same bogart than the Japanese version. It looks amazing! (With RUSH instead of DAZE)

    • Can I assume that the game will still have the option to control the camera (gravity) with motion controls on the Dualshock 4?

    • Hey RCU005!

      Thanks for the kind words! I totally hear you about that sweet box art for Japan, but unfortunately I can’t comment on how we’re releasing the game here SCEA.

      And yes, you’ll be able to use the tilt functionality of the Dual Shock 4 to control Kat, so I hope you enjoy it!

  • Why are people crying about Vita? They told you its a Legacy Console(meaning they’re done wasting resources and money) and GR1, GR2 can do so much more on PS4 and actually sell copies.

    • Because it didn’t pass 1 year since they sentenced it to oblivion. And let me tell you a little secret about economy… THINGS COST MONEY.

    • @Yosoinbord, Oh I see its crying because you don’t own a Vita. Look there are people that have invested a lot of money into that device since day one and they have every right to let Sony know how disappointed they are.

    • @ TeamGreen615

      Sure they have all the rights to be disappointed with the current situation, but the problem is… Gravity Rush 2 might have been a way too ambitious project for the PS Vita technical limitations. Making it exclusive to PS4 could help the team in doing more and improving a lot of its core mechanics, level design and pacing. They have the power to make the world of Gravity Rush more living and dynamic, which could change the gamers’ experience for the better. :)

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