Aqua Blue PS Vita Coming to GameStop This November

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Aqua Blue PS Vita Coming to GameStop This November


PlayStation Vita is about to get a splash of color. Starting in November, the Aqua Blue PS Vita will be available in the U.S. exclusively at GameStop for $199.99 (MSRP).


Pre-orders for the Aqua Blue PS Vita are now live, so make sure to head over to or your local GameStop store to stake your claim. This is the first time that the slimmer, lighter PS Vita has been available in a color other than black in the U.S.

PS Vita is home to more than 1,000 games and sports the ability to stream most PlayStation 4 games from your PS4 via Remote Play. And with the recent launch of PlayStation Now on PS Vita and titles like Super Time Force Ultra, Super Meat Boy and Minecraft: Story Mode making their way to PS Vita, it’s the perfect time to pick up the system – and trust me, that Aqua Blue color looks even better in person.

Knowing the passionate PS Vita fan base as I do, the color won’t last long, so pre-order today and get ready to enjoy yet another reason that PlayStation is the best place to play!


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  • So Japan gets three new colors, and we get one of them? Classic Sony.

  • Love the blue color, but why not color the screen border too? I understand these displays are manufactured in bulk by another supplier but you should still figure out a way to paint the whole damn unit blue if you want my money. Plus I haven’t seen a new game for Vita that interests me in over a year. I was a huge Vita fan, I’ve bought 2 Vitas and a PSTV and just don’t play either of them anymore. We need new titles and bigger and cheaper memory card prices. Please!!!

  • So beautiful. I’ll be preordering this ASAP! :D

  • That’s attractive, too bad I already have one, I wonder if I can trade in my old one and get this one for like 20$

  • I miss AAA titles on Vita. We got so few and that was something we were promised. Where is Gravity Rush 2? Where is Uncharted Vita 2? Why haven’t we gotten a unique high budget platformer?

    I bought the Vita for its features with PS3/4 (Cross Save, Cross Buy, Remote Save) and I bought it for Unique vita experiences.

    • With handheld mobiles slowly increasing performance, it is fair to say the Vita is not finished yet.

      If not, then phones/pods/pads maybe replacing it eventually.

  • Yea a new color. Looks great.

    So +10 points for a new color (and looks good too).
    -5 points for Gamestop only
    -3 points for still having the same $199 price point at this point in life cycle.
    -100 points for the ridiculous pricing on the Vita memory cards

  • I am definitely getting my hands on this, it is about time finally I can get a different color PS Vita without having to order one from Japan

  • Can you please confirm what size memory card this Vita will come with?


    • Probably just 1gb internal. But I hope Sony is smart and gives it at least an 8gb. Even better, give a 32gb card withe every Vita and watch it sell.

  • Love the color, but I love my OLED screen too much. I wish this mean more Vita support as it is my favorite platform to play.

  • The Vita is a Great System!

    I wish the following would be considered:

    1) Redesign the UI,…make it more like the PS4 where I can view my library of games.
    2) Support for Dual Shock controllers to allow better remote play experiences.
    3)Redesign with L2 and R2 shoulder buttons for better local and remote play
    4)Support for standard micro SD cards or the like.

    If we can get these things and a 50 -100 dollar price drop … will be more attractive to consumers.

  • The childish behavior grow up because you have to sooner than later. On another note excellent choice of color for the PS Vita. See Sony we like color to here in the states.

  • Great! Now if only you’d also announce some actual GAMES for it, lower the price to $149.99 US, lower the memory card prices and spend some money on advertising via traditional outlets such as good old TV and print!

    You call it a “Legacy System” which to me is code for “We’re too lazy to put in the minimal effort it would take to turn this thing around”. It doesn’t have to be a “Legacy System”. Lower the price of the system and memory, advertise on TV – you know during prime time TV shows where you’re already flooding with PS4 commercials? Point out things like Remote Play, Cross-Buy, PS Plus, console-quality gaming on the go etc. More sales = more developers = more games.

  • Please release an orange one, or red at the very least.

  • That’s cool and all, but where are the games?

  • Is the original model getting this color as well? Not giving up my original Vita for the slim/LCD version.

  • Yay new color! I wish we could get the white/lime one though… Probably going to have to import it sadly. Also bigger memory cards at a lower price, flash memory isn’t that expensive anymore and you have 2 different systems that have to have them. Anyways thanks for something other than black.

  • Would not buy Disney Infinity for Vita because it was Gamestop exclusive and I will not buy this. I will not patronize Gamestop.

  • I’m amazed that we’re getting one of the new colors, so this is great news!
    Though, these would’ve looked nicer if the face buttons, dpad, and shoulder buttons were black as well. Also either the rear touchpad OR the oval rest pads on the back should be black as well. The way it is now looks odd.

  • I wouldn’t change ma black old model for this one but it looks pretty sleek and beautiful.

    Ha a surprise coming from you guys but gotta give credit where its due so nice one Sony.

  • I want to get this but already have 2 1000 model Vitas and you can only have your PSN attached to 2 Vitas

  • How about selling us in the US the 64GB storage card? I’d buy it!

  • c’mon! we need more Vita games! not new colors!!

  • Beautiful! Are you guys considering bringing the other colors to the U.S.?

  • Make a new bundle with this and Minecraft (Throw in a great kid-friendly game like Tearaway for good measure) and see how the Vita sells. Kids adore that game, and as it stands, there is absolutely no appeal to the younger audience with the Vita. It may have a lot of potential to be more well-known to kids, but when the only retail copies have Borderlands 2 on the front, it’s hard to imagine that a parent will notice Disney Infinity 2.0 for it.

    Get the younger generation excited, and a wider audience will appear. Just look at the other handheld system.

  • The Vita business simply needs an overhaul from the ground up. Clear out the retail channel of all the dust-collecting stock (like the Borderlands 2 bundle). Lower the price of the system to at least $179.99 US, lower the prices of the ridiculously expensive memory cards, bundle it with mass-market appealing games such as Uncharted and Minecraft, spend some money on ADVERTISING it on TV and in print to let the world know it even exists and see how that helps! Seriously do I need to apply to Sony to be the new VP of Portable Gaming?!

  • Please quite making things games top exclusive. The closest gamestop to me is 120 miles away.

  • The front looks horrible. I guess that’s why it’s an American GS exclusive and not an official new color.

  • That’s nice and all, but how about lowering the price of the Vita, why is it still at $199.99, for goodness sake, the PS TV is already got a price drop and it’s not even a year yet. Propriety Memory Card that are too expensive, the lack of support, and it’s still have a MSRP of $199.99? Does it even come with a pack-in game, if not they it should be at least $149.99,

  • And yes, if WE support it (and I appreciate those who do) like we support the PS4, we would see just as many games for it by AAA devs and SCEA as we see on the PS4. And if we supported the PS4 like we support the Vita, we would see the same issues with it (fewer AAA/SCEA games). But people aren’t happy unless they’re griping about something. Now let’s all tell Sony how horrible their systems and support are while we throw more money at them for that next game we just have to get. :)

  • What we need is cheaper memory cards maybe people might actually buy a Vita, I’m still stuck with a 4GB because its so expensive.

  • Looks pretty good!

  • So no white model for the US? I don’t understand why the limitations if they are always worried about the lack of sales.

  • tooo cool man i want it bad plz give it ot me

  • tooo cool man i want it bad

  • Why only gamestop? I would love to get one next year if i travel to the US but i have the feeling that stock won’t be replenished after the initial batch :(. Hope for this version to be available at others retailers.

  • Still over here waiting on a smartphone/portable gaming rig. Pockets weighing me down with all these devices.

  • “PS Vita is home to more than 1,000 games and sports the ability to stream most PlayStation 4 games from your PS4 via Remote Play. And with the recent launch of PlayStation Now on PS Vita and titles like Super Time Force Ultra, Super Meat Boy and Minecraft: Story Mode making their way to PS Vita, it’s the perfect time to pick up the system – and trust me, that Aqua Blue color looks even better in person.”
    SUPER MEAT BOY IS NOT ON VITA YET and there is not a release date, also games like:
    Axiom verge
    Oddworld New N’ Tasy
    Galak Z
    Arcade classics
    Etc…. Those games are promise by Sony Long Time Ago and theres no info about that..
    Please Sony Stop to take for the back people Who by a product and expected a support for that..

  • do anybody know if it’s a 1000 or 2000 model

  • I still love the colors from the launch slims in Japan but this one is also a nice release! If I didn’t already own two OLEDs I would definitely consider picking a blue one up. Hopefully we’ll see more colors in the future!

  • I just really want the ability to play Crash and Spyro PS1 games on my Vita. Been waiting way too long for that.

    • Very sad… Waiting to play PS1 (1993) games on a 3 years old handheld with no hardware equivalent, but still loosing in sales to Nintendo because Sony prefer to invest money making “New colors” than new games. (2015)

  • the world of setting around the fire carrying fire sounds cool but isent that dagerus Vita is an amazing system get ready to fight fire with fire

  • THIS VITA LOOKS AMAZING :D i have PSVita already but this psvita looks amazing some people can get this PSVita on christmas but im getting a PS4 on christmas :)

  • I don’t understand why they don’t come out with different colors the first time it comes out for example PSVita 1000 when they released the black PSVita then like 6 months later they came out with the white one i was so angry why didn’t you just release them at the same time its just black and white why Sony why didn’t you just release them at the same time it got me so pissed

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