Aqua Blue PS Vita Coming to GameStop This November

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Aqua Blue PS Vita Coming to GameStop This November


PlayStation Vita is about to get a splash of color. Starting in November, the Aqua Blue PS Vita will be available in the U.S. exclusively at GameStop for $199.99 (MSRP).


Pre-orders for the Aqua Blue PS Vita are now live, so make sure to head over to or your local GameStop store to stake your claim. This is the first time that the slimmer, lighter PS Vita has been available in a color other than black in the U.S.

PS Vita is home to more than 1,000 games and sports the ability to stream most PlayStation 4 games from your PS4 via Remote Play. And with the recent launch of PlayStation Now on PS Vita and titles like Super Time Force Ultra, Super Meat Boy and Minecraft: Story Mode making their way to PS Vita, it’s the perfect time to pick up the system – and trust me, that Aqua Blue color looks even better in person.

Knowing the passionate PS Vita fan base as I do, the color won’t last long, so pre-order today and get ready to enjoy yet another reason that PlayStation is the best place to play!


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  • Holy crap a new Vita! :-D

    Glad to see there will still be new ones hitting the shelves (well, of GameStop)

    • You are getting a bit annoying

    • I find it kinda funny that people are annoyed by a comment like Paulogy’s. I mean, if his comment was further down on the page, nobody had anything to complain about. But since Paulogy is just quick and almost always first, people are “annoyed”.

      Keep it up Paulogy! Don’t stop being at the top! :D I love the new Vita, too, BTW.

    • I second the notion, are you secretly working for Sony or do you actually have a job?

    • What does any of that have to do with Sony?

      I also have to 2nd the suggestion for bigger memory cards, and add that a serious price drop is needed.

      SD cards are nowhere near as expensive, and actually smaller.
      Also, most handheld devices these days come with 8GB internal memory.

    • @PanTheMan16: Thanks for welcoming me. But every single person has his/her own definition of things. But who am I to tell you that? If people get annoyed by little things like Paulogy being first on every post, I don’t know what the hell is going on in the world right now. Seems like people have no real life problems, and to compensate that, they find the very first lucky one (quite literally).

      So what exactly is the problem? He likes the new Vita and this is his opinion. People down below have their opinions but no one seems to be annoyed by them. Interesting. So it really must be the fact that Paulogy has the number “1” beside his name repeatedly. Y’all mad because you’re too slow? :D

    • lol. you guys, this is the playstation blog. who cares what people comment, most people don’t even bother reading the comments to begin with. And as for Paulogy, if someone is going to “first” the blog, at least she/he’s saying something besides “first.” I don’t mind. Keep going Paulogy.

      And Holy Crap!! Does this mean Sony hasn’t given up on PS Vita in the U.S.?… maybe? *sigh* I doubt it. Anyways, let us know if Digimon Cyber Sleuth is getting a physical release or a digital for Vita. AND DROP THE PRICE OF THE MEMORY CARDS!!

    • I don’t understand why people are so upset with Paulogy. There are lots of people that comment on every single post, just like he does. It’s usually just one comment, and it’s really easy to just skip the comment and read the next one, if it bothers you that much. It’s not like he’s spamming the blog with a huge list of hash tags. Keep being you Paulogy, there’s certainly nothing to aPaulogyize for.

      This vita is super sexy, and if my oled vita ever breaks, I’ll probably buy a 3ds, but if that ever breaks, I might possibly, but probably not buy this!

    • Any spam, from any person, is rightfully irritating. If someone genuinely likes something, that’s great. I like my Vita, too, but that’s not the point. The point is that there is someone refreshing the blog constantly, waiting for a new post to appear, and when one does, quickly posts a short, insincere and brown-nosing comment for attention. Does it affect me? Heck no. But this is a place for discussion and if I see someone spamming or trolling, I may say something about it.

      If you love the new Vita, then by all means, praise it all you want, but don’t do it if you don’t mean it, just because you’re hoping someone from the Blog staff will give you a pat on the back.

    • #TeamPaulogy

    • Instead of announcing a new Vita. How about announcing some games for it?
      Sounds more interesting than a paint job.

    • I assure you my <3 for Vita (and PlayStation, and PlayStation Blog) runs deep :-)

    • Sony hasn’t given up on the Vita, they just aren’t throwing money at the problem to fix it. I mean look at Nintnedo, they did so much work to make a Wii U be another Wii success story, but it fell flat. So sweep it under the rug and bring out the NX, which might not have physical copies for games… Don’t know yet…

      I really don’t think that the Vita would have sold far more if they did more commercials, I think that people want it to be a PS4, when it’s only like a PS3 in power, but the screen resolution is nice enough that it hinders it from hitting PS3 level quality… Could probably do it at 3DS screen resolutions.

    • I hate my Vita. Sony should invest into getting more games on it.
      It is officially dead. Sony said so themselves by treating it as s legacy console same as PSP.

    • Guys, Sony officially announced a long time ago that they were dropping first-party support. Third-party studios will of course still give it some games because it gives them some money, but it’s never going to be what anyone wants it to be, except to those who feel that it already is what they wanted it to be. People were delusional to think it would be equal to a console. I have never been disappointed by my Vita because I always understood what it is. For people who don’t want their Vita, but keep it in case Sony pulls a rabbit out of a hat, you can go ahead and sell it. It’s worth more now than it will be a year from now. No point in waiting for something that will never come.

  • Ehhh I think the white/blue jp only looks better. I still wish we could get a 128GB memory card and another Assassins Creed Game on this thing though.

  • Whoa glad to see a new Vita! It looks very cute!

    • I know, right? I’m seriously tempted to buy one, but I already have a PS TV and at this point almost every PS Vita release (what few there are) is also compatible with PS TV. Sooooo…. yeah. (T-T )

  • I’m not too thrilled about a console that hardly gets any love from its creator. But give me a PS4 in this color and you got my moneys.

    • I was going to say – I love my Vita, but I could not genuinely recommend picking up a new one at MSRP to anyone at this point because of how little has been coming out. JRPGs and SRPGs are great but they seem to be a dime a dozen compared to any other titles being released here.

    • I just don’t know what people want for it.

      It’s not like it has a small collection of games, it’s got plenty of good high quality games for a variety of tastes. It’s hard for the vita to get games bigger than 4GB because they wanted as many game to work with that 4GB card as possible, and 10GB games fill up cards too fast anyway, and when you’re constrained to 4GB there’s only so much you can do. Plus handhelds aren’t the best for shooters anyway…

      What games do people want that aren’t coming, that would work for the Vita, that it desperately lacks…

  • Japan is getting a red and a white one why not us too?

  • Beautiful we need more

  • A new John Koller PS Blog post about Vita? I thought those days were over. ;)

  • Kind of weird that the “pre-order now” link takes you to a page that say “pre-order coming soon.”

    I love my Vita, and I would love some more games similar to Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, and Killzone to play on it. That is to say first person shooters, or third person action-adventure games.

    • Sorry to post again, but I just read the description of the device, and nowhere does it explicitly say the Vita plays Vita games. Instead, it points to PlayStation games, PS4 remote play, and PS Now. The Vita has a library, too, you know. Might it merit a mention? Or have you literally given up on making new games for it, and it’s now an accessory?

  • Gah why you do this to me, Sony? I was just about to drop ALL of my saved up cash for a PCH-1001 model (because OLED screen), and now you release this? Now I don’t know who to through my money at! :p

    Silly question, but there’s no chance that this model has an OLED screen, is there? *crosses fingers*

    • Oled is overrated. The slim is better in every way including the screen. It has better form factor. Slightly raised buttons, redesigned rear panel, longer battery, and a screen that isnt showing wrong colors, id say get the blue one!

    • Owned both.

      And was pretty determined to stay with the first model.

      After using it for 2 years regularly, I had the chance to purchase a newer model.

      Go with the newer. Lighter, better on the hands, 1GB internal (though doesn’t add when memory card is inserted), and the new charging cable is easier and not as big.

  • Smurf lovers rejoice!

    I’ll stick with my black model, but secretly hope that the blue version is so successful that game developers the world over feel the need to make additional AAA titles for this amazing handheld.

  • Thank you Sony and Mr John Koller. I appreciate any first party support you give us.

  • Nice color. So this will be my what… my 5th Vita purchase?

    • are you for real? thats too much vitas for one person

    • Especially since Sony only allows you to have 2 Vitas per account. Which is what stopped me from getting another PS Vita TV as that counts as one of your 2 Vitas.

    • Are you sure about that?

      I thought it was 3.

    • I know right? Two of them were stolen by the way, and I’m now going to have to give up my slim version to replace it with this beaut!

    • @Ujn on September Incorrect. I had the same impression too, but I can %100 confirm that 2 PS Vita systems and a PSTV system can work under a single account simultaneously. I have 2 Vita’s and a PSTV on my US account.

  • This is awesome. Now make pqs2 classics playable on vita

  • Literally no one asked for this, but every other vita owner is asking for a god eater 2 rage burst localization, SO ANNOUNCE THE LOCALIZATION ALREADY!!!

  • You know, it would’ve been really cool if you guys did a Vita themed to celebrate PSP’s 10th Anniversary, but I’m probably pushing my luck …

  • the vita is awesome but it would be better if we had spotify for that fall is coming up i would just love to sit down in my patio to enjoy the cooler weather along my music selection.or just to alternate gaming with some music for a change .

  • Long live the Vita!! Seriously, it may be my favorite handheld of all-time and I’ve owned damn near all since the Gameboy/Game Gear days!

  • Glad to see some vita promotion. Not sure that justifies buying a second one but hey might get some Aqua loving people to pick up some new units.

  • gamestop?

    the ONLY hobby retailer that has a “gutting” policy and worst track record for preorders not being held?
    yea, ill pass.

    hey, any word on the 64GB memory card you released going on 2 years ago?
    didnt think so.

    heres a thought…
    dont pigeonhold yourself to one of the worst retailers in gaming history for exclusionary purposes.
    stop treating the NA/EU markets like our money is best as outsourced to your foreign (homeland) regions.

    64GB memory?
    ring a bell?

    this ranks right up there with AT&T being SONYs choice for the vitas 3G model.
    yea that went swimmingly didnt it?

    one new variant for NA huh?
    meanwhile in japan…

    thanks for the partiality SONY.
    you never let me down.

  • Will EB Games Canada be carrying this Vita model north of the border?

  • Great, but where are the games?

    I would be more than content with iOS ports (with some upped graphics and extra stuff for the PSV). Games like Madden, NBA 2K GTA 3, VC, SA, Bioshock, Civ Rev 2, XCOM (the latter two rumored to be coming) would be very welcome…..please make it happen, it’s just an upport of iOS games!

  • On another note, it would be nice if the upcoming coverage of Tokyo Game Show 2015 talked about some of the Vita games set to be published over in Japan, where new and upcoming titles for the system have been appearing quite regularly.

    While not all of those games will make it over to the West, there are some highlights (such as Tokyo Xanadu) which may hopefully be potential candidates for localization.

    There are sites like Gematsu and Siliconera which will no doubt cover this sort of thing, but it would be nice to see that SCEA’s Vita specialists are keeping tabs on what may (hopefully) bee coming further down the pipe for this platform.

  • Where are all the dorks who always say “the Vita is dead”, and, “Sony has abandoned the Vita”?

  • Nice color. Now if can get some real Triggers please. Sales for Vita would really take off if they ever adopt SD. Now I wish my PS3 was portable as the hard drive rocks. I get it that price is key when competing against the tablet market. How can vita ever succeed at this rate. In a way we can’t have remote play on iOS/PC/Mac as one’s growth must stunt the others.

  • Can someone please answer this.

    Is this a limited edition or will it be a new permanent addition to the vita line?

  • Looks great. Really hope Game Stop comes up with a decent deal for people looking to trade in their old Vitas.

  • Blue is nice, so I will stick with my OLED blue model that I picked up while stationed in Japan.

  • Gamestop exclusive?

    That settles it. I won’t buy it.

    Gamestop doesn’t get my business. Ever.

    Advice for Sony Marketing. Your job is to get people to buy your products. Retailer exclusives will cause people to NOT buy your products. Don’t put out retailer exclusive anything and you’ll sell more products, therefore making more money.

    • Everywhere is dropping vita sections, walmart, target, beat buy. Etc. Even if gamestop is hated, It is one of he only retailers that truly supports the system in us.

  • November? Looks like we won’t be playing our PS Mobile games on it, seeing as how we can’t even activate those games past September. Why do those games need activation, again? One hard reset and a database rebuild and they’re gone forever.

    • A thousand times this. I was thinking I was safe because I backed up my mobile games, and I just realized that doesn’t even matter, does it? This prevents us going back and forth to our Japanese account also, doesn’t it? Wow. I love Sony, but this is kinda messed up.

    • Wait… I thought we were safe if we backed up our games? What’s going on here? I just spent like $70 making sure I grabbed all the mobile games I wanted before they died.

  • That is a nice color. My gf has been thinking about picking up a Vita, so maybe I’ll just buy this new one for me, and she can use my phat OLED system. Just need to get her a memory card as well, and hey… Christmas is just around the corner. Looking forward to this.

  • Glad to see a new Vita in the US. I have never owned a better mobile device than my day one 3G Vita. Hope we see a lot more on the platform over the next couple of months. We need a 4G Vita that can take advantage of Remote Play and PS Now ASAP. It would also be great to see a 128GB memroy card released, as I have been swapping games on a weekly bases with the 64GB limit.

    Hope you guys continue to support mobile PlayStation devices, because I have absolutly no interest in what the current smartphone os makers and manufactures are offering. As long as my 3G Vita is holding on, it will continue to be my phone of choice.

  • What you guys should do is lower the price on those memory cards and develop more games!!!

  • Oh cool! A new Vita that will look a hundred times better as it collects dust on a shelf or desk somewhere, completely avoided by whomever was suckered into paying for it!

    Seriously though Sony, the platform is pretty much dead except for a few random indie games and localized (and censored) Japanese Eroge. Don’t you think it’s better that you cut your losses now instead of making a whole new production run of a console that has virtually no support and no killer apps?

  • Why would anyone buy a vita when you refuse to support it Sony?

    • “Why would anyone buy a vita”

      As in, why would anyone support it? And then you immediately follow with, “when you refuse to support it”?

      You’re clueless.

      See, the problem is not that Sony isn’t supporting it, it’s that U.S. consumers aren’t supporting it.

      What’s that? No games? Well, there are many, actually, but since most U.S. “gamers” these days only care about eye candy, the disinformation generator blathers that the Vita has no games, which, in turn, encourages the shallow meathead U.S. “gamers” to avoid it, which leads “AAA” publishers to avoid it as well, because they’re not going to invest in a project for any specific system in a region where hardware sales are less-than-ideal.

      If the “gamers” bought the damn console, you’d see the “AAA” guys following suit. Obviously. Those weasels will go anywhere they smell money.

      The point is, it’s up to YOU to support it. Sony did their part by designing, engineering, manufacturing, releasing, and promoting the Vita. It’s the consumers’ turn to make a move. If the system fails, it’s because YOU failed to support it, not Sony.

    • I bought it, where’s my support? Started with a few, and those were nice, but nothing but Android/iOS ports and “retro style” indie games now. I am not against indies, but so sick of retro style games. At first they were unique and cool, but the market is flooded with them now.

    • @PrimeroIncognito Thank you for being one of the few who make sense on the topic of the Vita and it’s support. People want to blast Shuhei for what he said, but it’s true.

      Also I don’t know where everyone is looking for Vita games, but in a single night I looked at the Vita library and put together a list of games I wanted (because I am painfully meticulous with everything) and that list doubled my PS4 game wish list which has been under construction since the system launched. I wouldn’t trade my PS4 and it’s awesome games for anything, but the Vita is just as good when it comes to quality games, and this is coming from someone who hated handhelds until the Vita came along and shattered our perception of the market and it’s limitations and “kids only” image. I’m inclined to believe “we get no games on the Vita!” translates from dudebro into “We want more FPS and explosions!”. Seriously, the Vita has a huge selection of awesome games if we would all stop insisting that they aren’t worth buying because they don’t say SCEA on the case, or because they don’t wear a tag that says AAA on them. Great news! Games that AREN’T AAA are often just as good (and often better) plus cost much less! Shocking, I know. [/rant]

  • I said the same thing! xD And my best guess is they’re hiding in a corner somewhere waiting six more months so they can start those rumors again. “Oh my gosh! They haven’t released a green Vita yet! They’re discontinuing it!”

    • Whoops. That comment was @PrimeroIncognito. Browser goofed on me, I guess.

    • I prefer to play Soundshapes (realy like it!) rest of my life than get other “Call of Duty like” to play, I’m happy with Killzone. And that isnt cause I dont like FPS, its because I have NO BETTER OPTION. JapRPG focus? Ninokuni for example, PS3 has it, 3ds has it… So why the hell they do not launch a JapTOPrpg to their “JapRPG and Indie crap wannabe platform”?

      I already payed for the hardware (not cheap) and 32gb of freacking expensive alien memory card (64gb is almost same price of the hardware itself), and I got already 7-10 titles in phisical media too (not even a booklet to say: “this game was made with care”). And you blame the consumer? Spend investments on making a “new colored” one, but WHERE IS THE DAMN SOFTWARE for the beautifull and powerfull piece of hardware in my hands? You show me Uncharted and KillZone… Then I compare the amazing spiderman from my ps3 to vita version and almost vomit.

      In the lack of responsability with my money I’m guilty. From the lack of suport for the hardware, the MAKER are.

  • Support the Vita. You have bad sale numbers in the west because you didn’t promote it properly.

    • Not so hot game selection as well in the West contributed to that and the amount of games at first. Most Vita owners will tell you they love it, but look at the game collection they have it will be most imports.

  • Poor Vita, only become news when he gets a color variation :(

  • Looks nice. I’m going to stick with my launch Vita with the black body and 3G capable. The wife likes her white Assassin’s Creed Liberation one. Both of ours have the OLED screen which I think is the main deficiency of the newer models, which are about same price, and have better battery but missing that sweet OLED screen.

  • See sony? It doesn’t hurt to bring up something new to the table in the US.
    Now lets get this product even more attractive with quotes from “official sony’s representatives” so that you guys won’t get sued. Again.
    How about two new BIG labels on the front? One you should state, with CAPITAL LETTERS, “this device is better used for REMOTE PLAY”. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Oh man, andrew house, that soab, would LOVE to see it printed out like that. Do it!

    The other label? Well you guys used to label IGN’s “BEST PS VITA GAME” on top of Killzone: Mercenary. Only this time, it’s a handheld, not a game (specially because there are no more games coming from sony) so we’re gonna quote Shuhei’s statement.
    Make a DISCRETE label on the bottom left corner saying “there will be no AA/AAA games from sony for this device”. Bam! Truth being told straight up. The gamer who picks this either hates his money or is just retarded.

    ESRB should make a new category for the target public:
    “This handheld is rated from S – F -> stupid to fool”

    It doesn’t matter the color(s). We can see through it now, and this product screams “lies, frustration and legacy device” all the way.

  • See sony? It doesn’t hurt to bring up something new to the table in the US.
    Now lets get this product even more attractive with quotes from “official sony’s representatives” so that you guys won’t get sued. Again.
    How about two BIG labels on the front? One you should state, with CAPITAL LETTERS, “this device is better used for REMOTE PLAY”. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Oh, man, andrew house, that soab, would LOVE to see it printed out like that. Do it!

    The other label? Well you guys used to label IGN’s “BEST PS VITA GAME” on top of Killzone: Mercenary. Only this time, it’s a handheld, not a game (specially because there are no more games coming from sony) so we’re gonna quote Shuhei’s statement.
    Make a DISCRETE label on the bottom left corner saying “there will be no AA/AAA games from sony for this device”. Bam! Truth being told straight up. The gamer who picks this either hates his money or .

    ESRB should make a new category for the target public:
    “This handheld is rated from S – F -> stupid to fool”

    It doesn’t matter the color(s). We can see through it now, and this product screams “lies, frustration and legacy device” all the way.

  • Any chance this could come to Europe?

  • Great looking Vita. Now we need open world games. If no new AAA games, bring San Andreas HD, Okami Hd, shadow of colossus hd, Infamous, NHL, NBA 2K, WWE 2K to Vita. Would love Fallout Shelter. Get Capcom, EA, and 2K (Rockstar ) to bring games to Vita.

  • Its a very nice new vita, but for sure i wouldnt trade my OLED vita for this LCD one or any other Vita that is not OLED or higher..

  • This is so beautiful. I’m so mad…I had planned to never swap out my white system…but I don’t know if I can resist it.
    I do feel it needs a bundle at that price or a price drop.

    Please get more games on Vita. It’s the best handheld ever and deserves them.

  • BOOOO! Give me the orange one.

  • When the slim model debuted in the US for this same price, didn’t it also come with a memory card and Borderlands?

  • Oh wow, it comes with 128 GB’s of internal storage and 128 GB’s of external Storage, and they got rid of the special notch in the SD Card you we can use our own MicroSD Cards.
    And look at the physical L2, L3, R2 and R3 buttons for our comfort.
    AND WAIT, a flock of developers wants to make quality games for it.
    /end sarcasm.

  • Sir Koller, this is nice…very nice actually, but next time can the whole thing be the same color including the screen border? I think the US needs some more limited edition themed PSVitas anyways, and thats coming from a proud owner of the original LED big mama! Thanks and keep the hope alive, congrats!

  • im actually surprised we’re getting a new color as all we always get is just black and white most of the time , but on the other hand there was also a red new psvita and a white new pavita as well that was announced but im guessing we’re not getting those

    but in the end i am happy to get this aqua blue version and will be buying it day one as i love the new color and love psvita

  • For the people that tries to justify owning a Vita for its Remote Play feature, you guys do know that most Android phones can Remote Play? You can even use a PS3 or PS4 controller, which is a lot more comfortable than the Vita. And a whole lot cheaper.

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