Mega Man Legacy Collection Out Today on PS4

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Mega Man Legacy Collection Out Today on PS4

Mega Man is one of Capcom’s earliest and most beloved characters. I’ve even met gamers that have never played a Mega Man game before, but own Mega Man shirts or even have tattoos of him! We hope to make jumping into Mega Man the easiest it’s ever been with this collection of the series’ 8-bit origins: Mega Man 1-6 for only $14.99.

Whether you’re new to the series or it’s just been a while, we’ve put together a little video history piece about what each of the games introduced, and what made them special.

Alongside the six games, which display in crisp HD sprites, we’re including a ton of content in Mega Man Legacy Collection that will let everyone really get to know the rest of what makes Mega Man so timeless:

  • Database: All six games include a Database that features a description of every enemy and which weapon they’re weak against. The best part is you can jump into a practice fight against any Robot Master with all weapons available to you before diving into the full game.
  • Museum: We compiled hundreds of production art pieces, concept work, unused enemy sketches, and other cool artifacts. Seeing all this art that was the source of the pixel art in the game feels like a treat because it’s a new way to see the games you and I played.
  • Music player: The music is one of the strongest components of what makes Mega Man so popular, and this player puts all 100+ tracks from Mega Man 1-6 in one spot for you to enjoy.
  • Challenges: A series of 50+ challenges that take some of the most difficult sections of the games and arranges them in a time trial format. It’s fully supported by leaderboards and video replays for the top times so you can learn from the best.

Mega Man Legacy CollectionMega Man Legacy Collection

What sets Challenge Mode apart from just playing the full game as fast as you can is that you have access to all the weapons and items from the respective game for each section of a challenge. This creates situations where you can find the fastest way through a stage that’s not normally available. For example, you can find ways to use Item 2 (Jet Sled) to bypass areas on Air Man’s stage. I’m looking forward to seeing how creative you all get to get through areas quickly. It’s a whole new challenge when you have all the tools at your disposal.

Before I leave you, there’s one question I want to answer that I often see. Why Mega Man 1-6? Good question. Allow me to introduce developer Digital Eclipse, a team that is deeply rooted in the preservation of video games as a valid media of our cultural heritage, on the same level as movies and TV. They’ve even worked with the Smithsonian to get video games in historic displays.

Digital Eclipse specializes in creating an authentic experience that is completely accurate to the original game by using their new engine that can do this without porting or emulating. All the original glitches, cheats, flicker is there naturally because of the quality of this reproduction effort. This tech is currently developed for games made on the original console Mega Man 1-6 were developed for, hence the games in this collection.

If there are any Capcom 8-bit games you’d like to see get the same treatment, I’m all ears! Now it’s time for me to sign off. You can go download and enjoy Mega Man Legacy Collection on PS4 today!

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  • Oh I’m looking forward to getting this collection real soon. Been wanting to see what challenges there are for Megaman 2 and 5.

    Also I guess maybe Ghosts and Goblins, or maybe add Gargoyle’s Quest 2 too it.

  • Great games, I’m excited to have them on the PS4. Consider this another voice supporting the desire to have the collection on Vita and also to have 9 and 10 playable. Didn’t own a PS3, but would love to have 9 and 10 on PS4 (outside of PS Now).

    • I would certainly like to see MM5, MM6, MM7, MM9 and MM10 on PS Vita. I don’t know why MM5 and MM6 haven’t been added yet, considering that they could have simply brought the Japanese PSOne version just like in the case of MM1-4.

  • I am surprised nobody else has posted about the incorrect pricing for this collection on the store. It was advertised to be for $14.99 and on the store it says $18.99. So far i have been the only person who has posted about this on fb, twitter and on the blog. am i the only one seeing this?

    • There was brief mention of this on reddit, but, as you may have noticed, the price has been adjusted $15.

  • Definitely want to throw my vote in for the Collection on the Vita. I would be much more likely to buy this if it were on that beautiful OLED screen.

    Also want to throw my vote in for a Mega Man X collection on PS4 and Vita.

  • At first I had mixed feelings on the price. But it’s not much more than a few hot dogs and a coke, really.
    So as an avid fan, I’ll buy it just for the trophies.

    The legacy collection is designed on 8-bit technology engines, not emulation as the other collections run off of. That is why the other games are not included.
    This game isn’t purely emulation.
    Support this title, and similar ventures, and a 16 bit engine may be developed to deliver the SNES games.

    Can’t wait to play some of my old favorites again. The trophies are just the motivation I need, and I don’t have to cart out my (non-functional) NES.

  • Come on Capcom. Why keep ignoring the Vita. I have a PS4 but would rather play Mega Man on the Vita. 3DS is getting it; there is no reason why it can’t be on the Vita. Please bring it over and while you are at it, bring the other Mega Man games and also Okami HD.

  • I’ve tried downloading this game three times now and it says can’t install, why?

  • This game says it cannot install with no explanation or error code

  • This is still showing up as $18.99 on the store. Will this be fixed soon?

  • I’d still love to see Zack & Wiki come to PlayStation platforms. It and ‘A Boy and his Blob’ were the only two standout games I played on that platform that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

    It would be great if Bionic Commando Rearmed 1 & 2 were bundled together for PS4 and Vita. The gameplay was really fun, and the soundtracks are amazing reinventions of the chiptune original. Bundling in Digital Eclilpse’s “conversion” of the original Bionic Commando would be a fun addition. (I really liked the last-gen “serious” Bionic COmmando game as well, would love to see it on PS4.)

    Also, another vote for a Disney collection — use Gio Corsi’s contacts at Disney to make it happen! Ducktales Remastered on PS3 is beautiful (as is Castle of Illusion), it would be great to see Ducktales Remastered on PS4/Vita and the NES originals of Ducktales, Chip & Dale, etc on PS4/Vita as well.

    Lastly, Okami on PS4/Vita. With actual touch surfaces on both platforms, this is really a no-brainer. My friend Ken’s first platinum trophy was Okami (he did a LOT of fishing), and I’m sure he’d platinum it again on Vita ;)

  • Where can i buy a Physical disk of the game?

  • I want a Darkwing Duck, Chip N Dale, Tale Spin, Dream Master kind of collection! I mean I love Mega Man, but this would be over the tenth time I have bought all of these games. Great idea, but i need something different than yet another repackaging! Where is a new Mega Man game?!

  • Everyone complaining about the lack of a vita version should understand something, Vita is dead! Really you didn’t notice at E3? Theres no bigger blind man that the one that doesn’t want to see.

  • Yes yes been there done that. How about getting us back to some other stuff we haven’t seen in a while? Onimusha? Dino Crisis? Breath of Fire? Maximo? ….an SNES collection that includes Demons Crest!

    Capcom doesn’t take risks so I shouldn’t hold my breath right?

  • Capcom, please bring this collection to Vita. I would definitely purchase this collection on release if it came to Vita.

  • Too overprice just for 6 classic nes games from the 1980’s

  • Paid 18.99$ for a 14.99$ advertised game. The price still isn’t ajusted *sight*
    I hope they will credit us T_T

  • Time after time you insult us Vita users. Just like your crap resident evil game that you tried to charge us twice for. If people want to play authentic Mega Man they can download an emulator. GIVE US A REASON to support the product. I will save my money for an indy game that didn’t have the nerve to charge me twice for the same exact game. Let’s be honest. We know this will be available on Vita a year from now with the same price tag!

  • It’s a shame that the 3DS can get the game but the (vastly superior, woefully underrated) Vita cannot. I would buy this game if I could play it on my handheld system, but will be speaking with my wallet and choose to skip this game.

  • Why is this strictly ps4 and not ps3 or vita?

  • Is it going to be displayed like that? In a smaller frame than the TV screen? With some distracting still graphics all around?

    • Unfortunately, because of the different screen sizes , 4:3 vs 16:9 (or whatever it is) they use the border to fill in the blank space. I’d personally just prefer black.

  • Vita please. Vita Vita Vita Vita.

  • I would have already purchased this, if it were available on Vita. Still thinking about it, but this type of game isn’t why I bought my PS4. Don’t understand why it can’t be on both… It’s not like it’s Bloodborne, or GTA5.

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