What’s Next For Driveclub

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What’s Next For Driveclub

Driveclub is gearing up for another big year and we want you to help us shape it!

It’s amazing to see the global network of connected racers and clubs in Driveclub keep growing, and we’re looking forward to the year ahead. The community, the game and the servers are all really strong and there’s plenty of new features and updates coming to the game, so there’s never been a better time to join us – and to bring your PS Plus friends in with you with the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition!

We’re adding more to the game every month to keep it fresh for you – whether you have Driveclub or the Driveclub PS Plus Edition – we’ve got loads planned to keep the game growing around you with new features, modes, tracks, cars and some big surprises on the way.

Driveclub August Hint

The free car coming to Driveclub in August is the Ferrari 488 GTB! Follow @Driveclub on twitter to see more this week.

Your input always plays a huge part in powering our monthly updates too, just like you have done from the very start, and we’re already working on your most popular requests. Fully customisable multiplayer lobbies, new difficulty options, more tracks, community events, extra photomode options, fine-tuning for drift mode, smarter notifications and many more developments are all incoming. Plus we always want to know what else you want to see, so keep sharing your feedback with us! You can reach us here on this blog, on the PlayStation forums, @Driveclub on Twitter and on the Driveclub Facebook page.

We’re always really excited about by the reaction we see from all of the updates and the expansions we bring to Driveclub and we especially loved your feedback on the 5 new cars we recently added in the Horsepower Expansion Pack!

PS4 | $39.99
PS Plus Edition Available

To thank everyone for playing the game and for staying with us, we are running Double XP for everybody on all of the 15 cars available in Driveclub PS Plus Edition. It starts today and runs through to Monday, August 24th! That’s Double XP wherever and whenever you play with the 15 cars featured in this amazing #PS4share photo album.

We love all of the #PS4share pics we see like these. Thanks to you – the fans – for capturing these amazing shots and many more. You continue to blow our minds with the quality of the pics you snap in photomode every day so we’ve set up a showcase for our favourite pics on driveclub.com – please keep sharing them with us using the #Driveclub hashtag!

Thanks again for being so supportive! We can’t wait to show you more of what’s coming to Driveclub each month & to hear what you want out of the game! ;)

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  • To Rushy and the Driveclub Team

    – Absolutely phenomenal work! The Season Pass itself is the best in the history of gaming!
    – I understand that your game was going for a minimalistic stylistic look; so you should have the option of turning car information and statistics on or off. Also, there is a redundancy of manufacturer names when it’s set to manufacturer. Please don’t ruin your UI, it’s absolutely beautiful.
    – Menu music is fantastic, however needs more tracks! Your audio design team is the best in the business.
    – The “Start Line” beginner tour, might not be easy for beginners. This is for those, who haven’t played racing games much.
    – I have noticed that if you go into environment and back out in Garage leaving the game for 15 seconds, it gives a cool demo of the car and it’s interior with different angles of camera going and passing by; you guys should keep this option by default.
    – Can you somehow put a special icon for the Decals for the DLC that you have attained and finished? I don’t know what is what?
    – The trophy list in itself is a new achievement by itself; whoever decided to separate the game mechanics/progress from the Tour Trophies is pure genius.

  • Out of the Way Requests
    – Motorstorm HD Collection | This can start funding for the next project and hopefully… it is…
    – Motorstorm PS4 with the same kind of support as DC… we don’t need sequels, just support of games like this with season passes that deliver with content like this and are priced fairly.

  • this game doesnt get the credit it deserves. it looks amazing, driving is a little difficult but you shouldnt be able to master any game right away. i only have the ps plus version now (waiting for sale digital, gamefly, etc) . tons of free dlc and dlc. i think you guys should give the plus users some of the dlc cars tho and some more tracks/-tournaments. heres hoping DC will continue to evolve into the #1 racing game for ps4

  • its a terrible game, albeit a pretty looking game. And its a Pathetic Joke how BAD the launch was, how mislead the gamers were, and how long it took for you clowns to deliver on your promise(this was supposed to be a launch title and it was suppose to be a day 1 ps+ title(the gimped, useless PS+ edition)

    I’ll be honest, to support a garbage company like the pne who made this broken pos, is just BAD for gaming in general and for gamers. Unfortunately more gamers than not are just clueless tools eager to piss away their parents money for that moment of Instant gratification and further pushing our beloved hobby down the drain….

    • looking at the very small amount of replies, it looks like this game gets the attention it deserves-Very Liitle

  • i absolutely love this game . i wish i could use my G27 logitech steering wheel tho . also why is level objectives locked ? i want to keep moving up . I’m at level 75 and i don’t have a clew as to how to get to level 76 . I’m trying to get to 100 . also , (please take this as a hint) , the jerks playing on line riding the reset button are making the experience very unenjoyable . i find myself jumping out of races i would love to finish due to players of the game that play it just to crash into other players. its just not good . i can handle the crashes but not the constant blinking of the (reset riders) who by the way should be made to finish the race even when all of the chaos they are trying to cause does not work . i played all six GRAN TURSMO games , most to at least 98% . i really like driving games . so . with that said . (LEVEL 76 UNLOCK PLEASE) . AND PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE RESET RIDERS. make them show skill not idiot behavior . thank you for the game tho . ” IT ROCKS “

  • I have been enjoying Driveclub since day one, with the season pass. I have a T300RS + T3PA pedals+ TH8 shifter. The H shifter works very well, except with the PS4 beta 3.04 firmware. Just to let you know.
    Clutch management using the T3PA third pedal would be great also, though few cars have it except the hatchback.
    Beside this, to get the ultimate experience, is it planned someday to have some telemetry output that could be used by dashboards, motion rigs ,….. I love those to get more immersion.
    Keep-on the great work and fabulous value for money you provide to the community !

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