What’s Next For Driveclub

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What’s Next For Driveclub

Driveclub is gearing up for another big year and we want you to help us shape it!

It’s amazing to see the global network of connected racers and clubs in Driveclub keep growing, and we’re looking forward to the year ahead. The community, the game and the servers are all really strong and there’s plenty of new features and updates coming to the game, so there’s never been a better time to join us – and to bring your PS Plus friends in with you with the Driveclub PlayStation Plus Edition!

We’re adding more to the game every month to keep it fresh for you – whether you have Driveclub or the Driveclub PS Plus Edition – we’ve got loads planned to keep the game growing around you with new features, modes, tracks, cars and some big surprises on the way.

Driveclub August Hint

The free car coming to Driveclub in August is the Ferrari 488 GTB! Follow @Driveclub on twitter to see more this week.

Your input always plays a huge part in powering our monthly updates too, just like you have done from the very start, and we’re already working on your most popular requests. Fully customisable multiplayer lobbies, new difficulty options, more tracks, community events, extra photomode options, fine-tuning for drift mode, smarter notifications and many more developments are all incoming. Plus we always want to know what else you want to see, so keep sharing your feedback with us! You can reach us here on this blog, on the PlayStation forums, @Driveclub on Twitter and on the Driveclub Facebook page.

We’re always really excited about by the reaction we see from all of the updates and the expansions we bring to Driveclub and we especially loved your feedback on the 5 new cars we recently added in the Horsepower Expansion Pack!

PS4 | $39.99
PS Plus Edition Available

To thank everyone for playing the game and for staying with us, we are running Double XP for everybody on all of the 15 cars available in Driveclub PS Plus Edition. It starts today and runs through to Monday, August 24th! That’s Double XP wherever and whenever you play with the 15 cars featured in this amazing #PS4share photo album.

We love all of the #PS4share pics we see like these. Thanks to you – the fans – for capturing these amazing shots and many more. You continue to blow our minds with the quality of the pics you snap in photomode every day so we’ve set up a showcase for our favourite pics on driveclub.com – please keep sharing them with us using the #Driveclub hashtag!

Thanks again for being so supportive! We can’t wait to show you more of what’s coming to Driveclub each month & to hear what you want out of the game! ;)

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  • Those in the know, know how excellent this game is. Thank YOU for continuing to support them with content!

    • The best part is that there’s lots more to come! :D

    • This is the third time evolution has said this same thing. Theyre just prepping you all for season pass #2. Enjoy, suckers.

    • This game really showed us why it was worth making the move to current-gen. As an early adopter, I was often frustrated by this game and I took a long break, but I look forward to jumping back in now that everything is solid. :)

      @yowza – Why are you even here? All you do is insult everyone and everything you see. Ironically, you’re going to be really upset when you are finally banned.

  • Great news! Driveclub is an AMAZING game, and one of the (if not the) best arcade racer I have ever played. While I’m stoked to hear about new additions, I would melt if there was word of a VR expansion (or support) destined for the title. While I play on the controller, with VR, I would go all in for a top-tier racing wheel, and kiss my personal life goodbye!

    • DRIVECLUB players are AMAZING too! You should go all in for a good wheel right now & play in the cockpit First Person Racing view! :D

    • I wouldn’t quite call this an arcade racer…I understand why it’s not a SIM, with the forgiving quality of braking/driving assistance and crashes, but it is far from being an arcade racer. It’s not a SIM, but it’s not an arcade…So where does that leave it, is the real question. But definitely not fully towards either side. I’d edge on the SIM side personally, it’s closer than an arcade racer.

  • This game is rad and its season pass proved to be one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure buying. Thanks so much for sticking at it, the result is terrific!

  • This game really is great. So many people are butt hurt by the delayed PS+ version to notice.

  • I want a Russian track to Driveclub the next update please

    • We’ve got more Sprint mode tracks coming up in the next update while we work on new tracks for the game! We strive to make all of our tracks the most detailed and breath-taking tracks in any racing game ever, so we don’t like to rush them or cut any corners. :)

    • I am drunk…I read “Russian tank to Driveclub” lol

  • I hope making this AI better because the current AI sucks & that is why I don’t play it. There is something wrong with you AI when the player spends way to much time to on one race. I did a race for days just to stay/fight with the AI for 8th place.

    • It can take time to get used to the different types of AI drivers in the game, so we are planning to bring in new difficulty options in a future game update to give you the option of easier races.

  • The game has massive potential. I tried the PS PLUS Edition but I felt it needs to be muchhhhhh simpler. A Driveclub 2 needs:
    – Wider tracks so I can actually overtake without slamming into something
    – Drifting that’s actually fun (Like Burnout or NFS)
    – Less slippery traction, needs more grip (Controlling the first few cars wasn’t fun for me)
    – Some sort of storyline to push me to keep progressing (Gran Turismo’s story is becoming the ultimate driver; Burnout is being a reckless driver; NFS is generally you vs the law/cops. So what is Driveclub’s impetus?

    I need reasons to keep driving in Driveclub that’s not generic like “Get to the top of the charts”. Just some tough love <3

    • Haha, tough love is just as important as any other feedback!

      We’d love to hear what parts of the game you did click with too. Care to share? <3

    • Thanks for reading Jamie Brayshaw! I know it was a bit blunt but I really think you guys have diamond in the rough with Driveclub.

      – I love every aspect of the audio (best in the console racing genre)
      – Smooth framerate and responsive controls for the faster cars
      – Delicious graphics
      – Love the music choices for menus and racing (wish there was more)
      – The loading times are just right
      – Slight modification of cars was cool (would be cool if you could use an app to design the exteriors of the cars yourself)
      – Sense of speed is sweet (though the crashing noises are a bit much since it happens often lol)
      – The times comparisons that are recorded at certain corners and at drifts is a really cool concept that should be pushed further

      Just a few off the top of my head! <3

    • Driveclub is all about your club, creating and beating challenges, completing the accolades and getting cool decals to show the work u put in, winning races in mp and repping your team, earning points for your club, winning tours, leveling up, unlocking new cars, mastering the game.

      Driveclub is phenomenal.

  • I must say a valiant effort from Evolution Studios to continue to refine Drive Club.

  • I love driveclub but really want a new motor storm plz make this happen

    • There’s a MotorStorm Buggy in DRIVECLUB. With boost and no rules for going off-track! Check it out if you haven’t already!

      Which MotorStorm was your favorite?

    • My favorite MotorStorm were probably the first one. It was EU launch game and didn’t have the gimmicks from Pacific & Apocalypse. Would be a great fit a as DLC in DriveClub.

    • I loved the 1st Motorstorm and Apocalypse the best, the original had stunning visuals and outstanding offroad driving, it really was a technical feat and a fun game with all the vehicle classes.

      Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3-D was/is a joy to play and a criminally underrated game. Apocalypse is arguably the best looking 3-D game, the fx really pop and the flying debris and crashing buildings look spectacular in 3-D. I love the customization and the tracks, the gameplay was more archadey than the other games, but it fit beautifully and was an action packed racing thrill-ride.

      Driveclub is my favorite though, but i also liked the WRC series, u guys are the best.

  • Thanks for a great game!

    I would love a rally expansion with more point to point tracks and dirt/gravel roads. Subarus too. Thanks!

  • Please give some discount on Season Pass. How about a 50% discount atleast?
    Currently the season pass costs as much as the game itself (~$25).
    Hint Hint: 1st anniversary of Driveclub might be a good time to do so. ;)
    Its been such a great ride.

    – Day 1 Digital buyer here.

    • I don’t set the prices but I do know that the Season Pass still offers a 66% discount vs buying all of the packs individually. :)

  • I wish I could play Driveclub. After the rest mode crash last year, I haven’t been able to play Driveclub without it freezing in the first 5 minutes. I did love what I played before the crash though.

    • Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the game? And maybe deleting and redownloading your save from cloud storage/USB?

    • Driveclub saves your progress server-side, i had an hdd crash from a power outage, i had to initialize/reformat my PS4. I lost everything except my Driveclub progress bc it saves it onto the game’s server.

  • “Fully customisable multiplayer lobbies”

    Does that mean getting to play with AI drivers and friends and the same time? That would be really cool.

  • I’d LOVE a USA city track and a few more American Cars.

  • Love the new Sprint mode! But I have an idea based on a similar mode. The Sprint mode tracks could be split into 3 or 4 sections and you have to get through each section before the allocated time elapses and so forth the next. If you clear the first section before time runs out, the remaining time gets added to the next.

    Anyway, love what you’ve done with Driveclub and can’t wait to see what the future updates bring.

  • Please make a MotorStorm for PS4 your next game

  • Apocalypse dlc pack would be awesome! lol Driveclub in a hurricane/tsunami…Just imagine. That would be sweet!

  • If you are asking us what to do you have missed what everyone wants (MOTORSTORM). For me it’s so obvious that DriveClub would be a service and that delivers new content for years. But the content needs to be fresh and new. “Season 2” of DriveClub content should move in a different direction from the core game to get in new people. The best thing you could do is to add offroad tracks and vechicles as DLC basically MotorStorm in DriveClub. This could be sold as a stand alone game in store as MotorStorm at a later point when the Season is completed. Season 3: WipeOut?

    • Sadly, I know they aren’t going to do anything like this, but what an awesome idea!

      Games like this need the other side, to get both audiences. They have a lot experience in this field, so it’d not be something completely new and outspoken. It could be awesome having Driveclub visuals matched with Motorstorm gameplay. The fact is though, the Motorstorm gameplay would probably kill the Driveclub engine’s framerate. It would have to take serious drop in quality. The use of calculated physics with offroad driving, flips, crashes, mud, boosts…Everything about that would cut into the power of the PS4 even more. I’m not saying it couldn’t handle it, but certainly not easily. I think it would take a lot more time to sort out those sections.

      That being said, it’s what people would truly want. Not those that like Driveclub, it’s those that don’t you should release this for…Cause it’s a fine game, but boring to me. I don’t like these kind of games. I’d rather NFS, Motorstorm, or even Twisted Metal, if I want to hop into a car.

  • I’m gonna support driveclub as much can!!! Thanks for a great racing game! <3

  • Love the game, although I’m not particularly good at it; specifically the Hyper cars. I also wanted to note, the #DRIVECLUB Season Pass is easily the best valued season pass I’ve come across; it’s like an entire new games worth of content.

  • Love DRIVECLUB bought it full price along with the season pass to support you guys. But can we get some new tracks. At least a few American. Oh and what’s up with the DRIVECLUB App? Also can we fully mess with what’s under the hood in DC2? That is the only grip I have with this game. I love the game non the less. And um….what’s up with Motor-Storm? The buggy left me wanting to play a new Motor-Storm game bruh lol

  • The only way for me to even considered re-downloading this “on rails” driving game is if you release rally stages and rally cars within a week.

  • Seeing how i was one of the people who pre-ordered the game i was there through the bad times. It really was a shame that had to happen cause i could tell just by looking at the game you guys really worked hard on Driveclub. There was a lack of content at launch but you guys have corrected that problem, i would love to see more tracks and cars of course. I also wonder if it were possible for you guys to patch in a 60fps option? Either way you guys have worked hard on Driveclub and righted your wrongs and i can appreciate that. Hoping for a Driveclub 2 some day!

  • Let’s be honest. At launch, it wasn’t great. However, with your continuous updates, this game is simply outstanding now. The graphics are stunning. I look forward to the upcoming updates. Well done to everyone at DRIVECLUB.

    • Not true, at launch the only problem was the servers, which was a huge problem admittedly, but the core game was solid minus the lack of weather.

  • A huge update to the already amazing weather in Driveclub. Hail, from pea size to baseball sized hail. Fog, varying thickness of fog. Water pooling up in lower elevations on track for a huge splash effect. Mud caking up on the sides of cars, peeling off tires and hitting windshields of drivers behind you. Wipers can smudge and smear until windshield is clear. Ice/slush/dirty slush piling up on sides of tracks.

    Waves of water crashing up against and on to and over bridges if the wind and rain is severe/torrential. Flooding of some lower areas of tracks and have to detour on an alternate route. Wind gusts that can nudge you around.

    Even more wicked lightning like spider web lightning, anvil crawlers etc complete with an adjustment slider to how frequent the lightning is. … and more varying thunder.

  • Random stuff like bird crap possibly hitting the windshield. Spectators and hecklers throwing a wide range of objects at cars as they speed on by. Batteries, rocks, eggs, water balloons, bottles, cans, stop signs, melted quarts of ice cream, chucking small logs etc. Holding sings like you suck, you’re awesome, Go Johnny go, R U Speedracer?, man you’re too slow, You have bigger skidmarks in your underwear than on the track and so on.

    60s and 70s American Muscle cars in all their raw and primal sounding rumbling goodness.

    • More games definitely need bugs and bird crap hitting your windshield. Especially games with working wipers. Such immersion.

  • Hey guys! How about showing some more JDM love. As much as I love the GTR how about adding the EVO, STI, BRZ, and new NSX in? Also I feel like there shouldn’t be a penalty for when the AI hits you (you guys might have already fixed this). Ditto on running a Season Pass sale! Keep up the good work!

  • I want to see the Volvo S60 Polestar dammit!

  • Just started playing this game again after several months, and holy cow did you guys do an amazing job with the updates! It’s almost like a brand new game. Thanks to the double XP, I’m going to be grinding out to level 50 to get this platinum.

    Love this game, and keep up the great work! You deserve all your success.

  • Oh this is really some great news.With so much content I was afraid Driveclub support was coming to an end,I was catching up with the latest DLCs released but had to take a break from Driveclub (Witcher 3 demanded) lol.But I love the support for the game its amazing for real,I loved Driveclub and when I got all the stars in the main tour I wanted more and as I kept playing the DLCs I wanted more too…I just can’t get enough of it so keep the good stuff coming.
    Gotta say Driveclub is one of the 3 best racing games ever made,those who think its bad and never experienced because of that have no idea what they’re missing.
    I won’t even mention how incredible the game looks cuz everyone in their sane mind know Driveclub is a technical marvel.
    But I will mention that Driveclub season pass is THE BEST EVER MADE,for those in doubt…its worth every cent.

    • continuing…

      Looking forward to the new content as I plan to get back on Driveclub soon,would be great to have new tracks set in a new country with different landscapes than we already have.
      Also please get the old pics back in the menu.At least the one that is the boxart of the game…that Renault is really ugly there.
      And nice pics there on the photo album…I could share mine too,took more than 1000 pics on Driveclub.

      Fantastic job Evolution…keep it up.

  • I really want support for my wheel a Logitech G27, please implement it.

  • The ps+ version is awesome, love the weather and the different modes, I know it’s free but after a week it got really old due to the lack of content. Again it’s free so I can’t really complain but I’ve unlocked a ton of cars that I can’t even use in the ps+ version.

  • Oh forgot to mention.There are 3 very annoying downsides on Driveclub.

    Penalty for crashing on opponents
    Penalty for going outside the road/taking a lil shortcut
    And the worst of all,penalty when the A.I crashes on you…that is really really annoying,it needs to be fixed ASAP.

    Penalties aren’t needed on the game,but at least fix the penalty for A.I crashing on you.

  • I really do like this game a lot! I’m usually an unrealistic racer kind of guy (F-Zero, Wipeout, etc) but this has really taken to me. I recently got the full version of the game (and the season pass) but don’t play very often. Quick question: Is there a way to just choose a track and drive on it? I’m only driver Lv12 (and maybe I’m blind) so I don’t know if I’m missing an unlock or something. The Tour mode is great, but I just want to choose a track and cruise sometimes.

  • 1) Please license some more music for this game to bring in more variety!
    It would be great if every future Tour Pack would come with two or three songs fitting the theme of the pack. Preferably these songs would play in the first and final event of the Tour. I feel this could introduce some more character to the events.

    2) It would be nice if there would be some kind of “Congratulations” screen when you accomplish all objectives of an event. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just some sort of minor acknowledgment to boost enthusiasm. Could be combined with some of the best shared pictures from Photo Mode as a background.

    3) Furthermore it would be nice to have some sort of enhacned feedback when you finish a race. I am talking about some kind of sound effect or music kicking in, or possibly some filter effect or radical camera movement. I feel in it’s current state it’s a bit anticlimatic once you cross the finish line.

  • Men… they are giving us more than a DLC, I may call it my self. Premium Greatness.

  • Preorder and Day1 physical buyer here, bought the incredible season pass as well. Thank you Evo for making the best racer this gen and possibly my favorite racing game of all-time.

  • I know you guys are dedicated to DC at the moment, and that’s fine, but I REALLY want a new MotorStorm with the same kind of support that’s been shown to DC! I can only imagine how incredible it would look, with the elements rendered with the power of the PS4. Always loved the look and feel of the MotorStorm games, in particular Pacific Rift which I still play to this day! Anyway, just giving my two cents as to what I want to see from Evolution next!

  • Please, we need a Second year Season pass. I have tweeted it a few times. I know other people are asking about it, too. It’s not something we want; it’s something we NEED.

    Driveclub is a great game. Going to do my best to take advantage of the double XP weekend. This has been my go to game for when I have 30 minutes or so of gaming time during the week. I love it.

  • Playing this amazing game for 1 year with the same interest each time. Keep going guys !!! Additional contents was very interesting. Hope the best for the future !

  • The Elite Driver Levels are a must, and keep top players playing the game for up the challenge. But please, keep it more SKILL DEPENDING and less FAME POINTS needed. The more you keep it grinding, the more boring the game becomes. And that 2x.xp rewards should be more frequently done. Thanks for the amazing game.

  • I really enjoy DriveClub! The graphics are so sweet! It is a really good game, the few things I would change about it or add to it would be having the option to upgrade your parts. maybe adding some tuners and dirt tracks.

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to racing more and more!

    916 Racing!!

  • love dc ive got a platinum and all dlc passed I hope there is more coming and consider a elimination race mode plzz

  • Loaded up the PS+ version when it was released but it felt like I was in a store and not a game. Want this, buy it, look at this, pay $$. I felt bombarded and couldn’t really even see what I could play, just what I could buy. Game might be good, I don’t know, I never loaded it up again and it completely turned me off of even considering getting the full version.

  • Hey maybe this is not the place, but can somebody help me, I have the disc edition and bougth all the dlc content but it still says coming soon, I already deleted and download it again, but it doesnt help. Any advice? I’m in Spain using my EEUU account, and I dont have any problems with dlc from others games.

    Its a great game!

  • Would love to see support for more wheels in Drive Club. (The Move Wheel would be great if it had support. Also saw a post on a blog a while back that Logitech has a new wheel coming out that should work with the PS4)

    Love the game and some of the best graphics I’ve seen on the PS4.

    Keep up the great work !

  • My most played game this generation. A perfect blend between arcade and sim; such a sense of speed!

    The support has been brilliant and I’ll continue to support developers like yourselves in return.

    One thing I’d love to see in Driveclub is the Koenigsegg Regera.. =D

  • Happy to say that I’ve been playing Driveclub since day one it’s the only racing game I keep coming back to. The Season Pass has been amazing. I am looking forward to what’s in store and keep up the great work!

  • Where’s the Lexus LFA though?!

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