Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Story Trailer Revealed

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Story Trailer Revealed

Every great adventure is made up of legendary tales. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection packs three thrilling adventures into one amazing collection. Nathan Drake has grown from man to legend as his story permeated our studio DNA and PlayStation lore. Here’s a glimpse of that transformation.

The exchange seen here between Sully and Drake is a defining moment in the Uncharted story. Sir Francis Drake’s motto “Greatness from small beginnings” has a special place in Nathan Drake’s backstory and frames his epic journeys. He achieved greatness from humble beginnings with a lot of help along the way. Sully became a father-figure and mentor of sorts for Nate and that relationship served as a rock in the often wild, always adventurous saga that you’ll play in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is the culmination of years of hard work at our studio that has been lovingly rebuilt by the team at Bluepoint Games. It’s incredible to watch Drake run, leap, and shoot on the PS4 with enhanced graphics and gameplay.

Capturing those white-knuckle, trademark Uncharted moments has never been more fun than via the new Photo Mode tools built into the collection. Various improvements in lighting, rendering, texture mapping, and dynamic audio mean all three games are looking and sounding better than ever.

New Trophies and modes such as our Explorer, Speed Run, and Brutal Modes will invite long time adventurers to replay these classics while welcoming newcomers to discover Uncharted greatness.

  • Explorer Mode is an all-new mode for beginners where combat difficulty is reduced greatly.
  • Speed Run Mode adds a timer that allows players to track their gameplay time against their friends as they play sections of the game.
  • Brutal Difficulty Mode is the ultimate challenge as the gameplay will be more punishing than Crushing Difficulty (unlocked after beating Crushing Difficulty in the same game).

You can even play all three single-player games in the collection as Doughnut Drake (or any one of over sixty-five other characters skins) if you’re so inclined. A lot of new polish, hard work, and love were put into making this the ultimate Uncharted collection.

If you want to see what Nathan Drake and his crew are up to next, you’ll only be able to get access to the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta by purchasing Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. The game arrives October 9th, 2015. Uncover the legend and pre-order today.

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  • HUGE fan, AMAZING series, CAN’T wait. Will DEF pay to go through these gems again with even slightly improved visuals/performance.

    My only gripes are:
    1). Golden Abyss very disappointingly & oddly missing from this “NATHAN DRAKE COLLECTION”.. (Escape Plan is a clear example of Vita to PS4 port with touch pad controls that works very well). No excuse here really, at LEAST can/should be future patched in.

    2). No multiplayer. I can understand they wanna focus on U4 multiplayer beta to start, but it’d be pretty nice & welcome if they would patch in U2 and/or U3 multiplayer AFTER the U4 multiplayer beta ends, leaving this amazing collection with ZERO multiplayer support to extend life.

  • Trailer gave me goosebumps. Nice job!

  • Naught Dog, please unlock Brutal Difficulty Mode from the get-go. A lot of us have already beat the games on Crushing and I for one, would jump into Brutal right away. I don’t have time for 2 playthrough’s (esp. if it’s required for the platinum) and am already comfortable enough with the game to handle it.

    In general, I just don’t understand these locked difficulty approaches some developers take. Is it simply forcing replay value and trying to inhibit resell? Because it takes away from the challenge, impact and intensity of the first playthrough which familiarity and knowledge of further playthroughs negate. There are gamers out there who like to play on the hardest setting right away, and for a remaster it makes even more sense.

  • Does anybody know if UC3 will have a 3D mode like the original release did?

  • Why on earth would they destroy these awesome games by adding a freaking “time attack” mode and another level difficulty, really!?

    I’ll just say this:

    – if you put trophies for that, or even change trophies from the original games, then you just lost me.

    I was really ok with the lack of MP on UC2 and UC3 because UC4 is around the corner anyway and after all both games had what 2 trophies for MP?

    Uncharted games aren’t made for stupid speed runs, there made to be fully enjoyed in its overall specially the visuals, not run for point A to point B trying to beat a time.


  • Will the melee combat in U1 be changed to the same of U3?????
    Seriously the melee combat suck in U1 and is perfect in U3!!!!!

    Right now its the only thing that holding me from buying it day one.. Especially at that ridiculous Canadian price tag..

  • So will all three games will support player skins ? Cause only uc1 and 2 did …not 3 :( and i would love to play uncharted 3 as skezlor doughnut drake and elena so will those 3 at least also be playable skins in uncharted 3s campaign ????

    • Yes, they said that there will be 65+ character skin’s that will be playable through all 3 game’s including the Nathan Drake pack skins and the golden gun’s.

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