Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Story Trailer Revealed

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Story Trailer Revealed

Every great adventure is made up of legendary tales. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection packs three thrilling adventures into one amazing collection. Nathan Drake has grown from man to legend as his story permeated our studio DNA and PlayStation lore. Here’s a glimpse of that transformation.

The exchange seen here between Sully and Drake is a defining moment in the Uncharted story. Sir Francis Drake’s motto “Greatness from small beginnings” has a special place in Nathan Drake’s backstory and frames his epic journeys. He achieved greatness from humble beginnings with a lot of help along the way. Sully became a father-figure and mentor of sorts for Nate and that relationship served as a rock in the often wild, always adventurous saga that you’ll play in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is the culmination of years of hard work at our studio that has been lovingly rebuilt by the team at Bluepoint Games. It’s incredible to watch Drake run, leap, and shoot on the PS4 with enhanced graphics and gameplay.

Capturing those white-knuckle, trademark Uncharted moments has never been more fun than via the new Photo Mode tools built into the collection. Various improvements in lighting, rendering, texture mapping, and dynamic audio mean all three games are looking and sounding better than ever.

New Trophies and modes such as our Explorer, Speed Run, and Brutal Modes will invite long time adventurers to replay these classics while welcoming newcomers to discover Uncharted greatness.

  • Explorer Mode is an all-new mode for beginners where combat difficulty is reduced greatly.
  • Speed Run Mode adds a timer that allows players to track their gameplay time against their friends as they play sections of the game.
  • Brutal Difficulty Mode is the ultimate challenge as the gameplay will be more punishing than Crushing Difficulty (unlocked after beating Crushing Difficulty in the same game).

You can even play all three single-player games in the collection as Doughnut Drake (or any one of over sixty-five other characters skins) if you’re so inclined. A lot of new polish, hard work, and love were put into making this the ultimate Uncharted collection.

If you want to see what Nathan Drake and his crew are up to next, you’ll only be able to get access to the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta by purchasing Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. The game arrives October 9th, 2015. Uncover the legend and pre-order today.

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  • Sorry if this was previously stated, but will there be three sets of trophies (with three platinums), or is there one set for the entire collection? Keep up the good work guys, this looks fantastic!

    • In Bluepoint’s previous HD collections, all of the games in the collections had their own separate trophy sets (including their own Platinums), so I am pretty certain that all 3 Uncharted games will have their own trophy sets.

    • The new question is: Since this game has no MP. Will they replace the MP trophies with new ones or they will upgrade some bronze trophies to silver / gold .

  • Doughnut Drake returns! Hilarious. Glad we’re finally getting a good look at this collection :-)

  • Bring that Collectors Edition to the U.S.

  • I like that BluePoint Games has brought new modes to the Uncharted Collection with a new trophies list. I think I might have to purchase this again

  • What about a demo?

    • They’d said earlier that a demo was coming later this summer. I’d expect that to be out within a few weeks.

  • Incredible trailer!

  • Now will Crushing be unlocked from the beginning or will it be like the originals where we have to beat the game at least once to unlock it?

    • I really hope that Crushing is unlocked from the start since they’re making us unlock Brutal by beating Crushing. Turning each of these games into 3 playthrough platinums is gunna be kinda meh…

    • guys cmon ofc they will have it from the beginning

  • How were the cutscenes done? I can’t imagine all 3 games would fit on one Blu-ray with that much 1080p60 video – are they real-time now?

    • Weren’t they already in-game, not pre-rendered?

    • paulogy is right, they were always in-game engine rendered. They even talked about it during one of the bonus videos on Uncharted 1 or 2, can’t remember which it was though.

    • Um, no, they were always pre-rendered videos. They were rendered offline on a cluster of PS3s for the original releases because they were too visually complex for a PS3 to render in real-time. You can see this on Uncharted 3 at least because the cutscene videos are a separate download for the digital version. What I’m asking is if they’re still pre-rendered (which would take up huge amounts of space and likely make it impossible to fit the games on one disc), or changed to real-time.

  • still no uncharted golden abyss love or at the very least uncharted 2 MP? :(
    The game does look good and you can notice the graphical leap on the first and 2nd uncharted! I just really wanted MP for this game.

  • Please don’t make brutal difficulty a requirement for the platinum trophy. Certain sections already make me want to throw my controller through the tv. Lol

    • That up river jet ski area really made me mad, so mad I would have murdered anyone who pissed me of that day hehe

    • That didn’t bother me. It was the water area with the shotgun guys for me. And the open area of the ship graveyard in U3.

    • The hardest part for me from any of the games, was easily the plan crash site in UC1 on Crushing. That whole encounter was just brutal, with the low cover and enemies coming from both directions.

      I think Crushing got easier with each game.
      But yeah, please don’t have this new “brutal mode” as a trophy for the platinum. That would just be cruel and unusual punishment.

  • Uncharted was my first game with trophies and my first platinum… I already want this game!!! :D

  • If Sully is one of the playable characters that’s who I will be rolling with. He could give the DosEquis man a run for his money.

  • How easy is it to transition between games?

  • I meant as in having a menu, not gameplay if my question wasn’t specific enough. The trailer looked amazing… hope all three are locked 60 FPS :D

  • Has it bee confirmed yet if there will be an in-game photo mode? That would be nice.

  • Luvvvvv uncharted, best action adventure around. Bow down to ND :P

    So obviously need to get this, even though I’ve already played all 3 at LEAST 2x…

    But with MGS V The Phantom Pain + Rainbow 6 coming out I don’t think I’ll have time to play this at launch…so, I I’m curious…

    Do we need to PREORDER this to get the Uncharted 4 beta, or can we buy this a little after launch and still get in on the online fun?

    PS: ppl think rocket league is fun..wait until we see uncharted 4 online and are jumping to and from ledges, kicking ppl off ledges, shooting from ledges…basically I like ledges I guess! Lol, so much versatility and use of verticality in uncharted’s combat.. Something that is not seen in any other online competitive game on PlayStation. Yes, Advanced warfare now lets you fly around..but u still cant shoot and pull enemies down while hanging like a badass:P. Can’t wait for beta!!!

    • Hey there,

      Access to the Uncharted 4 multiplayer Beta is granted to ALL purchasers of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection while available. Even if you pick up the game after its release date, Oct. 9, 2015.

      Just make sure you pick it up while the Beta is available! We’ll reveal those dates in the future.

  • Do we really need Brutal mode? I mean wasn’t Crushing bad enough? Well maybe the 60fps makes Crushing easier so now they needed to add Brutal to be the new Crushing.

    • But do we have to beat the game to unlock Crushing so that we can beat Crushing to unlock Brutal so that we can beat Brutal to unlock the Platinum Trophy?

  • a little question: does crush mode open from begining or we have to unlock it like in these old game?

  • LMAO, are they really trying to compensate removal of multiplayer by adding Speedrun timer, what a disgrace.

  • This remaster looks gorgeous by the way, definitely worth remastering games where the artists clearly put in more detail in the environments than the previous system could even handle! Can’t wait to see all the locations again and to crush all them heads on crushing mode too :P I don’t think I want a mode harder than that though…lol its going to be torture like Grounded mode on last of us..ahhhh :) I like a challenge but I do wish these modes were unlocked to begin with..it takes a lot of time to beat all 3 on crushing and then on the next difficulty too, why not have these modes unlocked from beginning for fans that already did crushing on ps3?

  • I wish they would say when the demo will be available through the PSstore!!

  • Wait, will you need PS Plus with the Collection to get to play the U4 Beta

  • Eric, will getting this really by the only way to get into the UC4 MP beta? Uncharted is one of my favorite franchises of all time, I own all the games and have spent hundreds of dollars on them. I have also spent over 1000 hours in Uncharted 2/3 MP and I just don’t think it’s right to force fans to buy the games again to get into the beta for a game we already plan to buy.

  • MAN, that was an AWESOME trailer. Naughty Dog sure knows how to make trailers. Looking forward to replaying Nathan Drake’s adventures in 1080p and 60fps.

  • Really? Look, I like that you guys are putting these games out on PS4 for those that missed out but do you really need to put out a story trailer for 3 old games? The people that missed out can get all the info they need story-wise now. There’s no need for a story trailer. How about instead of telling about 3 old games that we already know about, why don’t you talk about uncharted 4’s multiplayer instead?

  • Great looking trailer, but it gives off an ominous foreshadowing vibe to me.

  • In the previous Nathan Drake Collection Post there was talk of a demo launching in summer. It’s almost the end of summer is the demo still coming?

  • Is the music in the trailer from Henry Jackman’s score for Uncharted 4?

  • I sold all 3 of my PS3 Uncharted games which I bought day 1 for each so I can prepare swoop this up. One of my favorite franchises ever now on PS4 with better graphics for me is a must.

    I beat all 3 originally when they were first out only one time ach so this is going to be a treat to play through them again to eventually get ready for Uncharted 4. Seriously can’t wait for all these upcoming great games.

    Bring it on!

  • Can you tell us when the demo will be available or at least an approximation?

  • No, please don’t make us have to beat crushing mode AGAIN just so we can play Brutal Difficulty Mode. I’ve already beaten each Uncharted game at least 3 times each, are you really gonna make me have to go through them once more just so I can play them on Brutal Difficulty Mode? PLEASE GET RID OF THIS REQUIREMENT! I just want to start with Brutal Difficulty Mode.

  • Really disappointed this game doesn’t have multiplayer mode.

  • Wow, goosebumps! Epic! My personal favorite series EVER, even ahead of Zelda and Mario! I still have all 3 of these games for PS3 on my shelf but I will be buying this collection day one and will love every second of experiencing the most awarded, highest rated and BEST trilogy of last generation in 1080p, 60 Fps! It’s only going to make the wait for Uncharted 4 that more more painful though!

  • It is not the ultimate collection if it doesn’t have online multi-player/co-op from Uncharted 2 and 3.

  • This is a really nice and well edited, emotional trailer, and I’m loving the updated look for Nate in Drake’s Fortune, but I feel like this trailer does a bit of a disservice to existing and potential fans of the franchise. There are a few moments that were big reveals for players of the trilogy that are spoiled here, AND while I understand why the trailer is the way it is, I’m disappointed at how downplayed Elena’s and to a lesser extent Chloe’s roles are. Uncharted has some great female characters that don’t get much love in the marketing and could be used to pull in the female audience. And Elena is an important part of these games! She deserves the screen time! I love Sully, as indicated by my avatar, and yeah, he’s important. But Uncharted is so much more than just Nate and Sully’s relationship… I mean the franchise is named for the show Elena was working on in the first game! I hope in the future she gets as much love as Sully does!

    • Also, I really hope speed run mode isn’t tied to a lot of difficult trophies, speed running is such a niche style of playing a game and it’s frustrating when developers try to make more standard players try to adopt that way of playing, even if just for a trophy. I feel like the harder difficulty was unnecessary as well, but as much respect as I have for the speed running community, I’ll take Brutal mode over speed running these beautiful games.

      I know much of this sounds negative, but I really am excited to get to play these games with a fresh coat of paint! I can’t wait, they’re looking great so far, and I appreciate all the love and attention to detail that seems to be going into this collection. Thank you!

  • Bluepoint is doing a fantastic job on this remaster and I’m excited to run through the series again on my PS4.

    Disappointed in the choices that the editor made in putting together this trailer, however; Elena is framed as a damsel in distress, Chloe is barely present at all, and Marlowe exists only as a voice clip. This really rather misrepresents how well Uncharted handles female characters and undersells how important they are to the narrative. What’s great about the Uncharted series is that whom is rescuing whom is distributed pretty evenly all around! Uncharted is one of those titles that proves that you can have exciting stories that draw from and touch on common story tropes without being totally beholden to them. Elena & Chloe are as important characters. Please show that.

    I really do hate being That Person who seemingly nitpicks what’s meant to be something exciting and cool, and I earnestly do not mean to offend the editor who put this together or devalue the effort they put into their work. I get that they had to convey a coherent theme across three different games and a constrained runtime to work with. But it’s something to consider in future endeavors.

    • (Like Unrated-G says, that does sound negative but I am really and truly looking forward to this collection a whole lot; I had to chop up my comment because of the character limit. Bluepoint looks to be doing an incredible job with this and I can’t wait for the finished product)

  • Same malarkey sales pitch as God of War 3.

    Keep your PS3 originals folks, because those are the definitive versions.

  • I’m really looking forward to playing all three games on the PS4, but I have to ask: What about Uncharted: Golden Abyss? Why isn’t it included as part of this collection? At the very least, make it playable on PSTV so that it could be played on a big screen.

  • Is there a demo coming for the Uncharted Collection anytime soon?

  • Looks awesome and I can’t wait to play it all again on my PS4, but still hoping you will decide to include 3D support on the 3rd game. Playing in 3D on my PS3 was awesome and it will be a real loss if its not included on the remaster.

  • In love with the music, anyone is familiar with the composer?

    • The music in all three Uncharted games was composed by Gred Edmonson, probably best known to most people as the composer for the short lived TV series, Firefly, created by Joss Whedon.

  • Eric is there any chance you could reveal the file size of this collection, you have pretty much told us everything else and i find this imformation rather harmless to know. My PS4 desperately need’s a harddrive upgrade soon in the very near future. I would appreciate very much if you told us how much GB’s this collection will need? Bonus Question: will there be a 30fps lock option like The Last of US remastered?

  • Where is Uncharted Golden Abyss? it also had Nathan Drake.

  • I just experienced massive hype tingles watching the trailer. I can’t believe it’s been almost eight years since Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune dropped on PlayStation 3.

  • I just want to say thank you Sony. You are bringing some of my favs from last gen to current gen. I wish there was backwards compatible still so I didn’t have to rebuy it but they are great games so I have no issue. This and Heavy Rain can’t wait!

  • Epic trailer for an epic franchise. One thing though, there’s got to be more than a few gamers buying this collection that haven’t played U3; for them, this trailer might be a bit spoilery.

  • That brutal mode sounds exciting. I finished 2 and 3 on crushing while cursing like a madman, specially on the final bosses… but loved it anyway. Brutal will be quite interesting then. Pre-ordered long ago and now counting the days towards release… thank god for MGS V to keep me busy til then.

    ps: that was an amazing trailer, canĀ“t believe how prett(ier) the games look on PD4.

  • HUGE fan, AMAZING series, CAN’T wait. Will DEF pay to go through these gems again with even slightly improved visuals/performance.

    My only gripes are:
    1). Golden Abyss very disappointingly missing from this “Nathan Drake Collection”.. (Escape Plan is a clear example of Vita to PS4 port with touch pad controls that works very well)
    2). No multiplayer. I can understand they wanna focus on U4 multiplayer beta to start, but it’d be pretty nice & welcome if they would patch in U2 and/or U3 multiplayer AFTER the U4 multiplayer beta ends, leaving this amazing collection with ZERO multiplayer support to extend life.

  • I’ll probably get this at some point. I bought the PS3 this year and played through the uncharted series pretty my first thing as I heard it was great. With a lot of new current gen console games coming out this Fall, this one will probably hang out on my wish list for a while.

    Is it likely to retail at $40-$60 ?

    Like someone else ask, a download size estimate would be nice for those of us who plan ahead to make sure our systems have enough storage for the game.

  • Collectors Edition to the U.S. and how many disc are 1 for game ??

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