Experience Journey, Out Today on PlayStation 4

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Experience Journey, Out Today on PlayStation 4

“St. Augustine wrote: ‘People will venture to the heights of the mountains to seek wonder. They will stand and stare at the widths of the oceans to be filled with wonder. Yet they will pass each another in the street and feel nothing.’ Every individual is a miracle. Journey is a reminder of the wonders we find in each other.”

– Jenova Chen, Creative Director, Journey

In partnership with original creators, thatgamecompany, and developer Tricky Pixels, today we are proud to bring the award-winning experience to PlayStation 4. Journey for PlayStation 4 supports cross-buy, meaning if you have digitally purchased it already for PS3, you can download it free for PS4, and vice-versa starting today.

Journey on PS4

Journey on PS4Journey on PS4

Journey | PlayStation Store

Additionally, we are also releasing for sale a very elegant Journey dynamic theme to bring your PlayStation 4 dashboard to the ruins and sands of this beautiful universe.

Journey Dynamic PS4 ThemeJourney Dynamic PS4 Theme

Two weeks ago we launched #OurJourney at journey.playstation.com, and asked “What Did Your Journey Experience Mean To You?,” and the response was far beyond our emotional expectations. Today we continue #OurJourney, and encourage everyone who has ascended the mountain on PS3 or is beginning right now on PlayStation 4, to share what it meant to you.

  • Grab your phone, turn it toward you, record, and share your video testimonial on YouTube & Twitter
  • Please tag it with the hashtag #OurJourney and visit journey.playstation.com to see if we feature it, and include it in our upcoming testimonial reel.

Here are a couple incredible #OurJourney testimonials that may inspire you:

My ‘Journey’ Experience – beatboxtaun

How One Game Changed my Outlook on Gaming – AcdraStation

Finally, we have a pretty cool surprise to share we’ve kept under wraps until now. Since Journey debuted in 2012, PlayStation fans worldwide have iconized the game through cosplay, artwork, and many other forms of fandom. Today we’re happy to open the online doors to the new Journey PlayStation Gear Store which has some incredible official merchandise, including the first ever Journey collectible statue:

Journey Statue

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  • Is the free upgrade to the PS4 version not available for other regions? I bought the PS3 version of Journey on my JPN account when it first came out. Is there anyway to get the free upgrade? Or is it NA only?

  • This is one of the greatest games I ever played. It’s beautiful and keeps you playing for the whole game, it really isn’t that long but still!

    The best part is when you meet another traveler… you don’t know who this person is, there is no name and you can’t talk to them but still you can communicate with them somehow. It’s a beautiful game and should be played as soon as you have the chance.

  • Is there any confirmation of cross saves working from the ps3 version to the ps4?

  • Do you need PS Plus to play with a partner on PS4?

  • Little disappointed that I didn’t get to keep my white cloak from the PS3, but happy to see it on the PS4 now!

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