Experience Journey, Out Today on PlayStation 4

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Experience Journey, Out Today on PlayStation 4

“St. Augustine wrote: ‘People will venture to the heights of the mountains to seek wonder. They will stand and stare at the widths of the oceans to be filled with wonder. Yet they will pass each another in the street and feel nothing.’ Every individual is a miracle. Journey is a reminder of the wonders we find in each other.”

– Jenova Chen, Creative Director, Journey

In partnership with original creators, thatgamecompany, and developer Tricky Pixels, today we are proud to bring the award-winning experience to PlayStation 4. Journey for PlayStation 4 supports cross-buy, meaning if you have digitally purchased it already for PS3, you can download it free for PS4, and vice-versa starting today.

Journey on PS4

Journey on PS4Journey on PS4

Journey | PlayStation Store

Additionally, we are also releasing for sale a very elegant Journey dynamic theme to bring your PlayStation 4 dashboard to the ruins and sands of this beautiful universe.

Journey Dynamic PS4 ThemeJourney Dynamic PS4 Theme

Two weeks ago we launched #OurJourney at journey.playstation.com, and asked “What Did Your Journey Experience Mean To You?,” and the response was far beyond our emotional expectations. Today we continue #OurJourney, and encourage everyone who has ascended the mountain on PS3 or is beginning right now on PlayStation 4, to share what it meant to you.

  • Grab your phone, turn it toward you, record, and share your video testimonial on YouTube & Twitter
  • Please tag it with the hashtag #OurJourney and visit journey.playstation.com to see if we feature it, and include it in our upcoming testimonial reel.

Here are a couple incredible #OurJourney testimonials that may inspire you:

My ‘Journey’ Experience – beatboxtaun

How One Game Changed my Outlook on Gaming – AcdraStation

Finally, we have a pretty cool surprise to share we’ve kept under wraps until now. Since Journey debuted in 2012, PlayStation fans worldwide have iconized the game through cosplay, artwork, and many other forms of fandom. Today we’re happy to open the online doors to the new Journey PlayStation Gear Store which has some incredible official merchandise, including the first ever Journey collectible statue:

Journey Statue

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2 Author Replies

  • For those of us who have the PS3 version purchased get to receive the free dynamic theme? Also will we have to wait for the PS store to update in order to download our PS4 versions? Thanks and I can’t wait to finally stream this on my PS4.

    • awesome: crossbuy, less awesome: no preloads for people who bought the game 3 years ago

    • The dynamic theme is for purchase only, to everyone.

      The static theme that was the Journey pre-order exclusive for new PS4 owners, we are looking into making this available for PS3 owners. We are close to having a resolution to share, but please follow us @SonySantaMonica on http://twitter.com/sonysantamonica for the latest updates. We hear you :o)

    • the theme it’s not free for people who buy the PS4 version

  • Journey is a beautiful game that everyone with a PS4 owes it to themselves to try out if they haven’t yet. You can hear about it or watch someone else play, but it kinda has to be experienced firsthand to really sink in :-)

    Really looking forward to whatever thatgamecompany is up to next :-)

  • This game is beautiful. Too bad I own the disc version, because I’d totally play it again on PS4!

  • Aaron I just got done with my 1st playthrough of the PS4 version and it is even more beautiful than It was on PS3. Not only that but at the end my partner drew a heart in the sand for me! Things like this is what makes Journey truly special and unlike any other game out there! Thanks for bringing it to PS4!

    Also I really wish I had the money for that Journey statue. Would go great with my Journey Scarf.

    • That is so fantastic Mercenary. We’d love if you could share your experience on video for #OurJourney campaign, if you feel so inclined.

      The statue is definitely a premium item.

      BTW, we are developing an official scarf as well =) It will go nicely with yours!

    • The Scarf I have is actually one that ya’ll sent me few years back for winning a contest. I made a video couple weeks ago as an MVP talking about what I thought of the PS3 version.

  • @1 the theme it’s not free

  • I have played several times on PS3.

    Now i want that theme! Tell me it will be available for brazilian PSN :D

  • Will the dynamic theme be free? When I pre ordered I got the static one.

  • madmanwithabox12

    How come you’re trying to push the Remote Play feature on the EU blog but not here? Not answering comments on the EU blog either.

  • What’s the exact procedure if we had the PS3 version? Is the PS4 version available now or later in the day?

    • I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it will be available for the PS3 version owners when the store updates.

  • So who decides what theme you get with a game the developer or publisher?

  • Is the Collector’s Edition still releasing?

  • I was just thinking that the static theme I got for pre-ordering this would be perfect if it was Dynamic. And now there is one so I will definitely grab that. Although I wish that was included with the pre-order instead of the static one.

  • Well I did it, I preordered the game with 3 hours to spare haha:) Never played this on the PS3. I am all Batman out and need something different and this does look different.

    I actually don’t know why I didn’t get it before on PS3. I think I was busy playing other games at the time.

    So cheers for the Journey I am about to take when I get off work!

  • Own it on the PS3 and get it free today. Nothing better than that. Thanks Sony!

  • Can someone please tell me what is that icon/feature in the menu?!?! The one between “USB music player” and “library”?!?! I think it’s something new – I don’t remember it – but I may be wrong…

  • Is there a retail release along with the digital release on PS4?

  • Ok so I have this game on my PS3 and when I went to get it for my PS4 on the Playstation store it says I cannot because I already have purchased it. So how can I play this awesome game on my PS4 when it’s not letting me? :(

  • I’m not a figure collector but that statue is amazing.

    Looking forward to playing the PS4 version tonight.

  • Can’t wait to play Journey again! I played through it a crazy amount of times on the PS3.

    Question about the dynamic theme: Does it feature the beautiful music from the game? I’d love to hear that every time I turn my system on. :D

  • Cheers ! Cross-Buy Is the ****! & Journey is Amazing !

  • I watched both linked videos. Tanya’s video testimony was incredible. Jenova’s quote, above, is quite profound. I earned my white cloak in the PS3 version and I will be downloading my free copy of the PS4 version when it goes live sometime today, as well as buying the dynamic theme.

    My one advice for people who are new to Journey: don’t play it like you play other games. Don’t rush from place to place, trying to “beat” the game. You’ll entirely miss the point and genius of the game. Look around everywhere, savor the beautiful landscapes, try communicating with any strangers.

    At the end of the game, you will be shown the PSN IDs of any other players you encountered. One player send me the loveliest message.

  • @ xXkoala_faceXx

    It won’t let you purchase because you get it free for buying the ps3 version. When the store updates you will be able to download it and play FOR FREE!

  • Looking forward to playing this game for this first time. Pre-ordered and waiting for the timer to expire!!!!

  • Journey is one of my favorite games and I would love to get back on playing it, this time on the PS4!

  • Cross buy is great, except I bought Journey on Blu-Ray on 28 July 2012 (http://amzn.to/1HH5s0e), so I would have to buy the game again if I wanted the PS4 version. :(

  • Welp, I know what I am doing tonight when I take a break from playing Borderlands The Handsome Collection. One must have a moment of Zen in between mass chaos. This game fits the bill 1000x. I bought in on the 3 & cant wait to play it again on the 4.

  • So excited to finally play this through a second time. Played once on my PS3 and the experience was so wonderful that I didn’t want to taint it with a second playthrough. The visual upgrade for the PS4 combined with the time that’s passed, and I finally feel ready for round 2. My body is ready!

  • I look forward to a day where the PS Store updates at the same time every single week. Who knows if that will actually happen? Waiting to replay this one and it’s still not available.

  • 3:18 and so far this is the only game on this weeks update that still isn’t showing up in the store. Do we have an ETA?

  • I still can’t download it because I already own it. I can’t redownload the PS3 version either. What gives?

  • Is there something wrong? The PS4 Store is telling me that Journey is “not available for purchase” because I “already own Journey”.

  • I’m not usually one for online games, but this is one of the rare ones that I could tolerate multiplayer. Anyone who isn’t sure about this needs to git it nao!!!

  • Update: Now downloading.

    • I am not allowed to download the game on PS4. I bought the PS3 digital version just a few weeks ago. What’s going on?

    • How did you download it? Where there should be a DL link, I have a message saying I already own it. What did you do?

    • Never mind, I was trying to do it through the PS4 Store interface and couldn’t; but it works when I do the transaction through the web site. All’s well that ends.

  • Just checked a few minutes ago, and the download wasn’t working through the PS4 store, but as a few others have said, it is now available to purchase/download through the web store.
    I know what I’m doing when I get home from work tonight.

  • Downloading it right now. Played the heck out of this amazing game (that made me shed a man tear or 17 I might add) on PS3. Now I can play it again on PS4 in 1080p 60 FPS eye melting goodness. Looked amazing on PS3, cant even imagine what ti will look like now.

  • consider the theme sold.

  • Yesterday I preordered the PS4 version, because it was supposed to be cross-buy and I thought I’d get the PS3 version too (the blog post even says “Journey for PlayStation 4 supports cross-buy, meaning if you have digitally purchased it already for PS3, you can download it free for PS4, and vice-versa starting today”), but the latter doesn’t appear on my download list. I only own a PS3, so I was looking forward to playing it there. How can I get the free cross-buy copy of that version?

    • Look it up on the ps3 store as if you were going to buy it. It should have a download button in place of the purchase button.

    • I just tried that and it added the PS3 version to the cart, at a $14.99 price. There’s no download button. Thanks anyway, hopefully this will be fixed soon; I really wanted to play the game but don’t have a PS4 yet.

    • we’re on the same boat. waiting for a fix, hopefully soon. I wouldnt mind waiting if only i could get an answer as to whats wrong and when can we expect a solution.

  • Will the multiplayer in Journey require a Plus subscription? I know it’s not F2P or MMO, but its not exactly your traditional multiplayer game either. No lobbies, no chatting or friend requesting. You can’t even see who you’re playing with until the game credits at the end. But although you can play Journey alone, its kind of central to the experience to meet people along your Journey. So will Plus be required to play co-op?

  • Hi, I pre-ordered Journey on PS4. I pre-loaded it a couple days ago and now its ready for use. I haven’t played it on PS3 so this will be my first time playing it. I’ve heard great things and i’m eager to experience it myself. I heard that it’s a cross-buy between PS3 and PS4. I could’ve bought it on PS3 a week ago, played it, and played it again on PS4 when it released there.. But I opted to pre-order instead, seeing as i’ll still get the PS3 version on the day of the PS4 version release. Unfortunately, the cross-buy isn’t working as i can’t download the PS3 version because it still has a 14 bucks price tag. When will the cross-buy take effect? Please tell me you’re not going back on your word – – “Journey for PlayStation 4 supports cross-buy, meaning if you have digitally purchased it already for PS3, you can download it free for PS4, and vice-versa starting today.” – – because my purchase was partly predicated on the cross-buy and not following through on that would be so uncool. Like, falsely advertised, uncool.

    • I was able to download the PS4 version for free after having the PS3 version, so they didn’t ‘go back on their word’ it’s probably just a store glitch.

    • @Seluhir

      Yeah, i know. But it does happen, sometimes some promises are broken and somethings aren’t given. Sometimes, it just takes a while before they deliver. I once pre-ordered a game from the store, got it, played it, didn’t get the cross-buy as advertised, waited.. and waited.. then got the cross-buy when the game went free for ps plus. HaHaHa, imagine how long that must’ve taken. It is the age of “awaiting,” so, i guess i’ll wait for it. Anyway, Journey is such a great gaming experience! (i just played it for the first time, back to back)

  • I wish there was some kind of offer for people who paid the premium for the disc version.

    • I can’t see why they can’t implement a way to use our PS3 discs to download the PS4 version (developer permitting). They did it back in 2013 and required the use of the PS3 disc in the PS4 to prevent people having 2 copies.

  • Thank you, thatgamecompany. Journey made a huge impact gaming wise when I first played it on ps3 and to now be able to go through the experience once more on my PS4 is the best. You´ve made the most beautiful game and the most magical experience a gamer could have.

  • I own the version on PS3 and have logged into the PSN store to download the game as it said it was cross buy. But it is trying to charge me £11.99 for the game? I am using the same account as my PS3. If it charges me wil Sony refund me the money?

  • What’s up!?!? What’s up with the cross-buy??!! So, it finally read “DOWNLOAD” on journey on the store on my PS3 instead of the “$14.99” price tag.. So, I click “DOWNLOAD” and it downloads the unlock key.. ONLY the unlock key.. NO game. Now, instead of the “DOWNLOAD” prompt that was in the place of the “$14.99” price tag, it now reads “CHOOSE A VERSION”.. So, i chose, there are only 2 choices both of which are one the same, “FULL GAME” for FREE.. I click on one choice, it sez “THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE PURCHASED AT THIS TIME.” .. I click on the other choice and it sez the same.. I click on “Try Free Demo” (Since i already downloaded the unlock key) and it sez the same, “THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE PURCHASED AT THIS TIME.” ..On my downloads list, there’s NO game, ONLY the unlock key. I bought the game from the store on my PS4 and i downloaded the game from there just fine. I want to download the game on my PS3 too. PLEASE, PLEASE fix this! Thanks.

    • The Playstationstore website isn’t helping either. Under PS3/PS4 cross-buy, Journey is only available for the PS4. The only choices for “DOWNLOAD” is either “DOWNLOAD TO PS4” or “DOWNLOAD TO PS4”

    • I just checked the web store and it finally worked. Went to the Journey PS3 page, clicked “Add to cart” and it said it was free. After finishing the check-out process, two entries appeared on my download list: the demo and the unlock key. So I’d suggest you try it now.

    • @RionaaM

      Thanks bro. The store is still messed up with the Journey item, the cross-buy page is and the PS4 page too and PS3 page as well, but i got it to work and am now downloading the game on PS3, after some crafty workarounds and shortcuts, lol. Made me realize how un-intuitive and un-user friendly the web store interface is. Thanks again for the heads up! Enjoy your Journey experience! Who knows, maybe, we’ll cross paths on our journey, lol.

  • Will we ever see Journey or Flower in a 99 cent flash sale?

  • MAJOR KUDOS/PRAISE to Sony for cross buy support on this amazing title!!!!

    Journey PS3/PS4 cross buy is TRULY AWESOME. Sony needs to do more of this please, ALL HAIL CROSS BUY!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes. YES. ALL HAIL! PRAISES! PRAISES! Thank you Sony for the Journey cross-buy support and please, do more of this please. But first things first, please, do this please. do the Journey cross-buy please! Because there is no support and there is no cross-buy. It is glitching and non-existential.

  • I read through all the comments and was a little surprised one was not asked! When or will there be a vita version? To tell you honestly if it wasn’t cross buy I would still get it, this is the perfect vita game. And does it have a platinum trophy? I know trophy hunting is not point of the game and I love the game have played it so many times on PS3 I lost count.

    • It doesn’t have a platinum trophy on the PS4. As to whether or not it has a platinum trophy on the PS3, i guess you could answer that, because i can’t on account of I can’t get my PS3 version because the cross-buy isn’t working. You’re right, it is a perfect game for the Vita. Hopefully it’ll get a Vita version too in the future. Having experienced it now just recently on the PS4, i could say the same that i’d buy it even if it wasn’t cross-buy. But, I did buy it with the premise that i’d get it on PS3 as well as PS4, and that my purchase was predicated on that very promise, it was a big selling point for me. Nobody wants to get ripped off or to feel like they have been, I just want what i paid for, and I paid for Journey with PS3/PS4 cross-buy, I want my PS3 version.

    • No it doesn’t have a PS3 platy., could blame server issues on why you didn’t get PS3 version , I bought my journey original release day on PS3 . Just finished downloading the ps4 version and was remote playing on high def on my vita , was awesome can’t wait to play on big screen tomorrow after work. I hope you get your PS3 version soon , and hope they do a vita version.

  • Two questions for Tricky Pixels:

    1. Why did you kill the specular mapping of the PS3 version? On PS4, the deserts have lost their beautiful sheen and they look completely flat now. Grains of sands can’t be seen anymore, ironic for a game reportedly in 1080p.

    2. On the same screen with professional calibration settings, the colour palette is notably washed out on PS4 — a common problem with PS3 games “remastered” on PS4. Please tone down the gamma a bit.

  • Wonder if there will ever be a vita port of this game. Plan on picking it up for PS4 when i get a chance, but it would be nice.

  • Wish there was a way to receive Journey on the PS4 if you bought it for retail on PS3.

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