PS Plus: Free Games for July 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for July 2015

Prepare yourselves for a free games lineup the likes of which you’ve (probably) never seen! We’ve got rocket-powered cars, stealthy goblins, science cats,and even a little dab of arthouse wonder for good measure. All free starting next week for PS Plus members.

This month’s lineup includes four games playable on PS4, starting with the multiplayer mayhem of Rocket League. Use insane stunts and teamwork to score points in this fast-paced arcade game that even features a wholesome little cameo from Sweet Tooth, our favorite demonic ice cream truck.

Also included is the fantasy stealth game Styx: Master of Shadows, and the head-scratching puzzles of Mousecraft. And if you’re still not satisfied, why not embark upon an adventure that spans nine lifetimes in the surreal story of Entwined?

Rounding out the lineup is Rain on PS3 and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved on PS Vita. All these games will be free for PS Plus members starting on July 7th. If you want to see these games in motion, hit that play button below.

3 Month PS Plus12 Month PS Plus

July’s PlayStation Plus Lineup
Rocket League
Rocket League
Styx: Master of Shadows
Styx: Master of Shadows
PS4, PS3, PS Vita
PS4, PS3, PS Vita
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
Geometry Wars 3
PS Vita

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Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • So instead of EU getting better games each month and NA getting **** on like was happening for awhile there with PS3, now NA and EU get **** on and JAPAN gets awesome games each month.

    Really brilliant there Sony, brilliant indeed.

    Japan gets GUILTY GEAR, we get……rocket league.


  • Pretty underwhelming. Probably one of the two weakest months of the year.

  • where is journey on ps4?

    its a finished game, they arent even doing more than 60fps and 1080p.

    iwish theyd at least say when the date is, i hate that they are really gonna make us wait until like october. why couldnt they just release it for free on e3 day.

  • Weakest line up so far, but hey got 3 great games in the last flash sale, i’ll give you that.

  • I am really disappointed about how many commenters are disparaging Rocket League (and other indie games in general) before even playing them. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars was one of my favourite games last generation, and I would not have tried it if it were not for Plus.

    Instead of judging games based on how big their budget is, perhaps we should be judging games on more relevant factors… Like how much fun a game is?

    • We are not criticizing rocket league per se, we are questioning why there is too much indie in the plus lineup every month. Don’t misunderstand me I love some of them but this flood has to stop.

  • Please, plase, plase stop the indie flood Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make them stop for gods sake *cries like Isaac*

    • I get the reference! But the question is do you know why I get the reference? Because I played Binding of Isaac free from PlayStation Plus

    • As did I. But I didn’t enjoy it. I do play the indie games on PS+. Rather, I’ve tried them out. I haven’t liked a single one. The idea that ‘oh, you don’t like indie cause you don’t try it’ is a false one. I have tried it. I don’t like it. That is not to say that every indie game is crap, but rather, there is far more indie crap than indie gold.

  • Rocket League is gonna be great!

  • Someone at Playstation must’ve known my birthday was in June, and that I was holding out for GW3 for Vita.

  • Don’t know why everyone is complaining, I think this is a super solid lineup between ps4 and vita, so excited for geo wars on my vita and to try some new 4 games. Thanks Sony

    • because the system is 20 months old. we’ve reached the point that 1 retail + 1 indie is expected. this lineup is vastly inferior to what games with gold put out this month (ac4:bf/so many me for x1, plants vs zombies/gears of war 3 for x360), and it’s vastly inferior to what sony of japan put out to celebrate the 5 years of ps+ (guilty gear xrd for ps4, batman arkham origins for ps3, and cheap subscription deals).

      compared to what everyone else is doing, the lineup put forth by sony of america/europe is a joke.

    • You are totally right my friend I mean lets get games that we already bought when they came out like Gears Of War 3 which is 4 years old or Black Flag which is a year and a half old, both triple a, both you more than likely bought when they released, I mean versus Rocket League which is coming out on PS + or other indie games you more than likely would have overlooked.

    • @nevereatpie

      the point that your sarcastic post overlooks is that you are praising giving out games that people wouldn’t be interested in enough to actually buy own their own rather than games that people actually see and think “i want that!”.

  • Oh and happy 5 years for PS Plus! What a nice way to celebrate!

  • You know it’s a bad month when the Vita game is the best one.
    Nothing could look more boring than Sportscars.

  • Micrsoft people are doing a better job with Live. I’m tired of indie games.

  • I am not thrilled about this, like most months I’m willing to give it a try. Actually debated about rain before, glad I still have my ps3. Ifit wasn’t for my ps3 and online for multiplayer on ps4, I’d let my sub expire again.

    • Rain is the best title on this list, from what I can see (Rocket Cars excepted, perhaps, if you own a PS4 – which I don’t yet). It was fun, with some incredible atmosphere and interesting gameplay. It’s not on par with Journey, but it’s in the same ballpark.

  • Well, can’t say I’m surprised that June was a fluke. I hadn’t re-subbed to PS+ for the months leading up because of the kind of games that were coming in. Quite lackluster compared to the early months of the service. Now it’s a pleasant surprise to find even one game that looks worth picking up out of it. I was really hoping we would at least get Guilty Gear like Japan did.

  • Signed in and posting for the first time just to share what millions of people feel- Frustration.

    Frustration with the terrible games selected for the PS Plus we *pay for*.

    These are -not- free games. It is not too demanding from customers to request actual quality games that they would want to play, and not this garbage we have been fed since the launch of the PS4.

    Please get your act together.


  • Not crapping on these games, but Sony doesn’t seem to be trying as hard, now that they have the lead. Sad part is that PS4 owners have no choice but to subscribe to PS+ if they want to continue to play their games online.

  • Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away With Me You Guys….Sorry…. Wrong STYX..

  • If plus actually let you OWN the games, it would be worth it. I’m pretty sure with Xbox the games become yours forever. That alone wins out. 50 bucks to rent random games?

    • ” I’m pretty sure with Xbox the games become yours forever.”

      yes and no. on the x360, you are correct. on the x1, it’s tied to an active gold subscription and functions exactly the same as all of the playstation igc titles.

    • Thanks for clearing that up. Good to know.

  • Every month is worse for Ps Plus

    Better for Xbox One with Assasin’s Creed Black Flag, The Witcher… etc

  • Keeps the indies coming guys. I’m open-minded so I’ll play anything once. :)

    I don’t see AAA and indies as separate, cuz I’m not gamecist. Games are games.

  • how about you keep your free game and give me backwards compatibility… Xbox has been winning sine E3

    • Impossible. PS3 architecture is incompatible with PS4. Anyone who knows anything about computers and graphics can tell you that. COMPLETELY different hardware. Would require a new PS4 model with PS3 cel processor built in. Last gen 3rd party developers had a hard time making games for PS3. That’s why Skyrim was a buggy mess on PS3 but ran mostly fine on PC and Xbox 360.

    • @jgrizzle

      “Impossible. PS3 architecture is incompatible with PS4. Anyone who knows anything about computers and graphics can tell you that”

      and anyone who knows anything about computers and graphics can tell you that the x360 and x1 had completely different architecture. this is why the x1 (x86-64 architecture) is handling backwards compatibility of the x360 (powerpc architecture) through emulation.

      if the ps4 is powerful enough to emulate the ps3 is debatable (don’t forget, a professional team of coders with access to all the schematics and documentation for both the machine the emulator would run on and the machine they are trying to emulate is going to have a much better chance than a hobbyist who has to reverse engineer the ps3), but you clearly don’t seem to know what you are talking about.

    • @reaper the way it works with xbox is you put your 360 game in the Xb1 and it downloads it from the marketplace. lol. You’re still not technically playing the disc. They found a way to cheat the system.

      But Xbox 360 didn’t use a cel processor. PS3 did. And that is why PS3 is hard to emulate. It hasn’t even been properly emulated on the PC yet.

    • @jgrizzle

      the fact that the x360 didn’t use a cell processor is irrelevant. what matters is that the x360 and x1 used different architectures, and to make it work, the old system had to be emulated in software.

      there is no “cheating the system” in the x1’s backwards compatibility. the game runs in an emulator, because the cpu architecture is different so it doesn’t work natively.

      as far as the cell not being emulated yet on pc, you are overlooking a very important detail. you are talking about what hobbyists have been able to do thusfar. they have to reverse engineer the chip to figure out how it functions so that they can know how to build their emulator. this is a HUGE undertaking that people are doing in their spare time.

      for sony to do it, they already have all of the documentation for how the chip works, which is a huge advantage. additionally, they can put a team of professionals working on it full time. sony has a huge advantage over pc hobbyists when it comes to making a ps3 emulator.

    • The point about the Cell processor is that while x360 and x1 had different architectures, they weren’t /as/ incompatible as Cell and PS4’s. Cell was notoriously /more/ difficult to develop for than x360’s PowerPC. And MS’s BC is software-based which inherently means that the title list is going to remain limited. Given that x360’s BC with the original Xbox was limited at best, I don’t really have high-hopes with BC. Not only that, but even Schiller said that it was a pipe dream. And it was. They worked extremely hard to do this, and even now the BC is somewhat shoddy (FPS, etc.). But MS did it cause it’s in their business interest to do so aka Xbox 360 owners not upgrading to XB1. Sony does not have to do this since they’re massively leading thnx to PS3 owners buying PS4’s and Xbox 360 owners upgrading to PS4’s. It’s not in their interest to provide BC compared to PS Now.

  • Please, stop… No more indies… PLEASE! PLEASE!

  • The reason I got PS + was so I would be able to play games that I’ve heard of and wanted to play. The last few months have been very disappointing for this PS3 & Vita owner. The annoying part is that I know there are games that could be added to PS plus that are so much better than the ones we’re being offered. In going back & forth between which new system to buy, PS Plus has helped make that decision more clear. I love Playstation, but I’m going XBox One. Unless these get better, I’ll not be renewing my PS Plus subscription (something I would never have said 4 months ago).

    • I just don’t understand why people want games that are over a year old and were triple a titles for the free games, if you wanted it when it came out you more than likely bought it and even so most people already did. PlayStation is giving you games that you would overlook but are actual gems.

  • I will admit, I like the line up. If you look up Styx Master of Shadows, it does look like a triple A game on Ps4, do to the fact that it came from Focus entertainment or what not. It does also look line an indie, so AAA Digital. I like the line up of games here, really going to try out Rocket League for sure. I thought it wasn’t going to be a Ps Plus game, but, I am surprised.

    Still, I kinda expected more because of the 5 year anniversary, But I hate to say the next part.

    “Guys. I just got a very scary thought (to those who will complain about indies on Ps4 and systems). Dricveclub Ps Plus Edition has been released today, and that isn’t part of July’s games, but since it took Sony alot of money to do so and everything, we might be promised indies for sure now next month and maybe a few other months, and maybe not only that, but maybe Sony might cut back on triple A support on Ps Plus to compensate. Also, Metal Gear Solid V took alot as well.”

    My exact theory came true. Since they picked two AAA games last month on Ps4 and what not, we aren’t getting any this month.

    • Why would you be hesitant to admit you like the line-up? Are you worried that the “cool kids” might make fun of you? Screw them. They all still wet their beds.

  • Id like to point out whilst I like this list, rocket league is definitely up there, Japan got Guilty Gear Xrd, slight value difference.

  • Will Geometry Wars 3 be cross-buy for PS4?

  • After Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight, I embrace some smaller indie games and some fun multiplayer! I am down. 4 Great games for the PS4! Color me happy!

    And as for Assassin’s Creed free for GWG, great game, but if you haven’t played it by now, you can continue to wait on it.

  • Another month of crap indie games


  • This is fantastic!!! The last three months have been wonderful. That’s because my PS- subscription expired in April.

  • “Oh and happy 5 years for PS Plus! What a nice way to celebrate!”

  • Awesome! I can check off Rain and Geometry Wars 3 off of my “to get list”.

  • This is the 5 year anniversary for PSN+? That’s super lame.

    PSN+ has been pretty bad for like the last year. Every month was great, now it’s so mediocre.

  • Wow, can’t believe we’re getting Rocket League free this month! :D

    I’d encourage any of you who aren’t excited about this month’s offerings to check that game out, I played it for hours during the beta and it’s honestly the most fun I’ve had with a game in a long time :P

  • No big hitters, but an interesting mix of games. Variety is good.

    I’d like to see some older “bigger” games on the PS3. Especially with all the sequels coming out on PS4, it would be great to get a foot in the door with the earlier games in the series’.

    Overall I would say i’m satisfied but not super excited. Added to my ever increasing backlog. :)

  • Opening line is true, I’ve never seen free games that I have to pay for.

  • Worst month ever? XBOX has been getting the best games lately… quality over quantity.
    6 indies? Seriously? You could buy them for really cheap on sales and such.

    • Yeah you are right man, let me just go buy Gears Of War 3 for $4.50. Gosh its like an indie sale on a 4 year old game. Or let me go buy Black Flag which is a year and a half old and if you have been waiting this long to play it, there is a reason.

    • Styx was at least $35 last time I checked. And it looks pretty cool. Definately will have a better time with it than AC, which most of us completed on 100% more than a year ago.

  • Been meaning to buy Styx and Entwined for a while now, this is perfect.

  • I let my subscription expire last month and I don’t regret it. Here’s a list of games they could be working on getting for us instead of the junk they’ve been peddling this year:

    Uncharted, Uncharted 2
    Killzone 2
    Killzone 3
    Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
    Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty
    Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
    Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
    Skate 2
    Skate 3
    DiRT 2
    DiRT 3
    DiRT Showdown
    MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
    MotorStorm: Apocalypse
    Heavenly Sword
    The Darkness
    The Darkness II
    Assassin’s Creed
    Assassin’s Creed II
    Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
    Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
    Assassin’s Creed III
    Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
    Assassin’s Creed: Rogue
    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
    Dead Space
    Dead Space 2
    Fallout 3
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Burnout Paradise
    Bionic Commando Rearmed
    Valkyria Chronicles
    Resistance: Fall of Man
    Resistance 2
    Resistance 3
    Prince of Persia (2008)
    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
    Devil May Cry 4
    God of War III
    God of War: Ascension
    God of War: Origins Collection
    Dark Souls
    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

  • I was prepared to pay 20 to 30 dollars for Rocket League….The game ran perfectly smooth in beta, and honestly is probably the best “sports” game on the PS4! So addicting, so fun….This is a great surprise. I hope that they offer DLC or something to keep supporting the developer because this game is special….so so awesome!

  • This lineup is awful and disappointing ,last month we got a demo that can be finished in 10 minutes and now this while xbox one got Iv black flag while sony cant give up a single launch title such as killzone shadowfall,I am really disappointed as I just bought the ps4 with a 1 year subscription.

    • it’s okay to be upset. Some months or not for everyone. I started PS+ last september and since then ive found about 8-9 games that are good, along with playing multiplayer like destiny. I mostly use the PS+ games as filler until i start on another AAA game. right now its witcher 3. i dont usually download all the games each month, but there is normally 1 that i will keep. Valiant Hearts, Binding of Issac, Athenon, steam world dig, Apotheon, counter spy, Injustice Gods among us, metal gear solid ground zeros. these are all games i still play.

  • There are no more reasons for ps3 users to subscribe. You’d imagine that at this point Sony could easily afford multiple old ps3 AAA games since they are all cheap in the market anyways, but nooope….

    No way i’m renewing mine just to rent more indies, will finish the old games from plus and bounce out, will start buying the games that i want with the money that i paid for this subscription. My sub ends in 2 months, no way i’m renwing for this kind of lineup.

    Meanwhile Microsoft is killing it…. Why isn’t Sony stepping up their game is beyond my mind, maybe they got too confortable with the “ps4 users have to sub anyway just to play online”.

    • Me either… Subscription runs out this month and I am only a ps3/vita owner. Im like renting random indie games which I could get the same experience on my phone for free. Thanks sony for the past years. Looks like this is how my PLUS ends.

    • You guys will be really happy when you do let it expire. I was tired of being disappointed each month when Sony revealed the IGC. I can take that $50 and use it on the Flash Sales and buy games that I REALLY want to play. PS+ used to be so good but the PS4 has ruined it.

    • How is microsoft killing it by giving away a game that is 4 years old and another game they gave away for the 360 and gave away for the 1 if you bought it during the holidays and even then it is a year and a half old so you had to have been waiting this long to play it for a reason…

  • Yey the games looks great. thanks for the update Mr Clements

  • Full of bullcrap games

  • Sony: Rocket League “Free”

    Microsoft: Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Free

    • what’s with the inconstancy in how you used the quotes around free? both games are under the same exact licensing scheme.

    • @Reaper527: You get to keep your games on Xbox once your subscription expires. When your PS+ expires, you lose access to your games. Neither are free though since they require subscriptions.

    • Actually, no you do not keep Xbox One games forever. Only 360 games work that way. You need Gold to access One games.

    • @benoit

      wrong. as i said, the x1 and ps4 operate on the same exact licensing model. you lose gold/ps+, you lose your gwg/igc games.

  • Good job sony you just lost a loyal customer of 15 years because of your own arrogance and greed i should have quit when you started making us pay for plus but i was too stupid back then im letting my subscription run up in January then never buying another because im done ill just play on my pc at least i dont have some BS paywall to play online just my internet bill you dissapoint me sony you really do

  • meh. Another month not to re-up my PS+ membership. Nothing very compelling here

  • was looking forward to rocket league and now is free!!… way better. are any of the vita games compatible with PSTV, i haven’t seen more updates on games to be compatible :\

  • I am worried that the line-ups are going downhill,

  • To all you doubters who are *****ing about this months lineup, you people are crazy. Rocket league is an amazing, addicting, unbelievably fun game. Try it once and you’ll love it. Big ups to Kinda Funny’s Colin & Greg live for introducing me to my new favorite game. I couldn’t be more excited for this months ps plus. I played in both Rocket league beta’s and I’ve been dying to get my hands on the full game. Plus I’m super stoked to play the new Geometry Wars. I’ll admit I’m bummed it’s not on PS4 but I got a vita so I’ll still be able to enjoy it.

  • Very disappointing line-up.
    C’mon Sony. You can do so much better than that.

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