PS Plus: Free Games for July 2015

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PS Plus: Free Games for July 2015

Prepare yourselves for a free games lineup the likes of which you’ve (probably) never seen! We’ve got rocket-powered cars, stealthy goblins, science cats,and even a little dab of arthouse wonder for good measure. All free starting next week for PS Plus members.

This month’s lineup includes four games playable on PS4, starting with the multiplayer mayhem of Rocket League. Use insane stunts and teamwork to score points in this fast-paced arcade game that even features a wholesome little cameo from Sweet Tooth, our favorite demonic ice cream truck.

Also included is the fantasy stealth game Styx: Master of Shadows, and the head-scratching puzzles of Mousecraft. And if you’re still not satisfied, why not embark upon an adventure that spans nine lifetimes in the surreal story of Entwined?

Rounding out the lineup is Rain on PS3 and Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved on PS Vita. All these games will be free for PS Plus members starting on July 7th. If you want to see these games in motion, hit that play button below.

3 Month PS Plus12 Month PS Plus

July’s PlayStation Plus Lineup
Rocket League
Rocket League
Styx: Master of Shadows
Styx: Master of Shadows
PS4, PS3, PS Vita
PS4, PS3, PS Vita
Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
Geometry Wars 3
PS Vita

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Until next time! Enjoy.

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  • Xbox One got Black Flag. I hope this isn’t a turning point…

    • It’s up to the developers which system their game is free on, not the system’s company. They can ask but they basically have to go with whoever says “yes” first.

    • Rocket League > Anything Assassins Creed .. any day of the week.

    • Xbox One also just got two free games a month, I count 4 free games this month on the PS4. Also, ROCKET. LEAGUE.

    • In all fairness they did get a pool game two months in a row ;p

    • They have a lot of catching up to do, and I really love all this kind of titles, my “main” games quota is full now with Witcher III and Arkham Knight.

    • Yup…still taking the PS Plus lineup over GwG this month.

    • I’ll take any Assassin’s Creed from the 1st to Black Flag over Rocket League. Sorry, but this indie game bullcrap doesn’t hold the same value as the free games used to on PS3. VERY DISAPPOINTING.

    • Hmm get one game most people have already played or get 4 games a lot of us probably looked over. Tough call.

    • Xbox One got Black Flag because Microsoft had a packin deal that has been just sitting on the shelf going no where since December.

      Also you mean to tell me you haven’t played that almost two year old game that you can get for 10 bucks used now?

    • No interest whatsoever.

      You know what would be great? Take all these remasters that you’re bringing to PS4 from PS3 (like the Last of Us, God of War 3, and Uncharted) and make THOSE free on PS+. You know we all already bought them once, likely for the full $60 when they came out on PS3.

      Since you’re scamming us with PS Now and making us pay to rent/stream games we already own instead of introducing real backwards compatibility, handing out free remasters to PS+ members would go a long way.

    • Are you kidding?! We’re getting Rocket League for free on DAY 1!

    • If you haven’t played Black Flag by this point then you probably are not interested in it.I am happy that Rocket League is coming to Plus.

    • “indie game bullcrap”

      Someone’s not a true gamer. You can’t play only AAA games, indies need love too. If you don’t support indies, you’re not a gamer.

    • I have nothing against Rocket League. However, the PS4 has been out for almost two years now and the most we’ve gotten in terms of triple A’s is Injustice, a DLC for inFAMOUS, and a glorified Metal Gear Solid demo. There’s something very wrong with PS4’s PS+ lineup if the most anticipated “game” is a Driveclub demo.

      I was a PS+ owner for almost the entire time I owned a PS3 and we were getting AAA titles almost every month. Some weren’t even a year old when we got them, like Bioshock Infinite. Are you telling me Sony can’t be bother to give us Knack or Killzone? Every since Sony made PS+ mandatory for online gaming, this lineup has been going to the toilet.

    • wait have you not played Black Flag?!?!?!

    • Already got 100% in Black Flag. I’d rather get new titles, especially stuff like Geometry Wars 3 and Rocket League.

    • Black flag was already free on 360 now xbox one so its a repeat game.
      they also only get 3 games where as PS+ has 6.

      Xbox also repeated 1 game for 3 months and it was Pool nation.

    • Yeah, not only is Black Flag a repeat game, but it was given in the Xbox One Bundle this past November with Unity. So…They are repeating a game given on the 360, onto the Xbox One. Now…They have repeated games on PS Plus before, some that are smaller/older titles that are given for console, and then later for VITA. To my knowledge, that has never been done for console releases. That would be kind of messed up. Especially since they aren’t crossbuy, and take up the place of another free game.

      The last nice thing about this that, again has never been done, is that we occasionally get Day 1 PSN games for free. Rocket League does not have the opportunity, or know-how, for someone to purchase it with having PlayStation Plus. As long as you acquire the game in the month of July, you wouldn’t be given a game that you’d already purchased. I’m sure we all know that that situation tends to be really stinky.

    • (Continued)

      No instead, MS give a title that is worth, at this point, less than the price of Rocket League, even if it’s a fun game, for free. I try to judge free games by current MSRP as far as monetary value goes. In the case of entertainment/fun, you could never use cost to dictate enjoyment and worth. Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars is such a blast of a game! I honestly wish there were more games that took this type of approach, thinking outside the box. Reminds me of the game Rocket Jockey. That was weird…And I’d gladly pay $40 for it.

    • And we’ve gotten Rocket League, i don’t know about you, but i played both, and Rocket League is much more fun than net generic Assasin.

    • yea but black flag was meh at best

    • PoppaDiddyPuffio

      Honestly I find more value in this program if they consistently put lesser known or new games on it. Black Flag is something I purchased right away on my PS4. I’m most looking forward to Geometry Wars on my Vita out of this group, but one of the other games may very well surprise me, and I love that about PS Plus.

    • Sad month for plus.These indie games are crap and we got 2 demos last month.

    • A much better line up than what we’re getting.

    • so true, i totally agree with you. had my ps4 from day 1 of release and have been disappointed with the PS+ games and have not downloaded any since. loving PS3 days, the games are decent.

    • Eh… Black Flag has been avaliable for digital download off sites for as little as 4 dollars because of the assassin’s creed bundle for Xbox One. For that system it’s really not a big deal to give it out, most people already have it.

    • They gave away Black Flag already to everyone who bought an XBox One during the holiday season when they lowered the price. Not to mention other members who already owned it got it free too. Far from a turning point. Entwined is great and so is Geometry Wars. I’m excited for Styx. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

    • Guys, Seriously.. Listen up.. I beta tested Rocket League, and It was surprisingly one of the funnest games I have played this year.. It was ridiculously addictive, and took team work to play.. If you had a great team, you could do some pretty amazing things on this game.. It sounds silly, but since the beta has ended, I have been craving to play it.. I saw that it was being released this month, and I got excited.. but with my current funds, I am a bit behind.. and I got disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to play it for a bit.. then I found out it was going to be given away with PS+ and I WAS SUPER EXCITED! I cannot wait to download this game next wee and dominate!

      They are seriously thinking about making it a main stream eSport.. It has the potential too! I can’t wait to rock out on some Rocket League!

    • They got Black Flag…the 4th entry…an entry that has been offered free in their bundles for over a year now…and has been discounted to sub $20 pretty much everywhere. On that platform, I’m pretty sure if you own an XBO, you already have the game.

    • I wouldn’t mind playing Black Flag on the PS4…

    • You really want Black Flag over Rocket League and Geometry Wars?

    • Koopa_Troopa_RUN

      It’s not like AC Black Flag is new…you know how cheap you can get tit for now? Try some nice lil ol’ indie games for a chance!!

    • Koopa_Troopa_RUN

      lol, *it*

    • lol a turning point? Xbox One for Black Flag…

    • Who hasn’t played Black Flag by now? Lol. I’d rather get stuff I might overlook. Way too many people commenting who want older AAA titles pretty much everyone has already played.

    • Yeah, Black Flag would have been nice. Especially since my PS4 collects dust for the most part.

    • A turning point? We get 6 awesome games and Xbox One (which I own also) gets a AC game that can be had for $5. PS+ has always had better games.

    • terminatorx0606

      Well unless you count the game First Light and maybe Oddworld and Styx, we technically are even with them on triple A games. I would not get your hopes up for next month though on the triple A matter. Ps plus pretty much has converted to,full on indies, which I can deal with.

    • I’ve played every single one of Assassin’s Creeds already, and I really don’t think that many people download AC4 really. It was released October 2013. If you play the series I’m pretty sure you’ve already played Black Flag.

    • Black Flag? Who hasn’t finish that game yet

    • StrangeMunch1991

      Im am a playstation guy, I got rid of my 360 after about 6 months. it is a piece of crapbox. I had more online gaming and wifi issues with that crapbox. this is a nice lineup, assassins creed sux. Just stop being s slave to trends and say fu to xbox one and go get a ps4. say fu to 360 and go get a ps3.

    • Are we all forgetting great indies like outlast, binding of isaac, or fez? Anybody that thinks ps plus has been lacking needs to unsub with ign and really get involved in the indie community

  • Rocket League free? That’s awesome!!! And the rest look great as well.

    Shout out to Greg & Colin! KINDA!

  • Woo hoo. Rocket League. Loving the rest of the line as well

  • socksandshoes22

    This is why I love PS plus. Triple A games are usually easy to decide to buy or not, either they are a genre you like or one you don’t. But smaller games like Rocket League? Soccer car racing crazy physics game? That’s something most people wouldn’t even know about. Glad to have it!

    • It’s funny. My first knee-jerk reaction was along the lines of “grumble grumble”, but then I read your post and thought about the implications. You do have a great point. The smaller games are more of a hit/miss, so this helps get them out there and get exposure so hopefully they can thrive.

      Still would like to see a few more big-names on occasion for ps3 or Vita (A whole library of past titles to release for free for newer players to enjoy), but honestly as long as I get ~$50 worth of games I enjoy out of the year, PS+ is ultimately a net benefit. Free games are never a bad thing unless you are way too particular about which games you play.

    • i was waiting for styx! glad i didnt pay the 30$ for it haha, its a great deal. there is always at least 1 game on both ps4 and ps3 thats awesome

    • People would just end up complaining they already have game _____ or that the dlc costs too much, or that if they wanted it they would have bought it.

      Rocket League free made my month. I couldn’t convince people to buy supersonic acrobatic rocket power battle cars but now everyone who can play online can play rocket league. So friends have no excuse.

    • I bought Styx when it was released. I was not disappointed. Great game!

  • I’ll try a couple of these, but sadly this looks like a pretty uneventful July.

  • Thanks, Ryan! You’re the best!

  • Rocket League for free!! Yes please! Also loving the Vita love this month.

    • I agree…as a Vita owner, I’m feeling pretty satisfied with this months lineup. I mean, c’mon…Geometry Wars 3 for free?! And it’s a brand-new game? Pretty awesome!

  • Yes! I was hoping Rocket League would be one of our free games! The Beta was tons of fun so this just made my day. Thanks guys!

  • Agree with Comment #1. Not bad lineup but seems like XB is really stepping up their game by going above and beyond the typical freebies on a monthly basis. Hopefully Sony has a good response ins August.

    • Wait, Black Flag that can be bought for $5.75, this is going above and beyond, this is a game changer?

    • I agree with you, BocaProwler. ACIV is a great game, but has been out for over a year and a half and can be bought for <$10 almost anywhere. I'd love to get it for free, and assume that it will come to Plus eventually, but I don't see that as GwG "going above and beyond."

    • Totally agree with @BocaProwler. Never understood people’s fascination with retail games. Why they prefer an old and cheap retail title over a brand new downloadable game is just beyond me.

    • CrusaderForever

      Wow, I can’t believe you are being serious. PS+ kills GWG nuff said!

    • I’d love to know where people are buying Assassin’s Creed IV for only $5.75. Amazon wants $20 new for PS4 or XB1. Gamestop wants $30 new, $20 used.

      Regardless, it’s really lame for Microsoft to give next-gen AC IV in July when they just gave last-gen AC IV in April.

    • As an XBO owner, I have mixed feelings on both Games with XBL and PS+. True, MS has been giving out “bigger” games than Sony, but they’re also pulling the “We’re giving you 2 games/mo…. but one is the same as last month’s” shtick which is a steaming pile of bologna.

      Also it’s still crazy that Knack or KZ or Infamous SS haven’t made it over to PS+. But neither has Forza 5 or Ryse or DR3.

    • So they’re stepping up their game by offering a game that costs less than $10 and is a game that they’ve already offered for free on a couple occasions? I’d rather get BRAND NEW games like Rocket League than old games that most people have likely already played.

  • looks like i’m renewing my subscription this month


  • I’m kind of jealous that PS4 got Rocket League. You guys are going to have so much fun :)

    As for the rest, I really don’t know much about them. I haven’t had Plus in 2 months now and I’m not regretting it at all. These are good games but they’re all either very short, have no story or lack the gameplay to keep me interested. I mean I would probably play Geometry Wars for fun but the rest would be for trophies and that’s it. Games with stories are what I like the most :) Not just pretty artwork.

    • Lack gameplay? You obviously didn’t play the Rocket League beta, lol

    • I couldn’t because I don’t have a PS4. I didn’t know about the game when it was going through PC beta. If I get it it’ll be through Steam and I haven’t bought a single thing through Steam. So I’ll probably never own it.

    • If you were a PS Plus subscriber in October 2008, you got ‘Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars’ for free. Dig back in your purchase history and you’re good to go. Obviously, Rocket League’s an evolution from that, but SARPBC is still quite a lot of fun!

    • @TesseractE: But only if he actually downloaded it back in Oct. 2008.

  • So I have Rocket League to look forward to when I eventually get a PS4, other than that, I’m starting to wonder why I’m continuing to pay for PS+

    • You get to keep these games as long as your sub is there. I only got my ps4 batman edition last friday with bloodborne and have a huge library of games still downloading. Its worth it, just keep remembering to purchase them every month. When you get your ps4 you will not be bored for a long time. I doubt for the next 3 months that ill buy any other games.

    • PrimeroIncognito

      @ SiloEyes

      See, you don’t even know what the games are! Yet, you’re sure you don’t like them! Ridiculous! This is exactly why all you whiners are so embarrassing to the community!

  • You’re killing me, guys… Going to have to happily let the subscription expire this month. Just not worth the $50 when months go by with nothing to show for it on PS4 or Vita.. :(

    • Not a fan of Rocket League or Geometry Wars, I guess? Those are fantastic games in their own right, but perhaps you’re not a sports/racing/shmup guy?

    • You must be joking. It’s $50 for the year. We must get that $50 back in games within like 2 months of our subscription. You must not make a lot of money if you can’t afford less than $5 a month.

    • CrusaderForever

      I don’t believe this post. This month alone pays me back for the PS+ subscription. Styx, Rocket League, Geometry Wars and Mousecraft looks really fun?! Not sure what type of game you are waiting for?

    • @GStylez1980 Yeah, not a fun of puzzle games or whatever Geometry Wars is. And definitely not interested in a RC truck indie game that’s multiplayer only.

      @Harbo11 Make plenty of money, just don’t believe in giving it away for nothing in return. $50 could go towards an excellent game like Witcher 3 or Batman, which both offer far more game individually than anything offered within a year of Plus shovelware combined.

    • Rocket League isn’t multiplayer only. That’s the major draw, yeah, but there’s a ‘career mode’ as well. I’m not a big fan of online multiplayer myself, but the matchmaking for Rocket League during the beta was pretty solid. Aside from that, it also supports splitscreen – which is a blast!

      As for the value of PS Plus, what about the cloud saves? Or the discounts on the games you prefer? There’s a lot more to PS Plus than the freebies, and even if you cut those out, you’re still likely to come out ahead for $50/year. Save about $4 a month on discounts, and you’ve made your money back. Have a hard drive crash or console die, and you’ve saved yourself hundreds of hours of progress. Trust me on that last one. ^^;

    • @SiloEyes

      Just as a heads up: Geometry Wars isn’t a puzzle game, the title is somewhat misleading: it’s a pretty hardcore shoot-em-up game that can be highly addictive. I suggest checking out some videos on it.

    • Rocket League alone is a $20 game that you get for free which has a crazy amount of replayability. It’s also not multiplayer only. It has a Season mode which is completely offline.

    • $50/year is worth it to me just for the discounts even if they didn’t give us any games to download. The monthly crying about $50/year not being worth it is getting very old and pathetic. If someone is that cheap, maybe they shouldn’t be gaming.

  • OMG Rocket League YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! :D

    I own 3 of these games but still, Rocket League! :D

    Anyone who likes beautiful artsy indie games is in for a treat with Rain and Entwined. Pretty and trippy.

    Styx is hard, fair warning. Takes a lot of patience.

    • WidescreenRules

      Define “hard”. It looks like it has a similar play style to “Thief” and maybe even the older “Splinter Cell” games, which I absolutely adore and required a lot of patience to get through in full stealth mode. So, if you’re talking about needing a lot of patience to achieve the goal, BRING IT!

    • WidescreenRules

      Okay, I guess I kind of repeated what you said, so I didn’t ask the question very well. Sometimes people refer to “patience” as in needing to wait a long time until the moment is right to do what you need to do, which is what I attribute to games like “Thief” and “Splinter Cell”. I have that kind of patience. Other times, patience means trying to not get frustrated for having to do something over and over again. That kind of patience, yeah, I don’t have much of that. Given those two, where would you put “Styx”?

    • Hard as in stealth hard, yeah. Combat is kinda wonky though. You have to block attacks and then counter attack and your timing must be really good.

    • Good! Looking forward to it, then. Thanks!

  • Oh wow. I am so surprised. Quirky puzzlers for PS3. That’s never happened before.

    I don’t care about the Indie vs AAA debate. Either is fine by me. I would just like more variety in the PS3 games.

    • I agree. I have no problem with indie games, but PlayStation Plus used to be about half AAA retail games and half PSN (download only) games. But this is another month with no AAA games.

      On the “plus” side of PlayStation Plus, nowadays they’re focusing on cross-buy games and Day One releases. But still, it would make a lot of people happy to see at least 1 or 2 big-name games a month like in the “good old days” of PS+. Xbox Gold only gives 3-4 new games a month, but usually 2 of them are AAA.

  • Thank you Clements for the PS Plus rundown for July! Looking forward to Rocket League and Geometry Wars 3 on Vita!

  • Rocket League! Thoughts on starting a PS Blog league?!

  • Where is the PS Vita / PS TV Network Media App that has been out in Europe for months?

    Can someone please put this on the US store.

    If not can you please tell us the reason why?

  • What a terrible selection

    • Thought we were supposed to get games that are 80 or above on metacritic and then we have a game like Styx thats sitting on a 70. Whats up with that?!

  • Say what Rocket League is free for PS Plus am I dreaming. This is why PS Plus is just so spectacular!!!!!

  • WidescreenRules

    ARGH!!!! And I just bought “Styx” during the latest Steam sale! Oh, well. If it’s as good as people say, I’ll play it on both PC and PS4, just because. “Entwined” looks interesting, and I already bought and played the crap out of “Rain” on PS3. Overall, it looks like a “meh” month for me, but you can’t please everyone. I still have a slight backlog of PS+ games to play anyway.

  • The last few months of PS Plus games have been obvious “We can’t sell this stuff, might as well give it away.” It makes me feel like our membership isn’t really valued anymore… and I am struggling to justify it. I recommend Sony hurries up and ties it into Playstation Now subscriptions.

    • “We can’t sell this stuff, might as well give it away.”

      invalid argument when most of the time at least one or two games on the list are free the day or release. Also, Rocket League beta was VERY popular.

      Do you bother to read the reviews for these games or watch gameplay? Or do you just closed-mindedly judge books by their covers?

    • I’ll grant the PS4 games have been OK (still nothing mind blowing), but PS3 and Vita are certainly crawling through the bargain bin.

    • I mean if we are being honest here nobody likes Geometry Wars 3 at all that is totally why its free, it isn’t new or widely popular. I also guess Dishonored in April was a waste. Also Call of Juarez or even The Unfinished Swan. Those games aren’t big nobody knows what they are, they are definitely bargain bag games. *Sarcastic post is sarcastic*

  • How come we didn’t get anything special for the 5 year anniversary of PlayStation Plus like Europe did?

  • Rocket League!!!! the beta was so good

  • Hmm. I was all set to complain, since none of the titles jumped out at me, but after watching the video, they look all right. Worth trying at least. Still, I keep hoping we’ll get a bigger name game some time.

  • YES!! I’ve been waiting for Rain to go on sale, now its free. And I always wantes to try Entwined. And Im sure my Vita will love Geometry Wars.

  • do people actually like indie games that much? saying that toy car game is better than AC4…. I don’t understand you people.

    • You need to play it my friend, honestly one of the best downloadable games I ever played. I watched videos and thought it would be bad, it’s absolutely too fun.

    • Maybe it’s because Assassins Creed is one of the un-freshest series that exist right now, and depending on who you ask, AC4 being one of the worst of them. And Rocket League is doing something new, something different, unlike Assassins Creed.

    • Do you mean “Do people like games at all?”

      AAA titles cost many Millions to produce. In turn, Indies have introed some amazing experiences due to improved Middleware. Indies will flood the calendar with unique ips while AAA games round out a few every quarter.

      Note that Indie doesn’t mean Shovelware that exists in Android & iOS & during the Wii era. Alot of these Indie releases are produced in parallel to a PC counterpart via Steam; it’s a win-win situation for both gamers & these devs.

    • You have a closed-minded perception of what an indie game truly is. Maybe you should try things before you judge them.

    • AC4’s been out for what… two years now? Most people who wanted to play it already have… It’s sold more copies than Microsoft’s sold Xbox Ones. Rocket League’s a day-one release that will be on PS Plus for free. Price-wise, they’re at best on par.

      It’s not a matter of which is a better game. ACIV was pretty epic and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But I’m also done with it. Time to move on, and Rocket League is a fun title to move on with.

    • Assassin’s Creed games are uninspired and boring. I’d pay $60 for Velocity 2x or Hohokum (two of the more gorgeous gems we’ve enjoyed on ps+ in the last year) before I’d pay $5 for any AC game. I haven’t played Entwined or Geometry Wars yet, but you can bet I’ll have more fun with those two little games than I would if they gave us the entire snoozefest AC catalog.

    • The problem with “indie” games is that 98% are forgettable and one turns out to be a decent time killer. They underutilize hardware made for pc level games not smartphone ports. Indie games will not be fresh for very long (kinda like the Atari days right before the crash).I buy games that keep me motivated to play. In no way are indie styled games comparable with a good engaging retail game what ever it might be.
      I don’t care what they give away for free because to play online is what we are paying for. Just leave the small games on small screens.

    • You are EXACTLY right., there are PAID TROLLS on this corporate board to wipe the butt of Sony and their rip off service. No one in their right honest mind thinks any of that indie trash is better than AC.

    • What is with everybody and Black Flag? I have most AC games, some of them unboxed (haven’t had the “courage” to play them) and they are boring as ****. As a matter of fact I thought of buying that latest one, Unity or whatever, like 18 bucks on amazon since the controversy with the bugs last year, but didn’t pull the trigger. I can understand if you are lovers of the AC series but for most people… they are just the same crap every year, like most things Ubisoft brings to the table (never even finished Watch Dogs).

      And Gnostic some of us are not paid trolls, just have a different opinion. Can we have that? A mind of our own?

  • And for those that keep complaining as usual lets see how that work out lol.

  • Played the crap out of both betas for Rocket League and was going to buy this day 1! Glad I renewed my Plus subscription! Thanks!

  • I meant works out lol.

  • Four more games for my already full lineup of games, Witcher III is currently taking all my free time, this games look great while I continue to wait for Arkham Knight…

    And I really appreciate this “smaller” types of games, I’m still playing at least 3 runs of Race The Sun everyday, that game is addicting, and I never would of knew it if it wasn’t for this service, so thanks :D

    • I bought Race the Sun before it hit PS Plus and I didn’t regret it one bit. It’s a lot of fun, and there’s also a ‘hometown’ aspect, since the devs are from Wisconsin. :D

    • Hey, that’s cool, TesseractE!

      Race the Sun and Futuridium were both games I was super looking forward to, as I’m a sucker for arcade-y 3rd person flying games, and we got them both on ps+!

  • Awesome, another batch of crap I will never play.

    • Youre not gonna play rocket league once? Really? After the massive hype train that has been running full steam since the betas?

    • How is this a batch of crap?

    • @killaruna Oh, I might play it once. However, it really isn’t the type of thing I’m interested in. Racing and soccer games are seriously two genres I could not less about and have never enjoyed playing, so a mixture of the two is hardly exciting. And the gameplay just looks chaotic.

      @Nevereatpie It’s my opinion that these games are crap. If you love ’em, fine, great for you. None of the games interest me this month. I have had my fill of artsy puzzlers, runners, side-scrollers — games with little to no narrative heft or immersion. I like story and substance. I’m not a fanboy and surely do not fit your definition of “true gamer.” That’s fine, I play for fun, and I honestly just do not find most of the games we get on Plus very fun. I’d like to say the sales alone make the subscription worth it, but the sales are usually pretty laughable, too.

    • How can you say a game is “crap” before playing them. That’s the position of a troll.

  • Where is Towerfall and Axiom Verge for Vita?!

  • Goodbye PS+, will not be renewing my sub next month.

    • Get games with gold, Xbox live kills psn in terms of online infrastructure. I got both ps4/Xbox one and My ps4 is collecting dust till uncharted

  • Glad more people are getting to try out Styx now. I really liked that game and it does stealth properly. Ridiculously underrated game.

  • Why is no 5th anniversary celebration in america? nothing special, no especial games, nothing =(

  • Really Sony? In your 5th Plus anniversary you came with these games? At least in Japan they will get the new Guilty Gear and Batman Arkham Origins, not a bunch of indie games, and i don’t have a problem with the indie games if you know how to mix them with AAA games. You should call your service Indiestation Plus, because that’s what it is right now.

    • “Indiestation”…clever, haven’t heard that one before.

    • I never said it was original, it’s a fact

    • “indiestation” isn’t really an insult though. Playstation had the whole HUGE campaign “PlayStation <3 Indies" back in 2013.

      I love when people try to make "indie" a bad word. lol. It takes someone VERY closed-minded to not play a game just because it's not some huge shiny AAA game with guns, blood and cleavage. Grow up.

      Have some respect for the art. Maybe TRY things before you judge them. Or are you afraid you might actually like it?

    • Yeah I was hoping for Guilty Gear too.. ah well. :(

      Styx looks awesome and I haven’t played Geometry Wars in years so I’m glad that’s coming to Vita!

    • So jgrizzle358 if i don’t think like you, i should grow up :D? (And you are talking about “closed-minded” people…. xP) It’s my opinion of the service i’m paying for, if you have your opinion that’s cool ;). And you are missing my point, who said indiestation it’s an insult or im trying to use it like one? It’s the truth because that’s what it is the service right now (with a few exceptions), that’s all. I would like to see a properly mix of indie and AAA games in the future, it’s simple and i’m not trying “to insult the art xP” or the developers of those indie games, chill out dude :)

    • Origins is the weakest Arkham game by far and they’re hardly getting the “new” Guilty Gear—they’re getting Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, which is going to be outdated in a few months once -REVELATOR- comes out supposedly later this summer. As such, it’s not hard to see that -SIGN- being free in Japan is likely just a business tactic to get people who were on the fence about Xrd to buy into the update (which, given ArcSys history means it’ll be a full-priced retail release and not DLC). Meanwhile, nobody in the US gives a hoot about Guilty Gear.

      Rocket League is tons of fun, so I suggest you give it a chance.

    • Why do people always call indie games art? Salvador Dali and Van Gogh made art. Games like Unfinshed Swan could have been a short movie i don’t need to press the trigger a million times to see art. “Art” is not the same infinite runner with different paint jobs. Games like Race the sun takes less time to play than it takes the ps4 to boot up. I want to be entertained not be a curator.

    • “You should call your service Indiestation Plus”. You say that like it’s inherently a bad thing. Games are games. Who cares who made it or how much money was put into it. If the game is fun, the game is fun.

    • Sure YummyTreeSap, i will give it a try, thanks, (also Geometry Wars 3 in my Vita ;). )

      I think in big part you are right mrcornholio, now everything it’s art for some people. : P

  • Rocket League Yeah!! HYPE HYPE

  • FrankDaPronStar

    YES! I can’t wait to play Rocket League with my Best Friends. The other games are solid as well but Rocket League is pure gold and if you don’t like it…there’s a special place for you called “Not my friend zone.” I don’t know much about MouseCraft but I am very satisfied with the other games in the lineup. It’s a great time to be on PlayStation Plus.

    • Mousecraft is actually a lot of fun and one of my favorites. It’s like Tetris meets Lemmings in a totally bizarre way. I played a lot of it on the Vita, and it also has a great level creation tool to allow you to build your own levels (though I don’t think there’s an easy way to share them)

  • CrusaderForever

    Nice work Sony! That is a giant bomb of blissful gaming right there. Outstanding month! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Not the best month for Plus but Rocket League is what saves the month for me since I already have Rain. On the Vita side, I wasn’t looking forward to any of them, so I’ll give them a try eventually or I’ll pickup another 64 gb memory card.

  • If you want to give us indie games, give us the good one like Shovel Knight.

  • Rocket League?!?! Are you kidding me?! That was a DAY ONE purchase for me after the beta!

  • No interest whatsoever.

    You know what would be great? Take all these remasters that you’re bringing to PS4 from PS3 (like the Last of Us, God of War 3, and Uncharted) and make THOSE free on PS+. You know we all already bought them once, likely for the full $60 when they came out on PS3.

    Since you’re scamming us with PS Now and making us pay to rent/stream games we already own instead of introducing real backwards compatibility, handing out free remasters to PS+ members would go a long way.

    • I don’t agree with the tone of this comment, but I think there’s a good Idea here. Only thing is that people would then complain about the ‘old’ games being trotted out as PS Plus freebies. Linking PS Now to PS Plus (and not just a discount) would be great. Linking PS Now to prior PSN purchases (ex: If I own Uncharted 3 digital, I get to play it via PS Now for free) would be even better… even if it’s only a PS Plus perk.

    • Yeah that would never happen. Makes no sense for them to do those remasters lol. Its like people on here dont understand how $ or businesses work. At all.

    • How exactly is PS NOW a scam? You don’t have to use it. Nobody is making you. Also they may make the remasters for people who didn’t get a chance to play them when they came out originally. “Oh hey this cool game Uncharted 4 is coming out but I never had a Ps3 so how will I know what to expect?” “Uncharted remaster!!” “Sweet now I don’t have to buy a Ps3 to try out the first three games!”

  • I keep going back and forth on whether to get a PS4 or an Xbone. While I’ve been heavily leaning towards the PS4, Ps+ hasn’t been scoring too many points for the Playstation side, lately. It will be nice to have Rocket League waiting for me if I opt for the PS4, but this certainly isn’t the “GO BUY NOW” month I was hoping for.

    • What kinda games do you like? I’m sure the community could help you find some good PS exclusives to scratch the itch. That diversity in TYPES of games is one thing I love about PS.

    • That’s a good question. It’s hard to put my finger on what type of games I do like. I seem to be drawn more to open gameplay, single player experiences with a high graphic quality. I’m not really in to puzzle platforms and 2-d, which seems to be what so many of the indies are. That said, I’m not agains indie games, they just don’t often offer the kind of experiences I enjoy.

    • Well, you’d definitely have inFamous: Second Son and Uncharted 4 to look forward to, and Horizon: Zero Dawn look like it’s going to be pretty great. The new Ratchet and Clank refresh looks like it’ll be work playing even if you played the heck out of the original, too. Of course, my most anticipated title’s No Man’s Sky, which looks like it’ll be pretty single-player friendly. That’s not even getting into the multiplatform titles like Fallout 4, Final Fantasy XV and Batman: Arkham Knight.

      I think the 2-D indie titles are going to appeal more to those of us who lived through the pixel-based era of gaming, but some of them are actually good on their own merits.

      Few more things about deciding on PS4 vs. Xbox One: Some of the games you own for PS3 and Vita might be cross-buy compatible. Plus, if you ‘buy’ all the PS Plus freebies every month via the Web-based PS Store, you’ll have a nice PS4 collection ready to go as you alluded to with Rocket League above.

    • Most games are on both systems, but the PS4 has better graphics due to better specs. As for exclusives, I think PlayStation has more diversity. Xbox seems to focus mostly on shooters.

  • XB gets Black Flag and we get Styx and Rocket League? thanks for nothing.

    • Xb gets a very old game that they already gave out for the 360 and shipped with the console if you bought it during the holidays while we get games where you wouldn’t own them unless you specifically bought them. Thanks PlayStation for giving me games that are different from triple A games that I would have bought when they came out if I wanted them.

    • So you’re more excited about an almost two year old game that has already been offered for free on multiple occasions than a BRAND NEW game that has practically unanimously been described as one of the most fun games people have played? Sounds reasonable.

  • These games gave me cancer, hope i don’t die

    • Classy, comparing your dissatisfaction for the lineup with something that can decimate people’s lives. I truly hope that you or anyone close to you is ever affected by the devastating and horrible illness that cancer is. I will leave it that before I get myself banned.

    • Should have read ‘Never affected’. Horrible, horrible illness, wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Wish there was an edit option on posts.

  • So pumped for Rocket League!!

    Geometry Wars 3 is only the best twin stick shooter ever. Play this game!

    Rain – it is one of those puzzles are easy more about the ambiguous story type games. Very Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons but not even that good.

    Entwined – I gave up on this game after 15 minutes as it was unfun.

    Mousecraft – This game is the epitome of mediocre games. Not the worst puzzle platformer but defiantly not the best.

  • xbox got a MUCH better lineup this month.

    aside from geometry wars on vita (which isn’t even crossbuy), this lineup is terrible.

    • Sorry, we got Rocket League. That trumps everything.

    • @falconbox

      except for the fact it doesn’t.

      even if they were going to do an all indie lineup, the lineup would have been much better if they did skullgirls instead of rocket league, and made geometry wars crossbuy across all platforms.

      that still would have been a disappointing lineup though, because 20 months into the console’s life cycle, we should be beyond all indie lineups.

    • @Reaper527_

      You’re wrong.


      You’re right!

    • You’re right they got a bunch of old games you would have bought when they came out because they are old triple a games versus this line up of PlayStation games we are getting that are usually overlooked.

    • So you’re more excited about an almost two year old game that has already been offered for free on multiple occasions than a BRAND NEW game that has practically unanimously been described as one of the most fun games people have played? Sounds reasonable.

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