The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/30/2015

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/30/2015
The Drop

The dust has finally settled after an amazing week at E3 2015. And yet still the new games lineup marches on! If you’re a fan of games from Japanese developers, you’re in for quite the treat this week, with titles like BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend joining the PlayStation family.

Master the incredibly diverse (and incredibly quirky) cast of BlazBlue in the latest chapter of this lightning-fast fighter. Chrono Phantasma Extend packs in a whopping 28 playable fighters, new story mode scenarios, and a revamped guard system for even more technical matches.

Or battle with iconic characters from the Shonen Jump manga series in J-Stars Victory VS+. This fighter brings together Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star, Hunter x Hunter, and more in a big way, so anime fans take note.

There’s lots more coming to PlayStation this week, so read on — and enjoy the Drop!

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend

Arcade Archives: Scramble
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation
J-Stars Victory VS+
Red Goddess: Inner World
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3
Whispering Willows

New PlayStation Games This Week

Arcade Archives Scramble
PS4 — Digital
Scramble is a shooting game that was released in 1981. Players control a space fighter with a limited fuel supply as they battle enemies and try to destroy the enemy base. Konami has produced many masterful shooting games, but Scramble is the original that started it all.
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
The most definitive installment of the renowned 2D fighting game franchise can finally be taken into your living room. Uncover the secrets of the Chrono Phantasma Extend with new characters, new story scenes, and revamped battle system.
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Time to Nep-Nep like it’s 1989! Lost in an alternate dimension, Neptune must collect enough shares to get back home. Sounds easy — except the evil alliance of Seven Sages wants to rid Gamindustri of all CPUs, including Neptune! Can she defeat the Seven Sages and get back to her own world?
J-Stars Victory VS +
PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
For a limited time, purchase J-Stars Victory Vs+, and get the J-Stars Victory Vs+ Digital Compendium and a J-Stars Victory Vs+ Theme for your PS4. The Digital Compendium is filled with information about the game that includes gameplay directions, artwork and details about the series and characters included in the game.
PS4, PS3 — Digital (Cross Buy)
The team behind the hit party games You Don’t Know Jack, Fibbage, and Drawful presents Quiplash, the laugh-a-minute battle of wits and wittiness! Use your phone or tablet to answer simple prompts like “Something you’d be surprised to see a donkey do” or “The worst soup flavor: Cream of _____.” No rules, no correct answers! Say whatever you want!
Red Goddess: Inner World
PS4 — Digital
Red Goddess is a 2.5D nonlinear side-scroller platformer with combat situations in an adventure to explore the inner-mind of a Young Goddess with the objective of remembering and recovering her own powers. Fight against the “dark thoughts” and an invisible enemy The Narrator.
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3
PS Vita — Digital
The Samurai Warriors Chronicles series makes its long-awaited debut on PS Vita! Switch between up to four playable characters in real time, and use Hyper Attacks to make this the most strategically rich title in the series to date!
PS4 — Digital
Play with friends in person, online, or add virtual opponents. Virtual opponents range from easy to very difficult to beat, and will respond to the player’s actions and strategies over time, allowing players to either engage in casual fun or play with a real challenge.
Whispering Willows
PS4, PS Vita — Digital
In Whispering Willows, you take on the role of Elena, a determined young girl with the extraordinary ability to project her spirit outside of her body. In her spectral form, Elena can interact with the benevolent spirits and wicked wraiths that used to dwell within the walls of the sinister Willows Mansion.

Coming to PlayStation Music

Miguel – Wildheart
Neil Young – The Monsanto Years
Bassnectar – Into The Sun

Coming to PlayStation Video

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
Big Game
Terminator Genisys: Pre-Order
Teen Wolf | Season 5

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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7 Author Replies

  • Will Quiplash be a standalone game or DLC for the JackBox Party Pack?

  • Pleeeease tell me J Stars Victory Vs. is cross-buy, that’d be awesome

  • I just noticed that it says nothing about Ar Nosurge Plus. Will there be no digital edition?

  • why it saying I’m unable to access the movie offer

  • Really whats with all the jrpg games for me its a waste of a drop. If u r going to have alot of jrpgs on the drop y not add more english titles so that there is something for all. And scrabble does not count

  • Blazblue!!.. Assuming my order on Amazon gets a shipment date/estimate delivery tagged onto it soon.
    Otherwise it’ll just be Neptunia Re;birth 3 for me this week.

  • Finally, Blazblue for my PS4! But why can’t I pre-load it yet!

  • @55 and we jRPG fans would say why do we rarely have jRPGs dropping?

    What drops is what drops. Even if you don’t like it, someone else might.

    But seriously, I’m really wondering now. Will Ar NoSurge be physical only or will there be digital also since it wasn’t announced. I’m wondering if I should go preorder a physical copy now or wait for a digital copy.

    • Ar noSurge+ is physical only if you preordered the Limited Edition from NISA. Otherwise it’s digital only.

  • The Evil Within, Alien: Isolation, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Beyond: Two Souls, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Portal 2 for PS Plus on the PS3. A 99 cent flash sale with Resident Evil HD, Journey, Flower, and Cubixx HD for the PS3. More demos and PS Plus Trials for the PS3. A wish list for the PS Store, Filters for the download list, An edit button as well as filters for the PS Blog. A special where we can download all the past PS Plus games for those that may of missed out. I hope my voice gets heard.

  • Is J-Stars Victory VS + on Vita getting a physical release?

  • if i buy j stars vs+ for the ps vita do you get the digital compendium as well

  • Will J-Stars be available on PS4 playstation store?

  • Anyone know the vita price for J Stars?

  • No Vita no buy for Blazblue

  • Wish J-Stars Victory VS + was cross buy. I would have bought it for $40 easy, but $60 without cross buy is kinda steep.

  • I’m kinda looking forward to Whispering Willows. Haven’t played a good ghost story in a while.

  • Oh, I’ve tried to find J-Stars Victory on the PSN for Playstation 4 and I could not find it =/
    I’ve been trying to pre-order it and get the digital compendium and theme :(

    • Same thing for me and Blazblue! I can’t find it in the store anywhere. I’m assuming it will be available to download at midnight tonight.

  • Still no news on J-Stars Victory Vs+ PSN eh? Been trying to digital pre-order for the past 2 weeks no luck/news.

  • SkydancerofChaos

    So stoked about Red Goddess finally getting released this week. This is one of the few projects I’ve backed on KS and it seems like it was just yesterday I was thinking to myself, “Holy crap, I don’t think I can wait over a year for this!”

    The world can never have too many AAA Metriodvania games and I really hope people snag Red Goddess tomorrow because the devs worked their butts off on this one.

    • They worked their butts off after being helped through Kickstarter by a specialist, who they failed to pay. Totally unprofessional development team.

  • Just read a post on the EU site that SCEE is doing something special for folks who have been paying for a Plus since it was announced 5 years ago today (Happy Birthday, by the way!). Will SCEA be doing something similar in North America (or was DriveClub PS+ the present and I missed the punchline)?

  • Hey guys I cant find J-Stars victory Vs + in the Playstation store will be up tonight? or do I have to wait until tomorrow? :(

  • The real question is when will J Stars be available digitally? Can’t even preorder it digitally.

  • Patiently waiting for Skullgirls: 2nd Encore to hit the PS Store…

  • Any comment from Sony on the TechTimes .com article giving out the info from Sony that PSN can go down when a big game launches that has no multiplayer?

    Isn’t this what the PS Plus money for PS4 online was supposed to be helping with for a year and a half?

  • No J-Stars on store yet? Do you know when will the digital be up on the PSN Store?

  • I heard that Yanim Studio ripped off the guys they were working with for the Kickstarter campaign & failed to pay them for the work provided. I won’t be buying this.

  • Will J Stars Victory Vs+ be available for digital download on the PS4?

  • Arcade Archives Scramble (followed by super cobra) is great. Nice suprise and I’ll be buying it

  • When will the games digitally release?!

  • where’s blazblue? should be out today. i cant find it in the store :'(

  • Why isn’t BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma available to purchase on the PlayStation Store yet?

    This is upsetting. We deserve better than this PlayStation and I’m a huge supporter :*(

  • BlazBlue! but…when is P4: Arena Ultimax coming to VITA? Might as well make it the official Persona console.

  • Wheres Arb Reloaded? They said it was gonna release april-june 30 2015

  • What happen to scrabble been waiting on it but don’t see it

  • Is the Vita version of J Stars Victory VS+ getting a physical release in NA? I can’t find it anywhere


    PS3: $39,99
    PS4: $59,99
    Vita: $39,99

    Vita is the only one that will not get the compendium:

    “For a limited time, purchase J-Stars Victory Vs+ for the PlayStation®Vita console, and receive a free J-Stars Victory Vs+ Theme for your console. The Digital Theme displays images of your favorite J-Stars Characters.”

    This is BS…

  • Is there cross-save between the ps4 ps3 and vita versions of jump star vs+?

  • Hey guys! for everyone that is trouble finding the games, i found them!!! go to the psn store, go all the way to the right on the “spotlight” tab, hit “ps4 games, see more”, and then hit the filter button to games that where released in the last 7 days! hope this helps if you are having trouble finding the games!

  • Finally BlazBlue is here! Glad I can finally hand-off my ps3 to a new owner.

  • Taschima_Potter

    I’m sorry, but what games are we getting for free this month? Because all I see if Metal Gear (again) and that Shogun game. All the games listed here you actually have to buy, what gives?

  • I pre-ordered J-Stars Victory VS + from GameStop and got the compendium but no theme. I also payed $50 + tax. Really, no theme?

  • Why are 30 year old games $8? They should be $1-$2 at the most.

    I agree with the other posters that the blog needs to restore the price lists . Microsoft also stupidly posts ‘33% discount” during sales which is useless unless you post the regular price next to it. Or, event better put the regular price next to the discounted price so customers can see how much money that they are saving , no calculator required!

  • Nice “sales” this week buying vice city stories

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