The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/30/2015

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 6/30/2015
The Drop

The dust has finally settled after an amazing week at E3 2015. And yet still the new games lineup marches on! If you’re a fan of games from Japanese developers, you’re in for quite the treat this week, with titles like BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend joining the PlayStation family.

Master the incredibly diverse (and incredibly quirky) cast of BlazBlue in the latest chapter of this lightning-fast fighter. Chrono Phantasma Extend packs in a whopping 28 playable fighters, new story mode scenarios, and a revamped guard system for even more technical matches.

Or battle with iconic characters from the Shonen Jump manga series in J-Stars Victory VS+. This fighter brings together Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star, Hunter x Hunter, and more in a big way, so anime fans take note.

There’s lots more coming to PlayStation this week, so read on — and enjoy the Drop!

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend

Arcade Archives: Scramble
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 V Generation
J-Stars Victory VS+
Red Goddess: Inner World
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3
Whispering Willows

New PlayStation Games This Week

Arcade Archives Scramble
PS4 — Digital
Scramble is a shooting game that was released in 1981. Players control a space fighter with a limited fuel supply as they battle enemies and try to destroy the enemy base. Konami has produced many masterful shooting games, but Scramble is the original that started it all.
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend
PS4, PS3 — Digital, Retail
The most definitive installment of the renowned 2D fighting game franchise can finally be taken into your living room. Uncover the secrets of the Chrono Phantasma Extend with new characters, new story scenes, and revamped battle system.
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation
PS Vita — Digital, Retail
Time to Nep-Nep like it’s 1989! Lost in an alternate dimension, Neptune must collect enough shares to get back home. Sounds easy — except the evil alliance of Seven Sages wants to rid Gamindustri of all CPUs, including Neptune! Can she defeat the Seven Sages and get back to her own world?
J-Stars Victory VS +
PS4, PS3, PS Vita — Digital, Retail
For a limited time, purchase J-Stars Victory Vs+, and get the J-Stars Victory Vs+ Digital Compendium and a J-Stars Victory Vs+ Theme for your PS4. The Digital Compendium is filled with information about the game that includes gameplay directions, artwork and details about the series and characters included in the game.
PS4, PS3 — Digital (Cross Buy)
The team behind the hit party games You Don’t Know Jack, Fibbage, and Drawful presents Quiplash, the laugh-a-minute battle of wits and wittiness! Use your phone or tablet to answer simple prompts like “Something you’d be surprised to see a donkey do” or “The worst soup flavor: Cream of _____.” No rules, no correct answers! Say whatever you want!
Red Goddess: Inner World
PS4 — Digital
Red Goddess is a 2.5D nonlinear side-scroller platformer with combat situations in an adventure to explore the inner-mind of a Young Goddess with the objective of remembering and recovering her own powers. Fight against the “dark thoughts” and an invisible enemy The Narrator.
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3
PS Vita — Digital
The Samurai Warriors Chronicles series makes its long-awaited debut on PS Vita! Switch between up to four playable characters in real time, and use Hyper Attacks to make this the most strategically rich title in the series to date!
PS4 — Digital
Play with friends in person, online, or add virtual opponents. Virtual opponents range from easy to very difficult to beat, and will respond to the player’s actions and strategies over time, allowing players to either engage in casual fun or play with a real challenge.
Whispering Willows
PS4, PS Vita — Digital
In Whispering Willows, you take on the role of Elena, a determined young girl with the extraordinary ability to project her spirit outside of her body. In her spectral form, Elena can interact with the benevolent spirits and wicked wraiths that used to dwell within the walls of the sinister Willows Mansion.

Coming to PlayStation Music

Miguel – Wildheart
Neil Young – The Monsanto Years
Bassnectar – Into The Sun

Coming to PlayStation Video

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
Big Game
Terminator Genisys: Pre-Order
Teen Wolf | Season 5

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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7 Author Replies

  • Enjoy the Drop!

    • Finally gonna try Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 from the flash sales. You keep talking too much about it in the blog, need to know what this console wars is about.

    • Wow, Quiplash is coming out already? Feels like just yesterday they launched the Kickstarter for that (it was actually mid March, but still). Really glad to see it’s cross-buy as the excellent Jack Box Party Pack was not.

    • EHHHH! My man is a Hunter X Hunter fan??! If you’re not you should definitely check it out!!


    • @Hefestus91 I’m not sure if Ryan has actually tried these games yet (either that or I missed the PS Blogcast episode where he did talk about it).

  • Koei still doing these digital only Vita games? If I buy all of their Vita games my memory card would be full already.

  • I love me some scrabble! All I need now is Yahtzee LOL!

  • OMG Blazblue :D Sad that only Japan is getting Guilty Gear Xrd on PS+ this month… I wonder what Indie games we will get ¬¬_

    • I see what you did there.

    • I’ve been waiting for blazblue chronophantasma extend. It’s to bad it isn’t available on the store yet. I thought it would be by 4:00am USEST. Now I have to wait for the store to update… Really want to call sony right now.

  • Will J Stars be a cross-buy title? It seems very interesting.

    • As far as I can tell from my documents, it is not a cross buy title, but that’s subject to change, etc.


  • The way you described J Stars, I can tell what anime you’ve watched. haha. Fist of the North Star, man. You have good taste.

    • It’s more like “what anime do I recognize from this list,” haha! I’ve been an anime fan since childhood, though. ^_^

  • Thanks
    one more thing Re;Birth3 have a Retail copy

  • RED GODDESS looks amazing! I’ve been looking forward to that game for a while, check it out if you’re into “Metroidvanias”.

  • please tell me scrabble has a plat.

  • I had no idea Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 was getting localized! :D

  • J-Stars, Nep 3 and SWC3. This is a bad week for my wallet.

  • darkknight198302

    when is the Plus games going to be announce?

    • Later this week. Probably Wednesday, July 1st. Plus games are generally announced on the last Wednesday (I think) before the first Tuesday of the month, which is the day the games are added to Plus.

      We should be able to play July’s Plus games starting July 7th.

    • Europe should get there games July 1st as it’s the first Wednesday of the month but is history repeats they won’t get them till the 8th.

      So I expect fo the US to get them on the 7th & Europe on the 8th.

      Pay attention to Europe’s Drop for Wednesday the 1st if they don’t announce the Plus games before then we can rule out any of those games to be added to Plus for July.

  • no Vita release on BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend?

  • Quiplash is incredibly fun! Everyone needs to get it, trust me.

    Scrabble? Cool! I love me some Scrabble, and i love when board game video games include computer opponents, so i can still play if i can;t gather some other people.

    And i may check out J-Stars. I’ve been curious about it for a while.

  • apparently ar nosurge+ is out this week but oddly the date says thursday so it may be an error.

    either way looking forward to the games on ps4 and vita and hopefully ps2 classics come to ps4 (since its nice to play them offline rather than psnow)

  • Does buying the DIGITAL ONLY J-Stars Victory Vs+ for PS Vita get you ANYTHING at all?

  • @Ryan, What happed to the following game’s that where mention they would be releasing on this day?

    Onechanbara Z2: Chaos – PS4
    Legend of Kay: Anniversary Edition – PS4

  • Why is the PS4 version of J-Stars the only one that gets bonuses?

  • Its my birthday on June 30th and I’m finally getting my PS4 either tomorrow or Tuesday. Can’t freaking wait!! :D

  • Any word on Axiom Verge and Towerfall releases on Vita?

  • Where is Deemo ~The last recital ~?

  • Time to Nep-Nep again!

  • What about Ar Nosure Plus for PSVita? It’s supposed to release on the 2nd. Not the 30th but still this week.

  • @15 and 23

    I’ve already been charged for my Ar no Surge Special Edition and NISA says they’re going to ship it out soon, so the July 2nd release date seems correct.

    • Thanks for clearing it up. Details about it just seems so quiet. I’ll be getting the digital as I just don’t care enough to get all the extras.

    • Thanks for updating on this. How come you didn’t hit reply?

  • Realizing now there are a lot of Japanese titles this week. With Blazeblue, Hyperdimension, J-Stars, Ar Nosurge and Samurai Warriors, I thought the Summer was gonna be a drought of games like usual, but not this time.

  • Do you get the digital compendium with the vita version since that’s only available digitally? I plan to get it for Vita that’s why I ask.

  • Sadly, J-Stars Victory VS + (PS Vita) will be released only digitally in North America. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend (PS Vita) will be released both physically and digitally next month (7/28). Now you know.

  • will blazblue be ps3 stick compatible on ps4?

    • A game itself cannot be compatible. The fighting stick itself has to be compatible. The new Madcatz TE2 are ps3 and ps4 compatible. The stick I bought not too long ago which was a special edition stick for BB CPE is ps3 and ps4 compatible.. I would highly recommend it, it’s by Hori, should be able to pick it up for about 140.

  • Only purpose of J-Stars is to kill Goku with Kenshiro :)

  • #DonaldDuckGoinQuackersPS2onPSstore




































    • You really want to see Shadow the Hedgehog and Finding Nemo? At least request good games.

    • Ry-Dog,

      I appreciate your passion for classics, but please be cautious because these constant, giant lists may be flagged as spam.

      Thank you!

    • That’s subjective Doctorhino

    • @Ryan Clements : “these constant, giant lists may be flagged as spam”

      “May be”? “May be”!?? WTF!? o.O

      Ok…let’s teach Mr. Clements a thing or two, shall we?
      1) “Electronic spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited messages (spam)”
      2) “Usenet convention defines spamming as excessive multiple posting, that is, the repeated posting of a message (or substantially similar messages)”
      3) “What qualifies as spam varies (…) but usually this term applies to all forms of message flooding”
      4) “Sending an irritating, large, meaningless block of text is called spamming”
      5) “Social spam is unwanted spam content appearing on social networks and any website with user-generated content (comments, chat, etc.). It can be manifested in many ways, including bulk messages (…)”

      And those were just 5 quick definitions, since I don’t have the time (nor I want) to do an “in-depth research” about it.

    • So tell us again, Mr. Clements…how is it that all this repeated copy&paste junk that we see here week after week after week “MAY BE” considered as spamming? What would YOU say constitutes spam then? Only advertisement-related stuff? SMH

      So when “epictaco…” did his “Disgaea” thing…that was a reprehensible action that deserved some good ol’ ban…but all these guys doing their “weekly-posts-within-the-weekly-post” shenanigans are just “good guys that “may be” considered as spammers”. That’s the very definition of a DOUBLE STANDARD.

      Doing copy&paste of huge amounts of unsolicited text day after day or week after week IS SPAM, Mr. Clements. And I find hard to believe that you didn’t know that already…considering that IGN HAS NEVER ALLOWED that kind of behaviour on their comments section. Or have you forgot about how to moderate? *sigh*

  • Red Goddess looks good, but i’m going to wait for pricing because I have other games on my radar as well. Also, it’s too bad there’s no Hyperdimension Neptunia game for PS4 yet.

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    Hi Mr. Clements looks like a very good batch of games for the 30th but I would like to the know the updates of some of the F2P games coming to ps4 like APB Reloaded they said back in January and February that it was coming on ps4 in June is this true or are they still debating?

  • J-Stars! I’ve been waiting for that to hit the U.S. for a while now, can’t wait to play it.

  • darknessknigh925

    i will can buy j-star if i am from mexico?

    • Yes! J-Stars is being released in North America, which includes Mexico, so you you will be able to buy it. :)

  • disgaea 5 sale please ;)

  • I have waited 20 years :D for ‘Scramble’ to come to the PS Brand :P (well i think it did come to the PS1 but as i am not from the USA i couldn’t play it) (+ i will still have to wait for the UK version but hopefully soon) ;)

  • CANT WAIT for J-Stars!!!! :)

  • I am ashamed that it’s taken this long for me to realize that “V Generation” (or even just “V”) fits with the 5th Generation of video game consoles, which includes the Sega Saturn (Plutia), Nintendo 64 (Blanc, though she’s decorated as a Famicom), and the PlayStation 1 (with Black Heart decked in gray). Too bad “V-II” is staged with the 8th Generation incarnations, huh?

  • Hey Ryan, how much J-Star will cost?

  • Hello do you know if the PlayStation 4 version of J-Stars Victory Vs+ will be available digitally? Or will it be hard copy only? Thanks for leaving any response.

  • Nice to see Scrabble coming to PS4.I look forward to playing this online. Any word on price? Also any info on Boggle game ?

  • Still nothing on a new Socom. What a joke.

    • Socom is dead. Socom 4 showed the franchise is dead. Not enough support from player’s. A few hundred player’s won’t make the series live. It’s time you move on.

      I encourage yourself to get “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege” on PS4 on October 13th 2015 if you like Socom.

      Trust me you will love it.

  • I’m still happy to see more classic arcade games coming to the PS4, but these are a hard sell at $8 each.
    Many of these can be beaten in under 20 minutes and some don’t age as well as others. This particular game, SCRAMBLE, a pre-cursor to Gradius can be found on a few Konami collections which average under $3 per game.

    I would, however, pay $8 for more rare games which are not often found on collections. A game such as B-Rap Boys, a sequel to DJ Boy, would be great. It’s graphics and sounds were ground breaking for it’s time and they still hold up pretty well.
    Kaneko Co. Ltd. went out of business in 2006 so it may be cheap for Hamster to obtain rights to it, or not. I’m not going to pretend to know about vintage game licensing.

    How about we talk Mark Cerny into releasing a Marble Madness HD pack with MM1, the unreleased sequel MM2, and real HD versions of both utilizing the PS4’s graphic capabilities? :)

  • Dude Ry-Dog maybe u should just go buy a ps2 it probably b cheaper, plus we wouldnt have to see ur huge list every week. Its a win/win

  • BlazBlue makes me want to see Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on Vita. Just saying.

    Other than that, I’ll just keep waiting for Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, and Uncharted 4 next year.

  • (Eu my Region)- Hi, Im PS Fan Actual Too Much playing Games only on PS VITA , my PS VITA Czech friends 1 000 + players are Fan To PS VITA and Owned Vita,

    + as Ports PS3,PS2 Games Quick Games for Vita? Ports PS3,PS2 Games (Sony Vita is Too PlayStation pls no kill,PSV is Best Portable Console for Traveling and Normal Playing too but Need help from Sony for Next Games , (PS3Mother and PSP is Children PS3 , Too Same is Actual PS4 and PS Vita Sony pls help Vita and no kill him PS Vita is Too From PlayStation family ;) )

    Im playstation Fan from 1998-9 , ihave PS1fat,PS one,PS2 Slim ,PSP from 2007 (In my City State, PSP START With PS3 fat 60Gb ) I have Fat psp and Slim PSP2004 Silver white , PS3 Slim 500Gb,2x PS VITA ,Sony Xperia,Vaio,Best games are With Split Multi +online in one ,PSP PSV – Ad hoc and online in one

    • I agree with the guy 100%! If we can’t get new games from Sony at least port some PS2 or PS3 games. I have bought all the collection games, Sly Cooper, Ratchet, GoW, and Jak. How about Devil May Cry, Splinter Cell, ICO, or Kingdom Hearts. Still waiting for God Eater 2 Rage Burst to get localized. Vita owners unite!

  • Isn’t BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend coming to the PS Vita also?

  • O.W.N. one warrior Nation ALWAYS BELIVE!

  • the Sothern flag is banned but ISIS flag is ok. just wanted to know because I’m paining these people

  • phoenixkissme_01

    I wonder why “J-Stars Victory VS +” and “BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend”
    Are not available for preorder on PSN?

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