E3 2015: The Fans Have Spoken

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E3 2015: The Fans Have Spoken

Another E3 winds to a close! And truth be told, it was a memorable show: We got a long-awaited peek at The Last Guardian, first details on Guerrilla Games’ new Horizon Zero Dawn, thunderous announcements in the form of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III, a jaw-dropping new gameplay sequence from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, PlayStation becoming the new home of Call of Duty starting with Black Ops III, a new adventure in Destiny with The Taken King, big updates on Project Morpheus with games like RIGS Mechanized Combat League and SuperHyperCube, and hey — even a fancy new PS4 Media Player that supports a wide range of video, audio, and image formats.

Whether you experienced the press conference from one of hundreds of theaters nationwide, tuned in via livestream, or were lucky enough to hit the show floor, thanks again for offering your support, feedback, and questions on another big E3 adventure.

Check out some key takeaways from the links below, and be sure to let us know your favorite E3 games and announcements. See you next year!

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  • As a huge Vita fan, I feel obligated to write in as well to express my extreme disappointment regarding the lack of support from SCE and the Playstation VITA. if you don’t want to make AAA Games for the system that’s one thing, but did not give up on the system all together. You missed a huge opportunity to bundle the system with the PS4, or with Minecraft or Disney Infinity. Please show us that you have the same passion for the Vita and I guarantee you will sell more units. Thanks for listening to THIS fan.

    • I second this. The treatment of the Vita has been really pathetic. Don’t forget, some people paid $250 for that cookie too. We expect to see some return in our investment.

    • The PS Vita is compatible with the PS4 and the console is being sold with the PlayStaion family. The PlayStation family being PS Vita, PS3, PS4, and PS TV.

  • Can you get TWO theaters in Boston next year? Preferably one near South Station? I didn’t go this year because it was raining and would have been a long trek to Fenway at night.

    There’s an AMC right near South Station that’s perfect. I know you needed seating for the event which is why you chose Fenway, but for non-Boston locals, it was a bit of a stretch. I chose not to go to the Lowell one either for reasons.

    Hopefully a theater change will happen next year. Don’t choose Lowell and maybe have a different Boston theater or two?

    Thank you!

  • Seeing how they dumped the VITA makes me wanna skip buying Morpheus VR as it will someday end up getting dump too by Sony. Owned a psp, vita and then ps3 but never again buy anything from Sony. Xbox One will be my next console after I’m done playing The Last Of Us.

    • Even the PLUS service is becoming terrible, psvita/ps3 IGC became INDIE collection. Sony’s ADS says “FOR THE GAMERS” yet Microsoft were the one keep on improving their services. XBOX ONE’s backward compatibility and XBOX GOLD’s monthly game for xbox 360 were totally given for free (literally FREE since you will own the game after subscription ends)

    • “makes me wanna skip buying Morpheus VR as it will someday end up getting dump too by Sony”.

      LOL. “Someday”? It will be dropped to rot as an abandoned corpse in Death Valley 1-2 YEARS AFTER IT HITS THE MARKET. xD

      This is Sony, remember? >_>

    • *like (not “as”)

  • I had it pretty well figured out when Sony said they didn’t just want to copy DLNA from the Ps3 they really just meant they didn’t want to use something that worked and didn’t inconvenience paying customers.

  • I really enjoyed your coverage of E3 this year even though I used up all my bandwidth and couldn’t play ESO lol it was worth it though. Lots of great games coming and I’m very excited for the coming months. Thank you PlayStation team for all your hard work.

  • So what i need to do with my 2 Ps Vita?
    Is There Any Hope That You Guys from the “PS Blog” DO YOUR JOB and show Some Info or let Know somthing About the supouse upcoming Games AND THE FUTURE of the PS VITA!!?

    • They can’t say anything about the Vita…simply because there’s NOTHING (good) to say about it.

      It’s sad…but VITA IS DEAD. And there’s no future for it. So just kill your hopes now and move on with some dignity. =\

      So what to do with 2 Vitas? Sell those and buy the ONLY “official” Sony console: the PS4.

  • “The Fans are spoken” What Kind Of Ridiculous Tittle…

    • *Have

    • Yes there trying to whitewash the bad reaction…clearly…all there hype is based on FF7,Shenmue (which is at crowd funding stage)completing stories of sega system franchises is a good move)and the last guardian which looked grainy,and faded.but there first party games are a real yawn fest.would have been a bolder move to fund shenmue and show that.there the ones who bragged last year that you could own your games,and they didnt have to be online 24/7 but now push psnow with bulky subscription.while the competition gives access the last gen games we own…..

  • Thank you for bringing the Playstation E3 Experience to Tucson, AZ. After a slight delay checking everybody in, it was a great experience. I look forward to going again next year.

  • I was happy to represent as a MVP at the Boston Fenway Regal for PlayStation. I was so thrilled to hear some of the reactions for The Last Guardian, people cheering for Shuhei (gotta admit I started it, haha) , Shenmue 3, and the Final Fantasy reveal. The oohs & ahhhhhs at Horizon & Uncharted. Verrrry-verry fun event. Thanks!

  • When the fans spoke did they happen to mention Vita? Cause lord knows ya’ll didn’t….

    • I think and talk about the Vita all the time and have done so for 10 years or more. Remember those little PSP discs with a movie on it. There were only maybe 5 or 6 movies to buy that gamers could watch on the PSP. There really were not that many movies to purchase on PSP. And shortly after that the Vita was put into full production and was played all around the world by millions of people. Final Fantasy Type-0 is just one more recent claim to fame for the PS Vita.

  • Best E3 ever? what.Sony got slammed by MS with the backwards compatibility.VR games looked like ps2. .Didnt see many 1st party games,didnt see many rpg (not interested in FF). No price cut,no external HD,no 4k streaming as advertised,no PSone games,No Ps2 games playable on ps4.but really it comes down to no backwards compatibility,and i find the excuses lame.PSnow is overpriced as it is now…..all sony has to do is use PSNow as a means to play old games we own or buy….if i buy a ps3 game on a flash sale it should be forever playable on my ps4 via psnow….and as microsoft is allowing you to used your game disk as long as there in the system and compatable with backwards compatabilty…all sony has to do is get the ps4 to detect what game is in the tray and make it become available via psnow… doesn’t have to run off the disk,or via emulation those are just excuses….if psnow works then we should be able to access the games we OWN via PSNOW….. now if i was allowed to play the games i own free on psnow without subscription i would gladly use PSNOW to rent games i didn’t own if at a fair price like $5 for a weekend $10 for a week.

    • “all sony has to do is get the ps4 to detect what game is in the tray and make it become available via psnow… doesn’t have to run off the disk,or via emulation those are just excuses….if psnow works then we should be able to access the games we OWN via PSNOW….. now if i was allowed to play the games i own free on psnow without subscription i would gladly use PSNOW to rent games i didn’t own if at a fair price like $5 for a weekend $10 for a week”

      That will NEVER happen. Any of it.

    • I agree with you, that would be cool if it could detect what game you have and then just use PSNOW to play it. The service is very interesting though. I might use it depending on any of the games that I couldn’t play last gen are available on it. (I’m looking at you BioShock Infinite) I was also thinking about playing the uncharted games b/c uncharted 4 coming out but that fell through once they announced the Nathan Drake collection so I might go back to get the AC2 platinum trophy. Sorry for going on but its been 2 years since the PS4 came out so I sold all my PS3 ****.

    • PS Now when it was originally launched on the PlayStation 4 would allow a user or a gamer to play games that they owned over PS Now without having to pay for it. This was as long as the game that the gamer owned was already a game on the PS Now listing. What happens when the gamer has sold, traded, lost, destroyed, or gave away the game that they own and still have it installed on the system? To ensure the gamer could prove that they still owned the game they would have to put the disc in the console right? The allowance of playing games that are owned by players is limited by the fact that a game that is owned is only earmarked by the fact that it has been installed on the PS3 or PS4. However a game that has been installed definitely does not mean that it is a game that is owned by the gamer.

    • How would you stop someone from renting the game and installing and effectively obtaining the video game by simply renting it for a few dollars? Or the sharing of a disc just to install it and use the PS Now service to play for free the game they did not Purchase? Putting a game in that is on the PS Now list and changing it to ‘purchased’ would work for backwards compatibility if the gamer could download the game and not stream it. And if the console required the original PS1, PS2, or PS3 disc to verify ownership or authenticate the game after downloading it onto the system that would work. Backwards-Streaming has never been done before and is not the same concept. How much should it cost to purchase outright backwards compatibility outright instead of a subscription? There are a lot of subscriptions already right?

  • The fans spoke alright. You just keep ignoring the elephant in the room (Aka the Vita).

  • The best part of E3 was the Project Morpheus details, I have a feeling it will establish a great legacy! Can’t wait for that future PS4 remote play on Morpheus, the ton of 2D platformers/mobile games, awesome marketing and advertisement, exclusives, and let’s not forget, great support and acknowledgment of its existence 2 years after its release! Thanks for listening to the fans!

  • Any info on the next PS4 update? Ik the last one was big but it has been a while….

  • These are the 25 E3 2015 titles that I’m looking forward to playing eventually.

    My E3 2015 Wish List:
    Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (PS4)
    Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)
    Beyond: Two Souls Remaster (PS4)
    Dark Souls III (PS4)
    Fallout 4 (PS4)
    Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4)
    Heavy Rain Remaster (PS4)
    Hellblade (PS4)
    Hitman (PS4)
    Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4)
    Just Cause 3 (PS4)
    Kingdom Hearts III (PS4)
    Mad Max (PS4)
    Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4)
    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (PS4)
    NieR New Project (PS4)
    Persona 5 (PS4)
    Project Setsuna (PS4)
    Ratchet & Clank (PS4)
    Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness (PS4)
    South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4)
    The Last Guardian (PS4)
    Tom Clancy’s The Division (PS4)
    Transformers Devastation (PS4)
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (PS4)
    World of Final Fantasy (PS4)

  • I’m not sure what fans you’re talking about. Did you hear the fans that have spoken and wanted PS Vita support?

  • I was there in Santa Monica and it was great! it really surprised me how fun it really was. Theres nothing like being in a room filled with fans just like you reacting to huge announcements. It a great energy and just a fun experience. It was almost the way I felt at PSX in Las Vegas. By the way still waiting for that announcement! thanks again for the good times and everyone who worked hard to make this event happen. Oh and it was great to hear a nice big BEYOND! at our location.

  • We need a real $5 flash sale for all PS3 games including exclusives and JRPG/RPG’s. Give us the incentive to close the chapter on PS3 so we can finally switch to PS4. I for one have not done so cause there way too many games still to play but can’t afford them all so I’m taking my time. If there was a nice flash sale lots of ps3 owner were make the sacrifice and buy lots of games. Thanks!

  • All theses remakes and no Socom remake? Call of Duty looks more like Call of Destiny. Hated advance wafare and know lots of people who hate it too. Sony messed up with the ps4, I hardly play it anymore, very limited on games, I want real games not games from 2600 era. I still enjoy my ps3 more, its an entertainment media center, ps4 is lacking in all areas. Shoddy controllers, a camera that does nothing. How about a 6 person video chat like on ps3? $65 controller that doesn’t keep a charge long, annoying led light in the dark,reflecting of the tv, limited hard drive even with 1tb because of full game installation. All I can say is, I’ve been a gamer of all systems except Xbox1 and I have a feeling the XBOX1 is going to steam ahead of ps4 and I’m going have to get one of those and place it on top of my dust collector ps4. Sony must drop prices of controllers to at least $45 and ps4 $50 to $100 lower or this winter holidays they will be #2. I’m tired of the continual let downs with Sony. Tired of lack of real games, lack of 3rd party controllers support and squeezing pennies out of everyone with old ps store games and ps plus is a disaster.
    Game Over! I’m done!

  • I thought the E3 conference was great. From the get go, Last Guardian, oh my god that was just brilliant. Horizon has become my next must buy new IP. Uncharted 4 looks so good, need it now. So what I didn’t like about it was 1) poor Vita coverage, the Vita is an awesome machine but anyone would think that it didn’t exist anymore. I honestly thought Morpheus would get a release date and price, was ready to preorder it immediately. Sony i want to give you my money but you need to support vita and release the Morpheus. Also surprised no uncharted remastered gameplay footage.

  • Why can’t we play ps one classics on ps4 yet?

    • Because the PS One classics in the catalog are not actually PlayStation One games at all on the whole. These were just games created and marketed as “PS One Classics” and who really, really wants to play “not a game on the PS1′? The PlayStation 2 got backwards compatibility remember and oh how great it was and is to play actual PlayStation One hits on that or the backwards compatible PlayStation 3 w/upscaling and a bonus virtual memory card that was included in the package.

  • Saw it in Toronto at the Young and Dundas. Thanks again for the swag and snacks guys.
    Great show for a lot of hard core fans in the theater.
    Street Fighter ran on a bit too long for my tastes, but I’m not into the fighter genre

    My major problem(alongside everyone else there) was the five long minutes dedicated to the USA exclusive Vue service.
    Almost as bad as the Powers presentation last year(still haven’t heard ANYTHING on that BTW).
    You could hear people actively faking coughs during the segment.

    Minor complaints are the long wait for TLG and more importantly the utter abandonment of the playstation Vita by Sony execs.
    Seriously, get on those memory cards and post to the blog.

    • The Vita is still going and the PlayStation TV that is the all new all encompassing officially endorsed Sony product to connect to a T.V. set and play Vita games. And to boot it will also act as a second screen for the PlayStation 4. The cross buy has been around for a while and that was still good as of the last few years. I also have an official PS Vita emulator on my PlayStation 3.

      What more could a Vita owner ask for. The Vita was delivered and propped up to a mainstream form of gaming. I’ve had to connect hand-helds to TVs in unofficially endorsed methods with funny electronic cables or anyway I can for years. An emulators, the numerous emulators I’ve had to play games are typically oh so non-officially endorsed and un-American those emulators are. But now I have the official PS3 Vita emulator to use all I want.

  • I was surprised to see that PS All-Stars 2 didn’t make the showing. I’m pretty sure it was hinted at. But always hoping, always believing

  • This is my 17th year of e3. I see the same thing every year. A build up or some years something that could be called that. Then somewhere after the summer it is all forgotten. At times you hear a small snippet from the 3 day long electronic expo. People seem to move on to other expos of which I do recognize there are a lot. Trust me forgetting there are many video game expos would not be the right idea. People get up at e3 and talk, tell some story that has been concocted, and give a rational for why they are doing what they do; And then all of it gets forgotten, left behind, rehashed, and sometimes in the future a part of it is brought up again. I remember when almost all of the more well known executives were brought on teams in less senior rolls and when they moved on up and some of the others I can only remember vaguely as they are newer and appeared in a different time than the others. I was already a part of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo and that is why I would say this is my 17th year of e3 or so. E3 is and will always be up to interpretation although it has never really changed.

  • Sony and PlayStation 4 make me happy non-stop ! I really enjoy the console and think it worth every cent they charge for it.
    Amazing games announcement, it’s nice to see Sony working hard to bring more exclusive games. I am also feeling really excited about Project Morpheus. I wonder if that’s gonna be it commercial name too ?

  • I’d take remastered copies of Mass Effect Trilogy and Southpark for the PS4 over the ability to play ps3 games. *Just a thought.

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