E3 2015: The Fans Have Spoken

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E3 2015: The Fans Have Spoken

Another E3 winds to a close! And truth be told, it was a memorable show: We got a long-awaited peek at The Last Guardian, first details on Guerrilla Games’ new Horizon Zero Dawn, thunderous announcements in the form of Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III, a jaw-dropping new gameplay sequence from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, PlayStation becoming the new home of Call of Duty starting with Black Ops III, a new adventure in Destiny with The Taken King, big updates on Project Morpheus with games like RIGS Mechanized Combat League and SuperHyperCube, and hey — even a fancy new PS4 Media Player that supports a wide range of video, audio, and image formats.

Whether you experienced the press conference from one of hundreds of theaters nationwide, tuned in via livestream, or were lucky enough to hit the show floor, thanks again for offering your support, feedback, and questions on another big E3 adventure.

Check out some key takeaways from the links below, and be sure to let us know your favorite E3 games and announcements. See you next year!

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  • For next year, for your Minneapolis theater, please don’t have it at the Regal in Brooklyn Center, the color was off the entire presentation. The blue was muted, and the blue PlayStation banner was green, many fans complained to the management and they didn’t do anything to fix it, last year there was an issue as well but they fixed it. Please find another theater to hold this at next year.

    • Thanks for flagging. Will pass along – sorry for that.

    • I was there last year. The picture quality was terrible. Way too dark. That’s why I didn’t go this year.

    • The color was WAY off. I was one of many that tried to report the error and was told “There’s nothing we can do about it.” Maybe that’s true, but they did a poor job of explaining what the issue was and why nothing could be done.

    • Just wanted to add: I’m fine if it’s at the Regal Theater in Brooklyn Center again if they can clean up their act.

    • I hadn’t noticed the color issue at the Brooklyn Park theater until I got home and rewatched the No Man’s Sky demo only to find out the pink grass I saw in the theater wasn’t pink atvall, it was green.

  • It was a great E3! I’m really looking forward to Uncharted 4, Horizon, Dreams, Ratchet & Clank remake, The Last Guardian and Kingdom Hearts 3. I really wish we had seen Gravity Rush 2 for the Vita, but we can’t rush perfection.

    Now that PlayStation and Activision are BFFs, how about you make a deal with them so we can get new Crash Bandicoot and Spyro games? ;) Next year is Crash Bandicoot’s 20th anniversary, don’t let this opportunity go by!

  • Mr. Shuman, There are some really good games coming in the future. We need an amazing Flash Sale to close this week out with a bang. Get the word out for your fellow gamers!

    • Call me Sid! Thanks for the nice words – there’s a dandy little E3-themed sale going on right now, ends 6/22: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/e3-2015/cid=STORE-MSF77008-E32015LP

    • We need a real $5 flash sale for all PS3 games including exclusives and JRPG/RPG’s. Give us the incentive to close the chapter on PS3 so we can finally switch to PS4. I for one have not done so cause there way too many games still to play but can’t afford them all so I’m taking my time. If there was a nice flash sale lots of ps3 owner were make the sacrifice and buy lots of games. Thanks!

  • E3 was great for PS4 owners and all, but as a Vita owner who has yet to make the jump to PS4, I can’t say this has given me much incentive to want to stick with the company. Year after year, a loyal (and increasing, however slowly) part of the Playstation community is ignored more and more, and it’s just rubbing salt in the wound every time someone walks up onto that stage to say Sony or Playstation is the best place to game.

    Not if you own a Vita. Not if you like handhelds.

    How long have we been asking for simple things like access to PS1 and PSP games we already have paid for? We still don’t even have Playstation Now subscriptions available, yet PS3, a console that was never originally getting it, and PS4, a console released after Vita was announced to be getting the service when it was still “Gaikai,” both have it.


    • Why should I get invested in a new service or a digital game when past experience tells me it won’t work? Why should I be excited for a new game when chances are the version on the console of my choice will inevitably get slighted? I haven’t been able to use the browser’s online store for weeks now, and many have been reporting this same issue and nothing seems to be being done about it.

      Before you guys jump on new services and big and shiny new things, could you perhaps consider working somewhat more on the things you already have? If you want to keep your consumerbase, keep them happy. Some of these things can’t be that hard to fix.

      Thank you.

    • I understand and respect your feedback – thanks for sharing.

  • When are you guys actually going to listen to the fans and stop ignoring the most requested remaster game..(Socom Franchise)..?

    • Wish I had something to report, but I don’t. I’d love to see it happen some day!

    • I agree. Give us the socom franchise.

    • If you contact Zipper Interactive, if it still exists, and pay them a few million dollars and then pay the guys at PlayStation a few million dollars you might get the SOCOM remake. AND then Also make sure to pay those wonderful people that say all those nice things about video games at the PlayStation Network a few million dollars to get on their good side and tell them it is also for the SOCOM remake. :)

    • Buying Yoshi a gold plated console AND hand-held of each edition ever made that are also encrusted in diamonds might work. When you give it to the head of Sony world wide just tell him you would be in favor of a SOCOM re-master and remake and would be grateful if one would quote un quote happen.

  • Can we get a flash sale this weekend? Pretty please?

    Wallet: No…no precious…we don’ts has the monies for a flash sale!

  • I went to the theater in Sun Prairie Wisconsin to see the E3 Experience, It really was something that I enjoyed. The only downside was that after we exited the theater a couple employees warned us that the “goodies” that we were supposed to get weren’t actually sent to the theater. A lot of people were bummed out by that including myself, but all in all it was a good experience. I hope that y’all choose the same theater for next year, and if so I will be there!

    • Aw. That’s a shame, sorry to hear that. I’ll pass that along.

    • I too was at the Sun Prairie theater. Is there any way for us to get our code? I’d love to have the VIP lanyard, but would be happy with just the code at this point.

  • Re: Microsoft’s “rabbit out of the hat” performance (last-gen game support)…

    Allow free play of PlayStation Now titles when the original disc is inserted in the PS4.
    It’s far from matching what the Xbox One will now offer, but it would still be a pretty solid response.

    • No offense, but you, and everyone else asking for this need to stop and use your brains.

      PlayStation Now runs on a dedicated server blade specifically for YOUR session. It doesn’t run on YOUR machine (XB1 BC), it doesn’t stream from a hard drive only (Netflix). Game streaming costs Sony money every time you do it – EVERY TIME.

      In Netflix’s case, they read the video from some form of media and simply send you the data. In PS Now’s case, they recieve your input — calculate the next event — pass the updates to the GPU to be rendered – and stream you the next frame. This is caculated on the fly — and needs to happen at least 30x a second.

      Additionally, allowing you free access to these server blades would prevent someone that actually pays from using it. This would cause long queues and make the experience dreadful for ACTUAL paying customers.

      The closest thing you’ll ever get to your wish — is if Sony allows you to stream PS now games that you own digital/ have the disc for if you are currently on the subscription.

    • @Sabvre : “The closest thing you’ll ever get to your wish — is if Sony allows you to stream PS now games that you own digital/ have the disc for if you are currently on the subscription.”

      LOL…What? xD

    • If you are paying for the PS Now subscription they could give you access to your digital PS3 games/ games that you have on disc that have not yet been added to the sub.

      This is the only way it will ever happen. Otherwise they would be hemorrhaging money!

    • Yeah, I got you the first time.
      The only problem with your approach is that…if you’re a subscriber in the first place you already have access to ALL the games, so there would be no point in giving you access…to something you already have. =P

      IMHO there’s only 2 possibilities; a) They lose money by shutting down PS Now and making an emulator instead…or b) They profit from it, and give NO “SPECIAL TREATMENT” TO ANYONE. Allowing access to an OLD library means building a lot of infrastructure…for basically nothing, since the PS3 still exists and blah, blah.

    • Actually the PS Now library is 366 titles currently, whereas, the sub gives access to around 127 titles. The sub is growing about 5 games a month, and the whole library is growing around 5 games a week on average.

  • I hope the next E3 can be experienced through Project Morpheus! Imagine letting millions take a front-row seat at the actual keynote!

    • That is a crazy good idea. SO COOL

    • Having a “Conference Viewer” for things like that would be a pretty cool feature, IMO. I’d love to be able to experience events like that in addition to playing great games on the Morpheus.

  • Excellent E3 this year! Perhaps the best I’ve ever seen (though I wasn’t there in person :-)

    Gonna have a lot to pour over (and play!) in the many weeks to come :-)

  • Awesome E3 this year! Can’t wait for the next

  • I wonder if they drop Vita support within the next year if remote play will still work. I’m debating on trading these products in.

    • They won’t drop Vita support in a year. They might not promote it or try to make it succeed, but killing the system would get them too much bad reputation, and seriously stain their standing.

      Furthermore, plenty of indie developers are still supporting it, so I don’t imagine that the Vita will be killed for at least another three years at least, if we’re being pessimistic.

      Theoretically, since they marketed the PS4 as having Remote Play enabled for every game, the Vita should be active as long as the PS4 is.

  • I doubt you can make a statement on this at this point, but I hope Sony is considering PC support for Project Morpheus. I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to give money to Facebook and still wants to play VR games on PC, and it’d be nice to only need one HMD between my PS4 and PC. At the very least, can you pass that request along to someone who can make that kind of decision?

    • I don’t think so. =\
      MS? Probably, since most of their products are already PC-compatible. Sony? Very slim chance of that ever happening.

  • Make a Vita/PS4 bundle, Minecraft/Tearaway Vita Bundle (So kids can get some interest), or discount the normal Vita to $100 (I’d rather see the Memory Card prices get cut in half, but most consumers may not know about them) and see how it sells.

    Obviously, having a single studio working on Vita games would’ve been ideal (If Bend had gotten permission to make a portable inFAMOUS or even new IP to help Studio Japan as they try to replicate MH), but at this point that’s a little late. Making more games isn’t going to help if people don’t know about them. Just look at what happened to Disney Infinity 2.0 on the Vita.

    • It really didn’t help that Disney Infinity 2.0 didn’t come out on Vita until AFTER Disney Infinity 3.0 was announced for every other platform (besides the Vita, of course).

    • And then they didn’t market a kids’ game. What did they expect? Kids to just magically know that they could suddenly play Disney Infinity on the go?

      I mean, I follow gaming news, and I didn’t know about it until a few days before it released. It might’ve been an adequate success if they hadn’t basically expected it to already be a waste.

  • It was fun! I hope i can get the chance to go next year! What are the digital goodies? (:

  • I had a great time. It was fun being with a crowd of your fellow PS gamers and going nuts over the trailers showing on the big screen . I was at the Houston theater. No long lines. Plenty of seats. I think a lot of people reserved more than one ticket which caused the waiting list. Everyone was still able to get in.
    I made a short video on my YT channel. Hearing all the reactions was just crazy lol

    Playstation Experience E3 reactions…https://youtu.be/56Rz7xPckUc

  • “The fans have spoken”, << PS4 fans you're talking about. You never listen or care about Vita fans, and I dont care about you(Sony) too, not anymore.

    • I’m a big Vita fan. It’s my handheld of choice, I love the PSTV, and I think the Vita has a lot of great software on it.

      But if you expected a console that has only a few million units sold in NA(if that) to get a lot of time on Sony’s E3 conference, especially when they have a HUGE lineup of PS4 titles to showcase… you’re delusional. It’s not a matter of Sony ‘not supporting Vita’ it’s a matter of them having 90 minutes of time and having to proportion it well to show off the things likely to sell.

      Vita owners are very hands off and very self-serve… we FIND the games we want. We know what the system has, we are aware of its strengths, and we buy the games. Sony doesn’t need to spend money to advertise to us. We do it ourselves.

      It would be nice if they’d do a separate ad run for Vita stuff, and I wish they’d put a bit more into advertising some of the bigger releases… but to expect them to devote time to it at E3 is bordering on insanity.

  • The Fans Have Spoken The Ps4 Media APP Suck

  • The 42nd Street theater in NYC was not good in terms of the people in charge of the PS event. They didnt even let anyone begin to enter the theater for General Seating till 10 mins before 9PM EST. There were still people coming into the theater an hour into the press conference.

    Also there wasnt any gifts beyond the badge you got when you came into the theater. Was not a good look. This was my first PS press conference (didnt get to go last year) and im praying that next year will be better run in terms of what people who attend this event are supposed to get and such.

    Again the people that were running this event at the 42nd street theater in NYC were totally clueless as to anything with how this event was supposed to be run.

  • I was really hoping for Sony to do better on this E3 compared to last year’s fiasco, but sadly Sony proved to me that they can be even more apathic towards the PS Vita.

    Even a price cut on memory cards or some basic support for the PS TV (such as Netflix or even just Powers) would have been appreciated.

    I’m starting to think that I should really consider selling both my PS Vita and my PS4.

    An extremely disappointing E3 from Sony, yet again :(

    • Square Games are the only games ill get a PS4 for. Till FF XV and KHIII release, ill stick with the systems i have.

    • @Hakumen__ : You shouldn’t sell your PS4…it’s still A GREAT console, with pure awesomeness coming to it. ^_^

      But yeah, you should definitely sell the Vita…unless you bought it as a Remote Play device…and as a portable media player.

      And, if possible, you should ABSOLUTELY buy an XOne. It’s starting to look as another win from MS.

  • The one theater in Century City, CA was awesome! But the only downside is that it was the only theater around the LA area, and around the LA area there is a LOT of people. Century City is kind of far for a lot of those people considering the LA counties as well. There is one theater I would recommend you guys set up as an option for next year to give more people a chance to experience E3. It’s in Santa Clarita, California, about 30 minutes away from the center of LA. It’s called Edwards Valencia Stadium 12 & IMAX. The address is: 24435 Town Center Drive, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

  • madmanwithabox12

    The fans have indeed spoken and they want more Vita coverage. It’s a shame Sony isn’t listening.

  • “Thanks for the biggest and best E3 yet.”

    …Wow. SMH

  • BC on ps4 please and PS2 classics playable on Vita

  • I was highly disappointed this year, mostly since there was nothing for the Vita.
    Sadly I can’t count both FFVII Remake and Shenmue III as a big bomb since they aren’t exclusives.

    Well, I hope next year (or this GamesCom) will be better.

  • The fans have spoken and wanted to see Vita games, but there were next to none. Kind of an ironic title. And this coming from a person who owns PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. (and who previously owned PS1, PS2 and PSP). I am happy with my PS4, but rather disappointed with PS Vita. Where is GTA, Infamous and others. Heck, if not new AAA games, at least give ports of Okami, Ico, Shadow of Colossus, Devil May Cry, Pac Man CE, and San Andreas. Some of these are from other publishers but you can make it happen.

  • It was such a blast to attend the event in NYC! I’m from NJ but NYC was the closest to where I am. The audiences excitement and enthusiasm in the theater made the experience 1000x better. Not to mention the screen was beautiful…playing games on my TV will never be the same again. I hope to go again.

  • This was hands down the best E3 conference I ever watched.

    Everyone was floored by The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue III – those really hit PlayStation fans in their weak spot for massive damage (haha, sorry). We really wanted these games, Final Fantasy VII alone made me rejoice so much, it alone would be enough, but Sony really wanted to make history.

    Of course the new games like Horizon and Uncharted 4 also had an impact, as well as the more mainstream ones, such as Call of Duty and Destiny. Overall, great showing and shows great sync with what gamers really, really want.

    What a time to be a PlayStation fan. PS4 is quickly shaping as one of the best consoles ever, too (if not THE best).

  • Any idea if there’ll be photos from other theaters? A Sony executive was at the Pittsburgh showcase and she was taking pictures. I ask this, because I was accidentally first in line. Accidentally, because a group that was first in line was sent back due to them being on the waiting list.

    • Also, what were the gifts? We were supposed to find out during the exclusive post-show, but a T-storm came in and wiped our signal out during the Firewatch interview.

    • Damn, if you visited the site address on the card you could have gotten the gifts.
      it expired on the 21st

      There was a $5 credit, a earth-2(Dr. Thomas Wayne) outfit for the new batman game.
      Even something for playstation now and a plus trial.

  • Crazymanwalking1

    I loved going to the E3 event at AMC Century City, such an awesome feeling watching it with fellow PlayStation fans, although this year press conference was sorta Meh, I enjoyed watching Guerrilla show off Horizon:Zero Dawn. I really hope they can pull it off and create a great experience for us gamers

    Its nice to know that at long last The Last Guardian has a firm release, I know alot of people are excited about that.
    Media Molecule new game Dreams is somewhat wierd but i have to give it a go as they have never let me down with creativity in their games

    Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to snag some tickets to next years PlayStation E3 Experience!

    • Crazymanwalking1

      I completely forgot to mention that amazing new gameplay footage of Uncharted 4 (MY FAVORITE PS series) The hype cannot get any bigger for me!…..or maybe it can….i dont know.

      If only those Destiny Expansions weren’t so damn expensive, i would buy “The Taken King” right away (once it launches) those new supers and subclasses look so OP!

  • Mannn you guys really screwed up! How can you top this E3 ever?!?

  • I can officially confirm that E3 2016 is a total disappointment.

  • yea it was a great e3 but this time next year will still be talking about all of these games we havent played yet thats the frustrating part…

  • Yeah, CoD is NOT welcome here. Thanks for wasting money for exclusivity!

  • I honestly think if this was not the best Sony E3, then it’s one of the best !

    I was floored at how many games and how many things you gave to us that many have wanted a very long time.

    Couldn’t believe the announcement of The Guardian, then you gave us DNLA as promised.

    I wish more devs would create for the Vita as that’s a console that has much potential; I really love mine. Still, with remote play, there are many great games that I can play away from my PS4, so that’s a huge item for me.

    Just purchased a couple mths ago the Xperia Z3 phone and I have to say Sony, remote play and the actual PS4 controller is just fantastic !

    Keep up the great work please !

  • Can’t wait for Morpheus

  • Thank you Sony for making this the best E3 ever!

  • Until ps4 plays ps3 games it is irrelevant to me. Ps4 was the best video game console til e3. Now xbox1 is the better entertainment system and console.
    crowd funding and timed exclusivea won sony e3? Not for me.
    i dont see any need for the next gen ps. More social connectivity and better graphics? Not important to me.

    Sony will probably never add bc to ps4
    My chances of buying it are about the same.

    And now for the emotionally charged unreasoned hate response…

    • You will NEVER get true PS3 BC on PS4. You will also NEVER get free PS Now for the games you own.

      Unless you are okay with paying for a PS Now Subscription, it sounds the XB1 is for you.

    • Feel the same way. Ps3 components are pretty cheap now and they could build hardware BC sku for under $500 .Streaming service will always lag compared to running game natively – no comparison .Hope PS Now dies fast.

    • Backwards compatibility is virtually impossible for Sony to add due to the convoluted way the PS3 was designed. If a PS5 ever happens, PS4 backwards compatibility is reasonable since the PS4 is a much more standard setup… but the PS3 is not reasonable for backwards compatibility.

      That being said… you don’t have to get rid of your PS3 to get a PS4, so what does it really matter?

      For me the real selling point are Sony’s exclusives. They’re not all here yet, but Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, inFamous, etc. are the real deciding selling points. Also, Sony is where the JRPGs are. Prettymuch only Square is making their games multiplatform, Gust, Falcom, Bamco, Atlus, etc. are all prettymuch exclusive to Sony platforms. And the PS4 is starting to see some of that love(with Omega Quintet just a few months back). Sadly E3 doesn’t showcase these titles, but they’re out there definitely. And some are coming to PS4 soonish.

  • Can we get some better games on Plus for the PS3? These last two months haven’t been that great for me. I’m hoping to see The Evil Within, Alien: Isolation, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Beyond: Two Souls, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Portal 2. Can we also get a special where we can download all the previous games that were made available through Plus for those that may of missed out on it? These suggestions are for the PS3.

  • I’m really disapointed with the guys here. Sony just gave us the best E3 ever (Shenmue 3, FF VII remake and The Last Guardian), and I only see complains here.
    Congratulations Sony, that was the best E3 ever that I watched (E3 2001 was the first).
    I really don’t think this E3 can be surpassed, only if you guys somehow bring a new Crash by Naughty Dog, Chrono Break, Legend of Dragoon 2 and Xenogers remake (with all the other five episodes that was planned in the original Xenogears saga).
    If you do that, man, you are truly gods in this world.

  • Those of us who attended the Sun Prairie, WI E3 Experience did not receive our vouchers. Anything we can do to get them?

  • Well since we cant get BC can we at least get alot more PS Now games like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Generations, Storm 3, Revolutions, Tekken 6 and TTT2 hell i’ll even take Tekken Rev, and since we just partnered with Activision lets get Call Of Duty MW1, WaW, MW2, BO1, MW3, and BO2.

    • cont. and just to add on to my list MK9, Ps All-Stars, some DBZ games, PS1 classics like Spyro 1,2 and 3, and Crash Bandicoot. This is just to get some ideas going because if we are expected to pay for this service then we need to be provided with games we want to play.

  • I don’t understand why people are complaning so much. It was a solid show. Best E3 yet? I don’t think so, but it was very good and I am satisfied with what I saw. My biggest disappointment is that there wasn’t an official GT7 reveal. I guess that’ll be next year.

    To those complaining about Vita: It’s really time that you get over it. I own a Vita and I’m not disappointed because I was never delusional enough to think it was going to be equal to a primary console like the PS4. It’s a handheld, for crying out loud. It’s casual. Sony already confirmed that there will be no more first-party support, so stop getting your hopes up and being disappointed when it doesn’t happen. The Vita had an okay run. It’s got a decent library, and for a handheld, it did fine.

    To those demanding backwards compatibility: Never going to happen. Never. Adding BC would mean killing PS Now, and you can’t begin to comprehend how much time and money and work went into setting it up and how much goes into maintaining it. There is absolutely no way it will ever happen on PS4. Sure, it sucks, but that decision is final.

    • The Vita is still going strong. It’s a great platform for a lot of indy titles, and that’s where it has found tis niche to succeed.

  • I don’t like how the new blog looks even magoer nilsion did it the day after you guys it was better the way it was before

  • and why is my plus logo not showing up on the blog

  • Way to put on a historical event Sony. This E3 was easily the best I have seen in the 13 years I have been following the event.So glad to see FFVII finally getting a reimagined, Shunmue 3 finally making its way into development, and The Last Gaurdian coming down the final stretch. This years show did a perfect job of mixing the old with the new, and games with non gaming content.

    I am more exited for Project Morpheus and PlayStation Vue than anything else. These two products have the potential to drive mass expansion of the PlayStation Brand, and most importantly PlayStation hardware. I look forward to subscribing to Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus, and Machinima when the arrive nation wide next month. Hopefully, HBO will not be far behind, and more streaming services will start to integrate into Vue.

    Next year is going to be the year our world changes forever. As was mentioned above, I hope we are able to Vue E3 in VR through Morphues. Morpheus and VR content should be the megaton of next year.

    Now onto TGS!!!

  • madmanwithabox12

    Legitimately ignoring the fans concerns at the lack of Vita coverage from the show floor. Thanks for listening Sony.

    • Convince another 1-2 million of your friends to buy Vitas and we’ll start seeing some visible support for it. The simple fact is there are NOT ENOUGH OF THEM sold(as much as I love mine) for us to expect them to spend a lot of time on it. There are good JRPGs, good indies, and remote play… that’s where the Vita’s niche is, and those are not E3’s primary focus.

  • Great E3.B-) You know, a new Crash Bandicoot would be an awesome idea.
    If you want to top that FF7 remake in the upcoming years, how about a Chrono Trigger remake exclusif to PlayStation.
    Also, do bring PS2 and PS1 backwards compatibility on the PS4.

  • Yo what the hell Y is Time Square NYC getting famous for E3 Experience. Bring some camera crews to Regal 14St next year.

  • An excellent E3! Everyone did a great job, and I loved the passion from everyone!

    One note for improvement going forward- need more diversity in presenters/speakers during the press conference.

    • Sony can’t really control that though. Only like ~3 of the people on stage were from Sony directly. The rest were sent by third parties, and Sony can’t exactly go to Square and say ‘ya, can you send us a black girl to do the presentation next time… we think there are enough Asian dudes already’.

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