That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

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That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

We just wrapped the E3 2015 PlayStation press conference where I hope all of you saw how PlayStation 4 is redefining what we play, how we play, and who it is that’s playing games today.

PlayStation E3 Experience 2015

At PlayStation we believe that gamers come first; that developers are the heart and soul of the industry; that innovation, intelligence, and emotion are central to games… which themselves are driving the cultural zeitgeist.

All of the games we unveiled today speak to an historic evolution of gaming, one that’s inspiring the entire community of gamers, developers, creators, and engineers. Gaming today offers unprecedented action and interactivity but it also means beautiful stories and emotional narratives.

I can’t think of another game more fitting of this new era than The Last Guardian, whose beauty and rich narrative was evident in just a few minutes of gameplay footage. PlayStation fans have been waiting a long time for The Last Guardian, and I was personally proud to introduce the title, coming to PS4 in 2016.

We kicked off the event with one story-driven experience and closed the show with one of the most storied franchises on PlayStation, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. A live demo with an epic car chase showcased Naughty Dog’s uncanny ability to deliver action-packed scenes that rival any summer blockbuster.

That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

And in between The Last Guardian and Uncharted, we showed why PlayStation’s investment in our own development studios reflects our unwavering commitment to gamers. The ingenious minds at Media Molecule unveiled Dreams, a space where you can go to explore and play the dreams of others and create and share your own. This open-ended adventure – where players surf an ever-evolving collage of games, film, animation, music, and whatever we all imagine – is a continuation of the studio’s work in creative gaming.

Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn – the studio’s first foray outside of the shooter genre – delivers an action RPG that invites players to embark on a journey in a lush, post-apocalyptic open world. The team at Guerilla has also been keeping busy with RIGS Mechanized Combat League, a showpiece launch title for Project Morpheus virtual reality on PS4. This futuristic arena shooter is one of nearly 20 titles and experiences for Project Morpheus that E3 attendees can check out this week.

That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

As we head toward the launch of VR on PS4 next year, we remain in awe of the creativity we’re seeing from developers, who are wielding the technology inside Morpheus to transport you into new worlds that wrap your senses in you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it 360-degree environments.

PS4 also is the best place to play because of the decades-long partnerships with the industry’s best developers and publishers. Today we unveiled Destiny: The Taken King, which will offer exclusive content on PlayStation including a co-op Strike, new multiplayer map, and new gear.

We’re also working with Activision to make PlayStation the new home of Call of Duty. For the first time ever on our E3 stage, we were honored to debut Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the deepest and most engaging installment in one of the world’s biggest franchises. Starting with Black Ops III, PlayStation gamers will be the first to play all map packs, and we’re excited for PS4 owners to be the first to play the upcoming multiplayer beta.

That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

Looking out at the broader entertainment landscape this year, there’s nothing else bigger than Star Wars. And I’m pleased to say that PlayStation will be the definitive console destination for STAR WARS fans. From our STAR WARS Play Set starter pack for Disney Infinity 3.0 and exclusive Boba Fett figure, to the iconic battles in EA’s STAR WARS: Battlefront, we understand STAR WARS holds a special place in the hearts of PlayStation fans.

Listening to fan requests is our north star at PlayStation. That’s why we used our E3 stage to celebrate the Kickstarter to fund Shenmue III on PS4 and PC and to announce FINAL FANTASY VII Remake (final name pending) is coming first to PS4. It’s also why tonight you’ll be able to access the PS4 media player app to enjoy personal videos, music (also playable as BGM), and photos (with support for home server sharing).

Surprising and delighting fans motivates us everyday, especially when we introduce new entertainment experiences that go beyond gaming. The recently launched PlayStation Vue – our cloud-based service for live, catch-up, and on-demand TV – is expanding to Los Angeles and San Francisco tonight. We also announced that a la carte plans for Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus and Machinima will be available nationwide starting in July.

From the rich experiences on PlayStation Network to the boundless creativity in PS4 games to virtual reality with Project Morpheus, we’re seeing a level of innovation unlike anything before in the 20 years of the PlayStation brand. For all of us at PlayStation, it’s awesome, it’s energizing, and it’s all thanks to your passion as gamers.


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  • ive pretty much lost all respect for sony because of ps now,ps now shows you that the ps4 is already backwards compatible they just think your going to empty your wallet to play games you already own just to play them on your ps4 no thanks!i will be trading in my ps4 towards a xone today.

  • Great news about FFVII being remade, it is long overdue. Hoping it will be a massive success, both in gameplay and in sales, that way we’ll be one-step closer to getting FFIX remade (the dream!)
    As for the other games here, great to see improved graphics and a focus on narrative, but please can we have more games that don’t involve just shooting everything?
    That said, Uncharted 4 did look pretty amazing.

  • RIP PS Vita (12/17/2011 – 06/16/2015)
    And one more time, Sony didn’t say ANYTHING about Vita…

    • WoFF is coming for Vita, that was announced. So SOMETHING was said. But not much… but with how badly the Vita is doing in the West, this doesn’t surprise me. If they do another PS Experience or similar event, I would expect Vita to be talked about there… but at E3 they only have so much time, and Vita isn’t really a big seller so they can’t spare time for it.

      I love the Vita too… but be reasonable. They had a LOT of things they wanted to hit, and only an hour and a half to do it… so they had to be picky and the Vita isn’t the top priority.

    • “WoFF is coming for Vita, that was announced. So SOMETHING was said.”


    • @Seluhir The PSP struggled a bit at with sales, but then they unveiled a huge list of games coming to the PSP during the E3 2010 conference. It’s still my favorite handheld. If they really cared about the Vita, they could’ve gotten rid of the stupid Disney infinity portion and replaced it with Kaz announcing a bunch of games for Vita. Not to mention that they also scrapped a bunch of first party games that could’ve made Vita sell more (i.e., infamous for the Vita). I bought the Vita so that I could play PS exclusives on the go. NOT to play indies that already can be played on a laptop. Sony CAN make Vita a big seller, but they just don’t care. They only care about the PS4. So to say they didn’t have time to talk about the Vita, let alone at least announce some new AAA titles for it, is a bit of an understatement, because they could’ve. Instead they chose to have some over enthusiastic dude talk about an “exclusive” Boba Fett figure that really not a lot of people care about. More people cared about Battlefront II. Literally no one gave a **** about the Disney infinity thing (listen to the “applause” during that section). I won’t be reasonable, because they’re neglecting a handheld that has the potential to be great.

  • You had one job Sony



    Thanks for killing the vita for a second year in a row and YOURSELVES IN THE WAY.

  • This E3 was a great showing. The first 45 minutes was just Sony fulfilling everyone’s dreams one after another. Was kind of crazy to see it.

    To everyone saying MS won… MS only won for shooter and racing fans. They’re the only people Microsoft really cares about. Microsoft had a few cool tech and policy things – the Hololens demo was really cool – but in terms of games they showed nothing even remotely interesting to me.

    Sony came out and basically offered games directly for me. JRPGs, colourful games, third person colourful shooters, weird stuff, etc.

    Ya, they have some stuff I didn’t particularly care about too… but they actually offered me things that matter to me. Which is why they win. They catered to more than just one or two audiences, they offered variety.

    • “Sony came out and basically offered games directly for me.”

      “they actually offered me things that matter to me. Which is why they win.”

      Flawless logic. You convinced me now…Sony is the King of Everything.

      *sigh* SMH

  • PS WON.

  • Terrible. Sony should hang its head in shame because Microsoft owned it. Microsoft proved they actually listen to their customers: why is backwards compatibility now in everyone’s mind? There you go. And the FF7 remake WILL come for Xbox One. Why would a gamer switch to PS4 when they can have it too? Rise of the Tomb Raider? Get an Xbox! And Last Guardian? Graphics look so so soooo dated… And poor Vita didn’t get any love. Shameful.

  • To all who say Sony is dead get a life then a job then see if your check even adds up to .1 percent of what sony racks in everyday if sony´s dead than most people arnt even living and this isnt a Microsoft bash either look at what both consoles have accomplished about 30 mill combined sales niether is dead or going to go anywhere soon

  • PLEASE don’t ever let Adam Boyes speak at another E3. It’s absolutely cringe-worthy how he tries to convince us that he’s awesome, but he is not a likable person, or at least not as a representative for video games. Jack Tretton (he is greatly missed), Kaz Hirai and Shuhei Yoshida are/were the rockstars of E3 that we all love to see. We believe in their passion.

    Andrew House and Shawn Layden, while they seem like very nice guys, are not great as spokesmen either. They are not believable as gamers, and incidentally are not relatable to gamers. They are very clearly just businessmen.

    You could at least bring Kevin Butler back. He was more of a mascot than anything, but we loved that mascot.

    • Boyes seems like the kind of guy I’d want to drink with, but the word “Vita” seemed so foreign to him that he flubbed the only time it was mentioned out loud.

    • If you say that because you think he seems the type to make a fool of himself and tell a lot of stories/lies, then I can see that. But I still wouldn’t want to share a drink with this ultimate try-hard, and I definitely never want to see him on another stage when his entire act is an attempt to prove that he’s hip. And not even surprising that he’s the only person who used profanity up on that stage; something I do every day, but him doing it an attempt to be cool, and I haven’t used profanity in an attempt to be cool since I was 12 years old.

  • Nice, but could have been better. I’d have to say that Microsoft clearly won this round.

    It’s not a long list, but to recap what I found wanting:

    1.) Still NO ability to CHANGE PSN USERNAMES. Seriously, wtf.
    2.) Still NO way to PLAY PS3 GAMES on the PS4 without the stupid “perpetual payment” PlayStation Now SUBSCRIPTION system and a consistent, fast Internet connection.

    What ever happened to the PS2-to-digital-PS3 program? Only like a handful of games got brought over that way. I was more than happy to re-purchase Odin Sphere and others. Why not do the same for the PS4? Surely PS1/PS2/PS3 games could be ported in the same way, and I think it would be more than fair to pay for the port for those who don’t own disc copies–also, developers and publishers would enjoy additional sales of their games. In addition, this would provide incentive for PlayStation 3 owners to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 (rather than the Xbox One).

    • Totally agree. Xbox totally won this round and by announcing backward compatibility alone.

      “1.) Still NO ability to CHANGE PSN USERNAMES. Seriously, wtf.” – Hell yes, gief that!

  • Final Fantasy VII, the best RPG ever!!! I want it now!!!

  • I was really, really, really hoping for backward compatibility after seeing the Xbox presentation. Ive always loved PS. Ive owned a PSX, PS2 and PS3 and would love to gather all my favourite games from these consoles on one powerful play/mediastation.

    After the release of Spotify, Vue and the new Media Player, imagine to have everything you love in one machine (!!!) :D

  • Brilliant job Sony and my wallet is yours.

  • I’m guessing all these people claiming Sony lost are Microsoft plants trying to do damage control.

    • Yup, we are…and we are killing Zombies too. So watch out. >:)

    • It’s not a competition so no one “won” or “lost”. But on the strength of the announcements alone, Microsoft drank Sony’s milkshake. Before the X1 launch, Microsoft appeared seriously disconnected which allowed Sony to come out on top just on the game sharing convenience and the motto “we love gamers”.

      Now, Microsoft emerges as the company that really listens to gamers just on the backward compatibility announcement. X1 has a lot of 1st and 3rd party exclusives, and PS4, not as much. The FF7 remake will hit PS4 first, but it will come to X1 too. Why does the X1 exclusivity of Rise of the Tomb Raider hit harder? It’s because the previous game came from a franchise that was deemed pretty much dead, and it was unexpectedly amazing. Everyone who played Tomb Raider wants to be able to play the next one and it won’t be available to PS4. Uncharted 4 is very much awaited, yes, but there have been 3 amazing games before and while I’m sated for Uncharted, I’m very hungry for more Tomb Raider.

      The games make the platform and determine its success. I have a PS3 because the games I want can only be played on it. I don’t have a PS4 because it has no games I want to play.

      Sony: take this as a wake up call.

  • Honestly just wanted info on persona 5 and was disappointed.

  • Wow what a press conference that was FF 7 remake redu wow wow wow . It is going to be a great future in gaming and entertainment for the PSN and Sony. The new PlayStation vue service blows away any cable or satellite service. Really clean crisp interface with this new service, easy navigation I’m canceling my cable provider today. And all the new games and music wow wow wow wow keep up to date today there is more e3 all week on your live event app on ps4 so enjoy and look for more exciting news and reveals its going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride through thisme3.:-) From your customer ambassador to The PSN.
    Sincerely Gregory S. Napier PSN: I’d bombbreath drop me a line let me know your thoughts about the future of PSN content. And one more time Wow Wow Wow Wow Sony make.believe Thank you.;-)

  • E3 isn’t a competition but if it was MS thoroughly wiped the floor with Sony, sure they did it by doing something they said they wouldn’t do just another reason to not trust anything MS ever says but there is no doubt in my mind MS sold more Xbones than Sony sold Ps4’s yesterday. That trend will continue if Sony doesn’t find a way to get some games on their system might be time to at least let us have the Ps1/2 emulation and access to the classics we bought on Psn, I know it goes against “for the players to pay us for stuff they already bought” mantra but I’m hearing the FF7 remake is right on schedule for anytime between now and a 2020 release.

    • Gopen35 Sony actually sold more PS4s yesterday accordingly to market surveys worldwide and continues to out sell and out perform xbx1. And deliver a larger range of entertainment choices from games to movies to music to streaming gaming service to a complete television service. And a vr headset coming soon project morphius. PSN is a complete entertainment service provider that is constantly listening to its users, which we call PSN family members. That’s right we are part of a huge gaming and entertainment family and we stick together in good times and bad. But we are loyal to this family. But remember this PS-4 and PSN are entertainment complete. And growing and listening to its family members. Thank you for your comments. PS Microsoft’s president during there press conference congratulated Sony on the great job there doing.He knows who wins everytime Sony make.believe from your customer ambassador to the PSN Gregory S. Napier@att PSN I’d: bombbreath

    • See? xD

      So sad… SMH

  • Final Fantasy VII had better not have freaking voice-over dialog.
    And character names had better be customizable as in the original.

  • Now, how about ensuring it stays Console Exclusive. No one’s going to join the PlayStation Nation knowing FF7 is going to be on XBOX ONE. Come on guys. This is your chance to really seal the deal.

    • Yeah, the timed Tomb Raider exclusivity sure doesn’t make me want an Xbox One. And I loved the first game.

  • I personally though the conference was great this year :) Perfect? no they never are but they showed a lot of great stuff and the fact that most of the games they showed had actually game play was a big bonus. I liked all of the other conferences this year (except EAs which was kind of meh) but I personally think Sony’s was the best.

  • She’s a Bot.
    She’s unable to reply back…like the Blog Team. xD

    • G. Chen is not a bot just busy playing E3 games b4 we do lol , But humor aside she is the Big Boss there, she use to talk all the time back in the day most blog of the staff did, but so many things to do now.

      I really like gorilla games, Horizion,its look amazing, those guys have some serious skills, looks like monster hunter on steroids with all the fun and learning combined.. I can see a cult following with that game. That’s a very good trailer, I think Adam Boyles need some 5 hour energy drink he was ok I will him some slack hard to be in front of 1.2 million people. But how hard is to get Chirstina Lee to do these E3;s, some one easy on our eyes. Btw nice shoes Mr bowles :)

      Mcbuttz78~ president of PSL group

  • I felt the love for the gamers and their passion from the game devs FOR SURE, but didn’t feel the gamers got a lot of love from Sony itself this year… There should NEVER be an E3 where Microsoft shows more love for their gamers than Sony especially after MS’ disaster at the console announcement E3, but this year they did it… They gave their gamers backwards compatibility and meanwhile we are stuck with a semi-failing PS NOW system which hasn’t really been followed up with to make better.

    Also I was extremely EXTREMELY disapointed with the lack of new information on Project Morpheus… No price, no date… Cmon. Microsoft wasn’t really even involved with VR yet they gave an amazing and compelling presentation of Hologlass AR working with MInecraft.

    Again the games looked awesome, but its hard to be excited for games so far off the market especially when so many games are accustomed to getting delayed released recently. Really was hoping for more: more surprises, some Betas to go LIVE for all during E3 like last year, but there was nothing… No love for the gamers from Sony this year :-(

  • I need to watch it again.

    Everything I saw seemed like it was a direct response to a “neogaf” thread. With the LOL Cats, etc.

    I liked some of what i saw, and it make me excited for a few future games on PS4.

  • Wow, look at all those PS Vita games!! I’m so glad I spent $300 at launch and $200 for a second Vita! *Toliet Flush*

  • So Xbone won because of backwards compatibility and Sony didn’t talk about the Vita?

  • Pathetic that Sony can’t give the Vita some screen time. Andrew House was right that the Vita is a legacy device

  • One game? World Of Final Fantasy! That’s great and awesome but that’s all you could give us PSVita gamers? Really? Where’s Phantasy Star Online 2? Where’s Black Ops 3 Zombies? Where’s Gravity Rush 2? Where’s Freedom Wars 2? Where’s God Eater 2 Rage Burst? Where’s Tales Of Innocence? Do you guys even know you have a handheld system anymore? Why is the 3DS so successful? Because Nintendo doesn’t wait around for 3rd Party Developers to bring games out for their system. They are the # 1 supporter of the 3DS and Sony they are who you need to take lessons from if you want the PSVita to be as successful here as it is in Japan. The PSVita in Japan actually outsells the PS4! Unheard of but true!

  • Where the h is level 5?

  • To those that didn’t think the the Vita got just do. Well it has a huge area in e3 and is a system that is also stand alone and has great capabilities and is continuing to add more titles and more exciting apps and entertainment value each and every month. PlayStation now is the very best on the Vita tons of great games to chose from PS3 to PS2, did I mention remoteplay for your PS3/PS4 the best in entertainment all the systems from Sony are the greatest and freshest in new and exciting avenue of fun for the whole family.:-) Sincerely your customer ambassador to the PSN Gregory S. Napier@att PSN I’d:bombbreath Song make.believe

  • PT 1: I’m disappointed across the board this year. While the FF7 announce was an atomic bomb for Sony, the rest was just kinda meh. The only thing I found myself truly interested in was Horizon. I was already interested in Uncharted, so the finale was just a bit of sprinkles on top of the ice cream sundae.

    Nintendo gets my “biggest disappointment” award, Starfox and Xenoblade being the only interesting things shown. Lots of filler, niche titles. No roadmap beyond the rest of this year, no info on staple franchises outside of one-off 3DS titles. Microsoft had an OK conference so long as you are into Halo, Gears, and Forza. ReCode has piqued my interest. Not interested in the Rare pirate MMO or the backwards compatibility (that really isn’t, it’s officially supported emulation).

    • PT 2: Including multiplats, Sony has the most games through the rest of the year that I’m buying, Nintendo has the second most, and Microsoft is bringing up the rear with Halo 5 Guardians and, MAYBE, Crackdown (if it comes out this year).

      As for Oculus Rift, Hololens, and Morpheus, I’m getting a “Motion Control 2.0” vibe out of all of them. Lots of people are praising how great the tech could be, much like they did with Kinect back in the day. Ultimately what will matter is cost, adoption rate, and developer interest.

  • The press conference wasn’t all that…I really wanted to know if VR big name titles like Uncharted 4, Black ops 3, Destiny, GTA V etc were going to supported by Morpheus. I was also hoping to hear something about GT7 but nothing guess I will have to wait and see in the next coming years.

  • @konami: I’ve been hearing rumors that one of the reasons SH had been cancelled is nevertheless the money is in the mobile gaming mallet? I suggest before you drop your real money maker, console games, you get the mobile games you do have on the market in check Star Wars The Force Collection being the main concern. All they do on that game is screw their fans out of cash and their Cussler support? Non-existent. I hate these forums though I’m sure a million and one people week complain about my comment but let me save you the trouble after I hot submit I will not be checking back in. Good gaming folks and enjoy the new things coming out, I personally will enjoy both MS things as well as Sony.

  • Thank you for giving us the best press conference in E3 history Sony. I’m still smiling.

  • Eh, not too impressed with this press conference. The Last Guardian was good news (if it releases) at least for the people waiting for that game; I haven’t played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus yet so I can’t really form much of an opinion on it.

    Shenmue 3 was a pleasant surprise; haven’t played any of the Shenmue games but I did watch LP’s of the first two by a huge Shenmue fanatic and I quite enjoyed them, and the games seemed really interesting as well. If Sony releases the first two on the PS Store I’ll give ’em a try.

    Unsure about Horizon; I do love GG for Killzone but another post-apocalyptic themed anything gets on my nerves (Fallout excluded).

    Battlefront 3, yes please.

    SFV…I’d rather hear about Tekken 7, to be quite honest.

    Black Ops III…sorry, the less said the better.

    FFVII remake…sorry, but I rolled my eyes at that.

    We’ll see what next year brings.

  • Concerning the Vita….I’m not quite sure why people are complaining about not having AAA titles when it is a requirement for all PS4 games to have remote play. Why would anyone (other than indies) make a game for a handheld that they know full well only a small fraction of the gaming community actually possess?

    I’m pretty sure Nintendo dominates the handheld scene (and probably mobile gaming scene in time as well). More Nintendo handhelds have been sold than Sony handhelds. Since the people who make the games need a return on investment….they go to Nintendo for the higher customer base. However, I personally think handhelds are leaning towards extinction because of mobile phones can basically do the same thing (personal opinion). So the point is really moot.

    But props to Sony for continuing to make games for mobile/vita!

    I love my Vita and the sole reason I picked one up is for remote play. I CAN play AAA titles on my Vita and the classics (ps1/ps2) purchasable on the store is awesome too. Indies are a bonus.

    • you can’t play those AAA titles on the go outside your house though….. and some games are still annoying trying to play on that instead of a real controller. Yes the vita can connect to your PS4 via the net…… instead of your home wifi…. but gl getting a strong enough connection anywhere but in the house.

    • And also, some people don’t even have a PS4 (and YES, SOME PEOPLE CAN’T AFFORD IT, SO SHUT YOUR RICH MOUTH). Yes, indies are ok. But I don’t want a bunch of indies that we can already play on a laptop. I’d rather they make more exclusives for the Vita, then have some dude drone on about Disney Infinity. Think about the PSP. It didn’t sell well at first, but then Sony actually gave really amazing games for the PSP. It’s still one of my favorite handhelds.

  • First off, it was great to experience this in the Pittsburgh theater. I truly had a blast cheering along with the audience, but I have a couple of questions I would appreciate answering

    1. The Pittsburgh area I attended wasn’t able to see the full post show and don’t have any idea what their voucher code is for. Can someone tell when we’ll be e-mailed the content(s)?

    2. There was a lady there that was a Sony executive taking photos and documenting the event. Do you know when these photos will be uploaded and when will they be shown? I was first in line and would love to look at myself if I could.

  • seriously, where was level-5 and their PS4 announcement? and in all honesty im a bit disappointed in E3 this year as well, yeah they had some great games revealed and quite a few interesting ones but im still not convinced into buying a ps4, other than being able to play less buggy versions of current ps3 games like dragon age inquisition and Destiny. i wasnt really impressed with Microsoft this year either. Microsoft threw all they had out on the front lines and their real sell point is Halo, Gears, tomb raider (which i never liked even in the PS1 days) and backward compatibility… while great, its still lacking that “wow i gotta have this!” factor. most of these games we saw coming anyways, so as far as im concerned i mostly watched to see what Level-5’s mysterious game was, and if it truly was the rumored Dark Cloud 3 which i highly and hope its not seeing as they werent really great anyways, but thats my opinion. whether u agree or not i couldnt care less

  • “It is a bummer that they didn’t tout the Vita, but when ever they do, that people consider the E3 lineup lackluster anyway.

    There’s new games coming out every single week, there’s 50 major titles slated to come out for it in Japan, but all fans do is look at the negative. If fans spent more time talking about the best games on the Vita, maybe Sony U.S. would care more.”

    50 games… most of which are Japanese, stay IN japan, and have those annoying high pitch female anime voices while the games are IN Japanese language! Most of us dont’ care for that crap and dont’ speak Japanese….. When the Vita came out there was Uncharted… killzone mercs… etc etc. Then it died. Christ I just bought Borderlands 2 on Vita cause there was nothing else and I wanted more then 8 actual vita games. >.< I have some digital ones…. some PSP ones…. but still….

  • The Sony Press Conference was all about gaming and the games that they wanted to release exclusively for PS4. Unfortunately the Microsoft Press Conference focused on things outside of gaming, relying on their exclusive Halo 5 to get them through the conference. The PS4 has had and still has since the launch of PS4, game sharing so that you can play a game with friends who don’t have it. Xbox One [If I am correct about this] does NOT have this capability. Although the previously mentioned game-sharing on PS4 isn’t very popular, it has just about the same usefulness as Xbox One releasing backwards compatibility which they held back since the making of this console. Everyone always wondered if you could do this, and for a while, Microsoft said it could be done. This is only a marketing scheme in which Microsoft boosts from the availability of these games for next-gen and they don’t have to do any work as their console starts selling again.

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