That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

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That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

We just wrapped the E3 2015 PlayStation press conference where I hope all of you saw how PlayStation 4 is redefining what we play, how we play, and who it is that’s playing games today.

PlayStation E3 Experience 2015

At PlayStation we believe that gamers come first; that developers are the heart and soul of the industry; that innovation, intelligence, and emotion are central to games… which themselves are driving the cultural zeitgeist.

All of the games we unveiled today speak to an historic evolution of gaming, one that’s inspiring the entire community of gamers, developers, creators, and engineers. Gaming today offers unprecedented action and interactivity but it also means beautiful stories and emotional narratives.

I can’t think of another game more fitting of this new era than The Last Guardian, whose beauty and rich narrative was evident in just a few minutes of gameplay footage. PlayStation fans have been waiting a long time for The Last Guardian, and I was personally proud to introduce the title, coming to PS4 in 2016.

We kicked off the event with one story-driven experience and closed the show with one of the most storied franchises on PlayStation, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. A live demo with an epic car chase showcased Naughty Dog’s uncanny ability to deliver action-packed scenes that rival any summer blockbuster.

That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

And in between The Last Guardian and Uncharted, we showed why PlayStation’s investment in our own development studios reflects our unwavering commitment to gamers. The ingenious minds at Media Molecule unveiled Dreams, a space where you can go to explore and play the dreams of others and create and share your own. This open-ended adventure – where players surf an ever-evolving collage of games, film, animation, music, and whatever we all imagine – is a continuation of the studio’s work in creative gaming.

Guerilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn – the studio’s first foray outside of the shooter genre – delivers an action RPG that invites players to embark on a journey in a lush, post-apocalyptic open world. The team at Guerilla has also been keeping busy with RIGS Mechanized Combat League, a showpiece launch title for Project Morpheus virtual reality on PS4. This futuristic arena shooter is one of nearly 20 titles and experiences for Project Morpheus that E3 attendees can check out this week.

That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

As we head toward the launch of VR on PS4 next year, we remain in awe of the creativity we’re seeing from developers, who are wielding the technology inside Morpheus to transport you into new worlds that wrap your senses in you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it 360-degree environments.

PS4 also is the best place to play because of the decades-long partnerships with the industry’s best developers and publishers. Today we unveiled Destiny: The Taken King, which will offer exclusive content on PlayStation including a co-op Strike, new multiplayer map, and new gear.

We’re also working with Activision to make PlayStation the new home of Call of Duty. For the first time ever on our E3 stage, we were honored to debut Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the deepest and most engaging installment in one of the world’s biggest franchises. Starting with Black Ops III, PlayStation gamers will be the first to play all map packs, and we’re excited for PS4 owners to be the first to play the upcoming multiplayer beta.

That’s A Wrap: PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

Looking out at the broader entertainment landscape this year, there’s nothing else bigger than Star Wars. And I’m pleased to say that PlayStation will be the definitive console destination for STAR WARS fans. From our STAR WARS Play Set starter pack for Disney Infinity 3.0 and exclusive Boba Fett figure, to the iconic battles in EA’s STAR WARS: Battlefront, we understand STAR WARS holds a special place in the hearts of PlayStation fans.

Listening to fan requests is our north star at PlayStation. That’s why we used our E3 stage to celebrate the Kickstarter to fund Shenmue III on PS4 and PC and to announce FINAL FANTASY VII Remake (final name pending) is coming first to PS4. It’s also why tonight you’ll be able to access the PS4 media player app to enjoy personal videos, music (also playable as BGM), and photos (with support for home server sharing).

Surprising and delighting fans motivates us everyday, especially when we introduce new entertainment experiences that go beyond gaming. The recently launched PlayStation Vue – our cloud-based service for live, catch-up, and on-demand TV – is expanding to Los Angeles and San Francisco tonight. We also announced that a la carte plans for Showtime, Fox Soccer Plus and Machinima will be available nationwide starting in July.

From the rich experiences on PlayStation Network to the boundless creativity in PS4 games to virtual reality with Project Morpheus, we’re seeing a level of innovation unlike anything before in the 20 years of the PlayStation brand. For all of us at PlayStation, it’s awesome, it’s energizing, and it’s all thanks to your passion as gamers.


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  • Sony slayed it.

    • eh I was hoping they would’ve had the same idea MIcrosoft had and shown that the PS4 would have backwards compatibility, hopefully they’ll work on it though.

      as far as games go though, yeah Sony kicked butt.

    • Such a shame Vita was a victim of Sony inflicted wounds.

    • Sony officially lost.

    • If by “slayed it” you mean “they kill themselves”…yeah, they did it. In a blaze of glory.

      M$ was the CLEAR WINNER of this E3. And with that…I think from now on I’m gonna respect that and start referring to them as MS. =\
      They’ve earned my respect by showing that, unlike $ony, they DO LISTEN to their fanbase/users…and that maybe they’re not the money-hungry hyper-greedy company from the past anymore.

      So kudos to Phil Spencer and the XOne team. Well played…well played indeed.

    • @ Orpheus_Aeons – I can’t agree there. I certainly feel that Sony had more wow moments. Both had strong conferences. It’s been very fun to watch.

    • “They’ve earned my respect by showing that, unlike $ony, they DO LISTEN to their fanbase/users…and that maybe they’re not the money-hungry hyper-greedy company from the past anymore.”

      You really think so!? It hasn’t even been two years since they tried to completely screw over their fanbase and the only reason that they finally gave in and made changes to the XBone’s horrible DRM restrictions was because the PS4 was stomping the XBone in sales at a staggering rate. It had nothing to do with listening to the fans and everything to do with all the money they were losing. Mean while Sony has been listening to their fans as well as developers since the inception of the PS4 and continue to do so.

    • @deadlyplacebo : The only 2 “wow” moments were an almost mythological game by now (The Last Guardian), that we honestly don’t know if it will be out someday or not…and a 17-YEARS OLD REMAKE (FF7). That’s it.
      So…no. IMO they’ve lost all the good they got at the last E3. And MS won.

      @Ramza_x : I was about to reply to your comment with respect…until I read “Mean while Sony has been listening to their fans as well as developers since the inception of the PS4 and continue to do so”. o.O
      I don’t waste my time with F-boys. Sorry. -_-

    • That’s good cause you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about at all and just so you know, all companies are “money-hungry” cause companies are in business to make money. Also if you don’t waste your time on fan boys why are you “wasting’ your time on a website filled with fanboys for a company you don’t support?

  • Pre-Order on FF7 REMAKE on PS4 to receive the Golden Chocobo Pack.

  • Looks like the Shenmue 3 KS is going quite well indeed so far.

    It was somewhat unfortunate for there to be so little for the PS Vita at the event, or for other Japanese games like Persona 5. But then, with upcoming events like Anime Expo and Tokyo Game Show to look forward to, I’m perhaps less surprised to see that kind of stuff skimmed over at E3.

    On another note, will there be a PS Blog posting for any of the games announced for PlayStation platforms elsewhere at E3, such as Mass Effect: Andromeda?

  • PS VITA is dead? Thanks Sony, and RIP

    • Congratulations to President and CEO of SCEA.

    • I agreee with you at some extent. I own a PS Vita and im enjoying it alot. I have 8 games and a few downloads and im happy with the games i have that you just cant play anywhere else on the go.Ofcourse I would like to see a GTA or a GT Vita as would millions of Playstation fans but i guess they are saving it for a later confrence show. I HOPE. I understand how you feel. But the Vita ALREADY DOES EVERYTHING. Im gaming..then when i get tired i listen to music or watch a music video or a movie then go back to gaming all in one bus ride. First stop to last is about an hour ride. -___- . But thanks to the Vita i BARELY notice it. So Thanks SONY PLAYSTATION and KEEP UP the GOOD WORK. All we need now is a NEW SOCOM or 3rd Person SHOOTER with Vehicles like BATTLEFIELD and a new and IMPROVED PS HOME!! i got my fingers crossed for both of those. LOL

    • Such a shame, Sony is dead to all of us, peolpe please gather around, we should move to microsoft for our home console.

      Sony you just didn’t kill the Vita, you killed yourself too, what? i know mobile games are coming to Vita…..!!!! go and …..

    • @nYcFrEeWiLL82 : You do realize that everything you just said…is a perfect description…of ANY MODERN SMARTPHONE…right?

      I know it’s tough to face…but VITA IS DEAD, man. I still don’t understand all the empty hope everyone has about it. Vita IS (and will forever be) only a PS4 ACCESSORY…and an overpriced smartphone. It’s sad…but true. =\

    • All we can hope for is Japanese Developer creating those JRPG then get localized for us >_<

  • Really wish you guys gave Hello Games more than 3 minutes to show No Man’s Sky, just like the other games you’ve announced tonight. They had no time to show anything, as a result, generating a lot of negative skepticism among the internet.

    • That game has been demoed off multiple times in multiple places and no one has yet to figure out where the “game” is. It didn’t need more show time.

    • I’m sure we’ve both seen the same footage, so we already know about the means of travel and exploration, but it was news to me that all the planets were destructible, suggesting crafting exists, among other things you can possibly do on the ground. Some of that stuff is probably not polished enough to show, but for the stuff that is there, 3 minutes isn’t enough to show the meat in any of it.

    • @ColorblindMonk : Umm…”all the planets were destructible, suggesting crafting exists”.
      What? Have you seen the same footage as the rest of us or did you had any “insider access”? o.O
      Because from the demo we all saw tonight I didn’t see ANY CRAFTING…not even a suggestion of it.

      So…no. I think you’re just too pumped about it and trying to see more than it actually is in there. I still think the game could be something awesome…but from that tiny tiny tiny demo…I’m not “super-excited” about it. Sorry. =(

  • Great show, Shawn. You really showed the world Vita isn’t a “legacy platform” by announcing great games like World of Final Fantasy and … uh …

    • The word Legacy Platform meant the original Vita models. The first 2, not even the slim. They aren’t making them, they are Legacy.

      This was them writing off the components to the original model that they no longer sold.

      You guys bag on Sony every time they mention the Vita, don’t mention the Vita, Mention it but not enough… And you wonder why they just settle for not talking about it.

      It’s a great platform, it’s not dead, it’s just no profitable enough for Sony to spend millions expecting to sell millions of copies.

    • @MakaiOokami : Wow…so you’re “one of those” that actually believed that LIE about the “older models”, huh? SMH

      That was JUST A PR STUNT to do some damage control after the now infamous “House Incident”.

      Jeez, some people are just too gullible… xD

    • Makai, were you the Sony PR person who issued that retraction? The way Sony treats Vita is the way a company treats a “legacy” product.

      “You guys bag on Sony every time they mention the Vita, don’t mention the Vita, Mention it but not enough… And you wonder why they just settle for not talking about it.”

      I like how your solution is to just ignore Vita instead of, I dunno, mentioning it more often? One is a positive solution to the visibility and vitriol that exists within the Vita userbase. The other is how Sony tries to hide that they’ve completely abandoned their most loyal fanbase.

  • Nice show but…. SILENT HILLS!!! Please please save this game. It’s a money-making machine. Everyone I know was excited and it’s all we talk about. Please get this game back on track.

    Silent Hills… please..

    • The possibility is not there given that Kojima is not with Konami anymore, Del Toro wants to work with Kojima, and Konami has the rights to the game.

    • They could just get Kojima and Del Toro together and make the game under a ‘different’ title/IP. Let Konami burn away in its pachinko flames.

    • @siriusbee : Right…and they could call it “Noisy Plains”. xD

      I’m sure Konami would not mind that at all…and probably won’t sue them for every penny they have. …right? =P

      They’ve (Konami) already said that SH is dead…and that they see the MOBILE MARKET as the future of gaming. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for ANY SH game…at least not for PS4/XOne. =(

  • Dreaming about a FF 7 Collector’s edition……….. steelbook, artbook, some awesome Safer Sephiroth
    statue….. I have Seph tattoed on my leg, I bought this game on Ps1 before getting a memory card (which
    I bought a couple of months later). OMG, this is gonna be TRULY AWESOME!!!

    • That’d be sick. This game’s already the ultimate fanservice and deserves a supreme collector’s edition.

    • I will throw money so hard at whatever collectors editions for FF7 come around. Even if theres a few hundred dollar one. (well… to a certain extent) but I will still drop a ton

  • Great Show Sony! Thanks for The Last Guardian, Dreams, Shenmue III, Uncharted 4, Horizon and all the games previewed! We need to see more about Morpheus still though! You should have another conference mid week to talk about everything you didn’t talk about still like Bloodborne DLC and all the games that didn’t even get mentioned.

  • Come on guys, you guys missed to embed the trailer for the best game of E3 so far, Horizon. Give Guerilla some credit when its due. That games looks uber cool and you forgot to embed it in the wrap up.

    • Justin Massongill

      It looks amazing!! I just added a couple more vids to the post, including Horizon Zero Dawn. :D

  • This was the best anything ever.

  • Very good show, in my own opinion.

    My mouth was opened most of it ha ha.

    Keep up the great work !

  • And like always, you left a bit of a teaser for the rest of the week.

  • I don’t know why anyone would be hyped for Morpheus. Given Sony’s “commitment” to things like Eyetoy, PS Eye, PlayStation Move, 3D, Vita and PlayStation Mobile you’d figure people would realize that Sony is pretty terrible at supporting anything that isn’t the main home console.

    • While what you said is true, as long as the dang thing will let me play FInal Fantasy XIV with the lights off, and not disturb anyone, that alone is enough for me to want it.

      I wanted a Head Play for like a decade. Finally got the money and the motivation to get it, and they had gone out of business. Sony did support a lot of that stuff, but they don’t ram it down people’s throats the way Microsoft does with Kinect, and even the Kinect isn’t even supported. It didn’t even get support being bundled with every box.

      Just gotta believe that Morpheus will be the thing that takes the PS Eye/Camera, the Move, and puts it all into perspective and gets the support it should have all along.

    • Aside from Sony’s “commitment issues”…the real problem with that dumb thing is the fact that…there will be NO GAMES (not good ones) for it.

      My prediction? It will be the next “Wonderbook”: great idea, well executed…but ZERO support from game developers. And no accessory can survive without enough medium for it.
      If that weren’t the case, we will be still using Betamax players…or Walkmans. =P

      So…Project Morpheus will be an overpriced toy…and will be DEAD in 1-2 YEARS. Remember that. >;)

    • I got eyetoy, ps eye, ps move and vita / ps tv. I like Sonys side projects, but beside the vita they are quite limited. However, VR is what 3d tv wanted to be. a whole new way of experiencing games. If it is done right, it can be a major selling point. If it works well, it’ll sell well too. And with good sales, games will have a mode where it can be used. It most likely won’t be the next big thing, but I think it’ll be fun. I’m getting one at least.

    • @moijk : So I’m guessing you already own an Oculus…right?

  • Subsided_Assasin

    So where exactly was LEVEL 5 in all of this? I remember an E3 PS4 exclusive being announced late last year and yet it wasn’t here. Great conference but that was something i was really anticipating

  • It’s a good thing I’m going to the dentist tomorrow, because they can probably help pick my jaw up from the floor :-D

  • E3 of a lifetime nothing will ever match this! well done!

  • I’m not trolling, just being completely honest. That was the worst E3 in the history of Sony. Anyone who defends that steaming pile of dung is just another butt kissing fanboy. Seriously, I was hoping for some new stuff this year, but all we got was more multiplayer garbage, a tidbit of news on Project Morpheous, and some gameplay of Uncharted. Big friggin whoop.

    • You also got Dreams, Horizon (multiplayer garbage?), Shenmue 3 Kickstarter which is a relic from Sega Fanboyism and has already raised 1.4 million, No Man’s Sky, a demo of The Last Guardian, a full segment of Uncharted 4 a Thief’s Revenge, Final Fantasy Worlds, Final Fantasy 7 (I thought they would announce that next year), so on and so fourth.

      How is all of that just multiplayer garbage,

      I didn’t even list everything. You didn’t pay attention. You are seeing the world through anger and depression.

      What exactly did you want? What would have made you happy?

    • @MakaiOokami :

      Dreams = WTF was that anyway? Only MM’s F-boys can be excited about…that thing. I’m still trying to understand just what the heck it is. So…NOPE.

      Horizon = Really good. Nice surprise. Need to see more though.

      Shenmue 3 = The game doesn’t even exist yet…and it’s a “niche” game. So again…NOPE.

      No Man’s Sky = Great “idea”…that demo sucked though. So I’m still waiting for some “wow” factor about it.

      The Last Guardian = LMAO! I’ll believe it when it’s actually out. Meanwhile…to me, that game DOESN’T EXIST. So Strike 3.

    • @MakaiOokami (cont.) :

      Uncharted 4 = Aside from that pathetic fiasco at the beginning…I was actually…kinda disappointed about it. It’s EXACTLY THE SAME GAME…with a little bit of graphical improvements. I don’t know…I was excepting something MORE than just an “HD Remake” from the PS3’s games. So…I don’t think so.

      Final Fantasy Worlds = HA! LOL! That was a pile of… Wow. Hell, NO! xD

      Final Fantasy 7 = SUPER-EXCITED about it. This will be a GOTY for sure. Let’s hope that Squenix doesn’t ruin it for everyone and delivers. So…at last you were able to mention ONE GOOD GAME…and it’s just a Remake from a 17-YEARS OLD game.

      Conclusion: It WAS an atrociously awful Conference. SMH

    • Sony could have walked out played the FFVII trailer and walked away. It would have still been the best E3 ever, but everything else was just extra in my opinion. I’ve been waiting for a remake at every E3, finally it’s been announced and that is all this fan needs to know Sony is #1. Thank you Sony!

  • Thank you for everything, Sony. You slayed, you fricking slayed it!!!

  • I have to say I was disappointed by this years press conference. I was hoping to see some new exciting features added to the PS4. (although I see now there will finally be a media player, which is awesome). Also I was hoping to get some reassurance that buying a Vita wouldn’t be a waste. But it seems that PS is done with it, so I guess I wont bother.

    Horizon Zero Dawn looks amazing though !!!!!!!!

    • The only reason to buy a Vita is for the current library. If you want new games, I’d look to the 3ds.

    • Every week there are like 5 games coming out for the Vita, they announced 50 something big Vita titles just last Tokyo Gameshow…

      If you need a reason to be excited about the Vita, you’re not paying attention.

    • @Makai “Every week there are like 5 games coming out for the Vita, they announced 50 something big Vita titles just last Tokyo Gameshow…”

      Even if you slashed that 0 from that TGS list, it still wouldn’t have been true. Sony announced 0 big Vita games at TGS last year. Despite the fact that Sony likes to ham up Vita’s relative success in Asia, the platform has a pretty horrible upcoming lineup. The only games that will sell any notable amount of units are KanColle Kai and SAGA2015. Both of which are quickly approaching vaporware status – though given Sony, I’m sure it’s not so much vaporware as it is an unexpected and unwanted PS4 ports.

  • is vita dead?

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake BETTER be real and not the complete BS Square-Enix pulled with Final Fantasy XIII Versus that never came out and remade into a multplatform game years later. Square should be banned from announcing a game until within 12 months of release. Great E3 otherwise Sony. Glad to finally have DLNA too.

  • I missed the beginning of the PS4 E3 day 1 but am watching a rerun to catch up. I was not overly impressed with the content but that’s OK… it’s game choice and I didn’t see any I cared for save for the outside possibility of the Final Fantasy stuff.

    What I am impressed with is the presentation on the PS4 with the new app. I used to go to the HOME Theatre and try sometimes in vain to watch these things. Stubbornness I guess.

    But this PS4 presentation is excellent. Kudos to you’se. :)

  • I watched the E3 Experience in theater near me but at the end of the post show they were about to announce what the voucher got us but the power went out. (Bad storms) does anyone know what the voucher got us. I redeemed it and it still wouldn’t tell me

  • Sony be smart and fund Shenmue 3 and make it an exclusive. I didn’t like the whole kickstarter announcement. Great show though. Looking forward to playing the great games coming up.

  • Oh come on guys! Where is the No Mans Sky love? Not mentioned in the wrap up, nor is it anywhere in the blog posts to be seen. I’m not the only one still excited about it am I?

    Don’t let me down and have me be the only one exploring the Universe!

  • This was a conference for the ages. Megaton after megaton after megaton.

  • What a mediocre show: I really thought it couldn’t be as bad or worse than last year, but I was obviously mistaken.

    The PS Vita was an after thought that got less than 5 minutes total. Sony doesn’t bring any first party support and still hopes for things to magically turn around. Besides indies and that silly looking FF game, we got nothing. There wasn’t even a mention of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

    Support for the PS TV is even worse: not only it’s still lacking Netflix, but also Playstation’s original TV series (which is quite an irony if you ask me). Not to mention that it should have an app to view the conference just like the PS3 and PS4.

    And the only thing I did want for the PS4, backwards compatibility for PS1, PS2 and/or PS3, wasn’t even addressed, after Microsoft shattered expectations by doing so for the XB1.

    Truly disappointed :(

    • So you wanted a CES instead of E3? Or you just trolling? And I can’t believe people are putting asking for BC still. If you truly cared about last gen games, then you would have kept your old consoles. Simple as that. And jesus, if they put any time for Vita TV or any none game stuff it would have killed any momentum the first half built. Hell, even the 3 minutes they spent on Morpheus almost killed it for me. I’m glad they haven’t put in any time into that nonsense.

      As for the Vita, we all know where it stands, and it’s as good as anyone can hope for (no better or worse than the 3DS to be honest). It’s still getting plenty game support. You may not like it, but it is an indie platform and Cross Buy device. Still leaps and bounds better than what the mobile games offer, but you sure as hell won’t be seeing any Golden Abysses, or KZ: Mercenaries.

      You really weren’t serious, were you?

    • @Realsvi: “As for the Vita, we all know where it stands, and it’s as good as anyone can hope for (no better or worse than the 3DS to be honest).”

      That’s a joke, right? Nintendo has gone all out on supporting 3DS. Meanwhile, huge swathes of Sony’s marquee IPs are missing from Vita and will never be on it. They currently have an outstanding 0 games announced for Vita. Not a single one from SCE. Literally 0. In what universe is that the best anyone could hope for?

    • @Realsvi:

      I’m 100% totally serious:

      -BC: If Microsft did, so should Sony. As it stands, the Wii U and XB1 got a very significant advantage over the PS4 by allowing people access to their existing games libraries.Besides, why should I pay for a subscription service in order to play games I already paid for? I have 100+ retail PS3 games which I should be able to play on my console instead of renting them (assuming they are avialble through PS Now).
      -PS TV (AKA Vita TV): Considering Sony is lagging behind so much with it, lacking vital things such as Netflix or Powers, addressing the situation was certainly something tht should have happened.
      -PS Vita: Even Nintendo has put far more effort into rescuing the Wii U than Sony has done for keeping the PS Vita alive. With few relevant third party studios supporting the PS Vita, Sony should have step up as well and use its first party studios to provide unique content to the PS Vita, rather than bringing late low quality ports (Borderlands 2 and possibly Resident Evil Revelations 2).

    • @ gerneric123
      It’s surviving on Indie support, and I sincerely believe we won’t be seeing any first party games on it. Tearaway was its last one. It was a great game, but sold poorly because the interest wasn’t there. Just as the 3DS sales have slowed down significantly despite all its first party games. Hell the Vita was even outselling it for a while last year at some point. The hand held market isn’t what it once was. The mobile have destroyed it. It’s a sad truth. I have both a OG Vita and a 3DS, and I can come to terms with that sad fact.

    • @ Hakumen__

      Just because they have it, it don’t mean we need it. I can still play mine old games on my PS3. Would it have been nice to have it from the start? Sure. Is it necessary? No. Just because the other side has it, doesn’t mean they need to dump resources to say “Me too!”. Also, it’s way easier for MS to do it since the architecture isn’t all that significantly different between XBO and 360, while the difference in PS4 and PS3 is way different (thanks Cell Processor). And let’s face it, with the number of games coming out this fall (first and third party) I don’t see many opting out to play last gen games on new gen machines. Fallout 4 or Mass Effect 3? The choice is clear I think.
      Also I really don’t see why they even chose to put in the time for Vita TV. That was recourses that would have been better spent in what they do best, first party games in all honesty.
      I just don’t like the trend that I’m starting to see on both MS and Sony side. Just a bunch of “me too” tactics. I’d much rather then trade blows with games rather than these “features” that later become an after thought.

      This is all just my opinion, clearly, and feel free to argue against it. Let’s just not get nasty about it.

    • @gerneric123 : I totally 100% agree with you. This guy obviously doesn’t know what the heck is he talking about.

    • @Realsvi : “Fallout 4 or Mass Effect 3? The choice is clear I think.”

      Of course is clear: one of them is one of the BEST RPGs of all time…the other one, a Shooter build around the once-awesome Fallout Universe…with some better-looking Minecraft throw in there too.

      So absolutely, the choice is VERY clear: ME3 FTW. -_-

    • *built

    • You know why the Vita TV struggles with games right?

      It’s because companies have to relicense it for the Vita T.V.

      Do you really want the same licensing crap that the Vita T.V. is going through to be what determines what games you can play? Id’ rather just not deal with it, than decide to try and pop in a game and have it not work.

      Microsoft isn’t doing it because they care about their fans. They’re doing it because they’re falling behind and they are grasping at straws.

    • While backwards compability is great, it doesn’t move the console ahead. It just give the much needed push for people invested in the past consoles to buy the new one. So those who have a 360 now have a reason to buy the xbox one over the ps4. That is why Microsoft did it. Sony could maybe do something like that if the more advanced cell processor is feasible to emulate on the ps4 – if not they could open up so that you could play the games you own on ps now for free or for a lower rate (given it is a streaming service).

      But as I said, it isn’t something that moves the console ahead. It is just like Sony did with the PS Vita – access to psp and ps1 lib to gain a bigger library. (Still you got to re-buy what you had though)

    • @Realsvi: I trash Sony – and I feel justified in doing so – but their last Vita release wasn’t as long ago as Tearaway in 2013. Going solely for SCE WWS, they published Monster Bag in April or May, and Oreshika/Helldivers/MLB the month prior.

      Sony clearly is going scorched earth on Vita but I don’t think that’s justified. Want SCE Bend to make a PS4 game? Sure, go ahead. But why in the world is SCE Japan Studio completely MIA on Vita right now? Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush and Oreshika were all successful on the platform. Does Sony follow that up with sequels and other RPG revivals (in the case of Oreshika)? Nah, they announce a bunch of PS4 games even though Japan is a market where handhelds rule supreme.

      @Makai: “You know why the Vita TV struggles with games right? […]”

      So, what about the huge amount of Sony published games that aren’t compatible with PSTV? Sony struggling to relicense their own games?

  • A great conference, it’s just a shame that the most ardent and devout Playstation fans were left in the dark concerning the Vita. You guys couldn’t spare 5 minutes to talk about your very own current gen console?

    • It is a bummer that they didn’t tout the Vita, but when ever they do, that people consider the E3 lineup lackluster anyway.

      There’s new games coming out every single week, there’s 50 major titles slated to come out for it in Japan, but all fans do is look at the negative. If fans spent more time talking about the best games on the Vita, maybe Sony U.S. would care more.

    • Yes Makai, blame Vita owners for not doing Sony’s job. That seems logical.

  • I still can’t believe it! This is one of the greatest E3s EVER! I AM SHAKING!

    • So…this was your first E3, huh?


    • I agree. One of the better E3’s in recent memory.

    • @anberlin44 : You must be like Drew Barrymore’s character in “50 First Dates” then…

    • Wow! Are you just trolling the blog tonight? Because all you seem to do is hand out underhanded insults. Get over it. People like different things.

    • @anberlin44 : No…I also do it in the morning.

      So let me get this: if you say something, and I disagree with it…I’m a horrible person, because “People like different things”.

      Meanwhile if you’re the one disagreeing with me…I’m insulting and trolling.

      Great job at showing a practical use of the term “contradiction”, kid. *sigh*

  • Seriously disappointed with the lack of upcoming Vita titles.
    But, the warnings have been out there.

    Lack of backwards compatibility is still the only reason I have not bought a PS4, though the FF7 remake might get me to break down, should it be in the stars.

    Chances are I will be making due with the 2 vitas, 2 psp’s, and the 3 PS3’s I have, for a few more years.

    Like the newer PS Blog look though, glad to see Media Go works again, now if you could get the PSN disconnect / accessibility issue resolved.

  • Oh you tease with this posts’ thumbnail. Everytime I see something about this new FF7 Im going to be uncontrollably smiling.

  • While there was some amazing reveal, nothing in the conference made me feel special for owning a ps4..

  • In the end, I was a bit heartbroken, as my beloved Vita didn’t get enough attention.

    But you do brought it. Games, that is.

    There was a short short stint regarding Vue and Morpheus, but starting it off with The Last Guardian, thought to be long gone, is a great way to push buttons. You then followed it up with Horizon, which dropped my jaw. Seems like it would drop some more, with the back-to-back punch of nostalgia. I literally cried during the FFVII announcement, and then was shocked some more after Shenmue 3 showed up. You should have just bought and funded that title Sony. After that, games and more games.

    I’m happy with that. Really, really happy.

    One thing, you probably saw the reaction to the “Activision partnership”. We all know Activision have Crash. You saw how the reaction toned down after it was announced that CoD was the title you’re showing. If you showed Crash, it would break the internet. That’ll be like 3 servings of childhood memories in one conference. But now you’re aware of the hype it would bring. I hope the “Activision partnership” bears fruit, and that fruit be the rights to Crash Bandicoot.

    That’s all. Thanks for the surprises! Happy E3 everyone!

  • So…to anyone that wasn’t able to watch the whole thing: here’s the PS Conference’s Summary:





    I’m actually not that shocked…but I’m really disappointed about all that “10 YEAR support” promise…being revealed as A BLATANT LIE. After all…what was it…8 years for PS3?…and around 4 for Vita?

    Great Job, Sony. -_-

    • What? Who the hell still cares about PS3?

    • @enricofg_ : I never said someone “should care”…I was just stating that now is OFFICIAL that the console is completely DEAD. That wasn’t the case for E3 ’14.

      So next time you troll…at least try not to embarrass yourself like a jerk, and learn how to properly read. >_>

      Good day to you.

    • Yea, whatever. Buy a PS4 and stop complaining a nine-year-old console isn’t having new games developed for it.

  • Quite an amazing show. And thank you thank you thank you thank you for the media player!!


    • They have licensing deals worked out with like 100 games.

      The PS4 uses PC architecture, the Xbox 360 uses PC architecture, the Xbox One uses PC Architecture, but the PS3 was more PowerPC which is more of a MAC architecture.

      On top of that PS3 games had mandatory installs, and all sorts of things. Do you really want to fill up your PS4 with PS3 games? Some of those PS3 games are 30-50GB in size. Especially do you really want to have to look at a list before you decide if you want to buy, rent, borrow, or play a PS3 game to make sure that it works in the PS4?

      I’d rather not have backwards compatibility if it’s like the Xbone is getting.

    • @MakaiOokami : “Some of those PS3 games are 30-50GB in size.”

      I’m sorry…but THAT’S A LIE. Maybe 1 out of 30 PS3 games need more than 15 GB…and 1 out of 50 more than 20-22.
      That’s 2 out of 80 freakin’ games…and that DOESN’T EVEN GET CLOSE to the numbers you threw.

      So…if your fanboyism forces you to LIE…at least try not to do it in such a gross way. *sigh*

    • He’s not lying. Different architecture. How is that hard to understand. Its why Playstation Now is there for PS3 games. Would I like to see Sony maybe give free access to PS3 games that I already own on Playstation Now? Sure. That would be great. But backwards compatibility would be a very difficult thing for PS4 for PS3 games. I think resources would be better suited else where.

    • @anberlin44 : If you’re talking to me…you should READ AGAIN what I said. -_-

      I even quoted the SPECIFIC point of my reply…Jeez, some people. *sigh* SMH

    • @ Orpheus_Aeons
      Man instead of being so passive aggressive, why not just keep your ps3 (or get one) if past gen games are so important to you. BC is not necessary nor does it move a console forward. MS is doing it so they can have one extra check on their tally and say we got this and they don’t. But saying you can play these old games really doesn’t inspire confidence for the future if you’re still relying on the past to keep you moving forward.

    • @Realsvi well said. Well said indeed. People are legitimately excited for what Sony has shown and people think its cool coming in here and trying to make people feel dumb for loving what was shown.

    • MakaiOokami, do you even know what you’re talking about?

    • @Realsvi, Funny, when the PS2 had backwards compatibility everyone praised it, now you’re saying it’s not moving forward….how opinions change to cater fanboyism.

    • @Realsvi : Wow. So all of you share the same fathers or what? Is any of you able to read and understand a basic text?

      If any of you need a guide to understand how QUOTES work…please, be my guest and use Google. I’m sure there is some nice explanation somewhere…with pictures and all.


      Get it now? Wanna read my reply again? It doesn’t come with subtitles…so I’m sorry, but using the brain is mandatory. >_>

    • @magooser : That’s not all.
      If things were the opposite, with Sony announcing BC instead of MS…all these guys would be bashing on MS, saying how moronic they are and how they’re a very greedy company that doesn’t listen to their customers and throwing “I Love Sony” parties all over the place. SMH

      But… since is MS and NOT Sony the company doing what EVERYBODY wishes…then BC is a dumb thing to have and Sony is a smart company for not having it, that respects their customers too much to give them a silly thing that will only hurt the awesomeness of the New Gen Glory. *sigh*

      You gotta love F-boys. They are a hoot & a half! xD

    • @ Orpheus_Aeons
      You join a conversation about BC. That means you are talking about BC. Hell, the comment before your last one you are talking about BC. So yes, you have mentioned BC, and continue to as long as you are here “talking”.

      I quote talking because you are doing very little in the way of contributing as all you’re doing is insulting others while at the same time trying to put yourself above it all with some pseudo intellectual sense of superiority. That makes you a troll and nothing else. This will be the last time you give you any more attention because your posts have proven to be nothing but confrontational troll bait.

  • I don’t care about the PS3 anymore but PS Vita shouldn’t be abandoned.

    • Umm…WHY? =\

      The Vita isn’t a better console than the PS3…so if they’ve decided to drop EVERYTHING to focus exclusively on the PS4…why shouldn’t they drop the Vita too?

      PS: And before any moron out there comes yelling about it…I’m NOT contradicting myself. I just wanna know WHY he thinks so fiercely that the Vita “shouldn’t be abandoned”.

    • @Orpheus_Aeons PS3 is nearly 10 years old and has a successor on the market. Vita is three years old and has no successor announced (nor will one ever be). One has had every last drop of potential squeezed out of it. The other is Vita.

    • @gerneric123 : Yeah, I know all that. I just wanted to know why Monterossa thought what he said, because I had the feeling that he didn’t do all that math…and his only “logic” was “because I don’t wanna have to face the fact that Sony ripped me off”. =\

      But I guess now we’ll never know, huh? =P

  • Horizon was truly the show stealer in my opinion. Loved the show. It was game after game after game. Sure I didn’t care for some of the announcements but there was really something for everyone. Final Fantasy VII and Last Guardian!!!

  • Those who don’t own a ps vita stop this blutant lie about VITA being dead. PS vita is far from dead, there are good games coming for vita, there is no other mobile device that capable to play games like jstar victory vs and one piece 3. Sony may have abandon the vita (shame on you sony) but there are still many 3rd party developer/publisher who are willing to invest AAA GAMES for ps vita. I will support their upcoming games for vita rather than supporting sony’s morpheus. once again shame on you sony.

    • Please name 10 cool AAA games coming for the Vita.

      I know you don’t wanna face facts, because it’s harsh and it hurts…but you need to open your eyes and see the ugly truth, man. Trust me, it will be cathartic for you…and all the Vita dreamers out there, that still think the console is alive and well. =\

  • SONY! WHY WOULD U LET FF7 GET ON XBOX!!! u really blew it letting that happen!

    Still Im happy with its existence anyways…

  • M$ is not money hungry? What am I reading? a 150USD Elite controller what is than? 150USD!!! And they could have had BC from the start … They just wanted to sell some more XBox 360 before the cycle ends … Now that XBox 360 is not anymore on production/sale, they can have BC …

    And you must understand: backward compatibility isn’t possible on the PS4. They are two different architecture so completely incompatible … But I don’t care about backward compatibility. I want more games for the PS4, not backward compatibility. Maybe Sony should do something about the games you own, so that you don’t have to pay the PS Now monthly fee to play games you own, but in rest, I don’t care one tiny bit.

    I really liked the Sony conference, better than M$, but I was hoping for some bigger surprises. But hey, it’s a start. I would have been curious what’s up with the 1TB and the new 500 GB model for the PS4, I was thinking we would get the 1TB model for the full price and the new 500GB for a reduced price, but nobody said anything …

    • “you must understand: backward compatibility isn’t possible on the PS4. They are two different architecture so completely incompatible”

      You’re lying…or Sony is. Yes, they have a different architecture. But NO, they’re NOT “completely incompatible”.
      If you have a device powerful enough to emulate a different architecture…you can make compatible ANYTHING. ANY-FREAKIN’-THING.

      And since Sony said that apparently the PS4 is like a NASA Super-Computer (LOL)…and it’s based on a x86 architecture…and they have what no one has: THE ACTUAL PS3’s SPECS…they should be perfectly able to create a working emulator…exactly like they did with the PS2-PS3.

      So you wanna lie to yourself? That’s cool. But please don’t go running around saying dumb stuff, out of pure F-boyism…someone may actually believe all that nonsense. SMH

  • Vita announcements please.

  • GTA Vita nope
    Grand Turismo Vita nope
    Syphon Filter Vita nope
    God of War Vita nope
    God Eater 2 Vita NA nope
    NHL Vita nope
    NBA Vita nope
    WWE Vita nope
    Patapon Vita nope

    Thanks Sony!

  • Best E3 conference I’ve ever seen. Still speechless…

  • Liked the conference today. I was hoping that Level 5 would announce a Dark Cloud game. Dark Cloud series have been very popular rpg games of Playstation 2, and I can see clearly why. I just don’t see if Level 5 is thinking about bringing at least one of the games, or a new Dark Cloud or not.

  • Make ps4 backwards compatible and ps2 classics playable on Vita

  • Vita isn’t a legacy platform? Ok, I’ll bite. Can someone mention 3 games coming for it announced at E3?

    • Umm… well… there’s World of Final Fantasy. That’s…cute. =\

      And maybe some of those awful Devolver games will have a Vita port…right? *scratches head*

      And I’m sure you will be able to Remote Play some of the PS4 games…and that kinda counts as a Vita game…right? *sigh*

      And people were saying that Vita was a legacy device…oh, Andrew, you big joker! *sweating profusely*

  • If you make that much then shut up and throw some money at the Shenmue kickstarter.

  • Vita is a very good system, hardware wise. It’s doing good in Japan.

    It was you people at SCEA that messed it up, trying to promote it as a next gen on the go, making Uncharted, Killzone, and Borderlands for it.

    the fact is, nobody wants to play western action/adventure games on a handheld devices. those games belong to the big screen with a real controller.

    why don’t you take a look at the PSP? that system was a huge success because of it has tons of niche Japanese games on it. Handheld devices should be promoted that way.

    You promoted it to be something it shouldn’t be, then you blame it for not being a success, leaving your customers with nothing. all the Vita users love this system, they’re always ready to support the system but you, Sony, don’t even try to do anything.

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