PlayStation E3 2015 Livestreams: LiveCast, Press Conference

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PlayStation E3 2015 Livestreams: LiveCast, Press Conference

PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

*Conference begins at 11:48

Here we go! We are mere hours from the big show. Whether you’re watching live here, on, via Twitch or YouTube, or on your PS4 or PS3 using the Live Events Viewer application, you can follow along live starting at 6:00pm Pacific Time. You won’t want to miss it!

Drop by a little early (5:45pm Pacific Time) for our PlayStation LiveCast preshow co-starring our old friends Anthony Carboni and Meredith Molinari. We’ll have new trailers, developer interviews and more to get you pumped for the show.

Then, starting Tuesday at noon Pacific, tune into PlayStation LiveCast to see new gameplay, trailers, and interviews across nearly 50 games. As usual, we’ll keep you posted on Twitter.

Here’s to a great E3!

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  • I Cant Believe how Sony Dont care about Ps Vita owners …
    Anyway is time to Change, this year Microsoft Show how to be happy the Own Fans and all the Gaming Comunity so Thanks Microsoft, good bye Sony and R.I.P PS VITA ;(

  • Sorry Sony,aside from dreams,,this was a very,very poor showing.Would almost consider this an abysmal effort on Sony’a part.
    For the players indeed.

  • hey we can always watch at a lost.this means we aint getting nothing we didnt already know about or expect until maybe 2 0r 3 years then they will be a new console by then whats the use anymore is how im feeling complete sure all the dlc theses games will have will hold us over just fine .yeesh,

  • When will Kingdom Hearts 3 be confirmed???????????

  • I was very disappointed with your e3 conference this year. :(

  • You know what, I’m letting my PS+ run out and going back to Nintendo. I’ve been as patient as I could be, but you continue to give your fans the middle finger. So long PSBlog.

  • R.I.P PS VITA.

  • Well, that was a big F you to Yakuza fans, 2 seconds of a cut scene with a camera angle that completely obscured the game’s title. I gotta ask, where you guys purposly trying to keep Yakuza 5 as obscure as possble?

    • Not much people care about Yakuza outside Japan. Sega themselves said they won’t bring more Yakuza because it doesn’t sell.
      Yes, I know Sega are retarded. But my point is that Sega is almost dead and there too little public for it.
      Truly saddening, but expected. The great games will never get the respect and popularity they deserve.

  • Jeeze that sucked!

  • This E3 has been AWFUL. The worst E3 yet.
    And your conference… was pretty bad too. Don’t worry, the other conferences were just disgusting.
    -There were almost no exclusives.
    -Too many movies. Too much scripted crap. Too litle GAMEPLAY.
    -Too many indies.
    -When you got to show some actual attractive games, you show almost nothing.

    See you at GamesCom. Hopefully there your conference won’t be so polluted with “ARTSY” games, indiescrap overload and the same overrated cinematic american games we have seen a million times already.

  • Playstation was so mind numbing today. Nothing special, FF7 is great yes but thats all?? Really? Microsoft stole the show today

  • I need to be honest: I laughed so hard with all the U4 fiasco! It was like the perfect “Sony’s Metaphor”! xD
    Especially since it was planned as a “going-with-a-bang” move.

    Un-freakin’-believable… >_>

  • Long live the PS Vita <3
    Thanks Sony for the outstanding support. Too many great games for PS Vita!

  • I’m going to preorder all those Vita games first thing tomorrow.

  • Wow the negativity around here is overwhelming…There is always Microsoft to go to, nobody is holding any of you hostage. With that said, I’m going to be probably the first one to leave a positive comment, thank you Sony for bringing back The Last Guardian, as for FF7, Jesus everyone almost fainted. Dreams looks interesting, U4 looked awsome. Overall, good stuff. No leaving any trolling messages now, I will not reply. Have a nice evening

  • What a mediocre show: I really thought it couldn’t be as bad or worse than last year, but I was obviously mistaken.

    The PS Vita was an after thought that got less than 5 minutes total. Sony doesn’t bring any first party support and still hopes for things to magically turn around. Besides indies and that silly looking FF game, we got nothing. There wasn’t even a mention of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

    Support for the PS TV is even worse: not only it’s still lacking Netflix, but also Playstation’s original TV series (which is quite an irony if you ask me). Not to mention that it should have an app to view the conference just like the PS3 and PS4.

    And the only thing I did want for the PS4, backwards compatibility for PS1, PS2 and/or PS3, wasn’t even addressed, after Microsoft shattered expectations by doing so for the XB1.

    Truly disappointed :(

    • exactly,i would have taken psone,ps2 support but after microsofts is time for the psnow experiment to is clearly doable to have psone,ps2,and ps3 games supported offered for download etc….they bragged about being pro-gamer after microsofts bad e2 last year but have done nothing since to prove it… should be ashamed period.

  • why is nothing in the E3 Sale actually on sale?

  • hey guys i rarely ever comment but i went to the PlayStation experience in sun prairie Wisconsin and they didn’t have our badges they said they never revived them and they would contact Sony but i have no clue how the people including me will get the free exclusive surprise please let me know asap thank u

  • Does anyone know what the digital giftbasket contains from Experience e3 theatre viewing? I entered my code and didn’t get any sort of an email saying what it was or if I will be getting anything.

  • So what kinds of new abilitys for the new sub class will we get for destiny

  • the games looked good,but everything else was a money grab…how many people are gonna dish out the cash for VR (which looked like the games were mobile,or nintendo 64 graphics)??? no back-wards compatibility,no external hd,no price cut,no larger hd size version of system….and they again push PSVUE (which is overpriced)and commentators lie and say its like cable ala cart…no its $30+ for basic cable options which would be cheaper just to stay with cable company who provides my internet…other than the convenience of one box for entertainment there is no reason to use vue.when it isnt ala cart and costs more than basic cable through my internet needs to stop worrying about creating new revenue streams by charging there users monthly fees..and stop trying to compete with cable companies. they need to realizer there competition is Microsoft,and steam…both with better downloadable game selection..ps3 has way more games to download than ps4.there is no reason psone and ps2 games couldnt be downloaded and played on ps4 other than greed in trying to push psnow.i say ps never…never will i rent stream games…

    • Steam is killing ps4 psn for number of games to download and on sales and specials….i would rather have psone and ps2 games playable than any of the games shown at e3…….at least that way i would get some rpg that isnt final fantasy….sure wish dark cloud was around and improving……we need more hd space asap! and more games to download….there is no excuse for lack of content…these indie flash games are not cutting it……were never getting 4k video like we were promised…ps4 doesnt have the chips for decoding…..made it sound like external hd would be here by now….i am to the point that with a full hd i will not buy anymore ps4 games,and will get a ps3 or xbone….or maybe even a wii for monster hunter….

  • It’s bad when I can agree with most of the comments in a PS blog post. I am not sure how xbox made me happier this year when I don’t even want one.

  • White Knight Chronicles successor please on PS4.

  • For those of us who actually work for a living and can not afford to take the day off to watch the live-stream events because games cost so much money these days, will Sony be making their live-stream events available to watch after they are done? If so, where?

  • I’m really impressed with Mad Max. I didn’t think it would be that cool. Also, Salt and Sanctuary looks neat too and I Am Bread is going to be crazy but I think it’ll be a hoot to play…I was laughing at the demo. Theres a lot of cool looking indie games coming out that im excited over. This years e3 rocks!!!

  • EmeraldLeviathan

    The Vita is by far my favorite system. I am very upset at the lack of support by Sony. How can you expect independent developers to support your system, when you can’t even support it yourself? Microsoft pretty much killed this conference by announcing the backwards compatibility. Too bad.

  • What I wanna know is when will Sony FINALLY announce digital PS1 classics cross buy/play support on PS4?

    Digital PS1 classics are cross buy/play on PS3, Vita, and PSP, literally every PlayStation system that can connect to PSN EXCEPT the newest most powerful PS4. Why? Cannot possibly be a technical/hardware limitation being the most powerful of the 4 systems mentioned.

    After Microsofts huge backwards compatibility announcement, now seems like a REALLY good time to FINALLY announce this..

  • When Microsoft at its conference said on backwards compatibility that “we don’t charge you to play games that youve already purchased” it was a major slap in the face toward Sony, since central to the socalled console war is the issue of which company is more “gamer-friendly.” This was undisputedly owned by Somy but I feel like after this strong showing by Microsoft at E3, Sony has to come back in order to keep its dominant position in the market and in the hearts of gamers. With backwards compatibility many PS4 owners who had an Xbox 360 will undoubtedly be purchasing an Xbox1.
    Sony has paved the way with gamer-friendly projects like remote-play, share-play and PS NOW but there hasn’t been a whole lot of follow up and most PS users have been practically unable to utilize these functions due to choppy service and lag even on highspeed connections.
    Perhaps Sony was taken by surprise at E3 and unable to respond at E3 to retake the title but we supporters of Sony do hope that Sony will strengthen the cutting edge infrastructure it has already introduced as well as introduce new services to answer back to Microsoft and reestablish itself as the more gamer-friendly company and THE place to game.

  • So, that schedule says No Mans Sky would be shown at 2:45, but they never showed it. What happened??

  • What happened to the No Man’s Sky segment at 2:45? It was just swept under the carpet. It was scheduled, it didn’t happen, and then the recap didn’t even have clips from No Man’s Sky.

    What is going on with No Man’s Sky?

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