PlayStation E3 2015 Livestreams: LiveCast, Press Conference

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PlayStation E3 2015 Livestreams: LiveCast, Press Conference

PlayStation’s E3 2015 Press Conference

*Conference begins at 11:48

Here we go! We are mere hours from the big show. Whether you’re watching live here, on, via Twitch or YouTube, or on your PS4 or PS3 using the Live Events Viewer application, you can follow along live starting at 6:00pm Pacific Time. You won’t want to miss it!

Drop by a little early (5:45pm Pacific Time) for our PlayStation LiveCast preshow co-starring our old friends Anthony Carboni and Meredith Molinari. We’ll have new trailers, developer interviews and more to get you pumped for the show.

Then, starting Tuesday at noon Pacific, tune into PlayStation LiveCast to see new gameplay, trailers, and interviews across nearly 50 games. As usual, we’ll keep you posted on Twitter.

Here’s to a great E3!

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  • DecadanceFantasy

    I’m excited to see some great games, Sony!

  • I am looking forward to hearing that Sony will give us 1) PS4 backward compatibility with PS3, 2) changing the 10% PS3 OS reserved, and 3) giving us plug and play with external HDD. Thanks.

    • That would be nice. But I’m not holding out any hope..

    • That would kill the purpose of PS Now completely (except for Vita).
      I don’t think that would happen.

    • Anyone hoping for backwards compatibility (especially if this was trigger from Microsoft’s press conference) is a fool. You can hope for it, but there’s far more invested in remasters and PSNow than that…..

    • Maybe with PS1 might happen!

    • @XrosBlader821 PS Now should die. It is a horrible service. Sony is making PS Now like Netflix and Redbox instead of like iTunes and PS Video. We should be able to own games that we already purchased on PS Now at no additional cost. I should not have to be renting them. @Link01 I wanted BC from when I first heard about PS Cloud. Personally, I think remastered are bad. But I can see having both remastered and BC. Nintendo has Wii and Wii U versions of many of the same exact old retro games. I really do not understand why not all games are asking for BC. This, to me, is a no brainer. PS Now can be used as a way for BC. I would prefer an emulator app but that does not have to be the only solution. Sony can create an ownership feature in PS Now and then say those who already brought games digitally do not have to pre-purchase them.

    • I don’t think the PS3 with capable of running PS4 games (like Knack or the Order 1886) on the system, If you did try to make the games run on the PS3, It would cause the system to malfunction and explode. Plus you can get games that are also available on the PS4 on the PS3, like Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster, Metal Gear Solid V, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

      and to your number 3 question: How about let Sony officially release a 500TB PS3.

    • You won’t see PS3 backward compatibility, the architectures differ too much.

    • does anyone use psnow?

  • On my way to watch the Big Show at my local theater! Very excited 2c some greatness from Sony!

  • Please have some awesome first party games for this holiday Sony please!!!

  • Why don’t you care about the PS Vita? I’m PS Vita owner and many of the other PS Vita Owners want 1st party games again. PS Vita is dead because you give up on it to force on PS4 which is good thing but you should have two teams forcing on both the platforms not one. Money is okay but letting PS Vita die out is bad move, I see bright future with PS Vita then it being PS4 remote play thing.

    Anyway I’m hoping this E3 you guys at Sony will blow my mind like last few years now, PS4 being able to play PSone, PS2, and PS3 games on PS4 using software emulation. Being able to use your game disc and download from PSN Account of millions of millions of gamers on PSN Network. >.< :)

    • Because Sony never was really competetive in the handheld market to begin with.
      The Vita was a terrible price wall at launch and after 3 year only 10 million people bother to get it. In order to make the Vita attractive to the general public Sony would have to put a lot of money into that system and given their recent financial instability it’s easy to understand why they wouldn’t want to risk it.

      As it stands now The vita is kept alive by Indies, Japanime games, PS1 and PSP games and Remote Play. It’s not ideal but for me it’s enough. I would be really surprised if Sony tried a comeback with the Vita.

      P.S. Where is my Gravity Rush 2, Sony?

  • Can’t wait to see Project Morpheus at E3 and an Uncharted 4 set piece demo :D

  • Excited to see Morpheus games, and maybe a few new reasons to turn on my lovely Vita.

  • I’m really excited for Uncharted 4 gameplay as well as other awesome gameplay/CG trailer’s come out of PlayStation E3 2015.

    I also hope to see a some compitation against the backwards comparability that Microsoft brings to the table with PlayStation Now.

    I hope you announce YouTube streaming on PS4. I also like to as well stream from Twitch but be able to stream music from Spotify and my viewers can hear the music I’m hearing as well.

    I’d like to entertain my viewers.


  • why is this event not even started???? its 738 pm pst! No wonder they losing to xbox! No support EST!

  • i used to watch this on playstation home now i have no where to go,thanks for that sony.

    • They actually made a whole new thing under ps4 live experience and PS3 they put it under videos u just download the stream I believe.

    • Download the Live Events Viewer on you os3 or ps4 and watch it there. It’s clearly stated in the article. At least read before complaining..

  • Microsoft announced Xbox One backwards compatibility…. you really need to match this Sony; PsNow just plain sucks

    • Well it only sucks cuz they make you pay for it other than that they have some good games under it. I’m with you though need to lower the cost a bit.

  • I don’t really care about BC, since I didn’t buy too many games last gen. But Sony, please stick to games. Games games games. You know your Holiday lineup is a little sparse, so give people something to look forward to in 2016 at least. Stick to games. No BS, no TV, A LOT OF VITA. But wishful thinking aside, please stick to games. That’s what you promised, deliver on it.

    All I noticed on the MS E3 is that there’s no presence of JRPGs. That’s my genre of preference, so deliver on that front. But by default I know you will. Just a couple of hours left. I’m excited! Don’t let me down Sony!

  • The thing is… that why do i have to pay to play the games i already own?? that’s the part i hate about PsNow; i’ve supported sony since the days of the Ps1 (the original) and i know there has to be some sort of revenue in the new consoles; but… why pay for a game i already own? don’t misunderstand me…. i love Sony, and keep my Ps3 with all my library; but now that Microsoft took the first step in the right direction, Sony need to do this too; it’s a way to keep your loyal customers happy =)

  • Make ps2 classics playable on Vita and ps4.

  • exactly no one wants psnow anyways…is it me or does it seem like only microsoft has listened to its users at all…sony has been cocky since ms bad press last year and has done nothing to listen to its fans…..they havent even delivered on things ps4 was advertised to do and may 4k video not going to happen……they need to drop now and go backwards compatible and external hd…my hd is full… one classics and ps2 classics should be sold on ps4….i have had this system for almost a year and the whole time i could get better game options on ps3….honestly wish i bought ps3/or xbone….there trying to push there ultra expensive psnow and there double expensive psvue…neither is needed or wanted by users….we want backwards compatibility and games we can purchase not rent…and cable options need to be ala cart or much much cost more to not stay with internet provider than it does to switch to vue at that price it makes no sense… hasnt gotten one good review anywhere online yet they push it…… now needs to die!!!!!!!!!!! they need to compete with steam,xboxlive not gamefl..i want to own the games i play….why is it so hard for sony to get??

  • I hope this doesn’t disappoint. It is very likely that it will after the competition’s AMAZING press conference today. I’ve wanted PS4 to be backwards compatible for some time now, at least with PSOne and PS2, but now Sony would look silly if PS4 didn’t also play PS3 games. I know there’s PS Now, but that has lag and requires us to subscribe or rent games we own. Also, I’m in love with the new customizable controller for the competition. Since it’ll also work with PCs, Sony should seriously consider making PS4 compatible with it.

  • I’m going to spend the time backing up my mac so I can upgrade to Yosemite. If MS/EA/Bethesda are anything to go by, this is going to be a fun E3.

  • SPriNT4Geyes_601

    Sony, if PS morphous is here you guys will likely steal the show. That along with GOW4 and maybe a big exclusive AAA game… It’s all about the games mainly tho So you guys are going to need just one AAA no one seen coming, thus easy win

  • I hope to see some great stuff and i hope u guy put a backward compatibility cause i would really like to play my ps3 game with out having to switch between ps3 and ps4 its a bit of a pain to do that and i still love my old title and still buy ps3 game that i did get to play when they came out. By the way batman arkham knight wooooo!!!!!! Cant wait.

  • Can’t wait to be amazed, surprised, and delighted by what you have in store tonight! :-D

  • Sony – Phil Spencer just dropped the mike! backwards support for 360 game, hololens demo and so many new games! Make it good. Or you will lose 2015 in the US…..

  • Very excited. Really really hoping for some good Vita news. I can’t help but be hopeful.

  • Good luck Sony; I hope it goes well. I really hope that the Vita is at least mentioned without the words “retro”, “indies”, and “remote play”. I also hope that the rumored Move-2 device doesn’t end up being another Wonderbook melt-down. :)

  • Seriously… My PS4 Live Event viewer is stuck in Limbo, maybe trying to load something that doesn’t exist… I don’t know. Wow. That’s great Sony! I planned on watching your conference through my PS4, but can’t! “Greatness Awaits!” Yeah, right….
    I’m just glad I have my PC also hooked up to my TV… because… I have a feeling I won’t be able to watch Sony’s conference on my PS4… Great job SONY!!!

  • Things i need from this conference

    -Syphon Filter Reboot/sequel
    -Socom/H Hour
    -Indie games limited to 5-10 minutes
    -More SFV character reveals
    -MGS V PS Exclusive content
    -Playstation All Stars 2
    -Modnation Racers 2
    -ZERO Vita stuff (Its dead…just admit it)
    -Project Morpheus cannot take more than 10minutes…..its going to be crazy expensive and its going to require alot of extra stuff people have to buy….the general public wont care.
    -Surprising Holiday first party releases

    We already know UC4 will be a huge part of the conference but its not like its a new IP we know we are going to get GOTY quality so i hate when they stay on a game for too long.

  • why is the new player not on the blog yet and twitch tv is behind on the broadcast youtube ign didn’t show the beging and my ps3 event player is lagging

  • Would love to stream it via the Live Events app but all I see is a big black screen.

  • I Hope Sony Takes One From Microsoft and gives us PS3 games on PS4 with having to use PS Now

  • did i just see SSX OMG!!!!!

  • At Sonys worse they still beat Microsoft how many people remember the original Xbox one was sh.. And had dry in each game and you didn’t own games. Their conference was made possible by Sony reinforcing indies, owning your games giving an instant game collection. Plus it’s Morpheus, morpheus games, uncharted 4 , until dawn, tear away I feel they already win. But I’m sure gravity rush 2, syphon filter, the last guardian and others will bring it over the top. If you guys don’t know how big Morpheus is you really don’t realize how far Sony is ahead of the game. Just wait. I agree vita love is needed drop to 150 all classics at 20 and make kill zone 2, uncharted 2 and gran turismo or grand theft auto vita would save console.

  • Dam in each game

  • hopefuly we get some beta codes like we have been getting all day now we need some for ps4 and ps3 and some new featres to plaese

  • Drm lol

  • Oh Shuhei, we know exactly how long you’ve waited to re-introduce The Last Guardian. ;)

  • Sonny fix the lag and buffering

  • OMG The Last Guardian looks AWFUL. Talk about a game that is about 5 years too late, The graphics look sooooooo bad. Just kill the game now.

  • Watching from my local theater, let’s bring it Playstation!

  • Lara Croft who??

  • Super disapointement! For the second year in a row, I can’t watch the conference live! Its not available on my PS4 and its not available on my PS3… neither on Twicht! Why I was able to enjoy the conference from xbox at noon on my xbox one and I can’t do the same thing on my PS4 from Canada!!!!

    A very disapointed gamer!!!

    • You shouldn’t trust Sony for streaming, man.
      It’s NOT “the second year in a row”…it’s THE THIRD OR FOURTH one. Sony hasn’t being able to stream right since BEFORE PS4 was introduced. >_>

      So…wrong move, friend. Next year…DON’T GO THE SONY WAY. Trust me on that one. ;)

    • My reply is “awaiting moderation”…so I’m not taking any chances:


      You shouldn’t trust Sony for streaming squat, man.
      It’s NOT “the second year in a row”…it’s THE THIRD OR FOURTH one. Sony hasn’t being able to stream right since BEFORE PS4 was introduced. >_>

      So…wrong move, friend. Next year…DON’T GO THE SONY WAY. Trust me on that one. ;)

  • Sooo how about some dates or games that are actually coming out this year… looks like our ps nation is going to drop the ball this year

  • This year will be no different. RIP Vita.

  • Shenmue 3!!! I will finally avenge Ryo Hazuki’s father! LanDi will die slowly for making me wait so long!

  • I am absolutely disgusted by Sony’s lack of mention of the Vita outside of the World of Final Fantasy comment. So much for those individuals on certain websites that said the legacy comment was in error and that Sony plans to continue to support the Vita for years to come. Sell the Vita while you can folks to re-coop the little money it’s worth before it you have to pay people to take it from you.

    • Dude…It was pretty obvious TO EVERYONE that the whole “Andrew was just talking about the old models” was just a DAMAGE CONTROL PR stunt. House thought “no one will ever know about it” and was willing to bet that at least PS4 owners were ready to back him up on that “scr#& that stupid handheld…PS4 is the future! …right?” speech.

      …but the whole fiasco backfired on them. So they needed some BS to “countermeasure” all the (justified) hate towards the company.

      Not 1 (smart) person actually believed that lie…you just need to open your eyes to see that VITA is slowly (but surely) DYING. =\

  • i knew they had nothing cant believe i stayed up for this crap.goodluck selling ps now .ms has done eveything right in the last year while sony has gotten lazy and did nothing but further milk us.take away ps home .f u sony.

  • Thanks sony, that was 5 entire seconds for the Vita.

  • Wow Sony, you really dropped the ball this year. WHY THE F*** WON’T YOU SUPPORT THE VITA??? If Nintendo doesn’t do something amazing I may just bang my head on a wall a few times.

  • That was by far the worst showing from sony i have ever seen. Focus was barely on any first party tech nor first party games…. it was all exclusive content for crossplatform games like cod (which sells itself without any need for advertising), star wars, disney infinity etc…. there was barely any mention of morpheous, infact they spent longer talking about music streaming than morpheous…

    Only two or three games even looked interesting. Sorry, i’ve been a sony boy for decades and backed them all the way, but they lost this E3 to M$

  • Ok…

    -Nothing for the PS Vita.
    -Nothing on backwards compatibility.
    -Announcement on lame games that were already announced for Xbox One.
    -Shenmue III… as funded by fans. The game does not even exist. What’s the hype about? What kind of joke is this, to announce something on a E3 that may never happen? Is this another “The Last Guardian” promise?

    As much as I love Playstation, Microsoft owned you guys. BIG TIME. Awful conference.

    • Shenmue 3 will happen. It raised over 500 g in about 20 minutes. It will be funded by tomorrow probably.

  • If people are jumping ship because you can play 360 games on Xbox One it’s clear people are easy to please.

  • So…to anyone that wasn’t able to watch the whole thing: here’s the PS Conference’s Summary:





    I’m actually not that shocked…but I’m really disappointed about all that “10 YEAR support” promise…being revealed as A BLATANT LIE. After all…what was it…8 years for PS3?…and around 4 for Vita?

    Great Job, Sony. -_-

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