Media Player Coming to PS4 Tonight

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Media Player Coming to PS4 Tonight

Hello PlayStation Nation! Every time we announce new features for PS4 here on PlayStation.Blog, I love going into the comments to answer your questions and see feedback on which features people really like and which ones people still want to see. One of those questions I have been able to count on has been, “Where is our PS4 media player?”

If you were watching our E3 press conference pre-show, you probably heard the good news – Media Player for the PS4 will be available to download from PlayStation Store this evening. A Media Player icon will appear in the PS4 content area, simply select the icon and you will be taken to the PS Store where you can begin the download.

Media Player Coming to PS4

The Media Player works with both your home server and when plugging a USB stick with media into one of the available ports on the PS4. Your home server will appear as a media option in the player automatically and finding your media is simple and quick. You may also simply enjoy music as background music on your PS4!

Of course, we know what you really want to see: look below to see supported video and audio file formats and codec details.

Media Player Coming to PS4Media Player Coming to PS4

File Formats and Codecs



  • Visual: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2
  • Audio: MP3, AAC LC, AC-3(Dolby Digital)


  • Visual: MPEG4 ASP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2
  • Audio: MP3, AAC LC, AC-3(Dolby Digital)


  • Visual: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2
  • Audio: AAC LC, AC-3(Dolby Digital)


  • Visual: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2, MPEG2 Visual
  • Audio: MP2(MPEG2 Audio Layer 2), AAC LC, AC-3(Dolby Digital)
  • AVCHD: (.m2ts, .mts)


  • JPEG (based on DCF 2.0/Exif 2.21)
  • BMP
  • PNG


  • MP3
  • AAC (M4A)

Media Player Coming to PS4

We know the Media Player has been a highly-requested feature for PS4 and we want to thank you for passionate feedback. I know the Media Player will be a favorite new feature for PS4 owners who love to use their PS4 as the entertainment center of their living room. What other features would you like to see come to PS4? Let us know in the comments!

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  • I would love to be able to copy and store media (mostly music) on my PS4 HDD.. I absolutely loved those features on the PS3.

  • MrBrightside1189

    Thank you so much!

    Please consider adding in support for:
    – DTS and DD+ support in .MKV
    – FLAC audio (up to 192kHz, 24-bits)

    Just these two things would be amazing and add a wealth of value to the new media player app.

    • Second. These are pretty important. Don’t forget subtitle support and ability to switch audio tracks in MKV/MP4s. ;)

    • Yeah support for those Sound Codecs be able to switch soundtracks and subtitle support and I could finally but my WD Media Player some where else

  • Watched the entire E3 press conference hoping to see some new features for the PS4. I was incredibly disappointed. Why was this not announced there?

    Anyways, at least it is coming! :)

    Keep up the work, there’s still a long way to go.

  • Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!1 Checked out the app and love it. However, a delete option would make it even better, for those files i wish to no longer play. :)

  • No, you apparently don’t like listening to what we say in the comments. Why, after 1.5 years is the PS4 still behind the PS3 in keeping our stupid music on the hard drive? One of your prime exclusive games was made better on the older console by allowing us to use our own music (MLB the Show). I love my ps4, but this is getting ridiculous. I know you want us to use your music service, but its not going to happen. Fix this and things will get a lot better!

    • and the only way it detects my laptop is if i’m connected via ethernet lol

    • WWEGames as well

    • Spotify has a FREE version.

    • Spotify doesn’t have every song… would be nice if we could keep our music on the hard drive. Personally, I don’t have much space left on the hard drive or in cloud storage so it would be nice if we had external storage for game installs and more storage for our saves as 1GB in the cloud isn’t enough!

  • Wait, The Last Guardian… AND DLNA? Dreams really DO come true!

  • This, after one of the most amazing E3 press conferences of all time? You must really love us! Thank you!

  • This is a great development. Thank you for listening to the community. Now with this highly technical and impressive feature added surely you could add simple CD playback, or at the very least lossless audio support. I have decent speakers and headphones and I would like to hear the best quality audio possible. I am still going to keep my Spotify subscription for convenience, but for serious listening I should have the option of Cds\ lossless audio if my Ps4 is truly to be my main media hub. Thank you!

  • Is this going to be in the store or what? I don’t see it

  • Awesome but is the free game trials were David perry said at ps4 around the 30min mark still coming he you can try a game free and buy it if you like it ?

  • okay so how do i get the media player to detect MKV files cause with windows, media player won’t detect them and it looks like it’s detecting videos from windows media player and not windows explorer. I’m on Win7 by the way any help would definitely be appreciated

  • This isn’t much of an improvement. How come we STILL can’t play CDs or actually store the music on the PS4’s hard drive? What’s so hard to understand about this, Sony?

  • We need external hard drive support! We need to store games and play them on our external hard drives!! I have a terabyte and a half in my PS4 and it’s not enough anymore!! I have a terabyte external waiting for you guys!! Get on it boys and I’ll be completely satisfied at long last ;)

    • God Damn right Nick! I was so disappointed that it was never announced. So what about it Sony? Where is it?

  • Just need an updated bluray player that’s more inline with the ps3 and can recognize inserted media. Like movie titles instead of “blu-ray disc”.

  • Please add FLAC support I mean most people don’t care but there are a lot of people who like there music in a very high and lossless quality. Kind of irrelevant but my SONY Xperia z3 supports both FLAC and ALAC which is nuts and I appreciate. Why won’t my SONY PlayStation do the same. One question would the controller be able to stream and support that FLAC via earphones?

  • Wait!! External hard drive game support AND backwards compatibility!! I forgot about that BIG one!! If Microsoft can do it, Sony can do it better!! Prove me right boys!!

  • I don’t see the point of this feature at all when we cant even get folders for our games or backwards compatibility idk what i paid 400 dollars for tbh

  • newyoricanstreet

    Please make a guide on how to setup a media server. I’m currently trying to connect to my home network but the PS4 isn’t recognizing my media servers. I have everything set to share across my network and ports are forwarded and still no luck. Hopefully i’m just missing something vital but I could use the help in a blog or something.

    • i had to connect via ethernet. for some reason it won’t connect via wireless

    • I got it to work using the Plex Media Server. I did notice the media player on the PS4 doesn’t have subtitle support. Would love it if subtitles were implemented in a future update.

  • I have a question. it says my USB stick “isn’t supported” when i plug it in…………


  • why am i just now seeing this:)

  • Native Twitch app

  • Custom Wallpapers please!!!!!!!! Backwards compatibility for at least the digital games that I bought for the ps3 without the need to pay more with the PSNow.

  • This is nice but more media functions are pointless without a bloody remote control!

    Serious,y it’s time to open the Bluetooth up to Logitech and release your own remote too.

    We want harmony co trol of ps4 or at least the ability to leave a controller off while vegging on the couch.

    • I agree 100%. The new media functionality just highlights how worthless PS4 is for media without a media remote.

  • When can we delete demos from showing up in the library? Most of the game demos I played are embarrassing. Like, citizens of earth. I don’t want to see that ever again.

  • This Media Player is garbage. My smart TV can play A LOT more type of files than this app. Pretty sad Sony.

    • My Ouya handles everything… this handles the basics. If they don’t catch up with the times I’ll have to stick to using my PC and Ouya to stream stuff. It won’t even recognize my external hard drive that’s formatted to NTFS… just like the PS3 still does. Such a shame.

  • Instead of a USB stick, would an external hard drive be able to be used with media content through the usb port?

  • What about SRT subtitles?

    • SRT and embedded subtitle support would be boss! Is anyone else having an issue with MKV files over 4GB?

  • Won’t recognize any of my mp4 or avi files, and their the correct codec.

  • Is it possible to Cast using the Media player? To send music or video that’s playing, on say a phone, to the Media player by using the cast feature?

  • and i find it laughable that no one in charge of this blog is responding.. how typical

  • +1 for FLAC support!

  • Just tried it, no DTS audio support in MKV videos. Bummer. How about adding that?

  • Please add the abilty to APPEAR OFFLINE. its the only feature I really want

  • After trying this App all i can say is that is complete Trash

    -No Sub support unless is Hardsub
    -No Scene jump like PS3
    -No FLAC Support
    -If the .Mkv is Dual Audio you can’t change
    -You can’t save files to the PS4 HDD
    This is a Sad excuse of an app.

  • I’m currently trying to connect to my home network but I cant for some reason…

  • Can we get subtitles for the Media Player?
    Plex’s support for subtitles is flaky to non existent.
    Without subtitle support by the built in Media Player, We’re left with no options besides going back to the PS3.

  • Please ADD wallpaper change Please .

  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Cinavia protection – is it gone or still on there?

  • Doesn’t work, not reading my External Hard Drive, and can’t connect to my Laptop, absolutely useless, thanks Sony

    • yep laptop won’t detect unless it’s connected via ethernet. keeps saying mkv files aren’t on the external which is the only thing i put on there. utterly pointless and useless.. once again sony takes the lazyboy way out and we as consumers get screwed again

  • Hmmm…

    My mp3 files are not showing up saying not supported…

    Anyone else?

  • This is great (I guess). I downloaded it and now it says it doesn’t see my home server or my media server. How do I fix this? Everything Sony is closed for support.

    • yep it’s useless.. only detects if you’re connected via ethernet

    • I have Mezzmo media server running and it works perfectly fine. Maybe you need to check your share settings on your PC or just download Mezzmo.

  • For PS4 I’m only looking forward to backwards compatibility, and perhaps the ability to delete icons of apps I don’t use such as PS Now and PS Vue.

    For PS Vita Sony needs to add Netflix support, as well as enabling watching original Playstation TV series such as Powers (which ionically can’t be watched on the PS TV). Adding the app for vieiwing events such as this conference on PS TV (if not also on PS Vita) is another point Sony needs to address

    Also, adding filters or some way to sort the PSN store downloads would be deeply appreciated, specially for the PS3 and PS Vita.

  • Holy smokes!

  • I’ve been waiting for an app like this to be added to PS4 for a while. Thanks!

  • Can we have the HDCP requirements for the Media Player app turned off? We’re using this for videos that we own, so why is that restriction on for this app? It doesn’t make any sense, so I’d like to enjoy them as I please.

  • i actually think they lied about mkv support

    • no it’s just that DTS and other soundtracks don’t work… and possibly also files that are too large. I’m not sure on that but I know a lot of audio formats aren’t yet supported.

  • For those who cannot connect
    you have to enable Sharing on your laptop
    then start Windows media player.

  • and i thought the guy that posted this blog said that he enjoys answering people’s questions? well we’ve got a bunch of questions and not a single answer.

  • Extremely disappointed there is no animated GIF support.

    Kidding =) This is awesome–great job, keep it up!

  • Expecting delivery of a PS4 today and was a bit miffed that media support would be inferior to my PS3. What timing eh?

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