PlayStation E3 Experience 2015: Livestreams, Community Event, Booth Lineup

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PlayStation E3 Experience 2015: Livestreams, Community Event, Booth Lineup

It’s happening! Monday, June 15th marks PlayStation’s annual E3 Press Conference. The big show starts at 6:00pm Pacific / 9:00pm Eastern. You’ll be able to watch the festivities live on your PS4 or PS3 using the Live Events Viewer app, or via, Twitch, YouTube, and right here on PlayStation.Blog.

But there’s more. Our PlayStation LiveCast show kicks off Tuesday, 6/16 at 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern. Expect to see Ryan, Justin, and me debut new gameplay footage, game demos, and developer interviews across more than 40 upcoming games.

LiveCast Schedule

Monday: 5:45pm Pacific
Tuesday: 12:00pm to 6pm Pacific
Wednesday: 10am to 5:00pm Pacific
Thursday: 10am to 3:00pm Pacific

E3 Community Event

If you’re lucky enough to live in SoCal, we’ve got a treat for you. You’re invited to swing by the San Diego Studios E3 Community Meetup located outside of the West Hall entrance of the L.A. Convention Center (at Figueroa and Pico) on Wednesday, June 17th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm — it’s free and open to the public! Just look for the MLB The Show “Trophy House” tent.

You’ll meet San Diego Studios developers and be among to first to play:

  • MLB 15 The Show
  • Drawn To Death
  • Guns Up!
  • Killstrain

There will be opportunities to give feedback to developers, too, including a gentleman by the name of David Jaffe. You won’t wanna miss that!

Nearby, you’ll also be able to go hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront, try out the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Experience, and pick up PlayStation gear from the merchandise store. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday afternoon!

PlayStation’s E3 2015 Booth Lineup preview

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the actual E3 show floor, read on to see a selection of playable games that will be located in PlayStation’s booth (West Hall #4522). Obviously, this isn’t a comprehensive list of every game, but it should get you started. And yep, you’ll be able to try out Project Morpheus!

Drawn to Death The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency // San Diego Studio
Fat Princess Adventures Fun Bits // Santa Monica Studios
God of War III Remastered Santa Monica Studio
Guns Up! Valkyrie Entertainment // San Diego Studio
Journey thatgamecompany // Santa Monica Studio
Kill Strain San Diego Studio
Ratchet & Clank Insomniac Games
Tearaway: Unfolded Media Molecule
The Tomorrow Children Q Games // Japan Studio
Until Dawn Supermassive Games
Street Fighter V Capcom
Batman: Arkham Knight WB Games
Alone With You Benjamin Rivers Inc.
Amplitude Harmonix
Broforce Devolver Digital
Capsule Force Iron Galaxy
Cosmic Star Heroine Zeboyd Games
Enter the Gungeon Devolver Digital
GALAK-Z: The Dimensional 17-bit
Gang Beasts Double Fine
N++ Metanet
Nuclear Throne Vlambeer
Salt & Sanctuary Ska Studios
Chasm Discord Games
EarthNight Cleaversoft
To Leave Freaky Creations
ABZÛ Giant Squid/505 Games
Relativity Willy Chyr
Planetside 2 Daybreak
Death Tales Nine Tales Digital
Dungeon Defenders 2 Trendy Entertainment
Snow Poppermost
Soma Frictional Games
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter The Astronauts
Thumper Drool
Gnog KO-OP Mode
Super Meat Boy Team Meat
Skullgirls: 2nd Encore Autumn
Heart Forth, Alicia Alonso Martin
FutureGrind Milkbag Games
Rocket League Psyonix
I Am Bread Bossa Studios
Super Time Force Ultra Capy
Moon Hunters Kitfox Games
The Banner Saga Vs. Evil

Docs for PlayStation

If you’re headed to the show, keep an eye out for the Docs for PlayStation QR code. It’ll take you to news, details on the games in the booth, an E3 PlayStation Experience guide, and more.


We’ll also be partnering up with our friends at IndieCade to showcase several awesome PS4 titles in their booth! The games will be located in the South Hall at Booth #601, make sure to stop by and check them out as well.

  • Gravity GhostIvy Games
  • DistanceRefract Studios
  • Night in the WoodsInfinite Fall

That’s it for now. See you Monday!

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  • I hope they show new gameplay of H1Z1 or some kind of info on when we are actually going to get it on ps4 since for em to announce it and say its coming to ps4 and then only give pc users a early access version of it to play around with and months later ps4 users are yet again waiting on things that never end up happening just like how driveclub plus edition turned out. (its taken that long that the game is under £10 to buy in my local cex store haha) .

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I Love PlayStation, Every Year Gets Better <3

  • Shame you arn’t putting Yakuza 5 in there, by the way, can we at least hope to hear an update at E3?


    • Lo Siento mucho hermano Pero la PS VITA IS DEAD
      So take you ps vita, go to the GS And get a N3DS
      For now is the only way for play good Mobile Games..
      And Hope That MICROSOFT one day comming to the Mobile Market!

  • I am in terrible need of help. Me and a couple of friends were successful in getting Experience tickets, however only some of us are receiving confirmation e-mails. I myself and some others have not so far. The event is in a couple of days! I called customer support, but nobody seems to know what department I can contact for getting this resolved! Where do I need to go?! Is there going to be a printed list at the theater to verify us? I am stressing out over here! We chose the San Francisco, CA theater to go to if it helps! Please get me verified!

  • Anyone know if there’s an age limit for the meetup? My teenage brothers that are interested in meeting me there and I’d hate for them to spend an hour on the train and not get in.

  • i hope they show the vita some love….i love my vita to death i show everyone that i know the future of handhelds the question they ask are….when wwe2k or nba or madden coming out? and every year i say soon…… i really hope one day that the vita gets some awesome games like madden or wwe 2k15 and a naruto game

    • You: “i love my vita to death”

      Me: Well, my friend…then you’re in luck! Here’s the Vita now! *funeral march starts playing”

      You: =(

      Me: Why so sad? C’mon! Where’s the love? o.O


  • Hello! I signed up for tickets for the PS Experience on day 1, but still have not received my tickets or confirmation code. I contact PS support by Twitter, live chat, and on the phone, and they keep sending me in an endless loop where I end up back on chat support again. Is there anyway someone can look up my name and send me my confirmation code. It’s driving me nuts, and I don’t want to miss this event.

  • So is True! VITA IS A LEGACY Device :(

    Thanks Sony for the 3 Years of False promise and disrespect for people Who Spend money and trust in you…

    There is allready a Class action about This and the disrespect from Sony to Ps Vita Owners

  • Please sony, support remote play for ps3, twitch streaming for ps3. That’s all I need so far.

  • Please put the option of change our ID online. PLEASE

  • Frankly, the only reason I paid attention to E3 was the free swag and free Playstation plus from the Playstation Home. I don’t see anything like that so I’ll pass

  • I know there is going to probably be a Resident evil revelation 2 gameplay footage for ps vita and a release date. Also, a one piece pirate warriors 3 exclusive ps vita gameplay and probably a demo playable in E3 as well. If no footage of Resident evil is shown that’s a big mistake do to how is suppose to come in the summer and it will be shown on the big screen too. They probably got some other games as well like for me Sword Art Online Lost Song but that’s probably for TGS though. But RESIDENT EVIL can’t wait to TGS do to its fist supposedly release date spring. So Sony you need to make a good choice. For ps vita and Residents Evil fans. As well as for One piece fans too, so that their release date’s won’t be to close because I want to play them both to max hours and they are both digitally as well and Other people are going to play them both too. That depends on the graphics and gameplay though.

  • We’re only hours away from E3, now! What big games/reveals are folks most anticipating?

  • So…..I have a two questions. 1.) Will there be a release date announcement for The Last Guardian at E3? and 2.) What is taking you guys (Sony) so long to corner the gaming market and throw boats of money at Square Enix to get the PS4 exclusive remakes of Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX yet? And by remake I mean redone from scratch!! Microsoft pulled some craziness to get Lara Croft over there and it kinda hurt me as a PS gamer. I mean that’s like seeing Nathan Drake on something other than a PS platform. I feel like PS gamers are unique in a sense that only on this system do you have a variety of gamers that can appreciate different genres and games like Disgaea, LBP, Ratchet and Clank and Tales of “….” can really thrive and it doesn’t have to be a Call of Duty to survive. I swear if there is an announce to end all announcements, it would be a PlayStation exclusive HD complete remake (from the ground, up) of Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9. Those games have way too much clout and way too big of a fanbase….not to mention it would make way too many people happy. :) So, can I get an answer to those? Or at least an Amen?

  • Yes Love Buying Stuff From Free To Play Games :3

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    Watching Right Now <3 ^-^

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